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#361 OFFLINE   Official Harley Summers

Official Harley Summers

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 10:17 PM

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. That was he could do, right? Just breathe. Except his breathing was more like hyperventilating and he knew he had endured full panic mode. He didn't like this confined space. He didn't like it at all. He needed to get the hell out. He tried again, trying to push himself up and out but couldn't. The pain in his side made it hard for him and even when he took a deep breath, held it and strained, he only managed to yell out in pain. "Ahh," he cried out. He didn't want to end up here and be forgotten or left for dead. He was alive dammit. Very much alive. Just underneath all of this and just right under everyone's shoes. He tried to take another deep breath but his chest felt hard. He didn't know he was having an anxiety attack.


It was then he heard someone closer. A female voice and Harley wasn't even sure she was calling out to him but he did call out to her just the same. "Yes, I can hear you. I'm here. Please, I can't move," he said, his voice trembling. This was really not going to be the story he told Diana later but for now he just allowed himself to be scared because he was scared and it was unnerving to be surrounded by dead people trapped under the debris with him. He really didn't want to join them.

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#362 OFFLINE   Prof. Raquel Mitchell

Prof. Raquel Mitchell

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 10:40 PM

Raquel was hoping that Lucy would have her wand to help her find her own but that was no possible and honestly, unfortunately it didn't matter right now. She placed her arms around Lucy's shoulders and gave her a reassuring smile. "I'm going to see what I can do to help, but you got this, okay? Zoey is fine. I'll see if I can find anything about Alec and if I see your wand I'll get it for you. It's okay. You are okay too. Get as far away from here as you can when you are able, okay?" ​Raquel didn't have her wand but she was a telekinetic, so she could start there and if anything, baby elephants were strong enough to lift things too, there was that. The woman then left Lucy and hurried around to see what was going on and where she could be most useful without getting in the way. It was then her eyes narrowed on familiar faces and Raquel saw some of her students. It was Beckett. Raquel hurried towards the young Hufflepuff and when she did, she smiled at him to try to calm down his screaming. "Beckett, it's me Professor Fudge, Raquel. I'm here, okay?" She wasn't a healer and she could see his injuries were quite severe, especially around his leg. "Look at me, hun." She told him, placing her hand on his shoulder gently. "Take my hand. I'm here. We'll get you fixed up in no time. It's going to be okay."

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#363 OFFLINE   Prof. Ann-Louise Montgomery

Prof. Ann-Louise Montgomery

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 10:50 PM

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. That was he could do, right? Just breathe. Except his breathing was more like hyperventilating and he knew he had endured full panic mode. He didn't like this confined space. He didn't like it at all. He needed to get the hell out. He tried again, trying to push himself up and out but couldn't. The pain in his side made it hard for him and even when he took a deep breath, held it and strained, he only managed to yell out in pain. "Ahh," he cried out. He didn't want to end up here and be forgotten or left for dead. He was alive dammit. Very much alive. Just underneath all of this and just right under everyone's shoes. He tried to take another deep breath but his chest felt hard. He didn't know he was having an anxiety attack.


It was then he heard someone closer. A female voice and Harley wasn't even sure she was calling out to him but he did call out to her just the same. "Yes, I can hear you. I'm here. Please, I can't move," he said, his voice trembling. This was really not going to be the story he told Diana later but for now he just allowed himself to be scared because he was scared and it was unnerving to be surrounded by dead people trapped under the debris with him. He really didn't want to join them.


There were still more frightened voices among the chaos. It seemed like everyone was looking for someone and that just broke Ann's heart. There had been so many families here.... children.... Then she heard the man again. For a moment Ann breathed out a sigh of relief she could hear the man much better now. She had been worried she was going the wrong way but was in fact getting closer to his voice. Using her wand to move larger chunks of cement out of her way Ann continued her search for the man. IT looked like the man had gotten buried when the stadium has started to collapse. He was under everyone's feet. With a frown Ann began to wonder if she could get him safely out. Pausing she made sure she was positioned just above where he seemed to be trapped. "Okay, I'm just above you.... hold on..." It took Ann, even with her considerable wand skills to move things around just enough so that she could finally see the man. "Are you injured? If you are I dont want to risk moving you... we'd have to wait for a healer.... if you're not I think I can help you up." Ann took a look around her but the healers were coming and going taking away those that needed immediate attention. There wasn't anyone else paying them attention. Reaching down into darkness where the man had been pinned she hoped between them they could shimmy him out of this mess. 

