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#101 OFFLINE   Alex Singer

Alex Singer

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 06:48 PM

Graduating from Durmstrang had given his life a complete makeover with Alex busy with work and unable to hang out with his friends the way he used to back in school. His said friend was still completing his studies due to some issue which left him pretty lonely in terms of friends. Alex had friends, the ones who could be his drinking mates after work and occasional conversation stirrers but that's the arm length he had stopped them at. Being a very private person, there weren't many who were in the close friend's criteria. There was one, Rush who he had lost touch with during the school term but they soon connected and decided to meet up for the game. Both fond of Quidditch and able to get the tickets, they weren't missing out on such a big event but Alex is a big man now and has responsibilities, very serious here. He had to take a day off from work because the Goblins can't give a dime about his interests or Quidditch except that the bank was getting hella lot of money from the match earnings even if it was for charity.


The day of the match, Alex overslept and woke up to only a few minutes to when he was supposed to meet Rush. He sent him a quick fire message to inform him of the delay and changed into his casuals. The only team he had ever supported was the Kites who lost so it was no one now, hence, there was no need for him to spend the money on the merch. The only problem was, Alex had completely forgotten about Rush's supporting team but he vaguely remembers a certain former student from his house being a relative to him. From what Alex gathered, it was his cousin's first game and the girl was playing for the Bats so it had to be them. If not, well he'd just take another detour. Alex arrived at the Bats fan base, getting through the perimeters after all the checking was done and tried to spot Rush. He didn't spot him but he spotted Astrid, his family and figured Rush would be around somewhere. Making a beeline for their group, Alex finally found Rush trying to squeeze past the huge family to the woman. "Oii! Rush!" He didn't have a proper view of the stadium so Alex hasn't noticed anyone else.

#102 OFFLINE   Shaad Hennings

Shaad Hennings

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 06:59 PM

Shaad doesn't know that Linden knows so he felt there was nothing wrong although Shaad observed the looks he's been getting. That's a look he keeps getting from his siblings as well so he decided to ignore it. Greeting the boy back, he was glad that Goldie sat next to him. Completely innocent and acting like this is the most natural thing in the world, Shaad scooted over to make space for them, offering them a bag of chips and a packet of cookies. Savvi had brought the entire food area it seems. He did the same for Linden and the others on the side. He noticed uncle Ric come with the twins and turned his attention to Goldie, drowning out the sound although it's not easy. "Yep, most of them. Both my brother and Uncle Tyler are in Kestrels." He glanced at his family and towards Goldie, pointing at whoever was present. "My mom, Uncle Tyler, and Uncle Ric are siblings and then they have cousins and etc. But they aren't coming. Although, I am sure we could never beat the Weasley's." He knows Goldie has a huge family and he's seen a specimen during Linden's birthday. They weren't half of them but they were so many. "I didn't know you were coming," Shaad added slowly, his voice only audible to Goldie. He was pleasantly surprised, and in high spirits now.

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#103 OFFLINE   Shane Longbottom

Shane Longbottom

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 07:01 PM

It's championship day and Shane wouldn't want to miss the game for the world. Even though his team had lost to both of the team, the other whose team roster are practically packed with rookies, he didn't feel bad at all. He knew his team did well. That's a fact. They had underestimated their opponent's skills and he thinks that's what led them to their defeat. Another season will come up and Puddlemere United will do better than last time. That day he wore a Ballycastle Bats jacket and joined the crowd of cheering fans. As the current season finally coming to an end, he had shaved off the full beard already which made him look completely different. As he arrived, the stadium was already packed - it's a sea of red and black in his area and green on the other side. Of course this was not Shane's first time being an audience. He watched quidditch games for fun too but everytime he joins the crowd, the experience always felt rather new and exhilarating. He instantly spotted his teammate Dylan among the audience and raised his arm to give him and his pregnant partner a salute. Shane was glad to see a familiar face around He actually thought the Chaser would be moping about their team's loss. Only focused on finding his designated seat, Shane bumped his legs into a kid (Sandreia) whom he didn't notice while on his way. "Ooof! Sorry, kid! It seemed that the young girl didn't mind at all as she was just talking to another kid which made him feel at ease. Some kids these days would throw a tantrum even at the smallest problem, and at times like this, children shouldn't be left unsupervised without a guardian or else-- Shane stopped his tracks, the corner of his eye catching a glimpse of the most gorgeous woman he'd met so far. He can't believe he would meet Bridgette Grindelwald in an eventful day like this. Shane merely waved a hand and mouthed a "Hi" as he didn't want to draw attention to both of them. Now for his seat, this is gotta be somewhere around here... Gotcha.

