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Cece Keller

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Posted 04 July 2021 - 06:34 AM

Avery Prestton's Extended Character Profile


Character name: Avery Prestton

Character age: 17

Social status: Middle Class

Sexual orientation: Straight

Zodiac: Aquarius

School year: Junior

School clique: N/A

School sports: N/A

Extracurriculars: Yearbook Club, Drama Club and Prom Committee

Favourite class: Art

Least favourite class: Math

GPA: 3.5

Would-be Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff



Hair colour: Dark blonde

Hair style: depends on her mood - usually just straight

Eye colour: Green

Clothing style: 90's vibe

Piercings or tattoos: N/A



Character Traits:

Quiet but not shy

Smart but lazy

Very laid-back


Chic old school vibe

Secretly into music - she plays ukelele and sings a lot at home



Like reading


Loves swimming


Character dislikes




Favourite music: acoustic, pop

Favourite food: gummies



Romantic Relationship to other characters: Has a secret crush on a Junior Basketball player.

Genetic Relationship to other characters: N/A


Mother: Valerie Prestton

Father: Perry Prestton

Other family members: N/A


Overall character history:

Only child of both doctors, Avery grew up independently. She was used to moving from one city to another causing her not to make any permanent friends. The only thing that kept her busy aside from classes are her art sessions and when she's out for her swimming training. Aside from colors and a bit of music, Avery built a love for swimming and that earned her a spot to her last school's swimming team. She was sort of "famous" swimmer at her previous before her accident happened. Avery got a torn shoulder injury and was advised that she can not do swimming anymore. Not even having both parents as doctors saved her. That made her totally sad and distant to everything and everyone, to the point when she wanted to leave the place. Just as if it was planned out, her parents were asked to help out in a new hospital at Watfield, Massachusetts and along with that everything had been in progress even her transfer to her new school - Watfield Academy.

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