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#41 OFFLINE   Head Warden Marc Wayland

Head Warden Marc Wayland

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Posted 07 August 2020 - 11:34 PM

Marc was relegated to a babysitter role again—but this was one time when he's actually brought this on himself. Clarissa sent him a reminder about the game, which he received then opened as he was dropping off Charlotte. Astrid's playing and there will be consequences for not showing up. The young girl has seen the wonderfully colourful flyer on the accompanying note and decided that she wanted to go and had begged, pleaded, threw a tantrum and everything in between… until he and her mother caved. Estelle wasn't happy to give her daughter up that day and she would've attended too, were it not for prior commitments. And so Marc went to pick her up at a predetermined location on the day of the match.


Halfway up the steps toward their seats, Charlie nearly threw a tantrum and begged to be carried because she was tired. Marc, sucker that he was for children, obliged. He continued his way up the rest of the stairs with a young brunette in his arms happily munching on something sweet. Finally reaching his stop, he set the girl back down on the ground then straightened. "Come on, Charlie," he said, taking her small hand, leading her onto the row occupied by the rest of his family. Marc suddenly realised they didn't know about her… and it was probably a little awkward to admit he'd brought along his ex-girlfriend's daughter to watch the game with them.

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#42 OFFLINE   Ryan Cha

Ryan Cha

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Posted 07 August 2020 - 11:59 PM

North Side of the Stadium 
 - Ballycastle Bats
Ryan read the signs and walked up to the North side of the stadium where people were slowly filling up the fans area, behind him Yuuto was walking rather awkwardly, the man never admire the idea of being in a gathering full of people, he has this thing about confined places and mass of people, he always says that it is quite dangerous and it will be difficult to evacuate, it was just like him to be thinking of every single danger that could happen. Ryan rolled his eyes at his guardian, but walked slowly so that he could catch up. 
Its the first time he had visited the Quidditch stadium in this part of the world, he was rather interested to see how the game would play out. Quidditch has always been his interest and he would really like it if one day he could become as professional as those players. Taking a seat next to Yuuto, he awaits the start of the game, his 12 year old self was beeming inside, extremely thrilled.

#43 OFFLINE   Prof. Ailsa MacPherson

Prof. Ailsa MacPherson

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 12:31 AM

Quidditch game. Ailsa played quidditch at Hogwarts. Hell, she even enjoyed using her beater bat to smack the crap out of her fellow students. But watching a match? Snoresville. She’d recently started her new Healer job at St. Mungo’s, and honestly a high stakes championship quidditch game against the emergency department? Eh, fine, boring would probably be a nice change of pace. So when Logan had come practically bouncing (ew) about his job working as auror security at the game, she’d agreed to go on the promise that he’d occasionally sneak away to the stands to keep her company. Of course, those weren’t the…errr…exact words she used when she’d spoken to him. There had probably been more swears and a threat or two, but still. He understood somewhere in that blob meant love. He’s welcome. Instead this stupid match was supposed to start soon, and Logan was nowhere to be found. If one more person tries to sell her team swag, Ailsa swears she’s going to….Luckily for the fan next to her, she spots Logan’s frame making his way toward her with their lunch. Or whatever would pass for it at the stadium. ‘Mini dogs.’ She raises a brow as she takes it from him before looking closer at the “mini” dog that happens to be a bit…oddly shaped on one side. Ailsa looks up her eyes narrowing at him, commenting, You owe me chocolate on your next trip, before biting into the dog. By their relationship standards this was love in action. Such a softie she’s become.

#44 OFFLINE   Sherlock Thorns

Sherlock Thorns

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 12:36 AM

What Leslie had pulled out was incredible, almost impossible! Sherlock had resolved to follow the game on the radio. It was not the best way to follow a Quidditch match, but when you hadn't been able to grab a ticket, you do with what you got.... But then, Leslie saved the day! Beckett quickly letting Sherlock know that he had tickets for the match. Convincing the parents was easier than Sherlock expected, seemed that his good grades and the fact he has still avoided detention made them more willing to please him.


So there he was, right under the VIP section, a tray of fast food on his lap, a big glass of butter beer in his hand, already screaming in excitement and anticipation, shoving gently Beckett, happy and grateful for the amazing opportunity to watch a real match - a Finale nonetheless!- in live, there, with his best friend! The atmosphere in the bleachers was electric, Sherlock was jumping on his seat, screaming for his team, against the other fans, not really aggressive, more for the sport... See. I was waiting for the game to begin, but at the same time, he was appreciating the pre-game, as much. "Thanks Leslie! That is AMAZING! Thanks Becks! I can't believe I'mm here... for real! That's WOW!"