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#104 OFFLINE   Ace Vandale

Ace Vandale

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 07:25 PM


Cass had always been an avid fan of the sport, so naturally this outing was met with much gusto. The Hospital had brought together this wonderful event and looked around with bright eyes and enthusiasm of a young child as she entered the stadium with her husband hand in hand. It had been a while that she had stepped foot in a stadium but the camaraderie could be felt and hummed to herself as they made their way to their assigned seats. She could tell that Ace was just as giddy and probably felt relieved that these were one of the few instances that he was a spectator than a player, which gave him time to relax. Their day had already been planned and was looking forward to the day's festivities and held on to her tummy fondly as she felt little Amara kick, perhaps due to the robust energy surrounding them and chuckled to herself. "Oh, she's really active. Feel." She said grabbing his hand and placed it on her growing bump, smiling as her little one wiggled. "Either the noise woke her up or she just wants to participate." It was amusing to her, despite the fact that she grimaced slightly at her kicking just a little too hard and bit the corner of her lip, but quickly waved it off as she saw Ace's face of concern. Lately he was even more high strung and often times had to remind him that she was perfectly fine. "You've made me incredibly happy too."



Ace was all giddy and excited but even more so to have Cassandra so close to him. He turned to look at her and placed his hand over her tummy to feel Amara kick. He had felt her before but every time he did, his heart just grew ten times and he felt his cheeks get all red and he would blush. His baby girl had a way of getting him to melt at his feet and she hadn't even been born yet. "She might be a Quidditch enthusiast when she grows up. I think she is very excited to be here too." Which made Ace hopeful that Quidditch would be something that he could share with her. He took a deep breath and rubbed Cassandra's belly fondly. Ace loved that whenever he talked to Cass, Amara was there to let them know she could hear him. "Hey baby girl, don't give mum such a hard time, okay? I promise we know you're here," he said.


Ace then smiled when Cass expressed the fondness she had for him as well and he grabbed her hand and kissed it gently. "You know what I realized a couple of days ago. I never got you a proper engagement ring. That was- I am ashamed of myself but it was something that I thought could be corrected." Ace reached into his pocket and took out the trademark crimson box from Cartier and opened it to show her the platinum ballerine ring. He placed the ring in her finger and put the box back in his pocket. "I also got you another gift. One to say thank you for building a family with me." He waited for her reaction and left her in suspense as he placed a kiss on her cheek.

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#105 OFFLINE   Marigold Hennings

Marigold Hennings

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 07:27 PM

Goldie decided not to comment that she was well aware of Uncle Tyler. Instead she just smiled as Shaad pointed out some of his family. Nodding, Goldie said, that's really neat," and she shifted slightly toward him. She was itching to hold his hand but that was an absolute no. "I didnt know either! Aunt Lily had an extra ticket and Ceci convinced her to let me come." She grinned and gave an appreciative look Ceci's way. Linden was keeping his promise, which she appreciated, but wondered why he was acting oh so friendly toward Shaad. She shot him a look to tone it down. "I could really go for a cauldron cake right now," she said wistfully.
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#106 OFFLINE   Official Levi Amherst

Official Levi Amherst


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Posted 08 August 2020 - 07:35 PM

Bee looked absolutely adorable in her outfit and the added accessories that she picked out made Levi stare fondly at his girlfriend. The woman emitted so much vibrancy and life that it was hard not to be swept up by her happy demeanor. It caused Levi to chuckle, already feeling in brighter spirts and cheered along with the crowd as they settled into their seats. Levi had forgotten how much fun it was to be in a stadium and brought back memories of his Hogwarts days when he played for the Ravenclaw team. He had played beater at one point, but his main position was keeper, so he had a soft spot for the game. Unfortunately, work sort of always took a precedence in his life, but often had to remind himself that it wasn't the end all be all. He stared in amusement as Bee looked surprised and taken aback by his suggestion, frowning inwardly as she mentioned his work as an after thought and not wanting him to stress about taking time off. He was slowly starting to realize that she put his needs before hers more often than he had for her, since she had been always so accommodating, but this wouldn't do. Levi took care of her in his own cutesy ways when he couldn't be there as often as he wanted to, but being actively present was more important than things he could buy. "Hey..." He nuzzled against her cheek and placed a sweet kiss on her skin before saying, "You are my number one. Work can always wait. Besides I have been really wanting to meet your parents. I want them to know the man who is madly in love with their daughter." He said light heartedly with a chuckle and absentmindedly played with the end of her hair as he spoke to her. His baby blues met her warm orbs and felt his heart skip a beat as she listed off the places they could go and felt his cheeks get warm as she leaned in for a kiss and told him she loved him. He never tired of it and when he heard those three sweet words reverted into a pile of mush. He had never really been the romantic type until Bee came along and gave him such a new perspective on life. How could he not be crazy about her? "How about this..." He licked his lips as his eyes turned to look behind her in thought, his free hand over his knee as he drummed his fingers and looked back at her as he pieced together all his thoughts. "My brother comes back from deployment in three weeks. He's only going to be staying for a few days before going around and visiting friends before getting stationed elsewhere. We can spend a couple of days with my parents and Dan and then go see your family for a week or so? Maybe even longer? I've got my days saved up. Besides my mother has been missing you. She says I'm keeping you away from her." A snicker escaped him because it was true. His mother absolutely adored Bianca and the two had gotten along wonderfully, but then again Bee had such a great way with people, so that was to no surprise. "So be honest- how hard are your dad and brothers going to grill me?" He could only imagine but he was game for it. Besides he had big plans for their future, so if getting interrogated was part of the initiation process then so be it. 

