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#21 OFFLINE   Maureen Samja

Maureen Samja

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Posted 07 August 2020 - 08:10 PM

Maureen heard about the news that there will be a charity championship match between the Ballycastle and Kenmare Kestrels. Her sister Kate is the Beater for the Kenmare Kestrels. She would not want to miss this event because she wants to support her sister as always. Another thing she taught was, this can also be an opportunity for her to take some photos and maybe sell them? Why not? She was a good Photographer. She went into a comfortable outfit and have her camera hung to her neck. She made her way to the South side of the stadium supporting her sister's team. She also got some seats saving for Jay and JK whom she knows are the important people for her sister. Plus, she knows Jason and his son will also be there to support Kate for her first quidditch game as an Official Professional Quidditch player. 

#22 OFFLINE   Healer Jason Wang

Healer Jason Wang

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Posted 07 August 2020 - 08:11 PM

Jason got a note from Kate. Who would say no to your older half sister? He decided to bring his son Skylar in this event. They are not quidditch fans but family supports each other. This is a chance for them to support Kate. Plus, he knows Kate will be annoyed if they won't be there for her. He wonders if River also got a note. He was busy with his application as a professor in Hogwarts this time. This mini game will be a good bonding time too with his son Sky. Maybe he will also have time to catch up with his half siblings. He feels like this will be a mini reunion too. GMing Skylar. He has the cap. The Flags to supporte the Quidditch team Kate was in. Kenmare Kestrels. He always check if Sky was following him. As they walked to the south side, he saw Maureen. He called Sky, "Sky, come here fast. Greet your Aunt Maureen" . He let Sky do the introduction first and said, "Hey Mau, Wow. This is a huge crowd. You think Kate will mess up" He said in a joking tone to his half sister Maureen. It seems like River is not yet around.

#23 OFFLINE   Skylar Wang

Skylar Wang

    Son of Jason Wang and Riordan Molyneux, Official Hufflepuff Alumnus

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Posted 07 August 2020 - 08:11 PM

Skylar was asked by his dad to join him supporting his Aunt in a quidditch game. This was his first Quidditch game to watch. He was not that aware that his Aunt was a professional quidditch player. Well, he didn't care much. He was just being himself most of the time and focused on studying. He just wish joining his dad now. That his dad would behave and won't make him hide because of humiliation of his action but.... his dad asked him to wear a funny hat with the Kenmare Kestrels logo and asked him to hold a flag. He sighed but there is nothing else he can do. They went to the stadium and son the south side seats he saw his Aunt and greeted her, "Hi Aunt Maureen" He smiled and at last he was happy he won't be alone with his dad.

#24 OFFLINE   Maya Ivanov

Maya Ivanov

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Posted 07 August 2020 - 08:13 PM

Maya was not supporting anyone in this game. Nor any team? She was there for the Game Official whom is her ..best friend? Special friend? She has feelings for the guy but they are not dating. Sometimes it is confusing. She wore her outfit of the day. She just wish she can take a glimpse of Ziyad around. She was just there to support him. Walking by the Kenmare Kestrels she saw familiar faces. It was her Uncle Jason and Maureen. Will she show her face? OMG will her mom be there too. She remembered now. Her Aunt was a professional Quidditch player. She looked for a place there where she won't be noticed by her relatives. Come on. She was there for someone else. She looked around hoping that she will see Ziyad somewhere before the game starts. 



#25 OFFLINE   Mason Conway

Mason Conway

    Official Slytherin Alumnus

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Posted 07 August 2020 - 08:15 PM

Mace had been spending what remained of the summer with his cousins, getting into odd jobs here and there to rebuild his saving. At night him and his cousins would goof off, get into some mischief, and on of those nights had found themselves betting against some neighborhood blokes and somehow or another ended up with a ticket to this game. It was by pure luck really, but it had been just one, so after playing a game of rock, paper, scissors with his cousin, he'd manage to snag it all for himself. That same day Mace was due back to travel back home, but had owl'd his parents that he was going to be spending some extended time in the country side with his cousins, but hadn't been the case because the boy wanted to do some exploring of his own, without his parents checking in. He had, however, owl'd Franky about his actual whereabouts, telling her all about the fun bet that turned into him changing his plans and ending up at the game instead.