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#45 OFFLINE   Abi Grindelwald

Abi Grindelwald

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 01:04 AM

Lykaon was the sole reason they managed to score tickets at this game and that was the only thing stopping her right now. From reaching out, grabbing him by the ear and hauling off his ass up the stands so they can find their seats. They'd barely made it through the gates and they were already accosted. Well Lykaon and Bridgette were and she waited on sidelines until they extricated themselves off whatever crowd is buzzing around. Bridge at least did but Lyke? Goddammit. Abi was beyond pissed. She was sickened by the sheer number of women especially who fawned over her older brother, and the way he'd basked in the attentions… ugh. If it weren't degrading in public, she would've thrown a tantrum. Or a rock, at her brother. "Come on," she muttered tersely and hooked her arm with her sister's. "Lyke can come find us when he's ready." Her voice was filled with acid when she spoke. Abi looked over her shoulder and gave her older brother an angry look before making her way up the stands.


"Have you met any of the players on this game? In some of your social obligations or whatever you call it?" she asked Bridgette. She was holding a flyer of the game out as they climbed up the stairs. She was wheezing a little since it was a hella long way up! Thank god she has stamina or she would've been so tempted to abandon the game and hang out by the stands and binge-eat. Anyway Bridge and Abi reached the end of the stairs and then stopped. Because she didn't know where to go now and the number of people around her was overwhelming. "Uh… I'm not sure where we're seated," she said while scratching her neck. All Abi knew was that they got seats in the area of the Ballycastle Bats. Where exactly she didn't know. Lykaon did but he was busy. Frustration at that made her narrow her eyes and glare at everything around. "If he doesn't get here in the next five minutes, I am going to spread a rumour that he's got a nasty rash on that tush that people worship so damn much." Obviously she won't go through with that threat. Imagining it though was satisfying enough. Abi straightened her clothes out, tried to calm herself. "What should we do? Do you think we should grab some food first or something?" she asked her baby sis.

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#46 OFFLINE   Astrid Alcantara

Astrid Alcantara

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 01:13 AM

Astrid was just with Sebastian and Laeticia earlier that afternoon. It was still a couple of minutes to go before the match so she had enough time to loiter around her boyfriend but as much as she wanted to stay and be there with him and his cousin, she had to go. If this was a normal quidditch day, she would have been one of the spectators. Today though, she was one of the players. Astrid has been working on this for what felt like a very long time and for a team that was composed of mostly rookies, the Bats had made quite a reputation on the pitch. Now, they are playing the championships against the Kenmare Kestrels. She had seen them play before for research and they will definitely have to get their head in the game if they were to beat them. The Chasers got a lot of things to do on the pitch and she was ready. Well, as ready as she will ever be. After getting her good luck kiss from her boyfriend and a command to kick ass from Laeticia, Astrid was off; except she did not go straight to the locker rooms where she was supposed go to. She was going to make a quick detour to greet the Waylands. It was not hard to spot them. She need only look for redheads in the crowd. She was also supposed to look for Rush since he was supposed to be seated with Sebastian and Laeticia but he was nowhere to be foiund. Astrid made her way through the crowd with her gear bag. She stopped for a few pictures and autographs but since she was going to play soon, they fans had allowed her to pass with not that much problems.