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#364 OFFLINE   Healer Ralph Smith

Healer Ralph Smith

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 11:41 PM

Treating ORANGE #1: Beckett Evans


Ralph apparated back to the stadium to help out further with a healer kit in hand. He had grabbed one from the emergency ward when he brought Alaric in.  He was on the stands and he could see people are still trying to get out of the collapsing structure. On top of the panicked voices though, he heard a pained scream. Ralph immediately moved and looked for the source of the screams. He found a boy in the rubble (Beckett) with a lady with him (Raquel). He couldn’t be that much older than his son and Ralph immediately went to help. He tried to calm the boy down first because he was screaming so loud. "I got you. I got you." He said in a gentle tone he reserves for young patients in panic. "Try not to move, okay?" He took the boys head in his hand and looked at the side of it. The boy was also choking and he could understand that because of the dust and smoke all around them. "Anapneo," Ralph had already pulled his wand out and pointed it at the boy’s throat to clear out his air way. The dust must have gone into his lungs and that needs to be treated properly. Inspecting the damage on his head, Ralph noticed that the blood was coming from his ears. Ralph needs to work fast. Summoning a stretcher, he started working on first aid. He looked at the lady, "Keep him calm. The boy had fractured his leg and the bone broke the skin. There was blood everywhere and he needs to be operated on as well. It was good that he was conscious. Ralph carefully moved the boy’s leg, making sure not to bother the broken bone that much. His was waving his wand around so none of the debris was on his way. "Episkey," he was muttering over the small gashes on the boy’s leg, avoiding the protruding bone. Based on how the injury looked like, he can’t fix the bone here. Not when he can get infection with all the dust in the air. Ralph conjured a splint and bandages to wrap around the boy’s leg. "We are keep it on the same angle until we can get a closer look at the bone. We will take care of it," he assured the boy. "Videre Internus," with his wand hovering over the boy’s body, he was able to asses the injuries further. Broken hip bone too. Crap. He needs to be brought to the hospital stat. Ralph can’t treat one without affecting the other so there was only one thing left to do. He stood up and waved his wand to put the boy in the stretcher with another charm. And strapped him in as quickly as he can "I have to bring him to the hospital now. Be careful." he told the lady before grabbing hold of the hovering stretcher and the portkey he summoned to transport the boy to the emergency room.

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#365 OFFLINE   Healer Beckett Evans

Healer Beckett Evans

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 12:11 AM

Becks saw Prof. Raquel Fudge come his way... and she said something but Becks couldn't understand what she was saying. It felt like he was in some sort of apocalyptic movie, and everything was moving in slow motion. He could feel his head pounding and he could feel his eyes trying to close. But he needed to find his brother! 


The Professor was soon met with a healer  (Healer Ralph Smith) or someone Becks assumed was a healer. He too said something, but all Becks could hear was the whistle and it hurt. He started to go into shock, not able to say anything or do anything else but to hurt and he was squeezing the professor's hand, trying to tell her "My brother!! My brother! My friends!!" but his head said That's enough because he finally lost consciousness...


((Thank you!!))

#366 OFFLINE   Prof. Sebastian Cabral

Prof. Sebastian Cabral

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 12:28 AM

Sebastian sighed deeply and thought that, once the action starts, perhaps his nerves would be settling down and he can get caught up in the action and forget; but he really should've known much better—especially since that hasn't worked in the previous games he watched. In the corner of his eye, he saw her mingling with her relatives and he smiled. He was so glad that she found her real family and that she has a mother and that they were here right now as well. Sebastian smiled from afar and let her mingle. In crowd, he's also seen a couple of familiar-looking people—previous classmates at Durmstrang. He gave them a friendly wave (all of them since there's way too much to read through, sorry) and felt pleased to see them again and to realise that they also remember him still. Soon, the game started; the action was underway and it was hard to not get caught up in the energy of the crowd… but he managed. Unlike others around him who are cheering so loudly, Sebastian was mostly stoic. He was, as usual, his overprotective self. Watching Astrid executing various tricks in the air had him worried but also a little er, excited. But he reminded himself to stay calm so as not to startle the pregnant lady sitting at his side. He watched his redhead scoring goals filled him up with pride. Truly, she was spectacular—a vision to behold!


The game was in full swing and then—BOOM!


It was as though someone struck the earth, shaking it to its core! Then screams erupted in the air like roars as debris started to rain down on them and smoke filled the air up. Sebastian's ears were ringing and for a second, he was stunned in shock. He can feel a dull ache on his cheek, his arm and leg although it was probably nothing but a bruise or two—not a big deal, easily overlooked. But everything quickly flooded back; he regained his senses and he pulled his wand from out his pocket then gave it a wave as he called, "Protego!" His wand-tip erupted with a blue-tinged haze and formed a dome-shaped light, blocking small things as though it were a sort of umbrella. It won't hold too much but it'll have to suffice. Sebastian's next thought then was: Astrid. He needed to get her and make sure that she was safe—a cry beside him cut his musings off. Sebastian swiftly turned then glanced in horror as he saw his cousin with a little cut on her cheek, some little scratches… and bleeding on the waist-down. In the span of ten seconds, he managed to exhaust his memory of expletives in Spanish and Portuguese. "SOMEBODY HELP!" he called, holding up his wand over her so that the shield is protecting her. "PLEASE!"