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#107 OFFLINE   Official Lorcan Delevingne

Official Lorcan Delevingne

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 07:40 PM

Dylan was ecstatic about the game. He had attended matches a couple times before but this one felt somewhat like a small victory as he had been able to buy the tickets with his hard-earned money, despite knowing very well Lorcan could buy a dozen of them, he wanted to invite her. He had put on a red cap to cheer for the Bats, having attended school with two of them. He was more of a Karasjok Kites fan, but Dylan loved Quidditch and it would be great to see former schoolmates playing. He allowed for Lorcan to walk in front of him with his hand on the small of her back to guide her through the crowd and through rows of seats so he wouldn't lose her somewhere in between the seas of people arriving at the stadium. "I was in the Quidditch Club, yeah, and played a couple matches." He would have liked to become a  Quidditch Player as well, but the thrill that the Ministry offered had seduced him much more, just like the need to contribute to something greater. They found their seats and he waited for her to sit down before he did the same. "I played as chaser, too, but would have liked to be a beater as well." Dylan smiled at her, leaning forwards, resting his elbows on his thighs. "You're feeling okay? Want something to drink? To eat? Contrary to popular belief, stadium food is rather good." He reached out to take her hand, and turned his head when he swore a child's voice had screamed her name. Much to his surprise, there was Ryan with his father, and he smiled at the boy, waving in his direction and squeezing Lorcan's hand to tell her there was little Ryan, a boy she was very fond of, he remembered. He searched around for Colleen but didn't her. It would be great to greet her before the game started. However, he had managed to spot Astrid, and snickered as it seemed she was being interviewed. The journalist blocked his view, and to be honest, wasn't really aware of her being related to Colleen.


Lorcan smiled and imagined what it would have been like to watch Dylan play Quidditch. She had a thing for guys that were into sports or where overall athletic. She liked being active and for a moment she pictured the two of them playing the same game, dressed up in full uniform which made her all giddy with a slight pink tone on her cheeks. "That is really cool. I can just picture you being all cute in uniform and what not. I wish I had seen it." Lorcan hadn't openly flirted with someone in a long time but when she was relaxed and at ease and nothing catastrophic was happening, it just flowed easily from her. It was nice to have that sensation of her old self again. "You know what? I actually could use something to eat and drink. I want some water and whatever they have. You want anything?" She said, pulling out some galleons to go get them some snacks when suddenly her attention was called and she turned around at hearing her name. Lorcan was surprised to see baby Ryan calling after her and seeing Luca there too. She smiled and giggled and waved at them from afar. "Do you want to go say hi for a minute? I promise it won't take all my attention."

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#108 OFFLINE   Head Warden Marc Wayland

Head Warden Marc Wayland

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 07:43 PM

Marc was… a little embarrassed. He never really thought it through, taking Charlotte. She was a recent addition in the mess he calls a life and he's yet to share anything with anyone else—so yes, this was probably a shock. Astrid then appeared, teasingly commenting on the presence of a child by his side. "It's good to see you're looking well—definitely calmer  than your mother," he'd told her warmly, chuckling a little, "best of luck to you and your team!" He was about to address the matter of bringing along a little girl but before anything can be said, the girl had pull free of his grip and ran away towards another woman!


"Charlotte!" Marc called after her, completely taken aback by her actions. Then she started dragging over an unsuspecting woman… all because she looked like a princess? Charlie was calling out loudly, saying this was the princess she's told him about. Oh, he'd thought, recalling one of the many princess stories he's recently heard her chatter about. If he's not mistaken, it was someone she met at her mother's hotel. Marc stepped forward with a profusely apologetic look. But Charlie's pure and bright-eyed excitement was something he can never get angry over. She was really thrilled to show him someone who, in her mind, was a real-life princess. "Well, she certainly has a princess vibe—perhaps she's on a holiday break and forgot her crown?" he'd told his charge. He glanced up at the woman and flashed her a quick contrite smile. "But Charlie, that wasn't very polite," he said in a stern tone of voice. "You should have asked her nicely to come with you rather than suddenly pull her along," Marc paused, reaching over and grabbing the girl's other hand. "You need to apologise, cherie."