The boy entered the fan zone with a bright smile, eyes taking in everything. The camaraderie could be felt, more so as people were a buzz at a Miss Roisin Doyle, who was trying to act inconspicuous it seemed, but near passerby's were already pointing her out. He'd simply walked around the people who seemed to have gathered into one area and went in search of his seat. He had spotted Jace and waved in his direction, but the fellow Slytherin had a total sour puss face that made him inwardly snicker. He assumed it had to do something with Malibu Barbie and continued on his way until he found his seat and sat down with a contented sigh. Let the game begin!

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#26 OFFLINE   Healer Colleen Montgomery

Healer Colleen Montgomery

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Posted 07 August 2020 - 08:39 PM

Colleen felt a huge sense of excitement. Not because she was a big Quidditch fan in particular, but because it seemed the whole crew had gotten together in unison support for Astrid. Ryan was spending time with his father, having seen Luca earlier with their boy and had parted ways, but not before giving the rambunctious toddler a multitude of sweet kisses. It was still a bit of an adjustment to let Ryan go for a few days so he could spend time with Luca, and a bit awkward to interact with the man after the break up. The change had been for the best for the time being and moving back to Sweden had brought her closer to her family and Ryan to get to know that side, which was always a plus. Considering all the rapid changes that had taken place her and Ryan were adjusting comfortably and was taking coparenting in stride. As she joined everyone else, she turned to Clary with an amused chuckle and placed a soft hand on her shoulder, I'll do my best not to get lost, mother." She teased as she was being herded along, but whispered, "She's going to kick ass." Colleen assumed Clary seemed a bit more tightly wound than usual because of Astrid playing and took her seat, crossing her legs over the other as she got comfortable. Her bright blue went from the field to the stands, eyes searching to see where Luca had said he was going to be seated, but didn't spot them, since he had said he was going to take Ryan to see the game as well. Her eyes turned back to the field, foot tapping along with rhythmic cheers that could be heard from the distance. 

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#27 OFFLINE   Beckett Evans

Beckett Evans

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Posted 07 August 2020 - 08:50 PM

Beckett admired his big brother. The man had pulled through and had scored him and Sherlock  two fantabulous tickets just under the ViP section, for the quidditch final. Becks was NOT a quidditch fan, but he knew Sherlock was one and so he had invited him and even send in the ticket so that he could arrive and just take the seat! His big brother, Leslie, was there, all in batty attire and screaming to the top of his lungs. Becks was just taking in the ambiance, his face painted to look like his brother's and wearing a diadem that had two bats springing out of it.  He was also carrying a tray with drinks, hotdogs and popcorn, right from the food stands! He had already eaten a corn dog but hey! He was a growing boy! He needed sustenance! 

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#28 OFFLINE   Healer Jared Wayland

Healer Jared Wayland

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Posted 07 August 2020 - 08:57 PM

Family is important to Jared. Of course, he would show up whenever anyone in his family needs him and right now, he was in full support for his niece and her first championship game. She was the first person in their family who went pro when it comes to playing the game and he is quite proud of how far she had gone in her chosen field. Even if he had no plans on coming to the game, he was sure that Clarissa would drag everybody to watch her daughter play. It also happens that the hospital is going to be the beneficiaries of the proceeds made for this match. Jared felt obliged to show up and show his support for both his family and his work so here he is.


Clarissa had taken the lead. She was the most nervous of the Wayland bunch and that was understandable. Her daughter was playing and they all know how dangerous the game of Quidditch is. He also noticed that something has changed in his cousin’s ­demeanor but she didn’t seem like she was open for discussion. He had pushed for it a couple of times but she always shoots him down and disregards his concern. He has his theories but of course, he is not the type to meddle in his family’s busines if it didn’t explicitly involve him. ­"Breathe, Clarissa. Your daughter will be fine. She’s an amazing player." he gave Clarissa a warm smile as she herded them to their seats and Jared stood on the sidelines, looking towards the direction of the VIP area. He was supposed to sit up there but his family is here so was that really something that he needed to think about? He will have to show his face in there soon though, just so that he could congratulate both Jin and the Minster and everyone who had a hand in making this possible. As the ladies settled down with the kids, he watched as Niccolo and Sandreia bicker, as usual. Turning to Colleen, he asked: ­"Where is Ryan?" The kid might be too young to be in this place but he thought that Colleen would bring her son here too. The rest of the little ones are left in the care of Asahi since she opted to stay home and take care of Atlas. Suddenly, the Wayland household was full of kids.