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#367 OFFLINE   Linden Weasley

Linden Weasley

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 01:20 AM

"Soda. Have you heard of it?" He teased Alyssa without removing his hand from the top of his drink. He made a mental note to research about Holi and its drinks to try and find what they all had drunk that day because he always forgot. "I'll have what he didn't want," Linden grinned to both Ceci and his dad, chuckling afterwards as he gave his dad an innocent look, taking a packet of cookies and another bag of crisps. Do you have any idea how much food was required for a growing boy his height? Exactly. He was already finishing the second corndog, then shook his head as he had already gotten all the food, and then a drink when he had bought one for Aaira. He laughed at the hair ruffling, moving his head away from the man in jest, eyeing Goldie as if wanting to let her know he got her covered. Lin focused on his crisps then, looking everywhere but at Goldie and Shaad since his dad didn't sound that convinced with his reply. He threw a fistful of crisps inside his mouth and pretended to be answering to his question. "Of cfouesre tlryeft pfnot... pnew rifggret bavfk", the famous Quidditch players making for the best distraction as well, genuinely happy and excited to get their autographs, trying real hard to not fangirl over them.


Once he came back, his dad didn't get more time to shoot questions at him as the match had started and all the kids were losing it over the game. The roaring, cheering and hooting were so contagious, there was no bad blood whenever the other team scored, all in good fun and enjoying the finals. Linden had to admit the Bats were great, and their seeker was amazing, but he was still rooting for the Kestrels, standing up and calling his uncle's name whenever he got the quaffle. It was an intense match and, sadly, the Kestrels were losing, Linden staying on his feet out of angst. The fireworks started then, or that had been his initial thought, until some of the quidditch players were thrown backwards and he felt an intense vibration under his feet. He heard the shouts and had ducked for cover when someone had suggested it. "Dad?" He asked, astonished by what had just happened. Linden look up then, his eyes widening at the sight of debris and the stands collapsing underneath the VIP stand and towards its sides. There was fire and smoke, people landing on the floor while others screamed and started running. A big chunk of debris had flown their way, so his first thought was to hide underneath the seats. It had been the worst idea since everyone around them pushed each other to leave the stands in panic, and he was trapped. Linden tried to stand up but people were walking over him, stepping on his legs since they stood out, and decided to crawl towards the other end, but as he tried to get out, a bunch of people fell over him and kept on walking over him, someone kicking his face. He growled and screamed out of pain, feeling the warm liquid coming down his nose and the unbearable pain kicking in. Lin covered his head. "Dad!!!! Help!!! Goldie!! Ana!! Cecilia!!" There was no one in sight, and he had no idea if they were okay, and was beyond scared and in pain.

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#368 OFFLINE   Healer Jared Wayland

Healer Jared Wayland

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 01:29 AM

Yeah, Jared was unable to focus on the game because he was watching something else entirely. He stared at the row of seats a head of his and watched as Bridgette talked with that man. She was smiling at him and the man was smiling back too. It made him want to rip that stupid smile off his face and push him over the protective barrier that separated the spectators from the pitch. He tried to pry his eyes away but he still kept watch from the corner of his eyes. The game was in full swing and his relatives were going crazy over cheering for the Bats especially when Astrid scored several times. Those young players are really giving the tenured ones a run for their money. Soon, the Bats are leading but a lot and then the unexpected happened.


A part of the stadium exploded and by the looks of it, it was the VIP section. Jared was just in that place earlier, greeting everyone, and now it had collapsed. And the area surrounding it. Jared looked at the rest of his family and saw that they were all relatively safe. Nate and Santana were taking care of their kids, Marc was with Charlotte and Colleen was already on her feet, probably to look for Luca and Ryan. He also saw Ralph with his wife and kid and he was also off probably to do some rescue too. He went into healer mode and was about to go to the VIP area to help out but when he saw a blonde head among the sea of people disappear, his focus shifted. ­"Bridgette!" Jared yelled and he immediately went towards the area where he last saw her head. He had to move quick and against the flow of people. It was a struggle, but he was able to get to the general direction where she disappeared. "Bridgette!" he called out for her again, he was looking over the crowd and there she was, on the floor. He quickly walked towards her, showing a passerby in the process (not too hardly). He grabbed her by the arms and looked her over. ­"Are you hurt? Are you okay?" Flashbacks from that night he sneaked into her bedroom only to find her bleeding in the head filled his mind. He lifted her up from the floor and found that she was missing a shoe but that was the least of their worries right now. "I need to know you are going to be okay." At this point, his blue eyes are focused on her, trying to read if she can handle being in this mess right now. Jared cupped her cheeks and looked at her with that intense gaze of his. ­"Get out of this place. Disapparate. Whatever you can do to get out. I’ll find you later, okay?" Not really caring about who’s going to see, he kissed Bridgette on the forehead and he went back to healer mode. He needs to get to the VIP section fast. He saw JC getting up and disapparating from a distance and he was quite sure that the man was going to try and save people affected by the blast. ­"I need to help. Send me a note when you are safe. Be safe, Bridgette." With that, he went and went towards the area where the worst had happened.


