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#81 OFFLINE   Shaad Hennings

Shaad Hennings

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 03:09 PM

Trust me when I say this, Shaad is a very family-oriented, obedient, and rule-abiding boy. He is the only rational son as per his father who is very thoughtful about his actions. He is not showing off, but somewhere deep down he knows himself and all these things are right. But he is also fifteen going into sixteen and a hormonal teenager who is crazy about a girl and wants to spend time with her so don't blame him if he is sulking. They had plans to watch a match together and this was a big chance! The fact that they were in the same year wouldn't even cause any suspicion but no, his mother wanted to drag him with the oldies. Okay, he's not saying anything out loud because he doesn't want to be grounded for the rest of the summer, also he can never hurt his mother. So he sat there, arms folded looking ahead waiting for Cecilia to arrive. She would feel him and they can have fun. She did come but Shaad did a double noticing who was behind her. His action was very prominent because his eyes widened at the sight of her and the sour expression brightened. As if someone had given him back his life, or turned the lights on. The grin widened and he forced himself to look at Cecilia because the look Marigold is giving him is very distracting. "Finally! Hi Aunt Lily, Aaira!" He murmured standing up and knocked a punch with his cousin who simply rolled her eyes at his excitement. Cecilia didn't know but she might as well with the way they act. He barely got a chance to say something to Goldie when he was drowned by all the hugs. During that, he noticed his father watching Marigold and Shaad quickly changed his expression. He was supposed to be sulking but it's not happening anymore, you know? And then the one person he was hoping wouldn't show up, did show up. Savvi, his sister. To make it worse, she was actually speaking to Goldie and he wanted to send her back to her own booth. Omg please go. Anyway, Shaad cleared his throat. "This is Marigold Weasley, we are in the same cabin... and year." The look he was giving Savvi was a look of desperation, silently begging her not to react because, with the name, she'd know. If this wasn't all, the moment Shaad decided to speak up and ask Goldie to join him, her dad, Mr. Weasley, showed up. Are you kidding me? Why don't they just have a party there. Although the dad is much cooler, according to Shaad. Linden was there too and he gave the boy and the man a nod and finally looked up at Goldie with a sigh and the spare seat next to him. "Hey Goldie, it's getting crowded...you wanna sit?" So innocent but the glint in his eyes said it all.

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#82 OFFLINE   Official Dylan Eklund

Official Dylan Eklund

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 03:20 PM

Dylan was ecstatic about the game. He had attended matches a couple times before but this one felt somewhat like a small victory as he had been able to buy the tickets with his hard-earned money, despite knowing very well Lorcan could buy a dozen of them, he wanted to invite her. He had put on a red cap to cheer for the Bats, having attended school with two of them. He was more of a Karasjok Kites fan, but Dylan loved Quidditch and it would be great to see former schoolmates playing. He allowed for Lorcan to walk in front of him with his hand on the small of her back to guide her through the crowd and through rows of seats so he wouldn't lose her somewhere in between the seas of people arriving at the stadium. "I was in the Quidditch Club, yeah, and played a couple matches." He would have liked to become a  Quidditch Player as well, but the thrill that the Ministry offered had seduced him much more, just like the need to contribute to something greater. They found their seats and he waited for her to sit down before he did the same. "I played as chaser, too, but would have liked to be a beater as well." Dylan smiled at her, leaning forwards, resting his elbows on his thighs. "You're feeling okay? Want something to drink? To eat? Contrary to popular belief, stadium food is rather good." He reached out to take her hand, and turned his head when he swore a child's voice had screamed her name. Much to his surprise, there was Ryan with his father, and he smiled at the boy, waving in his direction and squeezing Lorcan's hand to tell her there was little Ryan, a boy she was very fond of, he remembered. He searched around for Colleen but didn't her. It would be great to greet her before the game started. However, he had managed to spot Astrid, and snickered as it seemed she was being interviewed. The journalist blocked his view, and to be honest, wasn't really aware of her being related to Colleen.