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#109 OFFLINE   Prof. Raquel Mitchell

Prof. Raquel Mitchell

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 07:53 PM

Raquel had heard about the match for charity and anted to see what all the fuss was about. She had gained a little vacation time and wouldn't be needed at camp straight away. She figured she could take advantage of that and go to a match like her and Jude had talked about for weeks without ever really getting around to it. She had sent him an owl to let him know where she was and that she had an extra ticket for him if he wanted to join her. He had been at the hospital while she was home and the two of them kept missing each other. Hopefully that would change soon.


As she walked in, she looked around to see who was around. She knew that a lot of her friends would be here, she just didn't know who. It wasn't long before she spotted Lucy and her friend Zoey from afar. There was also another redhead, but Raquel was too far to really see it properly. She walked over to them and once she made her way through the crowd she smiled. "Hey guys. How are you? Mind if I join you?"

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#110 OFFLINE   Official Jacques Gregorovitch

Official Jacques Gregorovitch

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 08:00 PM

Is he on official Ministry business? No, not really. But even though this event is mainly hosted by St. Mungo's, the Ministry still has some part in it and so he's here to support and cheer on the teams. Jacques is pretty much neutral with the playing teams because he already has a favorite team, which is where Kremena is part of. Speaking of his woman, she's currently on vacation with her family and when he offered to come with her, she said he has work to take care of and besides, since she's gonna miss out on the game, she tasked him to recount all the events later once she gets back. Jacq would've preferred to spend time with his woman, but alas, how can he say no to that request? So here he is, on his way to his designated seat. Along the way, he spotted a couple of familiar people, including Lorcan, a colleague of his. He waved at her as a sign of greeting then took a seat, making himself comfortable. Alrighty then. The game's supposed to start in fifteen minutes or so.

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#111 OFFLINE   Lucy Weasley

Lucy Weasley

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 08:02 PM

Lucy felt the stadium practically buzzing around them, and it left her feeling kind of out of body. She couldn't help her eyes darting across the countless faces that passed her by and the smell of the stadium food from the concessions was intoxicating. Lucy had to fight back her hunger, refusing to look at any of it directly. She was growing thinner by the day it seemed, but it was to meet a goal and she couldn't very well give up, could she? When Molly arrived, Lucy felt a smile blossom on her face. She stood briefly to hug her, holding the hug a moment longer than usual. Ever since coming back from New York, Lucy had become somewhat clingy with certain people. It was conflicting because part of her wanted to recluse, but the other part was separate for love. "I'm so glad you could make it, Molls." she sat back down next to Zoey. Naturally Molly knew Zoey too since the girl was one of Lucy's four best friends and housemate. Only a moment later, Raquel joined them. It was a pleasant surprise because she hadn't expected her to have a seat in their row. "Hey, Raquel, long time no see. That's lucky your seat is with ours." she leaned over and gave Raquel a lingering hug as well. When She pulled back, she said, "Is your boyfriend coming?" not realizing Raquel and Reid had broken up, or if she did know, she didn't remember.
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#112 OFFLINE   Healer Jared Wayland

Healer Jared Wayland

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 08:28 PM

There are definitely thousands of people in that place at this point. The noise was so loud and the fans are showing their support by yelling out the names of their favorite players or the team that they are rooting for. The stadium was definitely bisected into the Bats’ and Kestrels’ supporters. Jared was not supposed to root for any team but he can’t help it when one of the players is family. He just had to, and Astrid has been nothing but a delight both as a student and a niece. Okay, so maybe there are some rumors around school about the student body and the things that had happened while the grown ups were not around but that was all in the past now and he is not the Headmaster anymore. Things would have been quiet in their place on the stadium if it wasn’t for the eyes of people following the family around. Yes, Jared is very much aware that his women companions are all redheads and that is something that is quite noticeable. Clarissa was finally done herding the sheep that was their family into their seats and it was clear that she was only doing this to keep her mind off things. ­"We know, Clarissa. And it must be double the excitement for you since Astrid will be out there tonight but you have to take it easy or you’ll faint." His cousin was already pale as it is and with all her pent up excitement, he was quite surprised that there are no sparks coming out of her hands. Colleen was with him on this one too, as well as Santana. Turning to Colleen, he looked at the direction that she pointed out. He could pick out Luca and the little boy in his arms and Jared smiled. Colleen had to point out that he was able to avoid hospital duty in favor of going to the game. He sighed. "Jin made me come. Apparently, I am overworking myself and she made it mandatory for the department heads to come to show ‘camaraderie’ or something like that. I know better than to say no to a pregnant woman. I’ll have to stop by the VIP area to show my face later or she’ll fire me." He knows that the Head Healer will not really fire him but he still wants to keep up his appearance.