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#29 OFFLINE   Official Santana Wormald

Official Santana Wormald

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Posted 07 August 2020 - 09:24 PM

Nobody told Santana that having kids was going to be this difficult. She was fine when she only had little Natalie to take care of, but her eldest is all grown up now and she has four more kids. Niccolo was of school age so he is starting to be all ‘independent’ and whatever else that entails. She was going to leave Sadri at home with Sven and Sophie since Asahi had volunteered to babysit for them. She said she was not going to the game anyways since Atlas was too young and can get easily spooked by loud noise. She understood that. Natalie was just like that when she was just a tiny little one. And now, she’s all grown up! Niccolo grew a few inches over the summer that he spent in camp and Sadri was being her rambunctious self and was already in a word war with her brother. Clary was a nervous mess and she was really worried that she was over-worrying herself. She silently watched her sister in the corner of her eyes as she kept her eyes on her own kids. She walked hand in hand with Nate as they all went the hundreds of steps they needed to climb to get to their box. Jared and Colleen were talking, and the latter teased Clary about her being the mother sheep to them all at the moment.


"Darling, can you look after Sadri?" she asked Nate. "And please, if you value my sanity, don’t seat her next to Niccolo." Santana could feel a headache coming already and she might ask Jared for a potion for it if it doesn’t go away. She let go of Nate’s hand to approach Clary who was trying to busy herself. She leaned forward to whisper in her ear. "Clary, can you please sit down? You can’t be moving around like that in your situation." She may sound like she was scolding her older sister but she knows her and how stubborn she could be. "Jared is right. Just relax, okay?" She said a bit louder when she leaned back and then looked around. Astrid did not come with them to the pitch and she was actually hoping that her niece will drop by so the family could wish her luck or just tell her how proud they were of her before she steps into the pitch.

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#30 OFFLINE   Natalie Wormald

Natalie Wormald

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Posted 07 August 2020 - 09:29 PM

­Natalie was a Quidditch enthusiast—meaning, she liked the games and she can play but she can't play as well as her cousin. Considering Astrid was a rookie and she's playing in the finals of league championships? That a huge deal! Natalie was so proud of her cousin, and maybe a little envious. Here she was with the entire family, making their way through the stadium and toward their seats where her aunt is currently directing them at. Aunt Clary was looking a little pale, but that might be all because of her dark clothing making her skin look whiter. Still, Natalie was a little worried. Can one pass out from way too much excitement? It was possible, right? It seems she wasn't the only person concerned. Uncle Jared noticed too… well, he always notices that sort of stuff anyway. But her attention was soon taken over by her siblings since they were arguing. Wait, Natalie thought, when aren't they arguing? "I'm sitting between you two," she declared, getting in between Niccolo and Sandreia. It was probably the worst place to sit in ever… but she has resigned herself to such a fate. "Don't worry, I've got this!" Natalie smiled up at her parents. She can tell they were getting a little stressed; the least she can do was help mediate.

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#31 OFFLINE   Nate Wormald

Nate Wormald
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Posted 07 August 2020 - 09:49 PM

Aaaaaaand the clan is out. Except for the babies and the one on baby sitting duty, everyone's out to support Astrid, Clary's daughter. Asahi, the newest member of the clan, decided to stay at home and babysit Atlas, Sven and Sophie so the rest of them could go and cheer for Astrid. Nate wouldn't complain. Even if he wanted to bring their two youngest kids, it's not really wise. Plus, the noise would be too much for their little ears it will just make them cranky. And two cranky kids seem like a recipe for disaster. With his hand on his wife's, they followed Clary's lead towards their seats. Jared and Colleen are there, too. There are loads of people already, chanting and cheering for their respective teams. Like the rest of them, he's wearing Bat's colors. "I got it." Nate squeezed her hand and kissed her cheek lovingly then watched as she walked towards Clary. There's definitely something up with the older redhead because Tana can't seem to calm down when it's about her sister. Nate knew Tana more than anyone so he knows when she's lying. But this is their business so he focused on his kids instead. "You two, stop it and behave." Nate glared at the two, then pinched Natalie's chin gently. "You're a godsend." Nate grinned and took a seat next to Sandreia. "Stop harassing your brother." His eyes flew to Niccolo and quirked his eyebrows especially when his son opened his mouth to speak. "And you, stop provoking your sister." For god's sake. Why do they have to argue all the freaking time?