Soon, she found herself in front of what seems like the whole Wayland clan. First was her Uncle Jared and Uncle Marc. Of course, the eldest of the Waylands was looking all serious and the latter one was carrying a child (Charlotte). "Uncle Marc, don’t tell me you kidnapped a child only to bring her to my game!" Colleen was there too, but not with her new baby. It’s still weird for her to think of the other redhead as her aunt since they are almost the same age. The Wormalds are almost complete, save from the small ones. She noticed that Uncle Claud was not there as well as Asahi. She had only met the woman briefly during one of her visits to the castle and their little boy too! Natalie was sitting in between Sadri and Niccolo so that must mean that the younger siblings are at each other throats again. Astrid chuckled, remembering all those times that Natalie told her tales of the unending animosity between her siblings. Niccolo was flanked by two boys (Harper and Ralph), both of which were supporting various Bats paraphernalia. One of them went all out with the hat and scarf and she felt really flattered that even young ones are supporting her team for today. But then again, she was on the side of the pitch that was for Bats supporters. Uncle Nate looks like a warden sitting beside Sadri while her mother Clary and Aunt Santana were having a hushed conversation. Even Hunter Bennett was there talking to Uncle Nate. Okay, so that just makes things more real. She looked at the faces of her newfound family and she could not help but smile at the show of support. She only had a handful of tickets available for the family which is not enough for everyone in attendance here but still, they all went. "Thank you all so, so much for coming!" She felt a little teary eyed, but that was mostly because of the nerves and emotions mixing up inside of her. She is a mess right now, I am telling you. She went towards her mother and gave her a tight hug. "Thanks," she said again. This time, only Clary can hear. She pulled back after a few seconds.  "I can’t believe this is happening!" She was feeling nervous and excited and worried and everything that she was warming up so much and her cheeks were flushed. She might even feel like she was running a fever but it was just her nerves making her burn up.

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#47 OFFLINE   Mayor Jason Hennings

Mayor Jason Hennings

    Mayor of Hogsmeade

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 03:49 AM

Family outings happened in the form of a weekend getaway into a different town for the Hennings but with his Mayor office bustling with preparations for an upcoming event, Jason had no time for an extended weekend trip. He was afraid that the setback would upset his children but they were more involved with the camp and friends, a pro when they get older. This thought is self soothing but Jason would not dare say it out loud to his wife. Canry's desire of arriving on time had them to the stadium half as early as he preferred to be but what can he say? Instead, Jason took his time observing the Bats Stadium. It will be his first match to attend in the UK after he's moved here. To add a cherry on top, his eldest son and brother in law were playing from the same team. The green shirt that Anastasiya made everyone wear looked better than he expected as Jason moved along the seatings and settled next to his wife.

She was as usual telling the kids off, a job he lets her do wanting to stay in their good books. Jason only spoke when matters were serious, presently he smiled. There were a few celebrity faces he recognized from the sports magazine Jason reads during his morning breakfast session, an avid Quidditch fan himself. "Savannah will get some snacks, she mentioned before leaving." He informed his wife, standing up once more as Lily and her kids arrived along with a girl he's never met. "Had an easy travel?" He asked the woman, giving a quick hug to her, Aaira and Cecilia and passed a smile to their friend Marigold.
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#48 OFFLINE   Vladislav Dimitrov

Vladislav Dimitrov

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 03:54 AM

[The Daily Prophet Press Post]


It was the first big event of the year; the championship game between the two big teams. Generally for the smaller matches, he would let his team under Jessica cover it  since she was pretty good at it; but for the big match he had asked the whole team to help around as much as they can. The Daily Prophet was a smaller team of really passionate journalists, and while each excelled in the area that they were a part of - in big events like these they had to support each other. That was one shift he had seen from the Oracle, where everyone was still very much into silos work. Working in a small team like this was certainly a lot more exciting for Vlad since there were a lot of chances of interaction between them. 


The gates had just been thrown open for the crowd, and he had made his way towards the area where most of the crowd would be sitting. It was important to set up there since most of the fan interviews, and photos that they would be getting would be here. They obviously had journalist access to most of the areas in there to cover things for every possible angle. Looking around, he could see the seats starting to fill and he felt a pang of guilt for not getting Nadia and Ana over here. Ana was still busy with her work, and he couldn't bring Nadia alone because he would have to work and there won't be anyone to look after her. Ane he could not have his daughter wandering around alone.


[Note : The Daily Propheters would possibly be randomly coming to your individual conversations and asking questions about the match, and telling you to pose for photos. If you are not okay with it, just PM us and we will rectify our post :) ]

Edited by Vladislav Dimitrov, 08 August 2020 - 01:44 PM.

