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#41 OFFLINE   Émilie Selwyn

Émilie Selwyn

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 01:20 AM

Émilie kept a smile on her face as she enjoyed the match, leaning against him ever so slightly to cozy up but also keeping it quite discreet, accepting the kiss without turning her head to keep the appearances, and because she knew she wouldn't be able to contain herself and would kiss him. However, his words made her turn to look at him with bigger eyes. "You're donating that much?" Ém had donated a considerably small sum from what was rightfully yours from the Millefeuille farm, and Don had told her he'd donate as well, but never asked how much, and she couldn't express how much she appreciated that gesture. He didn't have to as, with them being so close to getting married, well, it wasn't the goal to have family and the fiancé donating for the cause she worked for. It seemed they were doing very good as 'Le Havre de Cannes' would be bigger than initially planned, but she hadn't had the time to pay a visit as they rebuilt and restyled the large building. Ever since the beginning of the month, he had been doing such grand gestures of love, bigger than they usually were, and though she didn't need them, they managed to make her fall deeper in love, if possible. Émilie tilted her head and examined his face as he took her hand and kissed it. "You're crazy, have I told you that? I love you so much." She grinned, laughing under her breath as she repeated it to him at least once a day. "If that's the purpose, then I'll be cheering for the Irish, loud and clear." Their chatter wouldn't interrupt the game for anyone in the VIP stand, their voices almost drowned by the cheering, hailing and loud clapping, sometimes overcome by the booing whenever the chasers got and lost the quaffle, or got too dangerously close to the rings.


Everyone was far too distracted after the first score, courtesy of the Irish, and turned to look at Don a second time, biting her bottom lip as she gazed past him towards Jin, Cayden and the Minister. Many of the high-ranked Officials had left the box, and the same had happened with Heads of the many wards. "I like how you think, mon amour... I bet... oh, I know! We're gonna return to a 3-1, keep the right to say who'll have the upper hand," she leaned in to kiss him, but a flashy figure caught her attention and Ém hadn't been able to close her eyes when she saw Nicloas Alcaldo looking like some psycho pimp. Her lips had touched Don's but she was quick to turn to the front, visibly upset and folding her arms. "What in the hell is he doing here?" No, she wasn't blaming Don or anything, but he had broken the security and, if he dared talking to them, she'd be in great trouble as Jin would perhaps think she had taken the liberty to invite him. "Don't you talk to him in here, please." She didn't want to cause any scenes, and just knew Don was capable of be the best ofr friends despite the situation. Ém looked up again and found Jin talking to him and she covered her face. "This is it. I'm fired as of now." She could only pray for Nic to act like a grown ass man for once in his life, even after having fucked it up so good by choosing that outfit and walking into the area like she owned the place. "Come on, let's just leave right now, I need some air." Émilie stood up, her back turned to Jin. The perfect escape when she was feeling the anxiety brewing inside of her, and also it would add some space in between them and Nic. Everything she wanted was to keep her job and enjoy a public event for once.

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#42 OFFLINE   Maja Moretto

Maja Moretto

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 03:14 AM

Maja was at a war with herself. Despite everything, she just couldn't let Josef go and missed him terribly whenever he wasn't around. She missed waking up in his arms, kissing him and dancing with him in the kitchen as she tried to cook something and he'd distract her. His confession had hurt her tremendously and what didn't allow her to jump back into his arms was the fear of him letting fall again. She just couldn't trust him as of now, at least not completely. He had become sweeter, more vulnerable, but she couldn't stop picturing him with someone else. After so many days, of him showing her how much he regretted his decisions, Maja had slowly started warming up to him again, even if it didn't look like it. It sucked Colleen had moved out as it was only her and her thoughts at 3 in the morning, with no advice, sometimes crying herself to sleep, others simply staring at the wall for too long, until her eyes closed. She kept the flowers and the owls, rewriting her own more than a couple times every time. The first days he had owled her, she had swore to herself she wouldn't owl him back, but ended up doing so because she was just too weak when it came to Josef Klaasen. She didn't know if he had been capable of seeing it, and in the meantime, she tried not to look at him for too long since that look he carried ever since that night happened conflicted her to no end, making her feel guilty and bad for him, as if she was doing something wrong when she was only trying to protect herself, despite it being way too late. Maja found the scar, momentarily making a face at the change of texture, then let go. She shook her head and chuckled sarcastically. "No... Zora and Luca didn't ask if I'd come. Val is grounded for lying to all of us and doesn't want to talk to anyone, and I love them so much but, I'm in no mood to deal with the rest tonight." She bit her thumb, realizing she had shared too much. Josef knew about the situation back home, to an extent. She always avoided talking about Zora and Luca, but for some reason, she was getting all emotional out of nowhere. She kept on blaming the situation with him for that.