#32 OFFLINE   Healer Ralph Smith

Healer Ralph Smith

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Posted 07 August 2020 - 09:55 PM

Ralph has been harassed by his son about going to the game because apparently, all his friends are going to be there too. The tickets were insanely expensive so he was preparing himself and his son for a conversation that was not going to go over well no matter how he phrases it. He is a healer and he was used to delivering good and bad news to the family of his patients but when it comes to his son, he could never find the words to say that they are not going. It was probably his luck that he was given tickets for the game since the Hospital was going to be the beneficiary of the match today. He was saved from the sure sulking that RJ will be displaying for the rest of the summer. When he finally showed his family the tickets, RJ was jumping up and down and demanded to keep them safe just in case Ralph changed his mind. He allowed the young boy to do what he please with it as he looked at Cass with a small smile on his face. He likes making his son smile and he likes it more if he can make things easier for his wife because RJ can be a brat if he doesn’t get what he wants. SO here they are, arriving at the stadium. Their tickets indicated that they are near the VIP area which is where the best seats in the stadium are located. RJ was already jumping ahead of him with his head spinning all around the place, probably looking for his friends. He let him do whatever he wants and he turned to Cass beside him. "Can you believe that RJ will be starting school this fall and he already wants to stay away from us as much as possible?" He chuckled.

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#33 OFFLINE   Niccolo Wormald

Niccolo Wormald

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Posted 07 August 2020 - 09:59 PM

GO BATS! Niccolo's grinning and proudly wearing his Ballycastle Bats that he bought. Well, technically, his parents bought it for him but that's just semantics. He can't believe it! Niccolo can't wait to brag later when he sees his friends. Meanwhile, Sandreia was refused one because Santana and Nate Wormald knew that she just wanted the same shirt to compete with him. Imagine his glee after that conversation. Now, walking in front of their parents and following Aunt Clary's lead, Niccolo and Sandreia bickered endlessly as always. She's telling him his shirt sucks and the ballycastle bats logo painted on his cheek. "Pssh, you're just jealous you didn't get a Ballycastle shirt. And Mom didn't let you get face paint. Do you know your outfit sucks and your hair looks like bird's nest?" What? It does! Just then, Natalie abruptly stopped their exchange and took a seat between them. "It's her fault, Nat." Partly, of course, but he'll never admit it. Totally not complaining, Niccolo completely adores his older sister. Dad sat on Sadri's side and when he chastised her, Niccolo's eyes twinkled. He opened his mouth to speak, but his Dad beat him to it and he pursed it, nodding his head reluctantly. Fine. Sighing, he focused his attention on the crowd. He's looking for RJ and Lee because they talked about meeting for tonight's game. They're all rooting for Bats, not only because his cousin is part of the team but because they all agree that it's the best team in the whole wide world. He roamed his eyes around, trying to find familiar faces but so far, he hasn't seen them yet. Maybe they're still on their way. Sighing, he glanced at his Mom, then back to Natalie and when his eyes caught Sadri's he stuck out his tongue on her and grinned.

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#34 OFFLINE   Ace Vandale

Ace Vandale

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Posted 07 August 2020 - 10:15 PM

Ace was excited to see some Quidditch. Well, he was always excited to attend matches and he always did so with a little alternate motive. It was good practice to watch the players and see what techniques they were doing to improve their performance and what was making them either win or lose. He would have brought a notepad with him and written things down but he didn't want to seem that obvious and hew as very good at remembering details. Cass didn't usually join him at the games but this time they were going to make a date out of it. Not only was she excited to partake in the charity event but they were going to have a nice dinner later in London and end the evening with a nice bubble bath. Just the two of them in the tub, soaking in the last few months before they welcomed their baby girl into the world. 


Ace had also just learned that he had never actually given Cassandra a proper engagement ring. When he proposed to her it had been spontaneous and the best he could do was form a little ring of light with his wand around her finger. It was nice and all but it wasn't what she deserved and in the madness that had been the changes to his team and then pregnancy and what not, he had forgotten to actually get a decent ring. So he had gone jewelry shopping earlier that week and was carrying around the ring in his pocket, along with another special gift to ensure that she forgave the transgression, not to mention celebrate their baby. "Have I told you how happy you've made me these last few years?"