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#83 OFFLINE   Healer Georgeanne Hockings

Healer Georgeanne Hockings

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 03:20 PM

G and Dax parted ways after coming back home and they've seen each other twice between coming home and this game. Dax got hired by the Daily Prophet as a photojournalist and she's extremely proud of him for snagging that position. She knew hell get the job. Plus, he's got tons of amazing shots during their African trip. She'd seen them first-hand and her man is very talented, I'm telling you. G, on the other hand, finally decided on the job she wanted to do and she got hired by Azkaban as an infirmary healer. She told herself she could always change her working place at some point in her life but for now, she really wanted to be there. Once seated, G's eyes widened at Dax's statement. "Wait, really?" She knew that he has passes and such since he works at the Daily Prophet but... she doesn't know why she didn't think of that to be honest. "If it's possible for me to join you, I'd really, really love to meet them. Especially the Kestrels." Like seroiusly! G squeezed his hand and looked at him expectantly. "You know you're the best, right?" G told him with a huge grin. Ever since that first night of their vacation, where they said those three words, they've grown closer and she got more comfortable expressing her feelings to him.

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#84 OFFLINE   Official Ferris MacSween

Official Ferris MacSween

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 03:20 PM

He can't help but notice the reporters come in with cameras and their writing pads and he sighed. This is a signal that Roisin is going to get swamped by them. He was distracted with her words, fully aware of what she meant. It was the truth, wasn't it? "You got that right." Ferris has succumbed to the Doyle charm as well, hasn't he? Not that he minds, he'd do it anytime. There was still time for the match to start but the Kestrels zone was crowding up like anything. He can hear screaming and shouting, laughter, in every row making him feel light. It's been way too long he's attended a quidditch match or an event this crowded. It feels good to be back with the living. "I am more worried about getting in trouble with the reporters." They were fishing for a chance with the A-List celebrity and he won't blame them. She was one hell of a talent. "Hmm?" Ferris turned to her, distracted as more people poured in. The enchantments were doing their job but he was hoping that the event ran smoothly. "I think so? She mentioned something in the letter but I had no official confirmation." Eryn was a quidditch player once herself, adoring the sports like no other. It was highly likely that she comes. "I thought you would be in the VIP box?" He knows how laidback and down to earth Roisin is so its not surprising to find her in the fan box.

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#85 OFFLINE   Marigold Weasley

Marigold Weasley

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 03:22 PM

Before Goldie could do or say much of anything, the little cluster of seats were filling up all around them with faces of people she both did and did not recognize. Her own family was big, but so was Shaads. Apparently they had tons of people there at the game. Goldie looked this way and that, smiling almost shyly because she felt eyes on her.

"Hello," Goldie said lightly to Savannah and looked at the man who must be Shaads father, but who hadnt said anything to her yet. She shifted and stood close to Ceci, only to nearly jump out of her skin at the sound of her dads voice. How... What were the odds their seats were like, right there? She looked at him in surprise and said, "Oh! Uh. Yeah a drink would be good, thanks." she was still standing there stupidly and shooting glances at Shaad, feeling giddy inside when he invited her to sit. There was a seat next to him and she took Ceci by the elbow squeezing down the aisle until she was next to Shaad and Ceci could sit on her other side. "All your family is here?" she asked in her best attempt to be nonchalant before shooting a look at Linden to remind him to keep her secret from everyone like he had agreed to back during camp.
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#86 OFFLINE   Roisin Doyle

Roisin Doyle

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 03:30 PM

The stands were starting to crawl with reporters and other fans of the sport. Roisin sighed inwardly and asked herself why didn't she wear a disguise? She looked mostly at Ferris to try and block things out, but also because she was more interested in him than the growing crowd. She was used to a Quidditch stadium, but this was far from how she normally participated.

"The reporters will have all sorts of gossip. A field day, I'm sure. Do you think you can handle that? Your photo might end up in the sports page." she smirked and touched his arm playfully.

