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#21 OFFLINE   Harper Bennett

Harper Bennett

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Posted 09 March 2022 - 05:54 PM



Lee may not be able to understand how it feels like to grow up as an orphan, he would just assume it’s not as easy as other kids who grew up with parents, or in his case, dad. For him, it’s very important to have solid support, be it a guardian or parent. Carina told him she was adopted a few years before starting at Hogwarts, at least her needs were provided before then. He was curious though if the emotional requirement was also provided? She seemed to be a very confident lady and someone who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. They’ve only ever conversed twice and both were serious talks. And from those talks they’ve had, Lee could tell she’s someone who doesn’t dwell much on her problems and instead, will take life as it is, go with the flow and be cool with it. If it’s due to her upbringing why she’s like this, he didn’t know. “I know it’s not easy to get wolfsbane potion, based on my experience. Especially when you want to hide that you’re a werewolf. Lucky for me, I have friends who are willing to help me get it when needed.” She also admitted that he’s the only werewolf she encountered after being bitten, meaning after she became werewolf herself. Lee cleared his throat, “You’re actually my second. And then just last winter break, I met quite a few more.” It came as a shock to him, he didn’t just meet another one, or two, but a pack. He was even invited to join their group and Lee is considering it but for now, he’s still the youngest member and still training under Apophis. He didn’t know if he'd like it but it’s the only place he felt at home, like he belonged. 


“I’m actually leaning more on you, you’ll tell me once you make your move….or you two became official.” He was laughing now, but yes, the papers would be his source of information. The race finally started, Lee didn’t hold back. He was racing against one of the known Seekers in her league, this is no place for fear and worry and certainly no time to back down and second guess himself. He increased his feed, copying her and went behind the waterfall, gasping at the cold water and laughed out loud at how amazing it felt. “Woohoooo!!” He didn't mind showing off for a bit, after-all, he learned his dad's tricks in controlling his broom and how to better make it work when it comes to increasing his speed.


/ END, thank you soooo much! <3

#22 OFFLINE   Prof. Sebastian Cabral

Prof. Sebastian Cabral

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Posted 21 July 2022 - 09:42 AM



Growing up in Argentina, Sebastian was used to a subtropical type of climate and so he naturally favoured warmer temperatures—and luckily, weather this summer is perfect in Ireland! It was the very best vacation spot that's available right now since he wasn't truly allowed to go somewhere far yet; he's got lots of responsibilities on his plate and was simply taking a break from everything on this one particularly fine day. He really needs it—and most of all? He absolutely deserved it.


Staying in Kenmare meant he's within walking distance of Reenagross Woodland Park. It was a wooded peninsula set within the gorgeous landscape of Kenmare Bay. With the sun out, high in the sky, the park was the perfect little spot for a stroll. And so Sebastian decided to pay a visit this morning with his pet crup, Yoshi. Yoshi has recently had his crup's forked tail properly snipped; now he was trying (and failing) to get him used to people. Casually dressed in trousers and boots and a plain shirt, he'd led the way through the woods and down paths with his pet trotting at his side, occasionally pausing to sniff a couple of flowers along the way.


That was, until they've reached this strange tunnel that seems to be made of flowers which has made him pause for a moment, his sense of wonder tickled as his nose drew in the wonderful fragrance exuded by a thousand flowers already blooming in full. It seems even the crup was quite taken with it because suddenly, his rather firm grip on the creature's leash has slipped! Yoshi quickly took off, galloping away from where he was at top speed! "YOSHI!" he called behind the crup and took off in pursuit. "Get back here—now!" But, of course, the rambunctious creature was not paying attention whatsoever.


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