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#49 OFFLINE   Charlotte Montclaire

Charlotte Montclaire

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 04:00 AM

Quidditch League Championship! In Charlie's young mind that's probably pronounced 'kid-dich  leeg cham-ship' or something. Doesn't matter though, she's going! Wasn't easy convincing her mom or her uncle but after she saw the poster and the pretty colors, she was sold! She was gonna go and there's nothing they can do about it! Charlie actually saw the same flyer carried by some of her mom's hotel guests and they were talking about how awesome it was gonna be and everything and she got curious. Obviously she wanna be part of awesome things so she put on the waterworks and the dramatic acts… all of it! Just to convince mom to make her go with Uncle Marc. And it worked! Charlie was here in the stadium that was so, so, so big! There were a bazillion people in it who's gonna watch the games! It was also so high that her small legs can only take her so far and then she begged her uncle to carry her. Which didn't take much since he's a sucker (his own words). They reached the stands as she was finishing up a liquorice stick from her backpack of snacks. Uncle Marc put her down and held fast. 


They didn't get far until a girl with red hair (Astrid) came up. "Uncle Marc?" Charlie tugged at his hand. "Who's she? And what's kidnap?" she whispered though everyone can probably hear it anyway. While waiting for an answer, her eyes were moving around the space. Then she saw someone familiar! Charlie can't believe it but it was someone she knew! She pulled her grip free of her uncle and ran toward the pretty blond lady (Bridgette). "It's you," she murmured in awe, clutching at the hand of the woman she's seen more than a couple of times at her mother's hotel. Charlie was convinced that she's a real-life princess. "Uncle Maaarc! Look! Look! Look! It's her!" she excitedly gushed, pulling the woman's hand toward her uncle. "The princess I was telling you about!" Then she saw another blond woman (Abi) behind who looks… scary. "But who's that?" Charlie suddenly asked. GM rights were given for this.

Edited by Charlotte Montclaire, 08 August 2020 - 04:07 AM.

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#50 OFFLINE   Tallulah Brimstone

Tallulah Brimstone

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 04:38 AM

Tally had her daughter bleat at her about wanting to watch the Quidditch and to be fair, she wanted to take her. Quodpot was a much bigger deal in America, much like American football was more popular than it's English counter part. So after a lot of wrangling on her part and that of her own father, she managed to get two tickets for herself and Imogen.
The young girl was so excited the night before that she couldn't go to sleep much before 11pm which for Tallulah was a strain. Normally she would be tucked up in bed by 10 with a tea and a good book or some trashy tv show, however this was a mother-daughter day after not seeing her for weeks on end thanks to Camp Avalon. Her girl seemed to be in good spirits when she got back but admitted that she was looking forward to Hogwarts more and figuring out what House she would be in.

"Imogen! Don't go too far okay?" She put her hands in the pockets of her skirt and watched the energetic girl have a look around as she took a deep breath and gazed around. Tally was excited to see Kate play as this was the firt time she had and then got roasted by her two kids for not being as cool as a Quidditch player. What she did was intense and demanding. You try spending almost nine hours in pointe shoes!

Edited by Tallulah Brimstone, 08 August 2020 - 04:39 AM.

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#51 OFFLINE   Official Savannah Hennings

Official Savannah Hennings

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 04:39 AM

Unlike the rest of her family, the only Kestrel supporting item Savannah was sporting was a flag painted on her back hand, courtesy of her younger sister and a badge that reflect Uncle Tyler and Jace's face. It was his first huge public march, Jace's was and there was no excuse that this wizarding world can give for Savannah to miss it. She didn't need any excuse because the Ministry was as much a part of it and needed all hands on deck. Before heading for the VIP section, Savannah stopped by the canteen to pick up items her dad has mentioned and made a beeline towards the seatings her family was seated at. The crowd was slowly filling up, seats occupied and the sounds of visitors chatting, surrounding the environment.

Savannah took a quick look behind her to make sure Jayden was following her. The officials were called early in the morning for a quick briefing after which they had both left together. After their heated argument in her office, Savannah ended up asking Jay to be her plus one. There wasn't anyone else she was planning to ask, it would have been him either way. They made a beeline for her family, aware that her mother was going to question her later about him but at this point she's the least bothered. Her mother knows her well enough to not push her on her non existent love life. "Here's everything you asked for, Dad." Savannah handed over the basket filled with snacks enough for 10-15 people but that's how big their family is. She moved in line giving a quick hug to Shaad and Ana, fixing the formers hair which will always be messy to her. Moving along the line, she hugged Aunt Lily and Cecilia and pulled back not before whispering in her ear. "We need to chat Cecilia." That little Sphinx. Sav gave her cousin a stern look, finally turning to Aaira and pulled her up so she was standing on her seat. She was her favourite Joseph, "How's my favorite girl?"