Rosi nodded about Eryn. She would love to see her as the two had always been good friends. Ferris was quick to point out that Rosi wasnt in the VIP box. "I suppose I could have, but sometimes it gets so stuffy in there. I just want to be a normal fan." Rosi missed normal life sometimes.

#87 OFFLINE   Alayne Melisandrè

Alayne Melisandrè

    Daily Prophet Current Events Journalist

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 03:36 PM

[The Daily Prophet Press Post]
Alayne had to work on herself for a while back there and that was the main reason she was away for so long. She needed to make sure that she could take care of herself so that she can take care of other people, mainly her son. Vlad here was in full boss mode and that was not so surprising at this point. He’s always been that way. He had commented on her choice of clothes but does he really think that she will come to an event dressed in anything other than professional chic? The Minister was there too so just in case she gets to meet the woman, she didn’t want to look like a pile of rags in comparison. "You know I can run a marathon in these heels, right?" she rolled her eyes. It was typical of him to comment on her choice of clothes but it was the French in her that compels her to dress up no matter what the occasion is. She went there for work and this is something she usually wears when she is at work. She grabbed the camera that Vlad passed to her and she grabbed her wand to charm it like the notepad and quill that was flying beside her. She tapped on it and muttered some spells and it immediately levitated and started talking pictures of the fans chanting and cheering for their teams. She was given the task to delegate when more of the journalists arrives and she sighed. "When I see them, why not? But I will be doing my own interviews. I saw Hunter Bennet and the Grindelwalds on my way here." Alayne sighed when Vlad said that Elijah might not make it to the game and that it still depends for him. That was fine with her, kinda, since she was there to work too. She wants to put her attention on her son whenever she can and she can’t do that when his father is making her work. "Well, let him know that his mother is just all around the place interviewing people." When Vlad’s eyes went somewhere behind her, she turned her head. Addie? Oh… Yes, she remembers. This is the same girl that Elijah talked to her about but she can remember another name too… Camille. "No, I haven’t. But Elijah talks about her a lot." She looked at the girl and yes, she recognizes her from some of the pictures that her son had showed her. She seems like a nice young lady and she would love to meet her but duty calls, and it would be inappropriate if she doesn’t let her son introduce them to each other instead. That was when she saw a red streak of hair passing by and she could definitely tell that it was one of the new Chasers of the Bats. "Like that. I think that is Astrid Alcantara. I’ll catch up with you later." With that, Alayne left Vlad to do whatever it is he does and followed Astrid. Her heels clicked on the floor but she was used to walking in heels all day that she was still able to catch up with one of the Bats.
It appears that the whole clan was there because that is the biggest gathering of redheads that Alayne had seen. It was also very interesting to find them all in this kind of situation. Her quick quotes quill was scratching and writing on her notepad  The first thing she noticed was that Astrid was hugging the Head Inspector at the Ministry. There was a rumour about the former Headmaster of Durmstrang having an illegitimate child who transferred to the school from somewhere else but the child in question was never named. There were whispers that there was some kind of conspiracy behind that but nothing was confirmed by any of the prophet’s sources. Then there was the Head Warden of Azkaban with a child. Alayne took note of that too. Things are jut getting more and more interesting the more she looked around. Hunter Bennett was there too with his son, and there was also a rumor about him and the creature status of his son’s mother. She knows that Elisa has an interview lined up with him so she will not be crossing that line today. The Grindelwalds were nearby too. It looks like Ms. Alcantara has a very good connection to some influential people. She approached the redhead. "Miss Astrid Alcantara. Alayne Melisandrè from The Prophet. May I have a few words?"

