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The British Ministry Of Magic Staff List

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Posted 06 August 2019 - 07:26 AM




Staff positions are identified with a * and do not require a minimum amount of posts at check ins


To Apply for a Job at the Ministry, Click here!


Level One: Executive Department

Supreme Mugwump: Giselle DLisle

*Personal Assistant: Vacant

*Personal Security: Vacant

Minister of Magic: Fallon Steelgrave

*Personal Assistant: Joelle Tramell

*Personal Security: Arsen Levkin


Level Two: Department of Magical Law Enforcement

Department Secretary: Ashlee Black

*Personal Assistant: Vacant

Head Auror: Albus Potter

Head of the Auror Training Program: Rose Granger-Weasley

Aurors: Vacancies (0)

Hugo Granger-Weasley

Nathaniel Hyde

Logan Keating

Maxon Laulainen

Reid Lych

Tae Min Song

Elena Spring

Junior Aurors: Vacancies (2 per term) - Please see level 2 to see the requirements to promote to auror (2020 Auror Recruitment)

Sebastian Fairchild (Fall 2020)

Lydia Hyland (Fall 2020)

Gideon Ross (Winter 2021)

Aislinn Hayes (Winter 2022)

Writers are under no circumstance allowed more than two aurors due to the limited availability.

Head of the Magical Law Enforcement Squad: Clarissa Wayland

Magical Law Enforcement Squad: Vacancies (4)

Ken Mason

Amina Li

Mia Leventis

Clarissa Dunham

Improper Use of Magic Officials: Vacancies (4)

Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Officials: Vacancies (4)

Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects Officials: Vacancies (4)


Level Three: Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes

Department Secretary: Shirley Hennings

*Personal Assistant: Vacant

Obliviators: VACANT(1)

​Adrian Gerard

Conrad Chauveau

Jessica Hye

Santana Wormald

Araluen Marinna

Accidental Magic Reversal Squad: VACANT (6)

Invisibility Task Force: VACANT(4)

The Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee: VACANT (2)


Level Four: Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures

Department Secretary: Official Ashley Nicholson

*Personal Assistant: Vacant

Beast Division Officials: VACANT (1)

Isla Valtonen

Grigori Volkov

Spirit Division Officials: VACANT (3)

Being Division Officials: VACANT (3)

Goblin Liaison: VACANT (2)

​Dominique Weasley

Centaur Liaison: VACANT (3)


Level Five: Department of International Magical Cooperation

Department Secretary: Savannah Hennings

*Personal Assistant: Vacant

Trade Regulation Official: VACANT (1)

Lilia Tomorokoshi

Ambassadors: VACANT(2)

North America: Jacques Gregorovitch

Europe: Lorcan Delevingne

South America: Rebekah Joseph


Asia: Ana Zograf


*Case Handlers: VACANT (2)

Hogwarts Inspector: VACANT(2)

St. Mungo's Inspector: VACANT(2)

Azkaban Inspector: VACANT(2)

Social Worker/Welfare Official: VACANT(2)


Level Six: Department of Magical Transportation

Department Secretary: Josef Klaasen

*Personal Assistant: Vacant

Transportation Officials: VACANT (6)

Portkey Regulation Official: VACANT (1)

Floo Network Official: VACANT (1)

Broom Regulation Official: VACANT (1)

Apparition Instructor: Raijin Li



Level Seven: Department of Magical Games and Sports

Department Secretary: VACANT

*Personal Assistant: Vacant

Quidditch Director: VACANT

Game Officials: VACANT(3)

Bianca Haro

Ziyad Morgenssen

Carter Walton

Zane Sanchez

*Game Referees: VACANT(4)

*Game Commentators: VACANT(3)

Cooper Volvok


Level Eight: The Atrium

*Museum Director: Keziah Datchet Joseph

*Historians/Archaeologists: VACANT(2)

​Georgina Caron

*Tax Offials: VACANT(2)

*HR Offials: VACANT(2)

*Maintenance Officials: VACANT(4)

*Cafeteria Workers: VACANT(2)

Kian Radley


Level Nine: Department of Mysteries

Department Secretary: Xander Ryuu

*Personal Assistant: Vacant

Head Unspeakable: Claud Montgomery

Unspeakables: VACANT(2)

Brain Room: Dylan Eklund

Space Chamber: Jayden Malcolm

Death Chamber: Gavril Lazarov

Hall of Prophecies: Claud Montgomery

Love Chamber:

Time Room: Bea Song


Level Ten: The Courtrooms

Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot: Leander Markowitz

*Personal Assistant: Caoife Welsh

Wizengamot: VACANT(0)Concerns a senior position. Applicants of 30+year old preferred

Adrian Anderson

Christoffer Adamsen

Ian Darcy

Ferris MacSween

Kristal St. Adams

Harley Summers

Levi Amherst

*Court Scribe: VACANT(2)Court Scribes can get promoted to warlocks even when there are no vacancies

Sidonius Thicknesse

*Court Warden: VACANT(3)

Dreher Eleazer


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