­As much as he wanted to have a lowkey presence in the pitch, his cousins are making it hard. Santana, Nate and their posse of kids were settled down but not before Sandreia and Niccolo got some words in. It was a good thing that Natalie was there to mediate and he can’t help but to chuckle at the way the siblings were at each other’s throat all the time. He chuckled at what Colleen said and nodded his head. ­"I can only imagine." Marc was bringing in the rear and he hasn’t had the chance to really talk to his brother about this whole situation of his with Estelle. He gets it. The Waylands have a knack of getting attached to people very quick. He went towards Marc and nudged him on the shoulder and motioned his head towards where Niccolo and Sandreia are still butting heads. ­"We used to fight like those two, didn’t we?" It was a very long time ago, but they grew out of it. It was still fun to reminisce about it especially when he saw his baby brother carrying a child. ­"Also, make sure to keep Charlotte on a leash or Estelle will have your head." Jared didn’t get to know Estelle that much since he was away most of the time when she was dating his brother, but he knew how hung up Marc was with her, especially when they broke up. Soon, the kids were getting acquainted as Sandreia went to talk to Charlotte. It was obvious that the whole family was surprised at how friendly the little diva redhead was being to another little girl around her own age. Maybe there is still hope for Sandreia Wormald. She is still young anyways. Niccolo’s friends (Harper and Ralph Jr.) arrived too with their families, and the boys immediately started cheering for the Bats. He misses his younger years when he was free to do whatever he wanted to do. He nodded towards Hunter Bennett, whom he knows of because he plays for the national team. The man is famous. Looks like his nephew is starting to make his own network with his friends. He nodded his head at his fellow healer Ralph and his wife (Cassandra). ­"Looks like you won the lottery too, huh?" he commented. He has no idea how the shifts were figured out but those who were allowed and given tickets to the game are considered lucky.


However, when Charlotte ran towards a leggy blonde, Jared stiffened. He knows those legs very, very well… And there she was. Bridgette. With her siblings. He did not anticipate seeing her in this place despite the fact that he knew her brother is a Quidditch player by profession. Of course. Of course. He felt his ears heat up somehow and he could also feel the burning stare of Clarissa. He gave her a stern look that clearly says “Don’t say anything.” His cousin only knew of that one-time Bridgette spent the night with him in the castle. What the rest of them didn’t know is that he has been seeing Bridgette regularly. Abi was there and called the little girl out for calling Bridgette a princess only to ask who she was. ­"I see you are still your usual charming self, Abi." His eyes went to Bridgette and he smiled at her, unsure whether he will be allowed to talk to her around her siblings. Hopefully, none of them still has no idea what has been going on between him and Bridgette. He was also hoping that Clarissa would keep her mouth shut for once.


Astrid arrived by then and the tension in his shoulder was somewhat lifted. He laughed out loud when she assumed that Marc had kidnapped the child he brought to the game. Marc could never, but it was still funny when she said it. It was clear that Astrid was so excited about the match and Jared beamed proudly. He had watched this young lady grow up from being a transfer student at Durmstrang to the professional that she is right now. To think that he was the one who delivered the girl into this world, it really was something. Clarissa also looked more relaxed now that her daughter was around. He heard the Chaser’s name being called and it was Rush, Leander’s son. Of course, the boy is Astrid’s adoptive cousin. He looked behind the boy to see if his father was here too but there was no Leander in sight. "Rush, I hope your father is doing well?" He hasn’t talked to the man for a very long time now and he wonders what he was up to after resigning from his post from Durmstrang too.