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#88 OFFLINE   Dax Skeeter

Dax Skeeter

    Hogwarts Canon, Official Slytherin Alumnus, Photojournalist at the Daily Prophet

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 03:40 PM

Dax loved seeing the excitement on G's face so it was a great, telling her they could get photos with the players. "Is there a certain player in particular that you want to meet? I see my boss. I'm sure he would want me mingling and taking photos right now." he chuckled and took a picture of G, only to see in the background a very famous face. His eyes bulged and he watched as Doyle seemed to be flirting with the man next to her. Now that was juicy. Dax focused his camera beyond G's face now, the camera slightly tilted, watching them through the lens as he snapped off several photos like he was paparazzi. Then he lowered the camera and said, "I might have just gotten a shot that will pay for our next vacation..." he said softly to G.
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#89 OFFLINE   Niccolo Wormald

Niccolo Wormald

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 03:51 PM

Okay, so Sadri's outfit is not really ugly to begin with. If anything, she really looks like a real-life princess and even though pink annoys the living daylights out of him, even he has to admit that pink suits Sandreia to a T and she can rock the color like nobody else. But he would never ever say that out loud because she would that against him for the rest of his life. She would never stop teasing him about it so nope, not gonna subject himself to such torture, thank you very much. "If my face is ugly, then your face is ugly, too. We're siblings." That's also saying that Natalie, Sven and Sophie are ugly, too, and it's definitely a lie. Natalie is so pretty and Sophie! He and Sven are only boys out of the five siblings and he's the only redhead which is really... weird. Niccolo thought he would be dark-haired like him but no, he's a ginger like. He's cute, though. 
Niccolo looked around just in time to see Uncle Marc with a... kid. Wait, what? "Do we have another cousin?" Niccolo asked, confusion written on his face. As far as he knew, he'd met everyone in the family, even the newborns like Atlas. The young boy looked at both Natalie and their Dad expectantly and then Sadri the brat walked over to the kid (Charlotte) and talked to her. He quirked his eyebrows and watched the interaction. His sister, for once, is acting so nice and Niccolo can't help but grin. 
And then, finally! Lee came! "Lee!" He stood up and they did their handshake as a greeting. "I don't know where he is. I haven't seen him yet." Niccolo watched as Lee took a good look on his family and he laughed. "We're here to support Astrid. She's my cousin." He doesn't need to introduce Astrid. They're big fans of the Ballycastle Bats and so Lee and the others knew who she is. The others nearby greeted Lee, too, and his eyes flew to Lee's father, Hunter Bennett. "Hello, Mr. Bennett. It's great to see you again." Just then, he heard another voice calling out his name and he beamed at the sight of RJ. "Bro!" Niccolo greeted him with another handshake and before he knew it, RJ's already cheering so loud. Yep, should've expected that. "Wooo! Go bats!" He cheered, too, cause you know, he gotta. RJ's parents were there, too, and Niccolo waved at them. "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Smith. How are you?" See? Niccolo can be really polite!
Astrid appeared out of nowhere and his eyes widened. Yeah, he's well aware that they're related, they've seen each other tons of times but he's still trying to accept the fact that a cousin of his belongs to their favorite quidditch team. "GO ASTRID!!!!!" He shouted as loud as he could. Turning both to Lee and RJ, he motioned to one of the Bats' chasers. "I mentioned she's my cousin, right?"

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#90 OFFLINE   Chester Armend

Chester Armend

    Gryffindor Alumnus

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 04:02 PM

Chester was torn. A little more than a month ago, Vera gave birth to their third child and he found it a bit hard to leave their baby. He felt a bit guilty, but then he would feel a lot guiltier if they miss Noelle's first championship game. He knew how much their daughter has been training for this very moment and so there's not a chance they would miss it. He's damn worried about Vera, the pregnancy was hard on her but she's bouncing back like a boss and he couldn't love her more if he wanted to. She's the strongest woman he knew and she's here on her feet again as they walked towards their seats. They were fussing over Noelle earlier but she and Alec basically kicked their parents out to the stadium, saying they need to stop worrying and fussing and just enjoy the game. The two sets of parents relented and now, together with Nearra, Chester and Vera made their way to their seats. Xander's caught up with some work. His arm is around Vera's shoulders, keeping her close to him. As much as they wanted to bring their baby here, the loud noise would've been really bad and just not safe so yeah. They owe Ji for babysitting. Chester guided Vera as she sat and once he's settled, too, Chester smirked at Nearra. "Totally. I can't wait for the game to start. Pretty sure the Bats will kick the Kestrels' a---" Chester realized there are kids around, so he paused and blinked. "Uhm, arses. Yeah." He flashed Nearra an apologetic look then focused back on the field. "Is Dylan coming?" 