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#35 OFFLINE   Harper Bennett

Harper Bennett

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Posted 07 August 2020 - 10:16 PM

Quidditch League Championship! You betcha Lee and his father will watch the final match especially when his buddies will watch it too together with their families. It’s usually just his father who usually go to this type of event, either he’s the one playing, or he’s watching to support his old team while Lee will just wait for the news to come in so he’ll know the details. But today, after pestering his dad so many times, he finally conceded and bought tickets for the two of them. This is going to be a father and son bonding moment, plus he gets to see the final game of his favorite team, bats of course, against the KK, and then the bonus part will be seeing his best friends there too! It’s just too bad Kyle couldn’t come but it’s okay, they understand his reason for not going. He pulled his dad’s hand again, getting a little impatient now because he’d been talking and greeting a lot of people and reporters, and he already wanted to go to their seats. He wanted to see the field and his friends! Lee was wearing the Bats shirt, with temp bat tattoo on his right cheek with matching bats cap. Hah, he’s a fan you know! For the third time, he looked at his dad, “Daaad! Come ooooon! I want to see the stadium!” He tugged on his hand again, some of the people his dad was talking to laughed in amusement. Lee snorted; he’s not kidding! Finally, his dad left the group of people and they entered the stadium. Lee stared in awe as they went to find their seats. “It’s huuuuge!” There are a lot of people there now, all of them showing their support for their chosen team. Lee can’t help but grin, proud that he’s wearing the same! He looked at his dad, eyes twinkling, “You think they’ll allow us to get their autograph after the game dad?” Finally arriving at their seats, Lee easily spotted Niccolo, “Niccolo!” He grinned as he stepped up on his chair so he could do the handshake with Niccolo. “Where’s RJ?!” Lee was surprised to see Niccolo’s entire family! “Oh wow, you got a full house here! Hello everyone!” Lee greeted with a huge smile and a wave. He already met Niccolo’s family members but sometimes it’s hard to remember all their names!

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#36 OFFLINE   Official Lorcan Delevingne

Official Lorcan Delevingne

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Posted 07 August 2020 - 10:28 PM

Everything lately had been nice and quiet. There hadn't been any life altering events and for the most part, Lorcan spent all of her time at the Ministry. She liked her work and having a solid routine where she could anticipate what was happening really gave her a sense of stability that she had been lacking during the last few years at Hogwarts and that she had no idea she was missing. Representing the Ministry meant that she needed to partake in the events that were going on and do her part to contribute to the charity events. Besides, she was a former chaser so she always had a soft spot for Quidditch and enjoyed watching it. In another life, she would have definitely made a great professional player. "Did you ever play in school?" Lorcan asked Dylan as they made their way through the people and into their assigned seats. "You know, I always enjoyed playing as a chaser but I have that inkling of wanting to try out what it was like to play seeker. Sounds like a good challenge."

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#37 OFFLINE   Hunter Bennett

Hunter Bennett

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Posted 07 August 2020 - 10:35 PM

Hunter will not miss the League Championship even though he doesn’t have any particular team that he’d like to support. He knew both teams are respected in their league and have huge followers and fan base here. There’s not much of a huge difference when you play internationally, it will still be visited by a lot of people from around the world, you’ll still see a lot of reporters and fans, it’s just wider in scope. Hunter also received a VIP pass but knowing Harper will be spending time with his friends, Hunter politely declined the VIP invitation, they’ll just watch from the stands so Harper could enjoy the game with them. Speaking of his son, he felt a tug again, sensing Harper’s irritation now. The reporters laughed in amusement, Hunter grinned at them, “Please excuse us, we have to go now.” They said their thanks and so Hunter nudged his hyper son to proceed inside the stadium. Obviously, the boy was so excited about the prospect of watching the game in person, who wouldn’t? The place is overwhelming especially the loud cheers from the two team’s fans. He glanced at Harper when he asked about autographs, “If you’re lucky, yes. They usually give time for autograph signing nd picture taking but it’s going to be crowded.” They both arrived to their allotted seats and he noticed the Wormald family is already there. While Harper was busy greeting his friend Niccolo, Hunter smiled to Nate and Santana, “Hi, it’s been a while.” Harper suddenly stepped on the seat which brought his attention back to his son. Hunter tapped him on his shoulder, “Please seat down Harper.” Unknown to Harper, he invited Jenna to this event and she gave him her confirmation that she might find some time to join him and his son. It's a good opportunity for the two to finally meet each other in person. His son already knew he's dating someone but since he went to Camp Avalon, he never got the chance to meet her yet. As he looked around, he caught sight of Roisin at the Kenmare's stand. He waved at her in greeting, hoping she'll notice him there.