Jared ran towards the VIP section. He didn’t want to apparate and land on nothing. He won’t be of much use if he was a splatter of human flesh and blood on the ground. When he saw an opening and safe place to apparate to, there was a loud Crack! As Jared Wayland disappeared from the stands and appeared in the VIP section.


/Jared exits to go to the VIP area

#369 OFFLINE   Official Dylan Eklund

Official Dylan Eklund

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 01:46 AM

They hadn't spoken about his confession at her bed, the day he had visited her in Emergency Care. He hadn't realized what he had just said but maintained it as he did feel it, and how could he not love Lorcan when she was the perfect blend of sweet and vulnerable with strong and brave? She was much more than that and Dylan couldn't be more thankful to have meeting her that summer at that abandoned lighthouse. He was trying real hard to balance his personal life with his Ministry duties as he wanted to show her he did care about her and that he wasn't going anywhere. He planned on making it up to her for all the time he had unintentionally ghosted her, and this little outing seemed to be the perfect place for it. When she hugged him, he hugged her back, turning to look at her with a big smile, one that could only grow wider and brighter once those beautiful words left her lips. It was the first time someone said them to him, romantically speaking, and she had taken him aback, in a good way. He settled his water and food down and turned to cup her face, rubbing his thumb across her cheek. "I love you, too." His plan was to kiss her, and was already thinking of how to proceed once the match was over...


But life had a plan of its own. The blast caused Dylan to react as fast as possible, probably all of the traumas lived throughout his childhood and adolescence playing a major role into it, something he'd be grateful for later on. He had thrown himself over Lorcan, shielding her but pushing her down at the same time as debris came flying towards them, and he was hit by a second blast wave produced by the collapsing structures, and was thrown over the seats, hitting his head and his left arm getting trapped under a heavy piece of hot metal. Dylan screamed, trying to free himself but there wasn't much he could do. Lights went out then, coming back in flashes in which he heard the screams, and saw the contrast of the sky with the smoke and the falling debris. "Lor..." He coughed, trying to lift his head in search for her, but the pain on his arm was so excruciating, he passed out, regaining consciousness every now and then, but unable to move.

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#370 OFFLINE   Mayor Jason Hennings

Mayor Jason Hennings

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 01:48 AM

People appeared one after another and Jason went along greeting them as required. “Give them to me.” He took the bags from his daughter, tucking them safely under the chair where everyone had the ease of access towards the snacks. The man gave a pat to Jayden on his back but his gaze was on the field far off waiting for the players to make an appearance. Noting how happy his son looked, he noted the comfort interaction between his son and the Weasley child. Was this the girl everyone was second-guessing as his crush? It was believable. 


“I am indeed.” He smiled in response to Canry, leaving a kiss on her forehead as the game commenced. The players on the field were flying like a bullet from one end to another, the scoring made the crowd around them erupt into yells of enjoyment or disappointment. The enthralling experience of what Quidditch has reminded him as his own days of Quidditch in Koldovstoretz. The man clapped with the rest as first, his BIL scored, followed by his son. He was extremely proud of him.


Then out of nowhere, the crowd ensued. The stadium blasted through the VIP section affecting not only the field but the north and south zone on the sides. Unfortunately for them, they were all seated closer to the explosion. Jason acted quickly, holding Canry and Ana’s hand to pull them down to avoid the force of the explosion but Jason wasn’t too lucky. The stadium was on the verge of collapsing, the wreckage rain showering on them. One stone flying towards him, hit him in the corner, just beside the eye. He flew to a distance with the force of the explosion, landing on chunks of glass and pointed concrete rocks that resulted in several cuts and bruises. To make matters worse, a chunk of debris rained down on him from above, landing on his stomach and he heard a crack inside his ribs. Jason fazed out but was still somewhat in his senses as the pain in his abdomen and body increased.

#371 OFFLINE   Stanislav Chervenkov

Stanislav Chervenkov
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Posted 16 August 2020 - 02:11 AM

And of course the fool had to overreact.