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#91 OFFLINE   Carlene Müller

Carlene Müller

    Freyja Alumni, Crime and Courtroom Journalist for the Daily Prophet

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 04:17 PM

If it hadn't been for magic, Carlene would be walking around with no shoes at all. Who in the world had asked her to sport heels to a Quidditch championship was beyond her but she did now and was having a lot of difficulties walking in them. Still, she managed as she appeared in the Kestrels fan zone, her camera hovering on the side of her head in case she needed a quick picture. They weren't required to take pictures because that's why you have the photojournalists and Carlene was technically a crime reporter but they needed all hands on deck and Carlene had gladly volunteered. She loves Quidditch so this was her chance to watch the game without spending a fortune because the journalists were entitled for free tickets. Now if her brother was still around, things would be different. Plus, you never know. Quidditch stadiums were known to be host to the deadliest crimes. Anyway, Carlene stood there waiting to ink some juicy gossip when her eyes fell on an A-Lister; Roisin Doyle. Now that is interesting. She is a huge fan of celebrities, especially the women because girl power! She is also a reporter which means her eyes are searching for gossip, no hungry for them. "Love at last or another heartbreak?" Something along the lines, it would make for a great news. She quickly scribbled it down, noticing Dax clicking them. Her eyes scanned the Kestrels box, hovering at the top most box. She went a couple of steps higher and found the Mayor of Hogsmeade present along with his family. The information passed onto her said something about a Hennings playing. Oh, was that Lily Potter? She's had quite a scandalous few months reported in the prophet. It would make for a nice news since her husband, Tyler Joseph was the co-captain for the Quidditch team. Family putting up a facade? That will be another interesting news.

#92 OFFLINE   Dylan Everett

Dylan Everett

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 04:27 PM

Today was kind of a bittersweet day for Dylan. He was proud that the kids that he had watched grow up into the players they are now. He was the one who gave them their first play broom because he is that cool uncle. He was the one who let the kids fall from their broom that scratched them up in various degrees, and he was the one who had faced the wrath of both Nearra and Vera whenever their kids go home with an ouchie on their knees or elbows after a day of playing Quidditch outside. Now, two of those kids just kicked him ass on the pitch. One blocked the goals he tried to score for his team and the other tried to literally knock him off his broom. The tables have turned on Dylan Everett and of course, his friends and their wives are all about teasing him about it. It was a good thing that Guin was with him that day. Things are still strained between them and that was something that made him even more nervous for today. He is here to cheer for the Bats because of Alec and Vicky but aside from that, he also planned something for Guin. One peek in his mind and his friends would know exactly what he was planning so he swears if any of them ruin the surprise, he will throw them off the stands and he won’t care if there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of witnesses to a double murder. He was holding Guin’s hand in one of his and the other was resting on her back to support her while they walked slowly but surely up the stairs that will bring them to their reserved seats. They were quite high up so they could see the game properly but that also meant more strain on Guin. She was definitely very pregnant right now and he was starting to regret bringing her here. But It has to be done. The pitch was the place where his life changed forever. This might not be the exact same pitch where it happened but it is a pitch. He will also need the support of his friends there, hence the whole gang being together again.


