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Aymeric Mallard

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Aymeric Mallard

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Posted 06 July 2021 - 05:44 PM

Adam Lockwood’s Extended Character Profile

Character name: Adam Lockwood
Character age: 14
Social status: Upper Class
Sexual orientation: Straight
Zodiac: Cancer
School year: Freshmen
School clique: Nerds, Gamers
School sports: N/A
Extracurriculars: Debate Club, Scholastic Decathlon Club, Robotics Club, Book Club
Favourite class: Computers
Least favourite class: PE
GPA: 3.8
Would-be Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

Hair colour: Brown
Hair style: typical nerd boy look
Eye colour: Blue
Clothing style: Collared shirts, T-shirt’s, pants or jeans
Piercings or tattoos: never

Character Traits: overly intellectual, introvert, obsessive about learning, curious, hardworking, emotional, intuitive, deep
Hobbies: reading by the lake, building solutions through robotic activities, playing Fortnite, music, feeding ducks, graphic designing, Minecraft
Character dislikes: Not knowing something, jocks as they bully him, smell of cigarette, white chocolates, rowdy people
Favourite music: Soul music
Favourite food: pop tarts

Romantic Relationship to other characters: Crushing hard on Eva Whitlock
Genetic Relationship to other characters: brother to Jackson Lockwood

Mother: Patricia Lockwood
Father: Oliver Lockwood
Other family members: Jackson Lockwood
Childhood Best friend: Eva Whitlock
Other Relationships:
Occasionally fed on by Aurora Larson (compelled so doesn’t remember)

Overall character history:
* Born in Miami through surrogacy
* Is bullied by many
* Was initially bullied by Eva to do her homework but later they spent time together and became best friends
* Doesn’t remember anytime spend with Aurora but apparently he is fun when compelled to party with her
* Is obsessed with computers
* Goes around asking people for their problems and tries to find a solution through the robots
* Wishes to create many robots and provide them in villages to help people
* Has a close bond with his brother
* Is very sweet and kind and will do your homework
* Spends most of his time in the computer lab
* Loves playing Fortnite and Minecraft, can spend his whole day
* Aspiring computer engineer
* Hangs out at stoner den for his best friend and crush even though he hates the smell

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