Stan looked on at the boy with an impassive expression as a slew of expletives arose from his mouth. He literally had his arms crossed as he looked on with little to no empathy. Thankfully the healer he had grabbed at had complied easily and joined him. Else, with no one watching, and with the way the fool was testing his patience, he would have ended up dead by his own hands. What had his daughter even seen at him, because he clearly seemed to have a case of unnecessary panic and low pain resilience. How would this guy even take over the empire, if ever. Stan sighed and nodded as the healer declared that he had to be taken to the hospital. "By all means. Please get him out of my sight." He murmured, just as the healer and the boy left. Time to look around. He was bound to find some interesting thing. There were come cuts on his face and arms, but he wasn't very worried about it. He will just tend to them later.


[Note : Stan doesn't need medical aid anymore, his name can be taken down from the list]


/Exit from the fan zone

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#372 OFFLINE   Esme Warren

Esme Warren
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Posted 16 August 2020 - 02:25 AM

It was dark.
No lights, just a vast empty space of nothing and no-one.

All Esme did was start moving when she saw Imogen wave up at her so she was going to go down and meet her. The young girl thought it best to wait a little bit as everyone had the same idea of a mass exodus now the match was over. It was crazy and intense and at that moment, she realised that Quidditch wasn't the game for her to play. Too much expectation and knocking around was not good for someone who wasn't keen on heights or keen on getting injured from falling off a broom!

Taking two steps to the side which landed her in a seat two over, when the loudest crash came from just above her. Turning to see where it was coming from, Esme saw a cloud of dust in amongst the collapsing area around her and didn't have time to register what was truly happening until the ground around her gave way and by that point she was already falling and landed on a beam underneath. Thinking that at this point she was safe and looking up something was hurtling towards her at a rate of knotts, a chunk of masonry or splintered wood? Mae moved her head in a vain attempt to miss it to no avail because whatever it was had hit her squarely two millimetres from her right temple, forcing the other side of her head to smack hard on the ground.

Darkness. Alone. Unconscious, concused and unresponsive.

Edited by Esme Warren, 16 August 2020 - 02:28 AM.

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#373 OFFLINE   Émilie Selwyn

Émilie Selwyn

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 02:41 AM

Don made it so hard to keep her hands to herself whenever he acted that way, saying all the right things and blushing like that. Émilie grinned and her eyes twinkled every time. "I'm obviously a hardcore fan." She scrunched her nose up and scooted closer to him, trying not to react to his little whispers, a pretty complicated task, though she succeeded every time he let go because of the match. She'd turn to look at him with a raised brow as it seemed the Bats weren't messing around, much to everyone's surprise. "Deal." It was here that both noticed Nic's presence and, despite her feeling utterly annoyed and worried, Don's reaction managed to make her smile, even chuckled under her breath. She was so thankful Don wanted to leave as much as she had, and they both left the VIP stand in a jiffy, with Ém breathing easily once out of sight, but still visibly upset by Nic's antics.
She turned to look at Don and her facial expression softened. Of course he didn't. Nic always managed to do this somehow. As long as his jock ass of a brother didn't show up, she wouldn't lose it. But now they had lost their seats and would have to be on their feet for the remainder of the game, which annoyed her to no end once more. Why was she wearing heels? The piece of pitch she could see from her spot was suddenly blocked by Don and she gave him a confused look. He had bought two other tickets and this instantly put a bright smile on her face. "You're crazy... and unbelievable." Ém kissed him in between those words, and was about to go for a deeper one when the cheering erupted from their side of the stands, her covering one of her ears as the crowd was louder down here, and chuckled. They stood there, watching the Bats scoring once more and frankly, she had lost all interest in the match by now. His question sparked her curiosity and, after looking at his facial expression, Ém eyed his lips and turned to look around, searching for an exit or a place where they could sneak. The bathrooms weren't too far from where they were standing, and so she took his hand and walked towards them, her gaze spotting yet another door that served as some sort of shed... the perfect spot.
Instead of walking right into it, they found an area underneath a flight of stairs in where Émilie had pulled Don playfully and kissed him deeply, wanting to do so ever since they were at the VIP stand. She giggled and teased him as they became frisky rather quickly, the risk of being caught always making their encounters the more fun, and in case it scalated, they had the shed nearby. Don had her against the cold metal when the explosion happened. Ém broke the kiss and looked up, as if she were able to look through the steel stairs. "What was that?" She whispered to him with knitted brows, people screaming and running. Émilie looked at him with big eyes, confused and unsure of what to do and what had happened. The walls were shaking and the floors cracking, a louder noise coming from the VIP stand and extending to the rest of the building, or at least that's what she could imagine by what people shouted. It all happened to quickly, the stairs and the stand above them collapsing, with Don and Émilie being quick enough to protect themselves with their wands, but she had lost hers as debris took it with it, and they were trapped under it all, forcing them to throw themselves down on the floor. "Amor? Are you okay? Don? Don't move... " Ém coughed, but thankfully Don had managed on time. Her shoulders hurt and were scraped, along with her back, and they were surrounded by dust and buried in the darkness, but she hadn't let go of him. It was a miracle, but they were fine, though though they would need help soon, or risk choking under it all, not to mention the protective shield wouldn't be able to remove the weight of the debris off them for too long, she already starting to feel a panic attack brewing inside of her. "H-Help!"