In her haste to greet her family and get back to work, she almost missed the presence of another girl thinking of her as a part of the other family until she spoke to Cecilia. Savannah looked at her with interest. It was the way her brother eyed her that unlocked their previous conversation. "Hi, I am Savannah." She smiled at the girl Marigold and turned to her family. "Mom, I am going to the VIP side with Jayden. If you need me, just give it a turn." They may not have the muggles cellphone or technology to stay connected but the Hennings had invented their own means of communication in the form of a ring which turned hot based on the number of turns for each of the family member with message. The brains behind it were of her father's side of the family.
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#52 OFFLINE   Imogen Brimstone

Imogen Brimstone
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Posted 08 August 2020 - 04:54 AM

To say that she was excited would be the biggest understatement EVER!
As far as she cared, Imogen had the best mom and grandpa in the WORLD for getting tickets to a semi-final Quidditch match and considering she had never seen one before, this was a huge deal. She had spent most of the night awake falling asleep waaaay past the time she should have been and was up at the crack of dawn bouncing around.

She held on to her mom's hand and tugged on it as soon as they reached the fanzone as there was just so many things to look at. Merchandise, posters, notepads you name it, it was all over. Her dark eyes pleaded with Tally's hazel ones. "Mom can I look around? Pleeease? Immie felt like she was pulling the poor woman's arm out of it's shoulder socket and gave her the biggest hug as she was allowed. Running off, her dar head turned back and replied "I won't mom! and beamed as she joined the masses of people that were looking around.
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#53 OFFLINE   Sandreia Wormald

Sandreia Wormald

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 05:19 AM

Okayso, there's this Quidditch match and everyone in Wormald household is going to come. Ugly Niccolo was the most excited for the championship match and wouldn't stop talking about it. He's such a dork. Sadri is not a Quidditch fan herself but when she heard her pretty cousin <3 Astrid is going play, the young girl decided to join the hype and since then, the brat suddenly became a self-proclaimed sports enthusiast at seven. Also because she heard her Momma and Daddy were going to buy Niccolo some Bats merchandise but much to her dismay and to Niccolo's pleasure, she didn't get any. As an act of rebellio, she refused to wear something with touch of black and red, and decided to put on her pink lace princess dress instead. From the house until her family arrived to their seats, Sadri has been an incredible sulk as she moped about not getting what Niccolo had. She heard her parents were filthy rich and for a moment she felt like she isn't their real daughter. Even though they bicker and fight majority of the time, her big brother has always been her apple of the eye and she will fight him more often now that he's going to be away since he's coming to Hogwarts in the Fall. Sandreia Wormald would surely get bored without her big brother at the house. She can't bully Natalie around because she's pretty and taller and smart. Sven and Sophie are too young and it's uninteresting because they won't fight back. Silently but furiously glaring at her brother who's showing off his Bats merch, Sadri covered her ears as he started teasing about her hair and outfit and made a face. "Your face is ugly and your dorky friends too!!!!" She snapped back and before she could make a meaner comment, Natalie and Daddy Nate came in between them. She was pleased it was not Momma Santana because she looked really scary when she's mad. "He started it! I was not harassing him!!!" It was true. "Not yet.." Niccolo started the fight because he was selfish brat. Sadri folded her arms and continued her sulking in her seat and stuck out her tongue as a follow-up. She linked her arms with Natalie's and leaned against her side. If there is anyone who was neutral in the family, it was her big sister that's why she's her apple of the eye too. Now Sadri wondered if Natalie has enough money to buy her that Bats shirt.. She was sure she had saved something... But before she could ask, Niccolo's friends arrived and they are so loud. Sadri covered her ears once again and watched they greeted each other. Sadri only shook her head. They're missing someone...  Sadri forgot his name but he's a dork too but Niccolo is the ugliest among them. Uncle Marc came around too and he's with a little girl who looked much younger than Sadri. She left her seat beside Natalie and approached the newcomers, giving a wave to the girl (Charlotte). "Hi! My name is Sadri. What's yours?" Relax, Sadri is not going to harass her. This is her being genuinely friendly despite the fact that her parents favored their other children more than her.