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#38 OFFLINE   Official Levi Amherst

Official Levi Amherst


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Posted 07 August 2020 - 11:07 PM

After grabbing a few snacks and drinks to enjoy the game, Bee and Levi made their way towards their assigned seats. He'd nearly dropped what was in his hands as a few excited kids whizzed by them and guffawed out a chuckle with a roll of his eyes. He let Bee lead the way as she was the one with the tickets, since heaven knows Levi would have left them somewhere in his office had he been responsible for them. Once they settled in, he turned to her with the brightest smile, pearly whites showing as he wrapped a loving arm around her and placed a kiss on her cheek. This outing was a relief, especially after everything that happened and with his mind on the fritz as of late but never showing it to her. Also with the busy schedule he lead due to his work, he felt he often didn't nourish his relationship as he should have, so was going to take full advantage of being free of paper work and solely focus on her. Apart from the worries and concern he had on his mind, he also had happier plans in mind for them, which prompted him to say, "What do you think if soon we take a trip? We haven't in so long. How about...Mexico? I can meet your family and you can be my own personal tour guide. I'll have to brush up on my Spanish, but what do you think?" The idea of getting to learn more about her definitely brightened his spirts and thought it would also be a nice little getaway for Bianca to see people she hadn't in some time and knew how important family was to her. 

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Logan was on official auror business, but that didn't mean he couldn't take a casual break here and there. Besides, the whole point was to blend in and look as inconspicuous as possible, which honestly wasn't hard when he was stuffing his face with about every fried food the arena offered. He had made a pit stop at the food stand and had told Ailsa that he'd be meeting her sometime before the game started, since he had to do a couple of laps around the stadium before being able to take a seat and enjoy himself for a bit. Though she knew full well that because of his role he'd have to periodically get up to survey the area, however, had been assigned the location they had tickets for, so it worked perfectly, and hopefully didn't cause too many interruptions. With two hot dogs in hand and a beverage in the other, he had every single intention in the world to bring his beloved an intact hotdog, but along the way, (to be fair it was a long way!), he had gotten hungry and gobbled his whole hot dog and half of hers. He had been chewing mindlessly on it when his eyes widened and cursed under his breathe as he realized he'd eat most of her lunch. Whoops. He turned over his shoulder and blew out a raspberry as he saw the food line had grew substantially. No matter. It's not like she would notice anyways right? Trying to cover it up a little with the bun, he hoped she didn't notice to was half the size it was supposed to be and plopped in his seat next to her with a happy sigh, "Mini dogs." Emphasis on mini as he handed it over to her. No big deal on the bite mark or anything, ya know. 

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The freaking Quidditch League Championships.


And Ralph Jaxon Smith is here.


Raph could not believe his eyes when his father showed him the tickets for the match. They are also great seats too and apparently, they came from the hospital his father works at. Now, who said that his father being a healer is not something he can take advantage of? This right here is the textbook definition of taking advantage of the situation. He was so excited that he can come to the match since Niccolo and Harper couldn’t shut up about it. They had worked on convincing Kyle to come with but he said that he had to stay with his mother or something to that effect before school starts that coming Fall. He didn’t want one of his best friends to be left behind but what else can they do? The guy had decided and right now, Raph just can’t wait to watch an actual game in an actual pitch. This was going to be his first ever live Quidditch game and he can’t be more excited! A lot of people were already there and The Smiths did a quick detour so Raph could get some face paint with the bats on both his cheeks and he asked his parents to buy him one of those fluffy hats and scarves that were on sale in one of the concession stands just outside the pitch. Oh, he also has one of the those foam hands in scarlet red and black so he definitely means business. Now, Raph was as ready as he could be and he was almost jumping as he walked and looked for his friends. One of Niccolo’s uncles was a colleague of his father’s and he knew that they were seated somewhere near each other so when he saw a bunch of redheads and dirty blonds up ahead, he almost crashed into Lee and Niccolo. He had to be in his best behavior because his parents are present and his friends’ parents and family are present too. "Niccolo! Lee!" He rushed towards his friends and Raph immediately noticed the redhead that was sitting beside Niccolo. Is that his sister already? Raph’s eyes widened for a second before he immediately turned his head to look at his friends like nothing had happened. ­"Hi!" he waved his hand at everyone in the area. There were so many redheads in one place and it was kind of disconcerting for him. ­"WHO’S READY FOR SOME QUIDDITCH!?!? WOOOOO! GO BATS!!!" Raph cheered, getting very excited about this whole thing. He looked back at his mom and dad who were slowly walking together. ­"Mom! Dad! Come on!!!" This is the best day EVER!

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