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Hogwarts Castle


Ground Floor

Take your snack from the Great Hall into a private room and gaze out the window. Or find a place to study without much interruption. You may even find yourself in an empty classroom. Such are the rooms you will find scattered about the Ground Floor.

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First Floor

Sneaking about the first floor? You might just find an empty room or corridor, just waiting to be explored. Be careful! You might get caught if you're sneaking about after dark.

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Second Floor

Barely reaching the depths or heights of the school, there are many things to explore on the second floor. From lessons in history to care for the sick, there is much to learn and much wisdom to be found.

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Third Floor

At one point a whole corridor of this floor was forbidden. But nowadays, it's just old empty offices and picture galleries. However, you may just stumble upon a department that brings Latin alive.

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Fourth Floor

Full of vacant parlors, this floor has seen days of illustrious guests and their lodgings. Now, these luxuriously furnished rooms sit unused. Just be careful, things have known to transfigure quite a bit!

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Fifth Floor

Granite hallways covered in lush rugs and tapestries lead denizens of the castle through the fifth floor. You will find a wondrous theater and many other things here. Go ahead and poke around, but beware of locked doors.

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Like a tangled warren beneath the castle, the dungeons lie cold and black. And at times, dangerous. While most of the darkest corridors are sealed off or patrolled, you can still lurk about at your own risk. Just mind the green and silver that happens to run these parts, they don't always take kindly to strangers.

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Inside the walls of the castle Hogwarts, many passages lead into cloud-reaching towers. Many of the towers are occupied. Yet every now and then, one is discovered to be completely emptied, dust covered and waiting to be explored.

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  1. Courtyards

From the very crevice of the school to the free roaming fields, the grounds of Hogwarts are as beautiful and majestic as the school that shadows them. From places for you to relax to places of learning, enjoy your time outside. But be careful of that forest.

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