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Ailsa arrives back at the stadium and walks into the Triage Tent set up on the pitch. She gives herself just enough time to take a breath and grab a bottle of water before leaving for the stands once more. It would be awhile yet before any of the healers or Ministry staff got any rest. She has a moment to think of Logan and hope he’s staying safe before pushing it away. Her fiancé could be an idiot, but she hoped he would be smart enough to not take any unnecessary risks. She did not need another patient to patch up. As Ailsa gingerly makes her way through the stands for her next patient across a mother clutching a child who she presumes is the woman’s daughter who is sobbing in her mother’s arms. She stops and kneels down in front of the two, pushing out her power to have a calm feeling wash over them both. Her eyes rake over them, taking in the injuries that all in attendance now seem to have, cuts/bruises. The woman’s daughter though…her shoulder doesn’t look right. Is it okay if I take a look at that? It’ll just be a moment, and you can hold on to your mother, I promise. Speaking softly and comfortingly to the girl, when the girl moves out of her mother’s grasp, Ailsa looks over the shoulder. Her initial thought was right. Definitely dislocated. She sits back enough so she can look at the girl’s mother and then the girl, holding her gaze. She waits for the girl to nod before continuing, as she positions her hands correctly on the girl’s arm. At the count of three. One…Two…Without waiting for the three as the girl would likely tense up in anticipation, Ailsa pulls on the arm sharply and fits the shoulder back into place with a loud pop. There. Hard part is over. Ferula. She says, using her wand to bandage and splint the shoulder in place. It'd do until the girl could be properly checked over at St. Mungo's. Can you tell me if anywhere else hurts? Both of you, She adds turning her gaze back to the mother who might be ignoring her own injuries for the sake of her daughter. Not particularly logical but understandable.

Imogen was gripping hard onto her mom so tight with her good arm it was starting to get pins and needles, she hadn't gripped this hard onto her since finding out about her dad. Although that was a horrible emotional pain, this was now by far the worst physical pain she had ever been in. Her sobs subsided as she looked at the Healer feeling so intensely vulnerable and hating it and nodded in response and shifted a little so the woman could look at her busted shoulder. "S-sure..." Mimi sniffed and felt her hands on her arm and gulped still attached to Tallulah.
She screamed in agony as she felt her shoulder pop back into place but then all the other pains kicked up a notch as her shoulder was bandaged up. "It hurts here..." Imogen wiped her nose with the back of her hand before pointing to her ribs and her arms, legs and everywhere covered in cuts and bruises. She looked at her mom still with watery eyes. "Mom, Esme was up there," Turning her gaze to where the seating higher up was, there was nothing and no-one! "Y'need to find her,"

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It was like she got sucked in a twilight zone and she lost the ability to operate as a normal human momentarily. There might be a lot going on around her yet one thing remained her singular focus and that was her daughter and husband. Even after both had departed, her worried thoughts had dwelt with them as they showed their skills off in the pitch. Everyone around her was positively burning with energy while she stayed firmly on her seat. Even with Astrid scored the very first goal for the Bats! There'd been plenty of moments when she was burning with anxiety, when she can do nothing but hold a breath as goals and saves were attempted, some treacherous dives and dangerous manoeuvres… though it probably was not that unsafe; it was the stress of being a mother and wife messing with her. Oh well, she thought, at least no one's paying attention. They were all taken with the game as it reached a fever-pitch—till it blew up (literally).


The entire stadium was practically rocked by an explosion and shrieks of fear and pain erupted through the whole place. Instinctively, she hopped off her seat with her wand drawn out. Sounds of crashing and howling and cries of help echoed through the wreckage but her mind had been solely on her own family. For a heart-stopping moment, Clary was seized by dread over Alex and Astrid. Then she was distracted by the sight of her own family. Colleen and Jared were already on the move, no doubt to aid the people around them. She and Santana were Ministry Officials. They were duty-bound to stay behind to see what they can do—especially her as these were the sort of things she's concerned with in her department. Clary took a moment to examine the area, and then glanced towards what is previously the VIP Stand. Then a scream was ripped from her throat when she noticed a particularly large chunk of boulder was falling in her direction and she quickly dove away from its path, stumbling and falling over as she dodged it. Her wand fell then, rolling a little ways away as she caught a breath. Crap, she thought as her arms went to cradle her stomach. Worry and misery flooded her yet she reminded herself to stay calm and take some deep breaths or her poor baby was going suffer. Ignoring the stab of pain she felt on her side and the pricks of the cuts and bruises she sustained then, she pulled herself back up. Turning, Clary eyed Marc, Nate and Natalie. "Get the children out of here—now!" she ordered, pointing at Charlotte, Sandreia and Niccolo. Looking at her sister, she said, "we need to get to work and help evacuate people."