On the other hand, his whispered words had always been a turn on, but now, out of nowhere, and despite her trying to keep him at an arm's legth, they woke certain things inside of her, that easily. Maja simply eyed him, smirked and turned around, taking an elastic from her wrist to comb her hair into a ponytail since it had gotten warmer in the VIP stand. He didn't seem to notice, and she was so thankful about that as she swore she had also blushed. She wasn't expecting what he said next, and turned to look at him curiously. Josef had a conflict when it came to Ryan, though she had never truly understood why. He had explained it to her and she supported him, so saying he wanted to go out with her and Ryan was definitely a big step. "I... I can talk to Colleen, or Luca. I don't know how they'd feel about him travelling to Sweden, but..." she remembered Colleen had moved to Sweden with her family, so it definitely worked. Maja smiled. "I think they'll agree. I'd love that." Her eyes lingered on him for a moment, and then the announcements were made.


His caresses were soothing and made her even more emotional and needy, in a way. Maja thought she was going crazy, but had made her mind about staying throughout the game. She didn't want to miss a single second of the match, and this had saved her from watching the embarrassment of what looked like a new rich flaunting about what he had in the bank in the worst way possible. But her eyes moved from the match to Josef once he stood up. She followed him with her eyes in suspicion, her mind playing games with her as she momentarily thought of some woman. She was quick to shoo that thought away and took this moment to try and get it together, whatever it was that she was experiencing. The Bats had scored then and the frustration brought the dizziness back, and she leaned forwards, trying to find a comfortable position. The Kestrels' chasers had zigzagged towards the goal posts and she stood up along with the others, covering her mouth in anticipation, but Ryuu had blocked the quaffle and she rolled her eyes, feeling Josef's hand before she could sit back down. She frowned at his words, then looked around the stand before facing him. "Yes, I think I saw the machine when we walked in." Maja retrieved her purse. "I'll come with you, I need some water." She had downed the champagne already, and needed to get rid of the aftertaste. "Did you sleep well?" She asked him on their way towards the back of the box.

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#43 OFFLINE   Donovan Selwyn

Donovan Selwyn

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 08:20 AM

Don was probably exaggerating just a smidge as he'd probably need an exorbitant amount to get a whole ward named after them, but it was hefty amount that he was planning on donating win or lose, at the very least, earn them some recognition. It was for the betterment of others after all and knew how important it was for Émilie as well. The bet had been done with the earnings going directly to the hospital and offered her a charming smile at her reaction. "It's for a good cause." Don had been busy with his own business, not to mention helping his father expand at a rapid pace as well, so hadn't left much time for him to be as attentive as he usually was and so had gone out of his way to do these grand gestures to show Émilie he was falling harder for her everyday. With their marriage right around the corner, he'd also been working non stop so they could both enjoy their honeymoon with absolutely no interruptions and this game sort of marked the beginning of him getting more free time to enjoy his time with his future wife. "Crazy in love. So, so crazy in love with you." Was usually his go-to response and always gave her those smile that extended to his baby blue orbs and looked away to blush slightly. He always looked so handsome and innocent when he did this. "So you weren't going to root for the Irish?" He feigned shock, teasing her as he held her a little closer, but keeping it discreet as he knew very well they were at her work event. Luckily there were other couples or groups of people who were far too invested in their own bubble to pay them any mind, so it allowed him to whisper things in her ear that would make her playfully pat his arm or laugh. His sights turned to the field, eyes widened as the game progressed and would let go of Ém every now and then when the game got too intense, "Hmmm...I see the Bats not letting up that easy. Their keeper is actually quite impressive. I call an even 2-2, with the Bats breaking the tie, but the Irish coming in strong and surprising them with two back to backs" Don blinked curiously at Ém's sudden change in demeanor and had been too wrapped up in her and the game to even noticed who had walked in. He followed her line of sight and mentally cursed. What in the ever loving fresh hell was Nic wearing? Merlin he was a buffoon. Don sank into his seat as he had been slapped by second hand embarrassment and in that moment disassociated himself completely from Nic. Had someone gone up to ask who the idiot pimp was he would have looked perplexed and walked off. Clearly he was just as shocked as Ém and had no idea how he had bypassed security. His blue eyes darted towards her and scoffed under his breath, "I'm not that stupid. Of course I'm not going to talk to him. He's making a complete fool out of himself." As he watched him speak to the head healer he shook his head and gave Ém a reassuring gaze. There was no way she'd know Ém knew him and quickly got up after her, using himself as her shield so they wouldn't see her and were out of the clear. The most amusing thing of all is that Nicolas had inadvertently save Domilie from any grave injuries. 