"Are you feeling okay?" Dylan asked Guin when they finally reached the level where their seats were. They went to the direction of the fans donning black and red for the Bats and just like earlier, he guided Guin to their seats. Nearra, Vera and Chester were already there with Jace and Izzy. Christian was notably absent as well as the new Vermend baby but that was expected. Dylan and Guin decided to leave Blaire at home too since the little girl might freak out because of the noise and the crowd present. She was fine being left with the neighbor since she can have a sleep over with Susie. The gang was almost complete with Nearra and her kids and Vermend without their kids. The latter was understandable since Vera did just give birth and Christian might not be old enough to be in a game like this. He heard Chester was looking for him so he just had to. "Dylan has arrived," he grinned, guiding Guin into her seat. "Where’s Xander?" One of the idiots was nowhere to be found but since Nearra and the kids were there already, he should be lurking somewhere. He simply nodded his head towards Nearra and waved at Jace and Izzy with her. "You look amazing, Vera. How’s the baby doing? And Christian?" He had heard of the news that Vera had given birth already but he was too busy getting his life together than he hasn’t visited yet. Speaking of his life, he took his seat beside her, feeling nervous yet, again. The guys had already met Guin a couple of times before but he still feels like they will never stop embarrassing him in front of her. Such good friends they are.

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#93 OFFLINE   Anastas Levski

Anastas Levski

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 04:32 PM

Anastas tried his best to put on a disguise but it was futile. Even though he's wearing a cap and muggle clothing, the fans still managed to figure out who he is. He loved quidditch, he loved the rush of flying and scoring goals but being around crazy fans? Granted, they're all not crazy but this is his least favorite part of the fame. Early in his career, he loved it but now, let's just say it doesn't work for him anymore. Still, once he was recognized and he realized there's no way he could enter the stadium unscathed, he decided to play nice and pause for pictures and give autographs. It took him longer than expected but since he's recognized, he put his cap on the back of his pocket and just tried to move on as fast as possible. Finally, he managed to escape the hoard of fans. It's a good thing Lieke is not here She's working at the hospital even though this match was partly organized by St. Mungo's. Anastas tried to shield his relationship with her as much as he could. It's for her own safety, anyway. 
The Levski dude is rooting for the Bats, and even though the damn team managed to defeat the Kites, he has high respect for them. Their seeker is amazing and their chasers, too. Some of them might be new, but they definitely know how to sense blood and go for it. Anastas appreciates that in a player. He found his seat and realized it's close to Hunter Bennett. Anastas grinned at the man. "Hunter." He greeted and hang on, is that Lykaon Grindelwald? Huh, it is! He hasn't taken his seat yet and he clasped Lykaon's back, catching his attention. "If it isn't Lykaon Grindelwald. How are you?"

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#94 OFFLINE   Madame Raine Creighton

Madame Raine Creighton

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 04:42 PM

Let's go Kenmare Kestrels!
Did she go overboard for this game? Maybe. Okay, it's not a maybe. It's a hell yes! Raine's wearing her favorite jeans and the Kenmare Kestrels green shirt that she bought just recently. She's a big fan of quidditch and she even played during her time in Ilvermorny and Durmstrang. She isn't as good as these championship players but she knows her way around the air and the brooms. She was a keeper, would you believe that? Anyway, so not the point. The thing is, the big "KK" on her shirt is shining brightly and half of her face was painted green in accordance with the team's colors. What? She loved face paint! It's not just for kids, you know? Then, she also bought herself a hat that looks like a magician's hat but it's green and gold in color. It looks gorgeous on her, I'm telling you! Finding her seat on the Kestrels' side of the stadium, she cheered alongside with the others. WOO!

#95 OFFLINE   Healer Joseph Cristoff Ryuu

Healer Joseph Cristoff Ryuu

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 04:49 PM

No matter how mad his parents were at him, Jace was stubborn. He maintained that he did nothing wrong. He was an adult now, technically. He could disapparate if he so chose. The only thing was, he loved his parents and he also didn't exactly want to move out - yet. He needed to get a job first, though he was considering talking to Alec about getting a place together. He didn't know how that would work, but figured it was worth considering. He sighed when his mom told him to watch Izzy. Repressing the urge to roll his eyes, he said, "Yes ma'am," and looked at Izzy. "Don't leave your seat," he said to her imploringly. He wished he had something to eat or drink, but wasn't about to go around making requests.

