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Pool Table

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#1 OFFLINE   Donny Halstead

Donny Halstead

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Posted 22 December 2021 - 02:51 PM


#2 OFFLINE   Kele Brooke

Kele Brooke

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Posted 01 June 2022 - 07:32 AM

Tag: You know who :P
Kele and the bar weren't the closest friends. Especially when compared to other ordinary guys with a lack of proper job. He sometimes takes a sip of a drink to experience life. At different hours he'd preferred staying alert to save his life from the chaotic atmosphere that the space offered. He was not fond of violence and fights. Yet, on rarer occasions, he enjoyed a good banter between two individuals. That appealed to his interest far more than any muggle movie. That day was different. Kele didn't stand among the crowd for good muse but to unwind and play pool at the table. And win a few big bets. While playing the game, some muscled men attempted to threaten with their looks when he'd win the bets. At other times girls would try to divert his attention. After triumphing a few rounds, because he was an expert at muggle games, Brooke sat at the edge of the wooden table near the pool, taking a large sip of the beer he was holding. A giant nut head headed in Kele's direction. He didn't even have to guess the cause. A freaking sore loser that failed to accept his loss was asking back money that Kele earned. The usual calm and collected guy hit the pole sized leg of the attacker, catching him off guard and that finally spared the time to take his wand out. Thankfully, the fight didn't escalate. With the promise of revenge, the wild man was thrown out of the bar leaving the other with bruised knuckles and an empty beer bottle near the counter.

#3 OFFLINE   Ryo Kiyoshi

Ryo Kiyoshi

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Posted 15 August 2022 - 06:55 AM

Tag : Charles Robert Liechtenstein
He held the cue stick in between his fingers as he watched the other person trying to make the shot, they were neck to neck with the results, surprisingly enough for him. Ryo had always thought that he was great at Quidditch so he would be great at other sports that involve him handling some sort of stick, but he was obviously wrong in that manner. He took a sip of his beer, and cheered along with the crowd when the stranger made the pocket, now it was left to the single black ball that is on the table, whoever gets this in first, wins. Ryo cheered louder as he clink his glass with another person next to him, it was all in good fun, just hanging out and just chilling even if he wasn't quite sure who the other party was. 

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