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Official Scroll: Student Conduct At Hogwarts

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Posted 05 November 2016 - 05:03 PM

Official Scroll

Student Conduct at Hogwarts


This document describes the Hogwarts School Rules,

Rules for Student Conduct in Hogwarts Classes,

and the Dating Guidelines for the whole site.




I. School Rules


Below you will find the school rules that in place here at Hogwarts. Breaking any of these can result in detentions, loss of house points, and/or loss of life or limb. Please read them over carefully.


General Rules:

• First-year students are not allowed to have broomsticks;
• Boys are not allowed in girls' dormitories;
• Only fifth-year students and older are allowed to be out in the corridors until nine o'clock;
• Students may bring an owl, a cat, a toad, or any small, non-threatening animal to Hogwarts.


Students are NOT allowed to:

• enter the Forbidden Forest, except for detentions or the occasional Care of Magical Creatures lesson;
• use magic in the corridors between classes;
• fight or act in a violent manner;
• dirty the castle;
• use magic during school holidays;
• speak in class unless called upon;
• steal potion ingredients from the dungeon storerooms;
• make dangerous potions, such as the Polyjuice Potion;
• attack an opponent from behind;
• use the Unforgivable Curses on anyone;
• use love potions;
• eat food in the library (especially chocolate Easter eggs);
• use magical cheating aids during class or on any examination;
• wear Muggle clothing, except on the weekends;
• be out of bed after hours;
• steal or take anything without permission;
• take any form of transportation to Hogwarts besides the Hogwarts Express;
• have a license to Apparate until they are at least seventeen years of age;
• use or be in possession of any object found on the Caretaker’s list of forbidden objects (located in his office);
• check out books from the restricted section of the library unless they have a permission slip signed by a professor or a staff member.


Students must ALWAYS:

• respect their professors;
• respect and abide by the rules set forth by the Wizarding Examinations Authority;
• take the train to Hogwarts;
• remain in their Common Rooms and dormitories at night.


The following substances are banned on Hogwarts grounds:

• love potions;
• Dark Magic objects;
• Felix Felicis;
• any and all joke items from Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes.


Rules for Hogsmeade visits:

• First- and second-year students are not allowed to visit Hogsmeade unless it is for a special event subject to the supervision and/or approval of a Hogwarts Governor, particularly the Director of Students or Towns;
• Third-year students and older are allowed to visit Hogsmeade with a signed permission slip.


Thank you,

Hogwarts Governors


* - These rules are for RP purposes and are the rules found in the books.


II. Classroom Guidelines


Please know that disrespect in classes at Hogwarts will not be tolerated. This includes disrespect towards other students, TAs, Staff Members, and Professors. If repeated offenses occur, you will be referred to a governor, and your account might be suspended for an undetermined amount of time.


Students must be wearing their uniform at all times -- during classes, during meals, and at all school functions. Those who are not wearing their uniforms might be punished through docking of house points or detention. The only exceptions to this are during special occasions such as dances or Hogsmeade Weekends.


Only students who are of age (at least 17 years old) can use magic off campus. Underage magic is against the law.


Students must have 3 quills per year to move up, with the exception of 5th and 7th years in which they will replace quills with OWLs and NEWTs--though they may choose to continue taking classes at that time if they so desire--for a total of at least 15 quills, at least 3 OWLs, and at least 3 NEWTs in order to graduate. No student may ever take more than 10 classes per term, however. 


III. Dating on HO

Written by: Professor C. Moncrief


Clarification: The earliest that students can be dating is during third year, but the governors prefer to see it happen after third year. Students who are 11 or 12 are generally not interested in that kind of affection. Some students can be more curious than others, so a few instances of holding hands for a short time or one tiny kiss on the cheek are okay. However, the governors prefer that these instances be rare and possibly surprising rather than a norm. Not every 1st- and 2nd-year can claim that they are the exception to the rule, so we ask that you handle these kinds of plots tastefully. Common feelings at age 11 or 12 are mainly repulsion ("Ew, he kissed me!"), discomfort ("She just put her hand on mine. That was so weird."), or confusion ("What does she mean by that? Was she just complimenting me, or does she like me like me? I don't know how I feel about this."). Closer to age 13, students tend to be more curious rather than "in love" or infatuated. At age 14, affection can become more public, and young people might want to act on their curious feelings, but not too often or too much because full-on snogging (or making out) is still somewhat rare. At age 15, or generally starting in 5th year, dating (usually in groups) or some snogging (usually in private) becomes pretty commonplace. Fifth year is generally when the governors prefer to see the relationships and dating start.