[exit Don and Ém]

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#44 OFFLINE   Malcolm Vaughn

Malcolm Vaughn

    Crime Journalist for the Daily Prophet

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 09:26 AM

Mal was just about to secure some really good part for his interview, but it seemed that the minister was not having any of it. So much for pleasantries, he should have just sneaked around. What was even up with people avoiding press like their life depended on it? Didn't they realize that the right press was actually required, especially for something like a charity. That was happening right now. How powerful would it have been to get a comment from the minister, or the philanthropy liaison members for the charity in itself. But, no, the high and mighty had to behave like the journalists were scum on their foot. Rolling his eyes internally at the comments of the minister; Malcolm gave a small smile and head nod to the lady he was talking to (Emilie) before making his way out. He waited for Jessica to join at the door before exiting. "How do you even deal with these people?" He murmured to her, as they headed out.


/exit Malcolm

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#45 OFFLINE   Keziah Datchet Joseph

Keziah Datchet Joseph

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 09:32 AM

(late but catching up)


Keziah had to take a quick detour of the stadium to wish his son and grandson good luck but they weren't on the pitch so he didn't get a chance. After a quick catch up with the family, he made way inside the VIP lounge in time to see the match starting. Keziah let his eyes quickly sweep through the room, landing at the Minister and the lady beside who he knew to be the Head Healer. He gave them a brief nod and checked his watch. Miyaka was supposed to make it but maybe she didn't trust him enough to be there on time. He gave the door another glance as it opened, hoping to see her. She entered through the door and he smiled leading her inside towards the seat as the match started. "Sorry, I would have met you earlier but got caught up." Keziah murmured to the lady, greeting her with a nod and settled down for the match. He wasn't a quidditch fanatic ever since his young days but it was interesting to watch the two teams play against each other. The Kestrels were going strong but the Bats quickly picked up the lead. He grimaced checking his watch as the time went by slowly although if one was watching the match, it seemed to be speeding up.

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#46 OFFLINE   Jessica Hwang

Jessica Hwang

    Sports Journalist for the Daily Prophet

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 10:26 AM

Seeing Mr. Bennett's reaction to her question, it was an easy giveaway that he didn't like to give any comments. Yes, it was rather disappointing but there's no point in forcing an answer out of him. She made a mental note though, to plague the man next time and throw him some difficult questions soon. Be it in a post-game match or some ambush interview. Also, it seemed that the Minister was not happy of the reporters' presence at all. She took a glance towards Malcolm's direction and shrugged her shoulder a little. Still, Jessica gave a pleasant smile to her interview and nodded. "It's a pleasure to meet you too, Mr. Bennett. See you soon." Her smile grew wider, a forewarning that she's going to obtain an interview from him in the future, whatever it takes. Malcolm was waiting by the entrance door and seeing his sullen expression, it seemed that he was luckless to get an interview too. Jessica snorted at his statement and simply grinned him then shrugged. Ugh. They still have a long night ahead.



{Exit Jessica}

#47 OFFLINE   Laurette Atwood

Laurette Atwood

    Ballycastle Bats Stadium Maintenance Witch

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 11:44 AM

After leaving Carl, aka Mathias, to fend for himself, Laura started making her way below the VIP section of the stadium. It immensely helped that she knows the ins and outs of this place. This is one of the main reasons why she prefers to scout the site of the crime and be familiar with everyone's routine; it provides her the comfort and confidence of knowing what she's supposed to do and what she can do in case things go south. Not that this plan would fail, it's pretty much fail-proof because Laura concocted everything from the start. It also helped that this section where she is right now can only be accessed by Bats employees. This area of the stadium was the first thing she checked upon getting the 'job'. Laura even thought that she has to flirt with the stadium manager just to get her way. A little charming smile here, a wink there, a bit of showing her assets and he'll do her bidding in a heartbeat. See, she loves her damn job! Plus, some people are just plain dull-witted, it's too easy to take advantage of them.
After double-checking the bomb, she flipped the switch that will start the three-minute count down that she set before all hell breaks loose. What? Laura has priorities. She needs to make sure that the Bats are winning. She has a half mind to set another bomb on the other side of the stadium if she ever finds that her team is losing. Closing and locking the door behind her, Laura walked back to a secluded part of the stands, noting the score and smiling proudly when she saw that her team's leading by a huge number. Good job, Bats. The other side of your precious stadium will live. She snickered at the thought as she made her way to the exit. Cheers from the north side were defeaning because of the current lead. It's funny, all of them has no idea what's going to happen in the next few seconds. But isn't that what they wanted to happen? With all the excitement and adrenaline going on, the Minister and her posse of useless people will not realize the tragedy until it's too late. Her watch glinted, indicating that only a few seconds left before the fireworks start...
The blast from the bomb was extremely loud, combining with the high-spirited shouts from the current festivities. Laura could hear the start of wails, cries, screams of shock and fear, the once cheerful environment becoming one huge source of panic and terror. It even felt like the whole stadium vibrated at the sudden shock wave from the explosion. There were some players flying near the epicenter, but does she really care? No, it's just too bad they were around that zone. Normally, she would stay and watch the sufferings of these pathetic and feeble-minded poeple but she got no time. After one last glance to make sure that she hit on the target, Laura whistled as she quickly disapparated from the stadium amidst the chaos. Job well done, Laura...
Soon after, the sections surrounding the VIP stand started collapsing... 
For reference:
The red box is the VIP section.
The green box is the affected/collapsed section(s) of the stadium.

