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#1 OFFLINE   Prof. Caleb Rothwell

Prof. Caleb Rothwell

    Director of Public Works, Advanced Studies Professor, Career Counselor, Thespian Society Moderator, Wandless Magic & Occlumency, Animagus

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Posted 01 June 2020 - 05:10 AM



Holds various workstations can be found to sculpt, paint or draw.

#2 OFFLINE   Alia Larsson

Alia Larsson

    Freyja Alumna, Painter, 1/4 Veela, Cashier at Quality Quidditch Supplies

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Posted 27 November 2020 - 02:19 PM

New RP


Alia had been told by a few people she had met along the way in job interviews about Tinworth art center. Apparently, it was a great place to be in case you were in that industry, and you could find the up and coming artists over there. In fact, it was frequented by serious patrons as well, in case they wanted to commission an artist for something. A slew of connections that this girl could definitely use at the moment. She had taken the long journey over from London to Tinworth via train, and while she was completely exhausted by the time she reached there - she was still a bit optimistic because she had gotten into a conversation with a person who knew about the place and actually recommended her to stay around the art center for the right kind of patrons. This was all very new for her, but she figured that she really did not have anything to lose here. She had taken a walk around the art center when she reached there, checking out the gallery and the theatre - before coming to a halt by the workplaces where a few artists were already in work, in their respective fields of art. She crossed her arms, as she leaned against one of the walls - just observing the place and the people.


tag: you know who :P

#3 OFFLINE   Nisha Kapur

Nisha Kapur

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Posted 01 December 2020 - 11:20 AM

Nisha had been in town for some routine a group had to practice for their school competition. In her line of work, there was muggle or wizard. It was both and she was happy to choreograph a routine for anyone who asked and paid well. Most of her jobs were based in France, her place of work and residence but this was a special one. And they were paying a hell lot. Apparently, the group that desperately wanted to win was from one of the top-notch schools and the parents didn’t care about the money. They’d waste thousands just to get a perfect choreography for those who didn’t even know how to move. It was funny but after several days of hard work, she saw some result. Who said amateurs couldn’t dance? A day of break meant a day of exploring. Nisha used that opportunity to visit the arts center she’s heard so much about. It was recently established but apparently that place had caught eyes of many. When you say arts, it’s broad. Arts is various kind from painting to designing to writing to movement and dance to singing. Everything came into arts. Dance was definitely an art. She didn’t know what the Art Center was specifying but she had to check. After asking around, she found her way into the center. The place wasn’t as crowded as she’s seen in many other centers but it gave the vibe of Avenue D’Artiste, the one she works in. Nisha took her sweet time going through the many aspects of the center and by the time she stopped by the workplace area, her feet hurt from all the walking. Using the wall as her support, a few inches away from a girl who seemed to be observing, Nisha slipped out of her heels, her bare feet feeling the soft plush of carpet.

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