Hogwarts Handbook

"I must tell you that this year, the third-floor corridor on the right-hand side is out of bounds to everyone who does not wish to die a very painful death.” - Professor Dumbledore

Article VII: Sweden

Section 1: Areas of Sweden

Durmstrang Institute

Swedish Minitry of Magic

Angelhölm Hospital 

Cities of Sweden:


Swedish Dragon Reserve


Karasjok Kites Quidditch Stadium

Ängelholm Pre-School



Black Market

Sweden Oracle 

Swedish Potions Inc.


Allevesan Bank

The Paradise Casino & Resort

Turning Torso


Section 2: Durmstrang Institute


Paragraph 1: Houses


Loki is the house of pranksters. A Loki has a thirst for fun and entertainment. They are notorious tricksters with a wicked sense of humour. They can be manipulative, wanting to win at all costs. However, they are loyal to their friends and fiercely protective of their house. Aggravate a Loki at your own risk, as you might find yourself facing the wrath of the entire house. They are impulsive and are people who take action, rather than waste time on niceties and words. Lokis proudly wear red as their house colour. This can be seen as indicative of their temperaments.

The Loki common room is located behind the portrait of the god Loki, master trickster in the dungeons of the school. The Common Room has small alcoves and dark corners, making it perfect for scheming and conniving. It is decorated in shades of red and black. The furniture is opulent in red suede and black velvet. There are games tables and entertainment areas.



Freyjas are known for being extremely ambitious and perseverant. They’re often quite opinionated, and will fight for what they believe in. Freyjas are also known for being notorious flirts. They have a way with working their charm, and certainly know how to use it to their advantage. But while the Freyjas are flirtatious, they are also rather sneaky. If they don't get their way, they will do everything in their power to change that. They can be quite cunning- and when you aren't looking, they'll stab you in the back.

The Freyja common room is located behind a large statue of the Norse Goddess Freyja, the Goddess of love. The common room is decorated rather extravagantly, with green and gold all over the room. There are a handful of ornate chairs and couches for the students to lounge about in, and rugs lining the floor with the Freyja Crest embroidered into them.



Tyrs are known to be the brain of the houses; they are nourished with intelligence, and prizes mostly on wisdom, knowledge and motivation. Tyr's are naturally competitive in nature; they strive to be the very best in everything they do, especially in academics and decision-makings. Tyr's are always calm and firm in every situation and are known to be the peace makers but should never be underestimated for they are also very manipulative. They tend to use their knowledge as an advantage to defend and motivate themselves when things get tough.

The Tyr common room is located on the fourth floor behind the Portrait of a Griffin. The creature holds the knocker in its claws which the students have to use in order to gain access to the place. The knocker with Griffin emblem will turn very hot to the point of burning your hands if you're not a Tyr student or professor. If an intruder triggered the enchantment at the knocker, the Tyr Staff will know it immediately. This entrance will lead you to the Griffin Hall and to the Common Anteroom area which is elegantly decorated with blue and yellow colors that matches the crest. It also has lamps and huge fire crackling on the side. Only Tyr folks will be allowed inside so knock at your own risk.


Paragraph 2: House Points

In-House Points - To be awarded by HOHs and DHOHs only.

RP Challenges: Max 50 Points (10 for each post)

Pride Banners: 25 Points per Banner to a maximum of 20 banners per student per term

Pride Avatars: 15 Points per Avatar to a maximum of 20 avatars per student per term

Pride Sayings: 5 Points per saying to a maximum of 100 Points per student per term

In-House Trivia/Games: 1 in house trivia per month (100 Points Max, 10 points per Q), 2 games per month (100 points max per game)

Student of the Month: 50 Points (Winner, monthly)

Junior Student of the Month: 30 Points (Winner, monthly)

In-House Mentoring: 10 Points upon signing up (For mentor), 50 Points upon completion (For both mentor and mentee of each mentoring)


Class Points

TA: 150 Points max per term, per class.


