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#1 OFFLINE   Flynn Vaughn

Flynn Vaughn
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Posted 26 January 2022 - 09:01 PM


#2 OFFLINE   Clarissa Vaughn

Clarissa Vaughn

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Posted 10 February 2022 - 01:49 AM

New RP


Clary was in the midst of pulling a rather huge bag out of her room and towards the kitchens. She had forgotten her wand back in her apartment - which was such a classic Clary thing to do - because she had been in a hurry to get to Ireland. It was one of those days when she had the first half off from work, and lately her and her flatmates were planning a little getaway tour to the Scandinavian side of the world. Which meant that it was going to hella cold wherever she goes - and most of her winter wear was light and breezy. Cue, a visit to the house - so she could pack all her heavy clothes. Clary wasn't aware if anyone was present in their house currently, the twins were in school, Jeff was away on tour last she had heard, and Flynn was also travelling for work. She hadn't heard from Mal in a really long time so she had no idea where her oldest brother was - which did make her a little sad. He was like a parent to her, especially since their parents would mostly be away these days - and she missed having him around. 


Their house was huge, ornate - as compared to her little apartment that she shared with the boys. But these days, she preferred her apartment over their big house - mostly because it was so full and always had people around to talk to. Clary missed her family, but life happened - and it just seemed none of them were in the same page anymore. As she reached the kitchen, dragging her bag, she was just planning to get some water and be off..when she noticed that there was something on the counter? And dirty dishes in the sink? "Ugh..Ric, Al - AT LEAST CLEAN UP after you leave.." Clary let out a frustrated groan into void, knowing the twins were back in school and they probably left this whenever they were last here. So irritating, now she would have to do it all.


tag; Mal

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#3 OFFLINE   Malcolm Vaughn

Malcolm Vaughn

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Posted 12 February 2022 - 04:03 PM

Malcom had been back home since two days ago, as he needed to regroup and think about his next moves. Here, he knew he was safe, protections were in place that no-one could break. This made the family home the best place to rest and stay out of preying eyes. Malcolm had confined himself in his room for the first hours, mainly getting back a long needed sleep, after weeks of hard work and long nights in hideouts, looking after the guys he was working on.


Then, when he felt a little more like himself, he had resumed some workouts. He needed to stay in shape. The success of many of his missions depended entirely on his physical abilities. And his analytics skills, as well.... That morning, he had done his run, and then some martial arts. Now he was hungry, and thinking he was deserving of a good breakfast, he walked in the kitchen, still in his training clothes, not thinking one bit he was not the only one in the house, after all, none of the alarms had rang...


But a voice stopped him in his tracks. A voice he knew and that drew a smile on his lips, "Clary? Clary is that you?" He approached and smiled more seeing her, got closer enough to hug her, and then ruffle with her hair as he used to do since they were little. "What a great surprise!" Following her gaze, he looked at the mess the twins had left, chuckled and grabbed his wand in his back pant pocket, motioning it to do a cleaning spell, which he let unfold, while looking back at his sister. "You hungry? I was about to make myself a breakfast..."

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