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#54 OFFLINE   Lily Potter-Joseph

Lily Potter-Joseph

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 05:37 AM

Kestrels were playing the finals against the Bats, making it utmost important for the Josephs to attend the game. Her initial thought was leaving Aaira behind but she is as stubborn as her father leaving her no option but to bring her along with her sister. They had one spare ticket, sitting in their dressing unbeknownst to Lily until two days before. Her husband must have forgotten to inform her about it. Lily wanted to make sure it wasn't spoken for after which Cecilia mentioned her cousin. Talking to Flora about it, it was soon settled that the girl will be tagging along them. After the big stunt she pulled, Lily was at odds with her family but things were smoothing slowly.

They settled for going to the stadium prior to the start of the match to avoid the crowd. It was a good idea as moments later the stadium was crowding up like no other. Lily stopped at the snacks bar to get them some juices while the girls decorated themselves in the green colour. To support her husband, Lily wore a Kestrels shirt with Joseph printed behind. Her hair were tied up in a loose clip to show it off. The stadium bright back a lot of memories, one where she used to fly around with her own team, the Holyhead Harpies. Now? She was at a loss of what to do.

They headed towards the seating next to the Hennings, Cecilia and Marigold going ahead of her, Aaira holding tightly at her hand scared of the masses. "Don't be sacred, my love." Lily soothed her youngest beaming at her in-laws as they came into view. She planted a quick kiss on Canry's cheek, a hug to Jason. Moving along, she ran a hand over her face after a quick view of the stadium. "As easy as it can get with a child." Aaira was her sweetest child who never bothered her but she can be a troublemaker at times.

Fred appeared with Linden, she gave the duo a wave but was distracted by Savannah's appearance. Returning her hug, her eyes hovered on the boy she was with, and smiled when he looked her way. The greeting shennaggians were soon over with Lily getting seated next to Fred, Aaira now seated on her lap. She was eight years already but to anyone else, she was still a baby. "Hello Fred, Linden. My, how tall have you become?" The last she saw them, Linden was the youngest if she remembers correctly.

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 05:43 AM

Bridgette was a bit tired but she did promise she would be gracing this event with her presence; and it had been awhile since she did something fun with her siblings. Well, something fun where no one got hurt. But yeah, she's recently come back from a photoshoot in Greece. It was on a beach so she's a bit tanned, making her look a little out of place with her siblings who're both pale. There was a bit of a hubbub when they arrived, directed on her and her older brother. Bridge wrapped it up quickly but politely; she really was tired so she was not in the mood to deal with press or fans or whatever. But Lykaon was, much to the annoyance of her older sister. Abi was upset—she can tell, but she did what she can to reassure the older blond. Bridge rubbed her shoulder comfortingly as they went up toward the stands to search for seats.


Abi asked her a question about the players—has she met any of them? "Just one, Captain of the Ballycastle Bats," she answered, pointing at the man in the flyer. "He's in Swedish Leagues in the past, I've seen him at a couple of parties and formally met him once." Bridge shrugged then as they continued their ascent, breath catching a bit. "But I wouldn't say we're friends. Lykaon though, he might know the guy." They reached their destination and the sight of so many people made her smile. Quidditch is a big deal—sometimes, she forgets. But seeing all these people turn out today reaffirms what a spectacle it was. Bridgette couldn't help but flash a dazzling smile as she basked in the energy and buzz of excitement. Abi, though, clearly was not feeling it as she declared that she didn't know where they were going to sit. Lyke was the one who knew—probably—based on the way he was getting threatened by Abi. He wasn't here at the moment to point them in the right direction, which also annoyed her a bit. Bridge also straightened her clothes out, huffing in frustration as they'd tried figuring out what they're going to do now. Her sister suggested that they get food. "Is it far away? Food stalls, I mean? If it's downstairs… no way." That's much too far!


Suddenly, a familiar little girl (Charlotte) took her by surprise! She can remember often seeing this girl at the posh hotel she always stays at whenever she's in Paris. They even struck up a couple of friendly conversations in the past few months. Bridge can feel the small hand reach her grip and then pull her as the girl began yelling for someone. Wait, princess? That was cute. She can't help but flash a charming dimpled smile at that. "Where are we going, sweetheart?" she asked but she let herself be dragged away. "Is your mum here?" The girl then paused, looking over at Abi. Then she asked who it was. "Er, that would be my sister."