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Jos smiled brightly as he tried not to fall backwards when Bee jumped on him, chuckling and taking a step back as he felt he would lose balance. He, too, kissed her cheek and when she was back on her feet, he fixed his shirt and rubbed on his face as his sister had transferred some of the face paint onto him. It seemed he was a Bats' fan today, too. He glanced at Bee and smirked, his way of letting her know he wasn't intending to be rude, just act like the brother he was. "Hey man. How's it going?" Jos greeted Levi with a sided hug and patted his back, chuckling and nodding. "I know, right?" He scratched under his chin, feeling a bit short next to the man, and snickered to himself at their height difference. If Bee was petite, well, now it looked like she was the tiniest person in the crowd. She looked happy, very, and he seemed like a good guy. As long as he didn't have another girl sitting nearby to fool around as soon as his sister got distracted -- I'm seeing you, RL, he was happy for Bee. "Just a group of friends. Got a spare ticket and so here I am." He pointed at the group over his shoulder with his thumb, nodding and smiling at Levi at his offer, but had explained he hadn't come alone. Besides, he wasn't too ready to see his sister getting all kissy with her boyfriend. "Well, it was great to meet you, and I'm so happy to see you. Might as well find you after this is over, or we can plan something?" Jos waved them goodbye as the match was starting, and hurried with his friends to their seats.


He wasn't in it for the teams, but rather for the thrill of it all. Jos was simply being loud and making cheers and shouts with the rest, doing small bets over the players and the teams, and simply enjoying himself.  They were seated at the Bats' fans side of the stadium, which made it easier to join in the fun every time they scored. He had barely noticed the blast and what came after, only he was made aware of it because of how odd the players were behaving, and some of them flying away from their brooms and landing on the ground. He had initially thought it had been a bludger, but orange and reds that took over one part of the building made him realize something had happened. Once the structure started to fall as if it was made of paper, everyone from the area he was seated at started to run, many screaming and shouting, and blocking the exits with the amount of people wanting to go out. He was pushed towards it, but then realized it had happened where Bee and Levi were seated. "BEE!" Jos shouted and started running, jumping on stands and debris, anything to get to the area. "BIANCA!" He was growing desperate as it was nearly impossible to go through the crowd, his breathing fast and heavy as he scanned the stands to find her face, or Levi's, but to no luck so far.

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Bee was so very unaware of Levi's train of thought as she was busy acting a little bit childish and care-free. She usually acted this way when with him, but the setting allowed for her to scream and jump and sing as she wished, so happy all of the hard work put onto this Quidditch Championship had given so very good results, especially with this game reuniting so many people from around the world to help for a greater cause. She was playful with him, and teased him and kissed his cheek and lips while making funny faces at times only to make him smile and blush. He owed it to her with the amount of times she blushed in his presence. And it didn't stop there as she had practically jumped onto Jos and cheered for him as if he were part of the Bats. She contemplated the exchange between the two in silence and with a huge grin. Bee helped Levi illustrate his words by showing the amount of snacks they had gotten, but then blew a raspberry in jest once her brother declined their offer, though knew it was because he was here with friends. "Go to my place after the match, if you don't have plans. We could hang out there or go out!" She had cupped her mouth as she spoke so Jos could hear her over the noise, gave him a thumbs up and finally turned to Levi, laughing at his suggestion. "Oh no, let me go tell him that plan is cancelled," Bee joked, pretended to follow after him but took her seat once the Minister's voice boomed around the stadium.


