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How To Roleplay On Hos

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Posted 04 June 2014 - 05:06 PM

How to Roleplay on HOS


These are very basic guidelines to help our members who are new to roleplaying.

Originally posted by Prof. Elizabeth Peevison.

With many thanks to retired Site Administrators Katelynn Clemenceau & Ann-Louise Omagan, here is one cohesive set of rules for all your posting needs. Most of this list come right out of our student handbook and any questions or concerns can be sent to any Prefect, House Administrator, Head of School, or Governor.

1. When role-playing, please write your posts in third-person point of view and in past tense.

Correct Example: Ann was walking outside alone and heard someone walking up behind her.
Incorrect Example: I walk outside alone and I heard someone walking up behind me.


2. When typing your posts, all actions are regular font, all spoken words are in " " quotes (some people like to color their spoken words in addition to the quotes), and all thoughts are in italics.


3. If you are in an RP with lots of characters, you may want to bold someone's name to make sure that person reads and responds to you.

Out Of Character
All of your OOC or Out Of Character thoughts go into ( ) parentheses.

(Sorry, I have to leave this thread now.)


Ann looked around her as she was trying to discover who was walking up behind her. ”Is someone there?” she asked aloud. I thought I heard someone there.

Story Book or Paragraphs


Ann was running late for class when she spied a galleon on the staircase. Stopping to pick it up, the young witch was taken completely by surprise when her foot sank through the marble. "Whoa, I don't have time for this," she murmured out loud doing her best to pull her foot free.

3. On HOS, we have members from multiple age groups and multiple countries. Some of these people do not speak English as a first language. Given that fact, when roleplaying, it's extremely important to use proper spelling and grammar so that they are not confused by slang or poor grammar as they learn English.

4. When roleplaying, please post at least one paragraph (3-5 sentences). This is considered a decent size for our board, and it will help describe certain details of your character and the environment in which they are posting. This will give other members a real feel for your character and the environment by motivating and prolonging RPs.

5. Do not use text talk when role-playing or posting anywhere on the board.
Example: i luv u, that's gr8, k

6. Do not God Moderate (God Mod) what other characters say or do without their prior consent. This means that you may not control another character's actions. Let’s say, for example, that I am role-playing with Chauncey, and Ann wishes to challenge him to a duel. During that duel this would be an example of “God Modding”:

Ann dives out of the way of Chauncey’s spell, and in turn fires one strait for his heart. The spell hits him in the middle of the chest, and Ann laughs as Chauncey faints to the floor.


What should have happened:

Ann dived out of the way of Chauncey’s spell, thinking quickly she fires a spell strait for his chest. She believes it should hit its target and hopes that it does as she regains her footing waiting for the result.

7. This site is a PG-13 rated site. All posts must be PG-13, and if in violation, the post will be removed and the person may be suspended for breaking the rules.

8. HOS promotes being respectful, courteous, and friendly to other members and the administration of the board, and we expect friendliness in return. It must also be understood that characters on the board are not a direct reflection of the member who writes for them. Please take this into consideration during roleplaying sessions with other members.

9. Roleplaying forums are for roleplaying, not for conversations or spam (spam is pointless and unrelated posts that simply take up room and are not needed). This would include having an Out of Character (OOC) conversation, advertising, and any unrelated content that should go elsewhere. Short, quick OOC conversations are allowed only if you accompany it with an in-character paragraph reply. OOC conversations should be limited to only a few sentence or two and should only say required things that other writers should know, such as "open RP," "new RP," "RP has ended," or "sorry for the late post."

10. Special Abilities and Creatures must be approved before they can be experienced on the forum. Special Abilities (animagi, Legilimency, Occlumency, etc) have a specific wall that you must be on, and it can be viewed HERE. Creature characters must be approved by the Director of RP.

11. Plots which are both personal (pertaining to just your character), group or site wide need to be approved in RP Central. This is to to make sure everything fits well on HO. The site is based off of JK Rowling's creation and HP series. Keeping with this structure will help everyone one to coexist in this community.

12. In RP you do not always know what has happened. You can only know when things happen if you are in the room when it happens or If someone tells you what happens. You can not read up on what other people are doing and know what has happened between them.

It is NOT advisable to walk into a room while someone is in the middle of a plot just so that you can say that you know what happened. Plots are in place for a reason. More often than not, it will annoy all who are involved and just result in your posts being deleted. If you want to take part...contact the other writers beforehand...or even try coming up with your own.

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