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 06:22 AM

Bea was stoked about finally getting out and going to a match. She wasn't really a sports person herself, but there was some serious physics at works behind how a quidditch match was played. In fact, she was sure the the top players totally used it to leverage their moves and maneuvers. Especially the ones that required dangerous stunts. If she ever wanted to play, she knew it would be chaser because they honestly had the most active part in terms of maneuvers. They were the ones that actually carried the whole game on their back. Her brother had recently rejoined the ministry, and taken up a new position which required him to be present in these events. Thankfully, he had bought a ticket for her as well because ever since she had returned back from camp, life had been pretty boring and she totally didn't want to stay inside the home.


Although she wasn't a big quid fan, she knew she was supporting the green ones. The Kestrels. Because major girl power! Her brother had gone to get some snacks, and she was dressed in a normal green coloured top and dark blue slacks with her hair up in a ponytail. She looked around, wondering if Madeline would show up. She had sent her bestfriend an owl asking if she would come.

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 06:56 AM

Cass had never watched live Quidditch championships mainly because the tickets are quite costly, and also she's not a huge fan herself. For the past years, she spent her life as a housewife and took care of little Ralphass while her husband worked and earned money for the family all by himself. They're not as rich as her son's friend's family  but she and Ralph has enough to provide his needs. She wouldn't have to let him go to the match but Ralph saved the day when he came home one day bringing three Quidditch match tickets which were for free. Now watching her son go to his friends hopping around as though he's on top of the world, Cass couldn't be happpier. She chuckled and gestured her hand to go to his friends and not wait for his parents any longer. She can't believe he's turned eleven already and going to Hogwarts soon. As Ralph spoke her thoughts louder, Cass pressed the tip of her fingers to her lips, smiling knowingly. Oh my god. She hasn't told him the good news. "Actually.." She stifled a chuckle, her expression went to being as excited as her son's when talking about Quidditch. "I got the professor job. At Hogwarts." It had been a long while since she quit teaching to become a full-time mom. Now she's got a lot of time in her hands, she knew she'll eventually get bored if RJ's not home. "Don't tell him just yet. I want to surprise him." RJ can't simply stay away from his mother, mkay.

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 07:46 AM

It seemed that Rush just couldn't get away from the red colour. In fact, today he felt more of his Ydalir days than Gryffindor because the colours of Bats were very much like those of Ydalir. And he was decked up in merchandise. In fact, the boy could possibly sell some off if required. But it was absolutely required because it was Astrid's first big game. Okay, he mostly bugs her, and she ends up bugging him half the time, and they might end up being super mean to each other. But they had practically grown up together. They had discussed the dreams they had for the future, and had seen various quidditch matches before. And he couldn't help but be so proud of how far Astrid had come. He knew dad wanted to be there as well, but since he was away, Rush had received specific request from him to make sure Astrid knows that he is there as well. Hence, the over dressing up. The flag, the hat and the jersey. In fact Rush had even painted his face a little, two lines of red and black on each side. It also helped that Rush himself was a quid fanatic. He could name everyone from the team, in fact from the previous many teams as well. And someday he hoped to join a league as well if he got as good as required. So, quidditch was also a personal matter for him. 


He was supposed to take a seat with Astrid's boytoy Sebastian and his super pregnant cousin (and Mags' fiancee's ex) who in Rush's opinion should not even be allowed to go out considering she might pop any minute. But hey, he wasn't going to tell Lae that. The female was scary now, with all the hormones. When Rush had discovered about Lae's pregnancy, a lot many questions had popped in his head. He knew for a fact that the last person Lae was with the idiot Nicholas. And it hadn't really been that long since their graduation, where a lot of things had gone down. And if what he was thinking is true, was Mags' aware? Of course he couldn't ask those things within 3 days of coming home, because Astrid will kick him out, but he planned on finding it out. Soon. 


He had not arrived with the rest of the group to the match, because he had also asked his best friend to join for the match. So he had figured he will just come with Alex. But at the last minute he had received an owl that he might be a little late, and Rush couldn't be late. It's literally in his name. He rushes to things. But more so because Astrid will kill him if she finds out that he is late. Hence, as he walked into the seating area and tried finding where the two Cabrals were sitting, his eyes spotted Astrid there with a group of people where at least 70% were redheads. There were..a lot of redheads. Too many for Rush. But he had to go say hi to Astrid, and since he didn't recognize most of them (even though he might be knowing a few here and there - like Natalie), he literally ducked his head and charged into the group. "ASTRID!" He called out, so that she would..like..maybe notice the cousin who has been there way longer than all the redheads v_v 

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 07:48 AM

Behold, Lykaon Grindelwald is in the house!!!