Club/Contests Points

Contest Point (Weekly School Contest):

Writer of the Week (50 Points)

Full School RP Challenges (50 Points Max, 5 posts each)

Weekly RP Words (10 Per Word, 100 max)


Club Participation:

RP Challenges (50 Points Max per challenge)

Activities (100 Points Max per student)


Other Points

Any challenges done in the town: 50 points max (5 posts each)

Plot participation points (should be another's plot) - 20 points per RP

Club Rush challenges - See the RP challenge list (50 points max, 10 points per post)

Professor's can do the RP challenges (50 points max, 10 per post) - Can ONLY be awarded by Deputy Headmistress or Headmistress

Site wide/ Field trip RP challenge: (50 points max)

RP Challenge as a supporting character/ NPC - 20 points each RP

Get detention 5 times in one term - 10 points per detention


Paragraph 3: Discipline

The discipline at Durmstrang Institute is overseen by the Headmistress and her deputy. The rules and discipline are enforced by the leadership of the school as outlined in the chain of command.


Paragraph 4: Academics

A. Testing: 



B. Grading System

Durmstrang Institute's academics operate under the usual grading system:

O - Outstanding
E - Exceeds Expectations
A - Acceptable
P - Poor
D - Dreadful
T - Troll

C. Awards

At the completion of each term awards are given out to deserving students and Durmstrang members for their dedication and hard work throughout the past term.

School Awards

Sedula Apis - Most active students 

Helena Ramos Award  - To the one professor who has shown passion and done tremendous work for school and students

Foreign Exchange Award - To the best FEP Student

Agmund Thurferth Award - To the professor who has given her best to the school to achieve activity

Aurea Aquila - Most Active professors

Odin Award - One student from each house gets this award for their extremely hard and passionate work

Gellert Grindelwald Award - One student who bought eternal glory and made the school proud

Quidditch Awards

Most Valuable Beater
Most Valuable Chaser
Most Valuable Keeper
Most Valuable Seeker

Most Valuable Player


D. Foreign Exchange Program

The Durmstrang Foreign Exchange Program allows students who are regularly enrolled at Hogwarts to spend one term abroad at either Beauxbâtons or Hogwarts. Each student who is accepted into the program will live, eat, drink, sleep, and take classes directly at the host school lasting one full term of study.

● Students must be third-year or higher to be considered for the program.
● Students who are accepted into the program can spend no more than two terms abroad (one at Beauxbâtons, one at Hogwarts).
● At this time, students are not allowed to return to the same school more than once to study abroad. If you wish to go back to the same school for a second term, you should consider a full transfer.


Paragraph 5: Organization

A. Chain of Command at Durmstrang
Deputy Headmistress
Heads of Houses

Deputy Heads of Houses
Head Professors
Head Student


B. Student Leadership


There are 6 prefekts, 2 from each house. These 6 are charged with the duty of watching over the students in their house, they must also be ready to deduct points from those that cause too much havoc than the expected. They work directly with Head Students and report to their Professors in the chain of command. These are selected by the Heads of House.

Requirements to become a Prefekt:


Head Prefekts

There are two Head Prefekts at Durmstrang, selected from the three houses on the activity basis. These students are the student leaders of the school and have big authority over the remain students. Each Head Prefekt is chosen by the Heads of House with the advisement of the Headmistress & Deputy Head Mistress.



C. Staff

Durmstrang Headmistress has autonomy over every aspect of Sweden and Durmstrang Institute.

Deputy Headmistress
Durmstrang Deputy Headmistress has autonomy over every aspect of Sweden and Durmstrang Institute.

Trauma Center Head 
FEP Coordinator
Quidditch Coordinator
Student Council Coordinator
Heads of House/ Deputy Heads of Houses
Department Head Professors


Paragraph 6: Guidelines of Role Play

A. Spells

Spell List 

B. School Rules

The Durmstrang Institute is one of the most prestigious magic schools in Europe and is notorious for its acceptance of the Dark Arts. We expect our students to adhere to several rules and protocol.