#48 OFFLINE   Minister Fallon Steelgrave

Minister Fallon Steelgrave

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 02:55 PM

Finally the journalists realised they were very unwelcome here. Fallon smirked as she watched them leave the VIP room. Still, they weren't getting off easy. Fallon was definitely still going to fire every single security wizard out there. And make sure the Prophet received a letter notifying the editor in chief of the journalists' lack of professionalism. There's no chance Fallon would let this slide without any repercussions. As the game started, Fallon enjoyed the game from her seat, sipping from her free champagne as she discussed the game with Jin, clapping politely for every goal scored, no matter the team. She couldn't show preference to either team, that wouldn't be very professional of her. She had a soft spot for the Kestrels though. Her dad had always loved the team, so it naturally was something the minister had grown up with. The game started off close, but eventually, the bats started leading the game. It didn't make the anything less enjoyable though, the players out there were incredibly talented. Hopefully they'd get even better to one day become a part of the English national team. Fallon really wanted to secure an English win on the next Quidditch World Cup. It was one of the most talked about topics when meeting with her foreign colleagues, apart from work stuff of course. 


Out of no where, a large explosion occurred. Fallon didn't have time to understand what was happening. The stands of the VIP area collapsed less than a moment after the loud bang. Fallon, along with the others in the VIP room, fell down to the ground along with the construction. The woman fell onto her back, barely conscious when she hit the debris, only to have more beams fall on top of her. Hidden in the debris, Fallon fought to keep her eyes open, trapped in the collapsed construction of the stadium.

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#49 OFFLINE   Official Jayden Malcolm

Official Jayden Malcolm

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 03:23 PM

The match had started with both of them rooting for the Kestrels. He cheered in a polite manner as the teams made way into the pitch. Jayden couldn't be too out there because he was sitting with the others but he really wanted to cheer for them. The match started consistently with both sides stopping the goals and then the barrage of goals started. The Kestrels, then the Bats until the latter was leading. Jayden wasn't too happy about it but he clapped with a tight smile because the team was doing well. The mood was getting depressing with the Kestrels losing the leads but something else happened that turned the situation of the match upside down. Jayden was sitting there with Savannah watching the match, leaning to murmur something when the explosion happened. He had no time to react except grasp Savannah's hand as his vision blurred and he felt the floor under his feet tremble. There was no time to process, he gasped as they started falling on the ground. His back hit the rocks beneath him and he rolled over as soon as a huge boulder came crashing from the top. Jay was still gripping Savannah's hand as they fell together, his nails digging in her skin with force to make sure he was not losing her. He didn't have much strength but enough to give a sideways look towards Savannah who was hurt but conscious. It was impossible for him to make out anybody else in the stadium and he knew that he should help them out. There was a pregnant lady for the sake of it but Jay could do nothing, nothing except close his eyes and focus on the stadium where they had left her parents. Hand gripping hers tightly, Jayden was able to muster enough strength to apparate them out of the black hole they were in. The loud crack surrounded the area and Jayden opened his eyes in the middle of the chaotic stadium.



[Exit Jayden & Savannah]

#50 OFFLINE   Official Josef Klaasen

Official Josef Klaasen

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 03:44 PM

Josef wasn't by any means trying to make her feel guilty by giving her the look he was. If he were being honest, he had no idea that he was even staring at her the way he was - pleading and apologetic, since it never had been in his nature to behave this way. He hated himself for what he had done, mostly because he had hurt her and broke her trust in him. He feared that as much as he worked towards being a better person, she may never be able to go back to the Maja he had fallen in love with. Part of him wanted to reason with her that they weren't actually together when it happened, but that was such a foolish thought since they had been actively playing the part of a couple for so long now. He frowned as she let go of his hand, probably reminded of that night, and raised his brow as she explained what was going on at home. He knew that she didn't really get along with her siblings, but had encouraged her to try to make amends since family was important. "We'll have a relaxing night back at my place. I promise. Some wine, good food and company." He wasn't planning on anything amorous to happen either but just wanted her close and to make her feel loved and cared for. He wanted her to feel safe with him in Sweden whenever she didn't want to be in France with her family. 


Josef chuckled under his breath because despite Maja not responding to his cheeky comment, he could see the smirk planted on her soft lips. Merlin he longed to kiss her and licked his lips, but soon those thoughts left him as they spoke of Ryan. Initially, yes, being around the toddler was annoying if he were being honest. At first he was just being polite because of Maja but the boy soon grew on him and every time he'd run up to him and shake him down for chocolate he had to laugh. It had become a tradition whenever he went to the Moretto estate that he'd bring the boy some high quality Swedish chocolates, which he always appreciated. It was the first of the many steps to bridge the gap between them but was showing her that he was capable of being a better version of himself. 


