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Why Am I A Novice? An F. A. Q.

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Posted 20 June 2014 - 08:05 PM

Why am I a "novice"?


Why am I a "novice"? What is a novice?

Novices are first-years who are new to HOS. Even though your member group says "novice," you are still a first-year student and you have all the rights and privileges of a first-year student. You are an enrolled student at Hogwarts School.


Can I still enroll in classes?

Yes. You can enroll in classes, participate in clubs, earn points, etc.


Do I need to wait to get started?



How do I get my member group changed to First Year?

Increase your post count to 25 through RPing and other acceptable ways like posting a shipper or making a callboard. Please do not spam the forums! If you spam the forums, your posts will be deleted and you might have your posting privileges temporarily suspended.


Do I have to have 25 posts before I can do anything?

No. You can start playing right away. You can start RPing, joining clubs, earning points, etc. as soon as you register.


Am I allowed to register for classes? Why are some classes "closed for enrollment"? (Why can't I enroll?)

Yes, you are still allowed to register for classes even if you are a novice. However, depending on when you joined, the school term might have already started -- or it could be coming close to the end of the term. If there are classes you want to take, but enrollment has closed for those classes, you can PM the professor who teaches the class and ask if you can be let in. You can ask your New Kids Mentor or Prof. Alden Harrington when you're unsure if it's still a good time to enroll.


What is the novice member group for?

This member group was created because some newly-registered accounts are sometimes abandoned within the first week after they are created, so it helps people on the site see who plans to remain active on HOS. If you get 25 posts and become a First Year, it's a signal to us to let us know that you plan to stay on the site and keep your account active. We hope that you do!


If you have any questions, please contact Prof. Alden Harrington or your Head/Deputy Head of House.

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