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#113 OFFLINE   Laurette Atwood

Laurette Atwood

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 09:01 PM

Laura Atwood. A lot of people heard of her but very few can put a face to her name. There's a reason she never goes jobless. She's damn good at her job. Everyone who'd heard and seen her work knew Laura only has one rule: you give her all the details exactly two months before you want the job to be completed. Unlike others, Laura works in a different way. Two months before, why? Because she likes to blend in, to pretend to be part of the community to earn people's trust. It's easy to do her job when she has easy access not just to people, but to places and resources she sometimes doesn't possess. You'll be surprised how gullible people are most of the time. That knowledge is the one thing she loved to take most advantage of. Her customers normally drop off a sealed envelope in a pub. Always in a pub. She has point of contact in three countries: England, France and Sweden. They know not to ask questions. Do they get a response from her if she's taking the job or not? No. They will eventually know if she did their bidding or not. If she did, she expects money the next day. If she didn't, so what? Laura never committed to anything and they're not the boss of her. 
The loud cheers and amount of people inside the Ballycastle Bats Stadium made her eyes glint in silent mirth and excitement. To them, the woman wearing a faded janitress jumper holding a mop is nothing but a simple worker standing at the top of the stairs. It also immensely helps that her face doesn't scream scary or dangerous. Only one person knows who she is at this point, and currently, he's lurking near the VIP section of the stadium. Earlier, Laura spotted the Minister of Magic and the Head Healer of St. Mungo's already inside, alongside with other people that are completely irrelevant. For a second, Laura felt bad for the pregnant healer. Laura's sole target is the Minister but in this kind of assassination attempt, casualties are inevitable. An old organization from the past which no longer exist at present time contacted her, wanting the Minister dead to make a statement. The rest? Laura could barely give a damn. The job was clear, that's what she's gonna do. Now, Matthias' job is simple: make sure the Minister doesn't leave the damn room. Laura will do the rest.
Going back to her pretend mopping, Laura smiled to herself. It doesn't hurt to set the explosion in the middle of the game, does it? She does her job properly, but she also knows how to have fun somewhere in between. Besides, Bats better win! Despite the fact that she's going to destroy part of the stadium, she'd still like to see them win. After all, she's a Bats' employee and her fake loyalty lies with the team. However, that doesn't change her belief that being a Pro-quidditch player is the most useless 'job' anyone can have. Flying on a broom, dodging and tossing balls into the air? Completely insignificant in terms of societal impact. 
All right people, enjoy yourself while you still can...

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Santana was so glad that Natalie was still sticking around. She knows that once a witch or wizard graduates, they leave the house and make a life of their own elsewhere. That was the case for her but it was out of her desperation to stay in Swede after graduating from Durmstrang. And Nate, of course. She would have been forced to move back to France and into her mothers’ estate if she did not get settled in with Nate. She could have moved in with her sister or any of her cousins but that’s still different. She was expecting Natalie to follow her footsteps but thankfully, she didn’t. She smiled at Nate, grateful that he is by her side especially when it comes to dealing with the kids. They both got a rest day from taking care of little Sven and baby Sophie but Niccolo and Sadri are more than the two youngest Wormalds combined. She kissed the top of Natalie’s head and caressed her cheek. "Your father is right. You really are one." She patted Sadri on the top of her head too and hoped that her daughter would stop being a diva for just a while. Niccolo continued to bait his sister. "Niccolo, listen to your father." Turning to Sadri, she tried to reason out with her. "You don’t want those things, baby. You just want them because you brother has one. You like pink stuff, right?" Sadri has this thing that she wants everything that her brother has even though she really doesn’t want them in the first place. "But you have to. It’s not good for…you know." She whispered that last because none of the others know about Clary’s condition and situation. She promised to not tell anyone abut her secrets but with the family in one place and the secret husband in the same team as Astrid, it would be awkward if they all bump into each other. This is very likely to happen, especially after the match. She looked at Clary meaningfully, a lot of questions in her mind.


She turned and stayed with Clary until Astrid arrived beaming and excited about the game. The others had already expressed their goodluck for the redhead and Santana joined in. "It’s your first championship game, Astrid. Of course, we will all come and support you. I am sure this won’t be your last either!" People are settling in already, but more people are coming in and approaching the Waylands. Niccolo’s friends arrived with their parents and Santana smiled at Hunter. They have met because of their kids. The boys are already cheering for the Bats and she thought that it was cute. She remembered her time when she played Quidditch at school too. "It has been, hasn’t it? Nate told me you two saw each other when the boys went to shop at Diagon Alley?" She also heard that Sadri was being her usual self. What’s new at this point? A lot of other people are arriving and soon, they are almost full in their area of the stadium. The place was becoming very crowded but that’s Quidditch! Speaking of Quidditch, there are a lot of other famous Quidditch players from both the English and Swedish league joining them now. What is going on?

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Fred saw Marigold’s surprise look when he asked her about having a drink as if she’s not expecting to see him there. Was it surprising that they’re all sitting together? He and Lily bought their tickets, so obviously it would be next to each other. He rolled his eyes as he gave the drink to his daughter, “Here, I have chips as well.” He gave some to Marigold, completely oblivious of the warning look his daughter gave to her brother Linden.