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 04:56 PM

Vey managed to convince Alex to go with her and watch the League Championship. She was sick last week and she's been back to normal for a few days now and yet the man still treats her like she's breakable or something. She's not sick anymore, she's all good and no more fever, cough, chill or anything else. But Alex believes that she's still supposed to not work and stay in bed all day. Fat chance, dude, not gonna happen. Not when her restaurant needs her and this game is gonna happen. Vey managed to snag two tickets for them and after assuring him - yet again - that she's fine, they finally made their way to the stadium. Vey's wearing her Kenmare Kestrels shirt and scarf because you know, she's a huge fan of the Irish team. "We're supporting the Kenmare Kestrels, okay? It's the team with green colors." Vey pointed to her shirt to emphasize her point. "We're over here. Come on, babe." She pulled him towards the seat. They're almost at the end side of Bats, it's the seat she could find because it's almost sold out! "Okay, here we go. Oh my god! Look at this! It's amazing, isn't it?"

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 05:05 PM

Go Kestrels! What was more of a sign of him supporting his uncle and Jason than wearing a green hat (imagine it has two yellow KK instead of the L) and a green shirt, when we all know red was his color? He had also painted his face with yellow and green, just a couple lines on his cheeks. This had to be the highlight of summer, attending the finals with dad! He was ecstatic, and hungry, and just overall excited by the game. He had never seen such a large crowd, and his family was huge! The cheers were contagious upon arrival, and he joined in them as they walked through the rows and rows of seats and among people to find their seats. If he had passed anyone he knew, he wouldn't know as he was too busy marvelling out at the stadium and at the pitch, hoping to spot any Quidditch player. It occured to him that he'd be able to see a couple famous people as well, but they'd be seated at the front rows. Maybe if he tried real hard, he'd find someone. He had gotten himself two corndogs and popcorn, letting his dad know he was following him as he chewed.


They finally arrived and he saw aunt Lily and Goldie, "Hey, you came!" Their father had possibly told him they had found tickets for his sister, but with much excitement, he hadn't paid much attention. "If anyone wants something else, I cand deffo go get it, dad. There are some vendors passing by anyways." And that was the best part, you know?  He chuckled at aunt Lily's words, amused as he'd always get the same comment every time."Hi, aunt! Aaira! You're rooting for some team? The green one is the best, just so you know," he chuckled after talking to his youngest cousin. "Can she eat popcorn already?" I mean, he didn't want to be the cause of her choking or something. She was old enough to, probably Ash's age but somehow his brain had short-circuited and still believed she was younger. He also greeted Ceci and the rest, his smile faltering a little bit at the sight of Shaad, but he had to act normal because he had made a promise to Goldie. "Sup, mate?" he greeted the boy with a pat on the back and sided hug, and just to mess with the couple, sat down on the seat next to Shaad. Hehe. Well, at least that was the plan but Goldie beat him to the punch. He simply gave a knowing look and shrugged, not minding her little secret for the time being. He then noticed prof. Hennings and searched around for Ana, finally finding it nearby. "Ana! Alyssa!" He was beyond happy to see them, though he'd be covering his drink near the Hufflepuff as that drink she gave them back in India had made him feel so weird.

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Tae Min wasn't really on duty today. He had recently joined the auror forces with the Ministry after being away from the institution for an year, and he planned on taking the start as a little slow. Thankfully with the new joining, he could afford the tickets for both him and Bea, and he knew Bea would be super interested in going to the match. His sister was something else, she thought very differently. She would read up on so many things and have so many ideas that at times he would end up getting lost in her words. Literally. But the prospect of the match had greatly interested her, and it was a small thing he could do for her - as a gift for moving up. He knew if mom and dad were here, they would have also planned something for her - because thats how their family always had been. But there was no use in dwelling over things that couldn't be changed right now.


He had told Bea to go ahead and take their seats by the time he got something to eat and drink for them. With burgers in his hands, and two soft drinks, he made his way inside. The stadium was packed. There were celebrities, reporters, officials, players..everyone there. The VIP box was somewhat towards the east, and he could see the Minister already there if he strained his eyes enough. He was very close to the previous minister, particularly because he was his personal security. But he hadn't really interacted with the new minister, possibly because his designation now took him a little farther from being in direct contact with someone at that level. He could see some officials there as well, and some around - probably those who were on duty. And while Tae Min was pretty much trying to be trusting here of others, he had a sense of foreboding - in events like these something wrong generally happened. It could be something big, or something small. But some mishap always happened.


