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Remembrall: New Student To-Do List

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Posted 05 November 2016 - 05:04 PM

New Students’ Remembrall

To-Do List for Before and After Joining HOS




I. Join the Site


1. Register and get sorted using the instructions posted here. Send your Head of House a PM to request a Welcome Letter if you do not receive one within 48 hours; this letter will have information about how to get into your House’s Common Room.


After you’re registered and sorted…


Keep a few things in mind:

  • Do not spam the forum.

  • Please keep RP posts to RP topics; please keep OOC posts to OOC topics.

  • Please do not put up any graphics of your celebrity before you claim a face (see below).

  • If you have questions, please post them in a new topic in the Question and Answer forum. You can make a new topic by hitting the black rectangular button on the right.

  • Read the Site Handbook.


II. Orient Yourself to HOS and RP


1. Read about your House Administrators (Head of House, Deputy Head of House) here, and read about the HOS Governors’ Board Members here.


2. Request a New Kids Mentor by going here. This person is an experienced member of HOS and can help orient you to our site and how it works. This person can also answer any questions you might have. The New Kids Program is mandatory for all first-time users of HOS.


3. Request a tour of the school if you want it by going here.


4. Review the Newbie Guide and FAQ.


5. Review the rules for Student Conduct at Hogwarts.


6. Fly around the site using your site map.


7. Familiarize yourself with the Spells List and the rules on when and how you may cast spells.


8. Learn how to RP and the rules of RP etiquette.


9. Review the Hogwarts Harassment Policy.



III. Create and Customize Your Character


1. Claim a face at the Character Mirror. You must have 15 posts to claim a face. Make sure to follow the rules listed there.


2. Get graphics for your face, if you wish, from the Artists’ Association. Please be kind to the graphicmakers and follow the rules in their threads. Familiarize yourself with the Sitewide Signature and Graphics Guidelines before you do this.


3. Make a callboard here as a way to let other writers contact you and keep up with your RPs.


4. Make a shipper here to display the relationships your character has, and request any new ones that you might want.


5. Create your wand using this helpful guide. Post the information in your character profile (see #6 below) and your forum profile. (To edit your forum profile, click your name in the top black bar to the right of “Sign Out.” Click “My Profile.” Click the black button on the right that says “Edit My Profile.” Scroll down to the bottom, and there will be a field that says “Wand.” You can also set your blood status; remember that Purebloods are rare in the present day. Also, you may not be in a relationship until you’re a 3rd-year; review the rules of Student Conduct at Hogwarts for more information.)


6. Write up a profile to flesh out your character and make them as complete as possible. You may post unfinished profiles; many members work on them as a long-term project. Read the informaton for first years to learn how you can post it.



IV. Start Your Hogwarts Journey


1. Enroll in classes. Read the Newbie Guide and FAQ linked above to learn how.


2. Go to your classes by finding them in the Hogwarts School forums. Different departments are located on different floors of the school. Each class has a classroom forum where all class-related RPs will take place.


3. Visit your Common Room.


4. Join a club if you are so inclined.


5. RP around Hogwarts.



V. Other Resources


1. Ask questions at any time in the Q&A Forum, or you can PM a Prefect or a Professor.


2. Click here to learn how to make secondary characters (another student, child, professors, etc.).


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