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Jk Hyun

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JK Hyun

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Posted 04 July 2021 - 04:26 PM

Gian Lang

Character name: Gian Lang
Character age: 15
Social status: Upper Class
Sexual orientation: Straight
Zodiac: Aries
School year Sophomore
School clique Gamers and Jock
School sports Track & Field 
Extracurriculars:  Robotics Club
Least favourite class: Spanish, he thinks that he doesn't need to learn that
GPA: 3.00
Would-be Hogwarts house:  Gryffindor
Hair colour:   Black Hair
Hair style:  Just as the hair looks like its like no style
Eye colour: Hazel brown
Clothing style: He always wear a hoodie. 
Piercings or tattoos: N/A
Character Traits:

  • Chatty and likes to wink at beautiful girls
  • Interrupts anyone that he wants to talk to
  • Plays guitar for people he wants to get attention to. 
  • Dances to music he hears
  • Talks to everyone who talks to him


  • Being all confident and cool walking around
  • Flexing how Handsome he is
  • Running in the Track
  • Exercising
  • Dancing to music
  • Hanging out with Eva
  • Taking Pictures

Character dislikes:  Getting Rejected
Favourite music:  All kinds of music
Favourite food: Apple and any kinds of Juice
Romantic Relationship to other characters: Somehow Romantic as it goes or maybe crush it depends on what will happen to Eva Whitlock
Genetic Relationship to other characters:  N/A
Mother:  Leslie Rae Lang
Father:  Arthur Lang
Other family members: Troy Lang (Elder Brother)
Janelle Lang (Younger Sister)
Monique Lang (Youngest Sister)
Overall character history

  • From a Rich Family
  • Half Chinese and Half American
  • Raised in America
  • Family business is Property and Building Constructions
  • Speaks fluent Mandarin

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