“Hi Lily. Congratulations on your husband’s team for making it to the finals.” Lily could relay that to her husband since Tyler is not here. As soon as his cousin Lily and her daughter joined him and Linden, Fred offered the food to the little girl (Aaira), “Here Aaira, I got plenty of food, why don’t you grab some for yourself? Come on, Uncle Fred won’t mind.” He smiled at the little girl who suddenly reminded him of his beautiful and crazy twins. Too bad they're not here. Although Linden is already talking to the little girl and asking her about eating popcorns. Fred laughed at Linden, “She can handle it just fine son, just don't give her too much. Why don’t you buy her something to drink too once the vendor passed by again?” Fred glanced around and saw a familiar boy (Shaad) whom he remembered attending Linden’s birthday party. He returned the nod, noting how Marigold decided to seat with him instead of them, which isn’t odd if you ask him, but still…a father can only wonder…But Fred being Fred again, he just smiled at the two teenagers. He nudged Linden, “I thought Shaad is your friend, since when those two became very close?” he motioned to Shaad and Marigold. He’s not a nosy father, just curious is all. He looked over at the Bats section, he could be mistaken though if it’s Lucy he had seen once. It’s hard to distinguish from the sea of red hair there. Lily's husband's family are all here too, Fred waved in greeting at the Joseph family (&Hennings? kick my writer for this).

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Mathias took a long deep breath. What had he gotten himself into? Honestly, he had no idea. Because right now, he could see what he was about to do and what was about to happen and all he could do was stare blankly. The funny thing was, that he was genuinely trying to turn everything around. To become a better man and deliver on his promise to Lia that he could give her a nice big family and a white picket fence. He didn't realize that in doing so he could also be getting further and further away from his dream. That's why he urged her not to go near the stadium. She had to stay home and not ask any questions and just to make sure that she didn't raise any suspicions, Mathias had used his skills to convince her. He didn't like to manipulate her but this was necessary and he feared for her safety if she knew anything was up.


So now the time had come and he was here and he felt odd. It was quite an interesting feeling. He didn't feel guilty or had cold feet or anything of the sort. He could shut down his emotions and get the job done. After all, his livelihood demanded it, but that didn't mean he genuinely enjoyed what he was about to do. Mathias knew what his role was in this whole thing and he didn't even need to meet the gaze of Laurette to know she was here. He hadn't met the woman until a few days ago and their first contact was nothing remarkable. It was like working with a private contractor and it wasn't as though he was in any position to make friends in his line of work. He kept looking up at the VIP section to ensure that the target remained there. Now it was just a matter of waiting. 

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The first thing Rich learned about magic was Quidditch. He remembered it too well, receiving his letter and learning he was a wizard, getting interested rather quickly in the magical sport. He had been co-captain of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, and the seeker, enjoying it thoroughly. It had been years since he had played it, and years since he had attended a match due to his line of work and he preferred to stay home and chill with CeCe, for example. But as this final match would donate a part of the money to St. Mungo's, he decided he'd help, take CeCe to the match and they could enjoy their afternoon a little differently. He was one of the Healers who had been allowed to the match while some others stayed at the hospital, and he couldn't be happier about having a normal date with his fiancée.


The place was packed by the time they arrived, and he simply followed CeCe through the crowd, smiling and nodding at people he made eye contact with. "Its says here our seats are somewhere near VIP stand... well, it is not that close but we can still use it as reference." Rich frowned as he read the tickets, looking up to make sure they had turned at the right section. It seemed they had, and as they moved slowly behind a crowd who had arrived and was also searching for their seats amongst many people already seated, he smiled at her. "Are you excited? Rooting for any of the teams?"

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Dax loved seeing the excitement on G's face so it was a great, telling her they could get photos with the players. "Is there a certain player in particular that you want to meet? I see my boss. I'm sure he would want me mingling and taking photos right now." he chuckled and took a picture of G, only to see in the background a very famous face. His eyes bulged and he watched as Doyle seemed to be flirting with the man next to her. Now that was juicy. Dax focused his camera beyond G's face now, the camera slightly tilted, watching them through the lens as he snapped off several photos like he was paparazzi. Then he lowered the camera and said, "I might have just gotten a shot that will pay for our next vacation..." he said softly to G.


"Carina Thomas!" G immediately answered. She shifted, gathered her hair on one side and then showed Dax the number behind the shirt she's wearing the name 'Thomas' at the top of it. "See? I'm wearing her jersey number!" This time, she grinned from ear to ear. "Although it wouldn't hurt to meet both teams. Bats are amazing, too. It's just that Kestrels are more amazing." What? She's biased, obviously, although the Bats captain is darn gorgeous. Have you seen him? As usual, Dax has his camera with him and he took a picture of her. By this time, she's used to him taking her pictures but then, he mentioned that he got a shot that will pay for their next vacation and she discreetly looked to the side, noting yet another famous face. "Oh my god." She whispered to him. "You know what? How about you do your thing and I'll go and buy us food? I'll be right back, okay?" G leaned forward and kissed his cheek then she stood to walk towards the food stands. 

