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Posted 04 July 2021 - 05:06 AM

Character name: Julianna Stewart

Character age: 15

Social status: Upper class - popular

Sexual orientation: straight

Zodiac: Leo

School year: Sophomore

School clique: Preppy kids

School sports: Cheerleading

Extracurriculars: prom committee 

Favourite class: art

Least favourite class: biology

GPA: 3.7

Would-be Hogwarts house: gryffindor



Hair colour: blonde

Hair style: long hair, typically worn in a variety of intricate braids, updo's, and when straight its swept in a shiny style with a hair accessory

Eye colour: blue

Clothing style: preppy - expensive and lots of labels

Piercings or tattoos: ears only



Character Traits: sweet but manipulative, intelligent and outgoing

Hobbies: all things girly - shopping, make up, fashion

Character dislikes: activities that get you dirty

Favourite music: pop

Favourite food: very picky eater - prefers salads with fresh chicken or tuna



Romantic Relationship to other characters: Something cropping up with Maddox

Genetic Relationship to other characters: N/A


Mother: Shannon Stewart

Father: Robert Stewart

Other family members: Younger brother (Keith) who is in middle school, older sister (Melissa) who is a freshman in college


Overall character history: The Stewarts are a well-known upper class family. Julie has always been popular in school, even since primary, for both her high fashion sense and families financial security. She was known to have the best birthday parties and as a cheerleader, has a great status within the school. Her older sister was valedictorian in her senior year, and her younger brother is a bit of a band geek. Julie is loving and protective of her family, but is also manipulative to get her way. She seems to slide by under the radar as the middle child, but her parents dote on the children and she can usually convince her father to give in to whatever she wants.

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