And she was having so much fun, getting up her seat to get a better view of the pitch, and not even like that was she able to get to Levi's height, but it definitely made the kissing easier. She would at times turn to him completely and cup his face, giving him kisses and just wanting to be close to him, the rest of the crowd too enthralled by the match to be bothered by them. Bianca grinned at him. "And you're the best thing of my life, and guess what? I love you." She kissed him lovingly and then turned to keep on cheering and clapping, encouraging the Bats to not give up and shouting for the Seeker to follow the Kestrels' as she seemed to have spotted the Snitch. When Levi danced, she danced as well, loving the fact that he had allowed himself to loosen up and enjoy their outing. The cheering was then replaced with confusion, and at the sound of an explosion, Bianca turned to the source of it, the spot underneath the VIP stand, feeling a piercing pain in her ears that had replaced everything with an annoying sound. She covered her mouth, turning around to Levi but, somehow, he wasn't next to her. The Minister was up there, along with the Secretaries, for what she knew. The fire erupted then, the windows blowing up by the blast waves, and the screams started. It seemed none of them expected the building to crumble down, and it was here that she noticed she had been thrown away by it, and was laying on the stand two rows below, her head bleeding and the side of her face and her arm burned. Everything hurt, and debris had fallen on top of her as well. Bianca managed to keep her eyes open to spot Levi's face before it became blurry, and she passed out.

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Treating RED #11: Bianca Haro


Most of the healers were efficient, fixing whoever they saw, sending some their way while the others were taken to the hospital, those in dire need. Adalric apparated back and glanced towards the last place he had left Eryn. She was no longer seen so he was hoping she had made her way out of the mess. He hoped so. Ric turned to find himself staring at what seemed to be a body of a woman on the ground who was still and lying under the wreckage. There was a lot of debris fallen on her and he reacted quickly. "Wingardium Leviosa!" One by one, Ric removed the wreckage on the top revealing a young woman. She was young, almost the same age as his nephew, and fear crept in his chest as he stepped down towards her and checked her pulse. "Hello Miss? Can you hear me?" No response but thank goodness! Her pulse though weak, was still there and he knew he had to rush her to the hospital at any cost. He couldn't just take her without any first-aid. It would be lethal considering their means of traveling were apparating. Whipping out the first aid box, Ric cleaned her messy bleeding with the help of the wound cleaning potion and a sponge.


"Vulnera Sanentur!" He cast another spell over her head injury and so the bleeding would temporarily stop. Standing up, he pointed his wand at her unconscious body, looking around to see if she had someone with her. No one was in sight so there wasn't anyone to inform. "Mobilicorpus," Ric hovered the body to a save spot before grasping it tightly and disapparating it back to the hospital.


*exit Bianca & Ric*

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 04:20 AM

When Kate first told him Jason was a father, he was both amused and surprised, hearing him actually say it in person felt ten times more weird. Life had its own way he supposed and smirked. "By the looks of it, when he grows up you'll still look like the kid instead of the father. Might be a good thing though." He heard the roar of the crowd for the players and smiled as he caught sight of Kate. "I have been good. I'm moving to the UK after all those years in Japan. Feels good to start fresh."
Jay watched as Tally addressed JK with a soft smile. JK was bursting with excitement, even behind his reserved posture. But when she jabbed at Jason, Jay almost lost it. Felt like old times and some things just never changed. 
Taking his seat, Jay watched the match. He knew it would be a close game and was enjoying to see his wife in action. JK seemed to really be enjoying himself and Jay was feeling a sense of pride. 
Then it all happened so quickly. The sudden turn of events. A deafening sound that sent all of his bloodlust senses into wake state and panic. He quickly shut it down as his body and mind processed what just happened. All was unfolding so quickly and there was an utter horror. Without saying a word, he put his arm over JK's shoulder and sheltered him, holding him really tight for protection. The chaos and overpowering shouts for help and cries was making it hard for him to know what to do next. He hoped his friends were okay and in the crowd he tried to look for Kate. In a silenced "we need to move", he took JK's hand and they left their seats. Jay needed to know Kate was okay. On the field and amidst all the chaos and confusion, Jay finally found his wife and he charged fast to get to her. She was injured and he caught her in his arms. "Kate! You're hurt!! Let me take a look at it." Maureen was with her and he quickly asked, "Are you okay? Did it hit you?" He carefully observed both. They needed to leave.

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Treating Green #4: Lavinia Byrne


Cameron left the pitch once he was sure that the patients there were treated. He was rushing towards the VIP lounge when more of the building collapsed. Right in front of him, a woman was calling for help pointing towards the pitch and he tried to warn her but she was looking towards the other direction. Cameron watched in horror as the remnants fell on her, burying most of her body. The hit had been pretty hard and he couldn't go ahead. Cameron slowly paved the way jumping from one rock to another until he reached the area where many parts of the stadium had collapsed. There were Ministry officials who were helping remove the rocks and boulders but no one was close by.

Cam cast spell after spell, removing one rock and another, continuing the process until all the debris was removed from his sight. He was able to view the woman who has now passed out. "Mobilicorpus." With the help of the spell, Cameron pulled out her body and lay her gently on the secure surface which was no longer collapsing - much of it has already been wrecked. "Rennervate." He performed the spell to revive her while examining her injuries which consisted of several bruises all over her body due to being trapped under the debris.


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