These rules are for in-character reference.

• Students should take the Ship to and from the palace at the beginning and end of the year.
• Students should come to Durmstrang Institute prepared to learn. This includes have an open mind to our teaching methods and having their supplies purchased.
• All students should have one wand, a broomstick (with special regulations), and a pet.
• Students may own broomsticks after first year. Students who are on the Quidditch team are allowed to own a broom during their first year, but must petition the Deputy Headmistress for this privilege.
• While pets are encouraged for students, there are limitations. Students may have two pets (if one is an owl) that must remain well behaved and not create a mess in the palace. The approved pet list is as follows: cats, toy dog breeds, small rodents (rats, mice, sugar gliders, chipmunks, ect), small birds, hedgehogs, chinchilla, ferrets and fish (or any other animal that you don’t mind to kill if you miss a Transfiguration spell!). Contact your HOH or DHOH for approval of a pet not on this list. Only these pets may be allowed into the castle.
• Durmstrang behavioral rules extend to students while they are on or off of campus. Students are ambassadors of this Institute and are expected to conduct themselves appropriately to the rules unless the circumstance requires other behavior.
• Magic is not to be used off campus unless in Magical towns. The Swedish Ministry of Magic prohibits underage magic use.
• Durmstrang has an approved spell list. Students may use a spell on a list that is of their year or lower.
• Engaging in fights is against the school rules and will be dealt with swiftly and severely.
• Bullying is forbidden. All instances of bullying should be reported to either the Deputy Headmistress or Headmistress of the school then the Discipline Warden will take action. Durmstrang Institute approves all medieval technique of punishment.
• Curfew rules are enforced with bed checks. Students 1st through 3rd year must be in their dorms by 10:00pm. 4th year and above have a curfew at midnight. Prefekts and Head Students do not have a curfew but they must sleep eventually!
• Students must have a slip signed from a teacher to access the restricted sections in the Castle.
• All students are only allowed in Malmo during the school term. They must only use the second floor corridor to have access to the town and must be back in the castle before the curfew hour. Visits to the town during school hours or inappropriate behavior will cause being grounded from visiting the town for 15 days.
• 5th - 7th year students may visit the Swedish towns on weekends, signing their own consent forms (as long as they are age 17 or older). Please remember that this is RP time on the ‘weekends’. They may not own homes, and must still adhere to all rules and regulations while off campus. These students can visit Malmo anytime during the term but must be back before the curfew hour. Visits to the town or during school hours or inappropriate behavior will cause being grounded from visiting the town for 15 days.
• Persons must be age 17 or older to be licensed to apparate and must be registered with the one of the three Ministries of Magic. You must have passed your apparition test if still a student and are not allowed to apparate on campus. (You can not apparate within the institute or it's grounds)
• Students of the age of 17 are allowed to apparate to towns on weekends but must hand over a written slip to the heads of houses at the start of the term and must follow the rules.
• The unforgivable curses are banned. They can be only taught and practice during the class in the presence of a professor. You will be expelled and turned over to the authorities for further.
• Dorms are separated, but there are no rules regarding boys in girls’ dorms and vise versa.
• Cheating is forbidden, including by magical means.
• During the week, classes, and special feasts, all students are expected to wear formal suits. Students are permitted in street clothes while outside of classes and on the weekends.
• The potion Felix Felicis is a banned substance in sporting events, examinations, and elections.
• All students must speak Swedish while on the grounds. This is presumed, you do NOT need to know Swedish to be on this site or type in Swedish. If you DO type in Swedish , please make sure that you also include an English Translation.

Only 7th years or students who are age 17 may consume alcohol.

There is NO drinking at Durmstrang.
Anyone that is CAUGHT breaking these simple rules will receive a warning, lose 150 house points.