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#141 OFFLINE   Audrey Callaghan

Audrey Callaghan

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Posted 09 September 2023 - 01:17 PM

[Bingo: Talk in riddles]


Audrey, not in the mood to entertain the eagle knocker, took pride in her role as a Ravenclaw prefect. However, there were moments when it all felt a bit exhausting. While she genuinely enjoyed solving puzzles and riddles, there were times when exhaustion crept in, like right after a Quidditch match or an intense practice session. During those moments, Audrey had no intention of scouring her memory for answers to riddles. There had rarely been a time when she failed to provide the correct answer. So, when the guardian of the Ravenclaw entrance claimed her answer was wrong, Audrey couldn't help but groan. "It appears so that NEWTs preparation is sucking my brain up," she lamented, looking at a junior student whose thoughts seemed to be heading in the right direction. When the student confidently answered "ocean," Audrey was relieved she didn't have to dig through her memories. "Well, why give a riddle that could have an ambiguous answer?" she complained, showcasing her tendency to whine about discomfort. "I'm not enthusiastic, nor am I keen, Indifference is where I'm often seen. Apathy's my cousin, enthusiasm's my foe, What am I, in emotions' ebb and flow?" Audrey repeated the riddle posed by the eagle knocker. She turned to the knocker and asked, "You know the answer?" With a resigned expression, she answered her own question, "It's disinterest. Disinterested as much as I am about the answer of freaking riddle you gave me!" She sighed, clearly frustrated by the ordeal.

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#142 OFFLINE   Yasmine Bektaz

Yasmine Bektaz

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Posted 15 September 2023 - 08:28 AM

RPM RPC: Brag about your grades

Yassy cannot blame Audrey as she used NEWTs as an excuse for not getting the riddle right. Even in her exhaustion, she wasn’t able to give the right answer which is kind of humiliating in a way, but hey they’re both just humans who weren’t really that prepared to face this kind of ordeal. It was frustrating because all she ever wanted was to sleep now. Her patience is running thin which is very seldom to happen. It’s just very wrong timing to be dealing with the knocker. Although in her annoyance, there was also the bright side. She’d seen a side of Audrey which she hadn’t see before and it was kind of… entertaining. ”Why give a riddle at all, just opened the door, please…” She should feel bad for her, it was quite obvious the older girl is frustrated now too but she can’t help the smile that marred her face as listened to Audrey’s rant laced with tone of indignation. The new riddle was provided and the older girl replied with a bit of sarcasm that made her cover her mouth as a silent giggle escaped her. Poor girl is annoyed now. “And here I am, wondering if my Outstanding grades will give me a lee way in answering the riddles correctly and yet look at me, standing here, tired, in dire need of bath, hungry and sleepy.” Her tone depicts exhaustion. ”Just give us a brand new riddle so we can try it again.” Was her request to the knocker.

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