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Guide To Mentoring

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Posted 23 August 2020 - 04:42 PM

Guide for New Kids Mentors


Step 1: Be assigned a New Kid
The New Kids will sign up in the Sign-up thread. Mentors are, then, required to regularly check the Sign-Up thread and claim a new student as their Mentee. If no Mentors have claimed a particular student in 3 days, we will assign a mentor ourselves.


Step 2: Mentor Your New Kid
Once you have claimed your New Kid, you will complete the Out of Character section of mentoring through PM. You need to cover the following topics.

  • Classes and the Enrollment Process
  • In and Out of Character Rules
    Such as the handbook (Please cover all parts of the handbook), the Official Scroll, and the Auto-Answer Quill
  • Student Life at Hogwarts
  • Character Development
  • Begin and complete their first RP 
  • Introduce them to other First Years

If you need a guide, feel free to use the one created by Prof. Keifer Diderot with a few alterations from Prof. Caleb Rothwell found here. If you choose not to use the guide, ​please run your material past Prof. Britney Bryne before using it with a mentee. It is known that some Mentors would like to use their own style of mentoring, though we do appreciate it if you were to run it by Prof. Britney Bryne.


Step 3: Turn in Your New Kid
Upon successful completion of mentoring your New Kid, or if they have fallen inactive for more than 10 days, please turn in your New Kid in the Report In! Be sure before turning it in that you have sent them all of the parts of the mentoring, because even if they were inactive they may come back later and at least then they have the information. Then, let your mentee know that if they complete the Mentor Feedback Form, they will earn an additional 20 points. Any positive feedback for you may be factored into award consideration.


Since, the NK Tours has been cancelled, you will be awarded extra points (up to 50 points per RP) if you RP with your mentee touring in atleast one place at Hogwarts. And yes, you can include multiple mentees in the same RP but you'll still get only up to 50 points per RP. This RP has to be separate from the RP in Step 2.

Rules of Etiquette


  • Respond promptly to your PMs. Even if your mentee isn't posting, you can see if they are reading them. If they are, please continue to mentor them. It is possible they just don't have any questions.
  • Be polite. Many of the individuals you are mentoring are brand new to the site. You are their first impression. Please remember that and treat them how you will want them to treat you.
  • If you must be inactive, let us know.
  • If you don't know an answer, find it or someone who can. A mentee may ask you a question that you don't know. That's alright, but you know the site better than they do and are more likely to be able to find it than they are. Help them out by going that extra step to track down the answer.
  • In the event of a data loss, explain things to your mentee as quickly as possible.​ The mentees aren't aware of what is going on, they haven't been around to witness the event before. From their perspective it may look like they are unwanted because their posts have been deleted. It is our job to ensure them that they are very much wanted here and that it was a technical issue.
Credits: Prof. Alden Broadmoor

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