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Uncle Marc never had a chance to answer her questions about the girl with red hair. Charlotte's short attention span was hooked on another, one with blond hair who also made her want blond hair! She wanted her uncle to meet the princess so she went to get her without realizing the consequences of her actions. Hey, she was only five! She can't even spell the word 'consequences' supposedly. "We're going to meet Uncle Marc!" she declared when she was asked where they were going. "And Maman is not here, she has work." Charlie scowled at that. Behind them, a woman and man (Abi and Lykaon) followed. The woman says she was the Evil Queen. Brown eyes widened slightly with fear, she almost looked for poisoned apples around. Ignoring the Evil Queen, Charlie suddenly grinned when a little girl with red hair (Sandreia) came over and told her she was called Sadri. "Hello Sadri! I'm Charlie!" she announced. "Are you okay?" Sadri was nearly run over by a man (Shane)! Then Uncle Marc caught her attention again… who told her off for randomly dragging people over to places. Charlie pouted but she knew her uncle was right. She never meant to be rude or cause any harm whatsoever but she was so excited to see the pretty lady again! She put on her greatest puppy-dog eyes look and even managed to make her eyes look a little glassy. Then she blinked them up at the woman, Bridgette. "I'm sorry."

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Lee laughed at Niccolo as if his friend made a big joke, “Astrid is your cousin? Oh come on…you’re kidding right?!” His friend already got a huge family, it's unfair if he's also related to one of the Bats! As soon as Lee felt his dad’s hand on his shoulder, the boy quickly jumped off the chair, giving his father a sheepish look. He also noticed Niccolo's evil sister (Sandreia) is glaring at them, like she always does. Lee smirked at her. The noisiest among the 4 finally arrived so his attention easily diverted from his father to RJ and his family. “RJ! Finally, you’re here!” He almost crashed into his friend too, but Lee controlled himself since his dad already warned him about stepping on the chair. Can’t help though, Lee missed his friends, it’s been a week since they left Camp Avalon and sending letters regularly is not enough for the 4 of them. He greeted RJ’s mum and dad, “Hello Mr and Mrs Smith!” He showed his shirt and his tattoo to RJ, “Saaaame, cool right?!!” Following RJ’s and Niccolo’s shout, Lee covered his mouth while chanting “Go Bats, Go Bats, Go Bats!” He had this urge to stand on the chair again, but his dad might scold him for it. He even saw 2 PU (Shane Longbottom and Dylan Evereett) members there and another two from Swedish teams (Lykaon Grindelwald and Anastas Levski), and another two, Ace Vandale and Luca Moretto! That's how knowledgeable the boy is in Quidditch World. He turned to his dad, "Dad! So many famous personalities here! Did you see them?!"


Someone (Jenna) approached his dad and then turned to greet him. The lady introduced herself as Jenna, a friend of his dad but Lee knew it’s her. His dad mentioned about a lady with that name before, whom he’s currently dating but he never got the chance to meet her yet. Lee looked at her for a minute as if studying and assessing the woman. He didn’t know what to feel or how to react, this is very sudden. His dad should have at least warned him she’s coming to meet them today. Lee looked alternately between his dad and Jenna. “I…uhmm..” with one quick look at his dad again, Lee finally reached out his hand to Jenna, like what an adult does during introduction. “It's nice to finally meet you, Jenna. My dad talks about you a lot. Please call me Lee, I prefer it that way.” He gave her a timid smile, if his dad likes this woman, he’ll at least try to give her a chance, right?


Just then, someone’s arrival made the boy gasped in surprise, one Bats player’s (Astrid) presence at the stands, her red hair told him she’s Astrid, one of the Bats Chaser. Lee grabbed RJ’s arm and squeezed it real tight, “It’s her….” He whispered at her friend in awe, “So, Niccolo was not kidding when he said he’s related to one of the Bats players! That lucky idiot!” He’s jealous of Niccolo now who looked at him and RJ to sort of remind them about it! Lee nodded, as if in trance, “I guess you did, but...Wow...” He then turned to the lady with starry eyes, “Hi! Can we get your autograph please?! I’m Lee..Lee Bennett, I’m such a fan! And you’re so pretty!” He gushed, forgive the little boy for admiring her beauty and the fact that she’s standing just few feet away from him.

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