Once the game started Josef tried paying attention, but it was hard when he had a nagging feeling. Getting up and surveying the area hadn't helped either and once he got back to Maja was relieved that she had agreed to come along without any fuss. He kept his hand at the small of her back at they walked and discreetly had his wand hidden underneath his blazer's sleeve. "No. Not really. It's hard for me to get good sleep these days." He commented casually, eyes looking passed her and forced a smile as they reached the beverages. The uneasy feeling was still there but felt more relief to be away from the windows. "I really miss -" He was about to comment that he really missed her sleeping next to him when midway into grabbing the pitcher heard a thunderous roar, followed by an intense shaking underneath their feet. With his quickly thinking he had pushed Maja against the wall and with his wand had produced a half assed protective barrier as the next second everything went to shit. Due to the charm not landing correctly it hadn't really protected Josef, but he didn't care and had placed his arm over her head as he pushed her down to duck so he could further protect her as they went into a crouching position. He held onto her for dear life, the adrenaline kicking into high gear and screamed out loud as the crashing sounds of the foundations gave way and caused the windows to shatter and the force of the blast to tumble everyone over backwards into the walls. Since they were already up against it their bodies didn't have to brace for the high speed impact, but the shards of glass and all the debris came flying at them. Josef did his best to try to protect her as much as possible. In the midst of it all a piece of the structure fell heavy on his left arm and groaned out loud, but once everything went to a standstill, he blinked and looked around and saw in shock the destruction they were surrounded by. He turned to look at Maja, his good arm touching her and making sure she was okay. Naturally she was shaken up and had cuts and blemishes but considering the impact she seemed okay, despite her labored breathing. Due to all the dust, debris, and smoke from the fire she was coughing loads. More than him and he attributed that to her panicking much more than he was. He was too focused on her to even be scared and nervous."Baby...are you okay?"He grimaced as she went to touch her left arm and shook his head at her, "I think it's broken. Shit! Alright... but you...you are you okay?" As they tried to get up and him helping her she yelped as she tried to get on her feet and noticed her wincing and pointing to her ankle. "Hey it's okay babe. I got you." He said as he ducked down so she could wrap an arm around him and with his good arm held her up so she could use him as a crutch. "Alright hold on tight. We're going to get help." And with that they were gone to St. Mungos. 


[exit Josef and Maja]

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#51 OFFLINE   Miyaka Mizuki

Miyaka Mizuki

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 04:54 PM

Miyaka was invited by Keziah. She was running a bit late because she had to talk to someone before going there. Well, since she is there and not in Japan at the moment. She has to manage her time. After that, she proceeded to the venue. Let's just say Miyaka wanted to know more about Keziah that is why she agreed to join him. He was an artifact person and somehow a part of him really got Miyaka's curiosity. She entered the VIP stand and looked at Keziah from the door with and smirk on her lips. Thinking, maybe he was thinking Miyaka won't show up. She smiled and sat beside him and looked. She smiled at him and whispered back, "I got caught up too. So, its fine. Thank you for Inviting me. I am actually surprised that one of the players from the Kestrels is my Niece" She looked at the game and surprised that Kate was actually in the game. She sat there watching and saw that the game was fast. She was once a Quidditch facilitator in Durmstrang and she must say this was a good game. 
She was watching when suddenly an explosion happen. She felt the force in a blink of an eye. She found herself falling over Keziah. She felt her leg had some scratches from the debris. She got her head hit by a debris making her lose consciousness in Keziah's arms. 

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#52 OFFLINE   Head Healer Jin Marrow-Chauveau

Head Healer Jin Marrow-Chauveau

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 04:55 PM

The game is still on-going and as much as she loved watching the game, all she wanted to do is go home and sleep for a month. Jin sighed and looked around and huffed at not seeing her fiance inside the room. He's gonna receive an earful later when she sees him! He promised to be there and even though she's supposed to understand because of his job, that doesn't mean she's happy about it. Then, came this trespassing man (Nicolas). Jin called security and asked them to toss him out (gm please?) of the VIP room. Rolling her eyes, she turned her attention to the game and saw that the Bats are now leading the Kestrels 100-40. Whoa, when the heck did that happen? Sure, she knew quidditch is such a fast-paced game but dude, this is on a whole new level. This isn't the quidditch world cup and yet they're being so damn quick about basically everything. Wow, that is amazing! 
Jin was about to take a step towards the couches again but then, without warning, something loud reached her ears and before she could react and wonder what's happening, the ground she's standing on collapsed and Jin, with everyone inside the room, fell down to the ground alongside the walls and ceiling. Jin landed on her back she gasped in pain, her body vibrating in pain. She groaned and immediately covered her stomach with her hands protectively. No no, this can't be happening! My baby! More debris is falling from above and Jin tried to move so she's on her side, curled in a ball in an attempt to protect the baby inside her. It wasn't easy moving especially when every movement made her want to faint. Her head is pounding, her insides are coiling, but more than anything else, this baby needs to live. She won't forgive herself if something ever happens to their little peanut. But before she could stop it, a heart-stopping pain emanated from below her stomach and she cried in silence. The baby... she knew something's wrong with the baby, she could feel it. The force of her fall plus the injuries are doing something to her body. Not long after, Jin lost conscious and she couldn't be sure if she got more injuries after fainting.

