Hogwarts Handbook

"I must tell you that this year, the third-floor corridor on the right-hand side is out of bounds to everyone who does not wish to die a very painful death.” - Professor Dumbledore

Article IV: The Forum

Section A: Roleplaying
Subsection (1) Roleplaying is the main activity that takes place on the forum. HOS allows many different formats for roleplaying, but the most accepted style on HOS is a third-person narrative. All actions are in regular font, all spoken words are in quotes (some members even choose to color their spoken words in addition to the quotes.) and thoughts are displayed using italics.

Subsection (2) When roleplaying, it\'s vitally important to use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. HOS attracts members from across the globe and English may not be some members\' first language. Net speak, short hand or another foreign language other than English and words found in the Harry Potter series are not permitted on the forum.
Section B: Spam
Subsection (1) HOS considers spamming to be the repeated creation of pointless posts in separate topics that are made to increase one's post count rapidly.

Subsection (2) Administrators are to issue a warning to the spammer, and if the offense is repeated, posting privileges may be rescinded.
Section C: Limited Use & Advertisement
Subsection (1) Advertisement for external sites is strictly regulated by the HOS Governors. At no time are you allowed to recruit or advertise for an unaffiliated site. HOS maintains professional relationships with other affiliated sites. Questions regarding affiliation of external sites should be brought to the HOS governors.

Subsection (2) HOS allows members to utilize the private messaging (PM) system. At no time are you allowed to use the "PM" system to advertise or provide links to any unaffiliated website. Doing so may result in administrative action, such as suspension of privileges or banning from HOS. The Governors may choose to monitor PMs if the no-advertisements rule has been violated.
Section D: Avatars & Signatures
Subsection (1) An avatar is the picture that displays with a members profile, or next to posts in all forums. Avatars can be uploaded, linked, or use an avatar from the galleries. Avatars can be a maximum of 100 x 100.

Subsection (2) You may have only two banners showing in your signature: your main character banner, and a pride or ability banner/button. Any other graphics you want in your signature should be linked. You may have up to four (4) lines of text. You may only have one (1) gif (animated image) in your sig. Professors may have one row of class buttons. Your entire signature should not exceed 600 width x 400 height.

Subsection (3) All images must be within the PG-13 site rating. Any pictures deemed inappropriate or in violation of the aforementioned guidelines will be removed.