It has been brought to the govs attention through professors, prefects, and other members that there is a large number first and second years, and a few third years, carrying on in manners that are more appropriate to that of older students. It has also been pointed out that a few older students have been using terms and rping some scenes that are slightly above a PG13 rating on the PG sections of the board. We want to make it clear that HO is not a dating service but an rp site. Once more since this seems to be missed by a lot of people… HO is not a dating service but an rp site. For anyone unclear on that please contact a gov who will be more than happy to explain it to you.


Now below you will find a basic outline of what is generally displayed or allowed to be displayed in private schools in the UK and US. These are the types of things that will be over looked even though the schools usually have a strike no touching policy between students of different genders. Before anyone says anything this is a general guide and not how your character has to develop in the dating world. Because JK Rowling stated the kids in the wizarding world were kept purer, even the muggle born, since they are not exposed to media world of TV and computers as muggle children are. With this in mind, and from a few studies of social groups, young witches and wizards would more likely be late bloomers in the world of dating than younger. With that all finally out of the way the guide is broken down by years. Any questions please feel free to ask a gov to clear it up for you.


First Years and Dating


For any of you who have been in your first year of secondary school or sixth grade in the United States I am sure recall the rules that were in place for your school dances and conduct allowed. At this age most eleven and twelve year olds are still moving in groups of their same gender. Girls are more aware of boys than boys are of girls. The old playground rule of a boy pushing a girl down is a sign that he likes her is still in play. Girls are prone to have crushes but do nothing about it, beyond maybe a note to the boy or telling him she likes him. If a pair comes to a realization that they both like each other, and the boy is willing, they might move to holding hands and hanging out in groups. About the only kissing will be on the cheek and extremely brief. They really don’t see each other as romantic interest at this age. There is no real flirting going on. Please note these relationships are called puppy love and are over soon


Second Years and Dating


Girls at twelve and thirteen are really becoming aware of boys now. They might start to flirt or attempt to get boys attention in some manner. Boys are just now starting to look at girls. They in general can be all across the spectrum on this. Some might not notice girls yet and just ignore them. Others might still be in the push them down phase to show that you like them. Some boys might attempt flirting or try to get a girls attention. When they do make couples they are still just holding hands and kissing on the cheek still. They might hang out more on their own instead of with their friends. Once more this is nothing more than puppy love and feelings are starting to get confusing. If they exchange gifts they are not that personal. Kids this age are more prone to exchange candy and games/toys. No gift is overly personal.


Third Years and Dating


At this age, thirteen and fourteen, boys are really starting to notice girls. They might be more prone to showing off and trying to impress girls in some manner. Girls are starting to realize that they have a true appeal to boys. Both groups are getting better and more outgoing in their flirting. Coupling, or dating, is starting to show up but not that much still preferring group things to just going off on their own. The hand holding is seen more often. Hugging and maybe a quick kiss on the lips can be seen, but the kissing is sweet and simple not full blown snogging. Emotions are high at this age so hurt feelings happen a great deal more. If gifts are exchanged its nothing more than simple little gifts like cards, notes, candy, and stuffed animals.


Fourth Years and Dating


This is the age, fourteen and fifteen, that JK Rowling showed girls start getting really into wanting to kiss and experience dating. Boys are not so keen on the snogging but are more likely to talk to a girl and flirt more openly in front of others. They still attempt to show off for girls and are a little confused about their feelings. Boys know they like the girls but are still a little unsure of it. Girls are surer of themselves and their own feelings, or think they understand them. Dating does start happening at this age closer to how it goes in upper years. Snogging can be seen from time to time, example from the books is Ginny (4th year) and Dean (5th year). Gifts start to get a little more personal but be more like a notebook or stationary along with candy and maybe flowers. Maybe some jewelry that is like beaded bracelets and things like that. Stuffed animals never go out of style.


Fifth Years and Dating


By this time, fifteen and sixteen, most boys and girls are on the same page on dating. Also by now more kids have gotten a handle on their emotions and the like so feelings are not getting as hurt as often. Going out without a group of friends is more common. Slipping off to snog is more common as well. Gifts are getting a little more expensive and more personal like a simple gold or silver chain bracelet or necklace with a simple charm.


Sixth Years and Dating


This is just like the fifth years but a year older. They are dating more serious than before. Some couples, some as in extremely very few, are talking about the future together. Exchanging of promise tokens, as in a ring or watch, is common practice. This custom is old and the promise is basically to wait for each other. Snogging and cuddling are more common.


Seventh Years and Dating


Like the two years before this most couples are serious about dating and usually have been a couple for a year or two. Talk of the future is more common now. Love tokens are exchanged more seriously. Nothing is to go above PG on the public forums or PG13 in the locked ones.

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