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Quidditch Pitch

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#161 OFFLINE   Carina Thomas

Carina Thomas

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Posted 24 December 2022 - 03:31 PM

Carina looked up from the snitch to see Heon flying over. "Thank you," she replied with a smile. She couldn't help the little bit of pride in her stance because yes, she knew she made it look easy. She hadn't been cultivating her skills for years for nothing. Overly humble was not something you could ever accuse her of being. She knew her worth and liked being praised for it. "You put up a pretty good fight. It's been a while since I've gotten to practice against another team's seeker. We've got a reserve seeker with the Kestrels, and she's getting very good, but she's young, so I have more a mentor role with her, y'know?" With Heon, she felt like the playing field was pretty even. Guiding her broom lower through the sky, she assumed the other would be following close behind. "You planning on carrying on? I'll leave ya be, don't worry. Pitch is all yours. I think I might go and hit the gym. With the holidays coming up, I need to prepare for the amount of food I'll be gorging myself on" She gave her stomach a pat. She knew it would take more than a hearty Christmas to plump up her athletic frame, but still. She always had to be on her A-game to compensate for the amount of junk food and takeout she and Alaric consumed.

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#162 OFFLINE   Heon Jake Watson

Heon Jake Watson

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Posted 25 December 2022 - 04:05 PM

"I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to practice with you, Carina," Heon said, feeling a bit of sadness as the practice session came to an end. He had really enjoyed competing against her and was already looking forward to the next time they could spar, possibly in a real match. Although he knew he still had a long way to go before he could match her level of expertise, he was determined to get there. After all, he was only twenty years old and had a lot of time in front of him to improve. He had had a fantastic time during the practice session and achieved his goal of getting rid of his rust in broom sports, so he decided to bring the practice to a close for the day. "I should probably start heading back now, though. I really appreciate the great practice session. It was truly enjoyable," he added, giving Carina a friendly wave before setting off from the pitch. He had promised his parents that he would be at theirs by Christmas, so it was best for him to head back to his house and start packing his things now. He didn't want to be late and disappoint them. Overall, it had been a wonderful and productive day, and Heon was grateful for the chance to improve his skills and spend time with a fellow Captain-Seeker.


-- End RP --

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