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 06:26 PM

There was no VIP booth anymore. It has collapsed purely, and it was a pile of debris by the time Tae Min reached the area. He could see a few scattered dead bodies, and the rubble was still falling, though it seemed to have stabilized a bit. While there were a lot many people who could use his help, but his priority at the moment was to get the Minister out. And ensure her safety. He had his wand in his hand, and he was going through the whole debris, using his wand to fly out the bigger pieces and kicking away the smaller ones. Men, women, children..all seemed to be screaming, crying. He sent multiple human revealing spell through whatever area he was in the debris, and would investigate in case he found a human. But he hadn't found the minister up till now. 


Coming up to the deepest part of the debris, Tae Min himself was knee deep and his clothes were torn because of the work he was doing. It was then, as he finally lifted a piece of boulder, that he discovered a mangled person, whose leg seemed to have been impaled. And her body had been affected badly. "Minister. Minister..!" He called out, as he kneeled next to the woman, and removed all the extra debris around her. "ANY HEALER HERE? CAN SOMEONE HELP? ITS THE MINISTER!" He called out, as some healers had started coming in the area. He raised his wand to the sky, and sent a series of red sparks, hoping someone will notice it.

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 07:01 PM

Treating RED #2: Jin Marrow


Addie was cheering on her two old schoolmates until a thundering boom took her attention away from the game. In a second, everything turned from excitement to chaos, and the brunette watched, mystified, as the stands collapsed off to her left. Bit of debris from the blast flew through the stands, and she narrowly avoided getting a chunk of wood to the face. In an instant, she was on her feet, horrified by the very abrupt interruption of things, and the subsequent realization that there were people in those collapsed stands a moment ago. The VIP section was gone entirely, blown to smithereens. And then it dawned on her. Jin. Her Healer instincts kicked into high gear, and she Apparated herself out to the remains of the VIP area. The first thing she registered was someone yelling about the Minister (Tae Min). She wanted to help, but first she needed to find Jin. That was her priority at the moment. "Jin! Jin?" she called out, hoping desperately to hear the woman call back, saying she was miraculously okay. She hobbled around the debris, coughing through some of the dust that had yet to completely settle. Then she saw her, lying beneath some bits of wood, seemingly unconscious. "Jin?" No response. Addie cussed under her breath and made quick work with her wand, levitating broken wood off of her boss. The sight of her rounded stomach made the brunette inhale sharply. Merlin, the baby. Perhaps even more alarming was the wetness on Jin's clothes. Her water had broken. She needed to act quickly. "Tergeo," she cast, cleaning the woman up a little. She had bruises, but those were the least of her worries right now. What Addie needed to do was get Jin to the hospital ASAP. She Apparated away to fetch a stretcher from the medical area, and quickly levitated Jin onto it with a Mobilicorpus spell. No sooner could she get a portkey going, the two of them vanished off to Mungo's.


{Addie & Jin out}

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 08:33 PM

Elena nodded and joined the fellow auror (Tae Min) to the VIP section of the stadium. Elena was still in shock but trying her very best to keep herself together. As she apparated to the epicenter of the impact, the female auror gasped in horror. The used-to-be VIP area have been covered with dirt and rock debris and it was impossible to find the Minister there alone. She and the other auror inspected around separately, keeping her senses more vigilant in case there are also survivors in the area. Then she saw red sparks in the farther area of the explosion which signaled that Minister have been found. Apparating to the scene almost instantly only to find the unconscious Minister of Magic lying atop of the debris. It was terrible sight. Elena scanned the area, spotting a person tending to a pregnant woman who happened to be the head of St. Mungo's. Yeah right. They have to save their boss first. What about the Minister? Her life is also at stake here. "Hey! Hey, healer!! Can't you see the Minister needs to get treated first?!" Her tone sounded too rude and disrespectful but that's just how Elena is. But it seemed that the healer didn't hear her at all and disapparated from the scene. Those sh*tty healers! Where are they now?