Spotting Bea in the crowd, he made his way over to his sister and sat down next to her. "I couldn't get the orange soda, lemon works, right?" He said as he handed her the glass and placed the burgers between them. He wasn't really a supporter of any team, but since Bea was a Kites fan because of the seeker; they had chosen the green side. "So..for how long have you been such a quidditch fan?" He asked her, a little confusion showing up in his tone.

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Guin wasn't an avid fan of Quidditch, save for when her Slytherins were involved, but this was nice, considering she had no preference of either team which meant little to no stress about the outcome. Naturally she was going to be in unison support of the bats because of Dylan's ties to the members of the team. She had teased him, too, about getting a little up in age, which is why he had gotten his ass handed to him by pipsqueaks. It was all in good jest of course, but Dylan seemed to take it more seriously, which she found all the more amusing. The blonde was silently thankful that Dylan was there to help her up the stairs and also to get the pesky teens and rowdy mouths out of her way so they didn't accidentally bump into her and she had to go ahead and hex random people. Despite being pregnant she was taking it in stride and wore a cute summer dress and wedges she had charmed to not be as high. For the most part this pregnancy hadn't been horrendous, despite the extreme mood swings, but had gone through the same with Blaire. "I'm fine, love. I'm okay. Promise. Relax, okay?" She told him as she gave him a pointed look, since he seemed out of sorts - more than usual- and that slightly irked her, but that was her hormones speaking out more than anything. As they approached the group, she gave them a polite smile, those icy blues landed on Jace and gave him a knowing look before turning to Nearra, Chester, and Vermend. "Hey everyone. Vera...Chester congrats on the baby. You look great by the way," She said this towards Vera's direction and took her seat next to Nearra and said to her with a smile, "Nearra. You must be so proud of Alec. He did so well for himself, but then again he was always such a good student."

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 06:44 PM

Attending Quidditch games was practically what she did for a living, or at least a huge part of it. Learning they could contribute to St. Mungo's by seeing the final game between the BB and the KK had practically sealed the deal for her to actually go to the stadium, and had already donated a little more to the cause. She didn't have to work as it they were far from the preparations, but would also serve her to supervise the event running smoothly, and as an personal outing with Levi as well. Bianca was here, rooting for the Bats as Arianna was playing, having added a couple badges to her shirt to show her support, along with along with a funny red hairband with two black bats on top that she gotten at the very entrance, while Levi went ahead to the food stands. This was the kind of enviroment she loved, so full of life and joy as the crowd roared the teams' names, the mascots putting up a show in the field for everyone to arrive and entertained those who had gotten earlier before the match started. It as easy to get lost in the crowd, and had laughed throughout their way to their seats as he made room for them and she was almost swallowed more than once, and had to go to the front so he could keep her safe. They managed and, when finding their seats, she put the tickets away inside her purse as she was a sucker for collecting things that reminded her of an specific day. Bee finally plopped down on her seat and turned to look at Levi as well, his smile putting a big one on her face as she cuddled up closer to him. His suggestion took her by surprise and looked at him with a grin, as if she hadn't understood what he had said, but then reacted. "Are you serious? That would great! It's been so long since I last visited..." Bianca pouted at this, as she missed her parents terribly. She also missed her brothers, but she had seen them more times as they were able to take trips to the UK, and Jos lived pretty close and they would hang out rather often. "I don't want you to stress over it, though. We can plan it and go whenever you get vacations or aren't so packed with work." She was very understanding of his job, and would never get mad at him for being responsible. "But you'd love it, the beaches, the music, the food... and I know my parents would love you." She grinned at this and blushed slightly, leaning in to get a kiss. "But I love you more."

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