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#21 OFFLINE   Sherlock Thorns

Sherlock Thorns

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Posted 27 July 2022 - 09:26 PM

Sherlock had had a hard start, as an actor. It didn’t mean it curbed his enthusiasm, mainly because being an actor was his calling, and he couldn’t see himself in any other kind of profession. He had a horrible fallout with his parents, and this was one of the reasons why.

Maybe the hardship adult life had brought him made him look more mature to Aina. It was entirely possible. It gave him a perfect occasion to help his former schoolmate, giving them insight of what “real life” looked like. He listened to her, observing how she was reacting to his instructions. He smiled, noticing how eager she was to do everything well, and it reminded him, how he was so excited to work and would have taken any kind of job, as long as it was a acting one.


Sherlock moved away, leaving her space to express herself, and putting himself in the scene she was creating. He gave out a light grin as he could immediately picture the pageant like atmosphere. As she turned back to herself, Sherlock crossed arms around, “Well, I think you are very used to this kind of exercice. Your answer was direct, fluid and well articulated… Maybe a little too much… As if you had repeated the scenario over and over again in your head… But that’s ok, it’s normal… I would like to see how you react to situation when you’re less prepared… Let’s see…

Sherlock moved around for few seconds, thinking about a possible exercice to make her do, and then, “Ah, ah! Ok, let’s pretend you are auditioning for a part in the next movie my company is filming… All you know is that there are acting parts available for women, and the movie takes place in the forest.” Sherlock takes a chair and grads it in the middle of the stage, facing Aina, then he sits, grabs some paper, and pretends he’s taking notes… after a while he says, in a very clear voice, slightly exasperated, “NEXT!

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#22 OFFLINE   Aina Keller

Aina Keller

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Posted 16 August 2022 - 10:38 PM



Aina smiled when Sherlock commented how she’s a natural with the given exercise. “I’ve attended an acting school, the Les Arts Sceniques in Switzerland during the school break.” When she decides to take acting seriously, it’s very easy to decide to take an acting class. It will further her knowledge and her experience as an actress. “Plus, remember, I’ve been part of Thespian Society since you managed that club. I love every minute of my experience there.” To be honest, it’s one of the few things she will surely miss after graduation. She wanted to do this for the rest of her life. The challenge, the imagination, the action, the emotions... it's just simply amazing how a story come to life. But not to fret, she still has her acting career to focus on which is more serious than a school club. It was only a training ground, a stepping stone. After graduation, it’s going to be an entirely different field for her. She listened to what he’s saying and nodded her head, accepting his feedback and waited for the next challenge.


He wanted her to try reacting to a situation when she’s less prepared. Aina will just imagine she’s in an audition where she has no idea what scene they will ask her to do. She was just thinking that when Sherlock told her the scene. She is to audition for a part in a movie for his company. There are available female roles and the scene will take place in the forest. She started picturing the scenario in her mind while Sherlock took a seat, facing her, as if giving her more space for this scene he wanted her to act on. While wriggling both her hands, Aina removed her high heeled shoes and closed her eyes, as she took a deep breath. 


She forced herself to breathe normally, to assess the situation she’s in. There was nothing around her but forest, there was that feeling in her gut telling her to run as far away as she could from this place. Her breath hitched in her throat, but she tried with all of her will, to stay as still and blank as possible. Something’s growling behind her, she hesitantly turned around, her hand fisting tightly. No one has seen it yet, but they said it’s a werewolf. Her green eyes bored into a bush not far from her and remained impassive, as she took a tentative step back. Not wanting to make any unnecessary sound. Her bare feet curled nervously and then accidentally stepped on a dried branch.. It was barely a moment before something leaped into the air, in front of her, and attacked her. Aina shrieked and turned around as she ran as fast as she could until she reached a large boulder. She slumped down against it and let the tears fall, her body shaking uncontrollably from fear...fear of her life. She felt the bile rise in the back of her throat and felt as if she might throw up, her stomach churning unpleasantly. As the sound got louder and louder, she visibly recoiled at the sudden noise, clutching her ears in pain, the noise echoing throughout the forest, louder than ever. Oh god… She felt herself tensed up, ready to spring into action. “No...I’m not going to die here...Not today…Not ever.” Her voice took on a determined tone, eyes narrowing. Fueled by adrenaline and anticipation, she did what she does best - run. The werewolf was on her tail, its footsteps thumping just behind her on the compact soil. She was running fast, considering she hadn’t expected herself to be. With the trees and barks getting thicker and darker, going through its turns and abrupt stops, she had actually managed to lose it, hiding in a crevice beneath a huge tree.

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