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 10:39 PM

Treating RED #1: Minister Fallon Steelgrave 


As soon as JC reached the VIP section, or what was left of it, he was in total shock. Flames engulfed the area, debris everywhere and people were…. “Jin!” JC coughed as he called out for his boss. He pulled out his wand to use the water spell to try to extinguish some of the fire so he can go in the blast area. He immediately saw Addie attending to Jin. “Addie! Is Jin okay?” She didn’t really need to answer because JC saw the current condition she was in. Oh god. Someone shouted (Tae and Elena) about the Minister. “The Minister!” JC dodged some debris and moved some out of his way as he tried to locate the Minister. A man and a woman were already there checking the Minister, JC assumed they’re the security of the Minister. “Please leave some room, I am a Healer, I am here for the Minister.” Not waiting for their response, JC crouched low so he can inspect the Minister. He tried not to wince at the condition the older woman was in. He controlled his emotion, just few minutes ago, this woman shook his hand and thanked them for their efforts and now, she’s in bad condition. She doesn’t deserve this, and so JC will do anything in his power to save her.  He checked her pulse and was relieved to know that he can still feel the pulse there but it’s very faint, he needed to act fast! He also noticed the Minister is trying to fight for consciousness. “Minister, this is JC, I’m here to help you Ma’am. Please stay with me…” His voice sounded so worried and he’s fighting his panic. With the use of his wand, he checked for the extent of the damage. “Videre Internus.” A hologram-like image which is greenish in color appeared as he hovered his wand starting from the Minister’s head and down to her legs which is badly impaled. He cursed internally realizing how bad the situation of the Minister. She has broken ribs and spinal rupture. The healer is hoping no damage will happen to her lungs and heart. In this state, there will be internal bleeding too, not to the mention the impaled legs. He needed to do something with that broken ribs for now to avoid further issues with the lungs. JC took a deep breath and tapped his wand softly on the Minister’s chest, “Brackium Emendo!” That should do it for now but she needs further tests. That was when Jared joined him, “Jared! I’ll leave her to you, we need the stretcher. She needs to be treated at the hospital.” He quickly stood up and whispered to the guy with a grave tone, “It’s bad, head injury and spinal fracture, she needs immediate operation, including her leg. She's also lost a lot of blood. We have to act fast! I’ve fixed her broken ribs.” He looked at the two other occupants, “Don’t just move her.” He apparated to grab the stretcher for the Minister. As soon as he’s back with the stretcher JC looked at Jared. “Here!”

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 10:42 PM

The promise of a night out without the family drama, after everything she had been through, sounded like the sweetest of melodies, and now she was looking forward to it, despite feeling nervous to be left with him since she had been avoiding that for a while now, knowing she couldn't resist him, but also didn't want being reminded of that night. Maja let go of those thoughts and feelings throughout the first part of the match, up until Josef got the headache and they went in search for some coffee. She felt like the biggest fool, not even putting on some resistance to leave her seat and enjoy the Quidditch final match once she learned he wasn't feeling his best. They wouldn't be missing much of it since the coffee machine was in the same stand and they still had the best view out of the stadium. Maja chuckled under her breath, knowing that feeling all too well. She hadn't been able to sleep much, either, but she doubted his insomnia had anything to do with her.


She had outstretched her arm to take one of the water bottles, when she was hit by the worst vertigo she had experienced so far, her brain not registering what had just happened at first. Maja gasped and was thrown against the wall, lost her balanced and fell onto the floor incredibly hot underneath her, to which she gasped and tried getting up, but she was far too dizzy to even look up. "Josef?" The sound of the windows exploding made her scream and shield herself with her hands, trying to reach out for her wand but her hands were shaking, later realizing Josef was shielding her, and took hold on him as she kept her eyes closed, then finally opened them and looked up, covering her mouth as the VIP stand was gone, the Minister and the Head Healer were on the floor, and everyhing kept on shaking underneath and around them. The floor cracked and she screamed again. "JOSEF!" They were going to fall, so she needed her wand but couldn't even think properly. It then downed on her that Luca, Ryan, Zora and Colleen were out there. Her body was burning from the cuts, very minor thanks to Josef's protective charms and tactics. The ceiling fell onto them and she screamed again, even more so after some of it hit him. This was hell, pure hell, her mind racing as she thought of her family and the need to go out there in search for them. She started coughing due to the smoke, and retching since she felt incredibly sick, besides the pain and the worry. "My siblings... Ryan... Oh my god," Maja was shaking, trying hard to hold back her tears as she couldn't have a meltdown right now. "Your arm..." She kept on coughing, touching him to make sure there wasn't much blood, that he hadn't received major impacts either. "Luca, Zora!" She was heavily reminded of that time in Beauxbatons, and though she felt safer next to Josef, she was deadly worried and too shocked to see what was left of their side of the stadium, and the piercing screams of the crowd. Due to the impact against the wall and when falling to the floor, she had sprained her ankle, and hadn't felt the pain until she tried to get up along with him. Maja shook her head, still coughing and retching. "Nooo... noo... I need to find Ryan," Ryan and the others. But they were gone, and there was nothing she could do.


