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New Year And A New Direction

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#21 OFFLINE   Prof. Dylan Kang

Prof. Dylan Kang
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Posted 13 January 2019 - 02:11 AM

Thank you C for founding Hogwarts Online, for putting your heart in the site which became a home for a Potterheads like us. With HO, I've found new friends who are very dear to me and I'm thankful to you for that. Good luck on your personal endeavors! Hope to see you around the site in the future. Cheers!
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#22 OFFLINE   Prof. Heidi Haven

Prof. Heidi Haven

    Head Tutor

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Posted 13 January 2019 - 11:52 AM


We have never spoken before and it wouldn't be surprising to me if you didn't know I even existed until you're hopefully reading this message. To me, you have always been like a legend that I had heard of but unfortunately never got a chance to come across. Heck, I would screech my vocal cords out if we ever interacted in any way. I haven't been a member of Hogwarts Online for as long as some of these amazing people you've held together, but I've surely found a home here. For that, I would say thank you a million times, but it just doesn't seem enough.

HO has saved my life, period. The magnitude of a "thank you" can and will never equal the magnitude of having one's life saved. Even trying to write this seems like a sheer impossibility, but I'm gonna try anyway. A lot of people found a refuge from their real life in HO. Unfortunately mine was a little too wrecked up, and I can't say I would have still been around in flesh, breathing, if it weren't for HO. What you began brought me out of the darkest phase of my life I've seen thus far. It taught me that I mattered. It taught me to love myself. I met some of the most amazing people here who've continuously been such a positive driving force in my life. HO has taught me so much, made me into a better human being and moulded me into the person I'm today. That person is completely different from what he was when he first joined HO, and he's damn proud of it! None of this would have happened if it weren't for you. For you to open HO and keep it together and running. A "thank you" will never do justice to how much love, gratitude and respect I have for you in my heart. But I do promise you something today: If I can't pay it back, I will make sure to pay it forward.

I have two birthdays now, thanks to you, and I will celebrate both of them every year. And if the universe ever deems me worthy, I will make sure to invite you to both of them.

With a heart full of love,
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#23 OFFLINE   Amhlaidh Haugen

Amhlaidh Haugen

    Former HoH of Vanaheim, Freyja Alumni, Hogwarts Transfer

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Posted 13 January 2019 - 12:48 PM

Dear Chauncey,


With sadness I am reading your post you started this thread with. Though no RL reasons are given you're leaving us, I am hoping it is nothing serious of the kind, but that you just have taken a new road in life. And you trust this community to others.


You have always been that anchor of we all feel we could cling to, no matter how stormy the waters were. I have known you though the years in PM an chat, by email and through our characters. What you have given to us as site owner, cannot be put into a price. This is great immaterial wealth, the world of feelings.


I could write a long post, but this time I am not doing this. Hopefully we will see you now and then online, roaming around. We will keep the dream alive. Take care and good luck out there. You will be missed.


Namárië! Until we meet again. *tackle*


Sincerely yours,


Aikari Salmarinian

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#24 OFFLINE   Prof. Max Fae-Girdenlockks

Prof. Max Fae-Girdenlockks

    Slytherin Alumna, Vampire

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Posted 13 January 2019 - 09:14 PM


When I came to HO, I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into. But I’m so very glad I ended up here. You have guided HO for a long time and have been a wonderful leader and creator in all you do. You have made something truly beautiful that means so to everyone. You have created a safe place for us all, a place where we can interact and bond and build relationships. You have done so much for this site and the people on it, and like others have said, we can never thank you enough. You left a lasting mark on us all. Although we’ve maybe only interacted briefly over the years, I’ve enjoyed those strange and interesting moments and felt honored to be in your presence. You are a living legend, and again, have done more for HO than we can thank you for. I wish you well in your future and will miss you greatly. HO is in great hands. Thank you.

-Le writer and the countless charries

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#25 OFFLINE   Sabine Frost

Sabine Frost

    Official Ravenclaw Alumna, Animagus, Chaser of the Montrose Magpies

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Posted 14 January 2019 - 03:41 AM

As a relative newbie, I can't comment on how the site formed and developed. But I can thank you for what you have left as a legacy. I looked at joining a number of HP sites at the same time and this is one of only two that have endured in what is a relatively short space of time. 


What kept me here, and makes this my #1 is the community that comprises the site. It feels inclusive and I feel included and that (as someone who has been on a lot of similar sites in the past) means a heck of a lot. 


So, many thanks for passing the baton in such great shape, and I'm sure the 'next generation' will continue to develop it in the spirit to which it has been fashioned to date.


:) :) :)

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#26 OFFLINE   Rosalie Atherton

Rosalie Atherton


  • Dark Wizard
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Posted 18 January 2019 - 08:21 PM



As usual, I am late to the party.  Honestly, I put this off because I really wasn't sure what to say.  Thank you seems too small.  You shaped me in my teenage years seems a little dramatic.  Both are equally accurate.  When I first found this site, I was in high school.  I'm now a grown adult.  Someone who I started talking to ten years ago because of this site is how I wandered back.  I found people here that years later I still talk to or check in with.  New people who I now consider friends as well.  Even when we lost people, the site always seemed to stand together.  Even through the drama, or even when I wanted to throttle you (sorry!) due to some rule change, you kept us going.  The site is still going strong all these years later, and you're to thank for that.  You're to thank for the great memories we've all shared over the years.  Heck, the site probably contributed a lot to improving my writing and me wanting to pursue that more.  I wish you the best in wherever you go next in life.  I hope it's everything you want and more, and thank you, C, for giving me this wonderful place to grow up in.




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#27 OFFLINE   James Wood

James Wood
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Posted 20 September 2019 - 05:21 AM

Wish I had been around back in January. You did good Joe. I owe a large part of my life to a world you created. Thanks for the memories. Thanks for the friendships. Thanks for everything. 




The birth of HO...



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