It was the only word in his admirable vocabulary that would do him justice, for it was the unblemished reality. The men in his family had a quality about them… not of soft-featured attractiveness, nor of unsophisticated ruggedness, but rather, an air of pure, absolute arrogance. It filled him to an extent that few others might understand, and it was made evident in the social superiority of his lineage. He was a superb specimen. Of course, the women in the family are equally gorgeous, i mean come on, have you seen sisters who are both walking confidently by his side?! Don’t even question them about it. It’s so obvious from the way these Grindelwalds siblings carry themselves. With just few years apart in age, there were subtle differences between them physically but there are two things which will always remain the same - their piercing bright blue eyes and blonde hair. His was a darker in color that fell deceptively flawless manner around his features. He folded the sleeve of his coat until it reached his elbow and pulled down his sun-glass a little while sporting a charming smile.


As soon as they stepped foot into the Stadium, the reporters and fans mobbed them, well mostly him and Bridgette because his sister has her own group of followers. Lyke, for his part, laughed genuinely and shook his head as some of them greeted him and fire questions after questions, it was so natural for him to deal with them - expertly dodging personal questions and only answering the quidditch related ones. With several years of experience in this field and his natural-born charisma, it’s no brainer how he handles the press and the fans, most especially the women, need i say more? While he’s busy signing autographs and joining group photos, Lyke saw his sister Abi shooting daggers at him. It was one which promised an argument and a threat which his sister is really good at when dealing with her victims, unfortunately, her siblings aren’t an exception. He gave his sister an amused grin, noting the two already went ahead of him which was fine since he was stuck with the darling press and the adoring fans.


When he finally left the group to meet with his sister, Lyke was unaware that there’s a smear of lipstick on his left cheek. While on his way to the stairs, he’s still receiving occasional greeting and receiving look of admiration from the audience, most of which earned a curt nod from the Grindelwald guy. It didn’t take long for him to find his sisters since both of whom were waiting at the end of the stairs and looking annoyed by now. He completely forgot the tickets in his pockets. He can already sense Abi's anger from afar, but Lyke is not even affected. As soon as he reached the top, Lyke pulled out the tickets and showed it to the two, “My bad…got caught up with…uhmm..things.” he gave a cheeky grin and lead the way to their seats. He’s not a fan of both teams, he was merely here to spectate, he couldn't care less who will win the game, so long as he gets to see an interesting match. But before he can go further, a child approached Bridgette and dragged her somewhere. Now what? Who's that kiddo? He glanced at Abi questioningly. Don't tell him that  kid is an unregistered Grindelwald spawn? He's going to kick his sister's sexy arse if that's the case.

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Posted 08 August 2020 - 07:59 AM

Twinkle held the chips packet in between her teeth as she tied her hair in a tight mane that gracefully flowed back and forth behind her back. She adorned a Kenmare Kestrels shirt with skinny blue jeans, a Kestrels bandana part of her outfit. She had gone all out buying the KK merchandise, despite herself. It was not ideal, it was extremely unhealthy and she was the worst female on planet to go back to the bearer of toxic masculinity also known as Jason Hennings Jr, but she can’t help it. Love has the power to ruin you, Twinkle is ruining herself.

It was his first game, he’s only mentioned it once in the letter he sent apologizing for his error which Twinkle doubts is written by him. Jace does not do letters but it was an excuse to prove her sister wrong and now the twin trailed behind her sulking in the green shirt because Twinkle made her fly all the way from France for something she doesn’t give a rats ass about. “I love you for doing this for me. Now don’t be a spoil sport and let me help cheer for Jason.” Twinkle kept the packet in her hand and hugged Nisha from the other. She was a sensible one, practical as well but they loved each other equally and supported each other in each decisions, good or bad.

From the corner of her eye, Twinkle saw Savannah and her heart jumped. She always liked the girl but had an inclination that the female Hennings twin counterpart does not return the same feelings. Looking at their ticket which they acquired from Varun as him and Meera were off to their vacation and not visiting the game, she gulped at the seats. They were right below the Hennings. What luck? Twinkle hesitated before guiding them to their seats, letting her hair loose in process so her embarrassment can be covered with them. Poor excuse but she’s desperate. Her eyes met Savannah’s as she reached and Twinkle passed a timid smile to the sister.

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