{exit with Josef, as already stated :P}

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 03:31 AM

Jared saw the red sparks coming from where the VIP area was. That meant someone needs help. Jared had seen death more times than he can count and being in this place right now in the middle of all the rubble, it was crazy. There was a scattering of dead bodies and body parts that he didn’t want to dwell into much. The VIP lounge was a complete disaster, with injured people here and there and healers. He saw Adeline was already attending to Jin and before he could react to that, they were off. The young lady knows the protocol. He focused on looking for other people he could help and his eyes went to JC who was tending to the Minister. Her security detail was hovering around her while JC was doing his best to make sure that the Minister is still alive and will be alive enough to be brought to the hospital. He nodded grimly at JC as he listed the injuries that the woman had gotten from the fall. With every diagnosis, his eyes darkened. This is too much. At least the broken ribs were fixed and moving her will be much easier. But her leg was impaled on a piece of metal protruding from a part of what was the foundation of the stadium. He inspected the piece of metal and its source. ­"We can’t pull her out or she’ll bleed out faster." Jared kneeled on the ground and looked for the piece of debris the metal was connected to and found it. He looked back at the two ministry people with them (Tae Min and Elena) and asked for their help. ­"I need to cut the debris free in order to move her. Hold her still and do not move her torso. Understood? Do not move her body until I say so. Just keep her still as it is." He went ahead and bent over the place where her leg was skewered by the metal. He worried the Wayland ring on his finger before grabbing hold of the metal several inches from the minister’s leg. "Ready," he looked at the two ministry officials to make sure they were following his instructions. "Diffindo," He felt the metal break into two in his hand, and soon, the minister was free from the debris. They still have to move her to the stretcher. JC was back by then and nodded towards him. ­"We can’t pull the metal out just yet. We are not sure if it hit any major arteries in her leg." With another wave of his hand, Jared uttered Mobilicorpus to lift the Minister gently into the stretcher. After strapping her in, he looked at the two ministry officials again. ­"We’ll take care of the minister. Help as many people as you can and evacuate the place." Jared can kind of become bossy in stressful situations. He was used to it, so it came out easily from him. Nodding to JC, he summoned a portkey and transported him, JC, and the minister to the hospital.



/Jared exits with JC and the Minister

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 03:34 AM

[Just going to GM few things to get things going]


His colleague, Elena arrived just on time as he sent the red sparks, and called to a departing healer. Tae Min looked over at the healer who had just left, and around for any other healers. They really needed to send some senior healers to the area, who could possibly assess the priority of the situation at hand, especially since this was the minister of magic. In all honesty, Elena's outburst wasn't wrong, but at the end everyone was doing their job. Tae Min wasn't sure how he could help here further, but they could not leave the minister until someone arrived because maybe whoever was involved in the foul play would be back to finish the job.


A healer rushed in, followed by another, asking to be let them through so that they can tend to the minister. They were in normal clothings, and Tae Min could not let anyone walk in without checking their badge, even if they claimed they were a healer. This was a high pressure situation, and any miss can lead to further damage. Stopping the rushing healer, he simply spoke a word. "Badge." He wasn't going to let them go without proof. Only when the badges had been presented did he allow them to go through. He stayed with the group and helped with holding her still as the other healer has asked them to. Soon the minister was transported away, and then he looked over to Elena. "We should start looking for suspects. Other aurors might be arriving soon. I will be over at the Bats section." With a nod, he disapparated away towards the Bats. Maybe Bea would still be around, his eyes searched for his sister.

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 04:54 AM

Savannah gave him a reassuring smile despite being worried about her brother. Their greeting was quick and they moved away from the Minister and the Head Healer, Sav taking heed of Jayden's words because he is right. Jace was only worried because it was his first match. She even heard him after a few seconds, smiling as he responded to her. The locker rooms must be closer to the VIP stands if they can communicate with each other.

Savvi sat next to Jayden, sitting on the mocktail she obtained earlier from the waiter as the game started. The Kestrels were going hand in hand with the Bats until the opposition started to take the lead. She felt nervous, her heart was beating faster in her ears and she cannot hear anything because of the fear of her brother losing. She knew he has a temper and the loss would not go well on them. There was a lot of time and the match can turn in any direction.

They would have found out had it not been for the explosion. Her mind was blank, there was no time to process and an arm rang tightly around her. Sav gasped as everything went black and they were falling down in a pit hole. Something hurt her back hard as she fell on the ground, a groan of pain escaping her, eyes watering with pain, a slight throbbing in her head. She knew Jayden was saying something but she cannot hear it. The only thing she feels is his hands digging into her causing her more pain before her eyes closed and she felt herself leave the place.

- Savannah exits (as stated)

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