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Spell List

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#1 OFFLINE   Musica Cassidy

Musica Cassidy

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Posted 22 August 2014 - 12:26 AM

I realize that Beauxbatons doesn't have a spell list. Does that mean Hogwarts and Durmstrang's spell lists are also apply to Beauxbatons then?

#2 OFFLINE   Prof. Ace Donatello

Prof. Ace Donatello

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Posted 22 August 2014 - 01:06 AM

Yes, they sure are similar spells and charms. If my memory serves correctly, here is a list of spells/charms that apply to Beaux:


First Year spells: 

Accio! - The summoning charm. Summons a specific object to the wand bearer. (Accio [name of object]!) 
Aguamenti! - It produces a jet of water from the witch or wizard's wand. 
Alohomora! - Unlocks doors 
Everte Statum! - Dueling spell used to send the opponent flying. 
Flipendo! - The spell used to push or topple something. 
Incendio! - Conjures fire 
Lumos! - Makes light come out of the end of the bearer's wand 
Nox! - Puts out light from bearers wand (the oposite of Lumos!) 
"Pack"! - Packs a trunk, or perhaps any luggage. 
Petrificus Totalus! - Full body-bind, causes whomever the wand is directed at to turn as stiff as a board 
Reparo! - Fixes broken objects 
Wingardium Leviosa! - Makes things levitate 

Second Year spells: 
(All First Year spells plus - ) 

Avis! - Conjures birds 
Colloportus! - Applies a magical lock on a door that can only be lifted by the Alohamora spell 
Furnunculus! - Gives you boils 
Flamma gelidus lepor lepos! (Flame-Freezing Charm) - Causes fire to become harmless to those caught in it, creating only a gentle, tickling sensation instead of burns. 
Immobulis! - Freezes objects where they are. 
Locomotor! - The spell is always used with the name of a target, at which the wand is pointed (e.g., "Locomotor Trunk!"). The spell causes the named object to rise in the air and move around at the will of the caster. 
Mobiliarbus! - Hovers objects 
Oculus Reparo! - Repairs glass 
Orchideous! - Makes flowers come out of the bearer's wand 
Pluma pondus! (Featherweight Charm) - Makes something lightweight. 
Quietus! - Makes voice quieter 
Rictusempra! – Tickles whoever the bearer's wand is aimed at and laugh uncontrollably as a result 
Snufflifors! - Transfigures small books into mice 
Tarantallegra! - Also known as the "Jelly Legs Jinx." Makes a person dance uncontrollably; Makes whoever bearers wand is aimed at legs move 

Third Year spells: 
(All First and Second Year spells plus -) 

Arania Exumai! - Knocks over or throws back spiders. 
Ascendio!- Propels the caster of the spell upwards. 
Carpe Retractum! - It releases a red beam that pulls items or heavy objects toward you, or you towards them. 
“Eat Slugs”! - The victim vomits slugs. 
Expelliarmus! - Disarms whoever the wand is aimed at 
Flagrate! - With this spell, the caster's wand can leave fiery marks. 
Impedimenta! - Slows any mobile object down 
Impervius! - Repels water from whatever the bearers wand is aimed at 
Locomotor Mortis! - Stops someone from moving their legs 
Lumos Maxima! - Generates a brilliant light. A more powerful version of the Lumos spell. 
Point Me! - Four point spell, points to north; Makes the bearer's wand act like a compass 
Reducio! - Decreases the size of something 
Riddikulus! - Used to defend against boggarts; Makes the boggart take the shape of the wand bearer's most humorous thought 
Spongify! - Allows the user to bounce on a magical gel-like substance 
Trinus sursum! (Trip Jinx) - Once used, makes the object or target of the wand trip. 
Waddiwasi! - Shoots objects at a high speed 

Fourth Year spells: 
(All First, Second and Third Year spells plus -) 

Ablegatio! (The Banishing Charm) - The opposite of the Summoning Charm. It causes the targeted object to be thrown away from the caster, but it requires good aim. 
Alarte Ascendare! - Spell, which causes something to shoot up into the air. 
Aparecium! - Makes invisible ink appear 
Declino alica! (Hex Deflection) - Deflects spells. It seems to be similar to a Shield Charm, although deflection does not cause the spell to rebound on the attacker. 
Densaugeo! - Makes the victims teeth enlarge 
Diffindo! - Rips objects in half 
Fera Verto! - The spell transforms an animal into a water goblet 
Protego! - Shields the wand bearer from minor spells, charms, and hexes 
Reducto! - The Reductor Curse blasts solid objects out of the way 
Relashio! - The Banishing charm. Releases objects to a specific place 
Risus hilaris! (Cheering Charm) - Causes the person whom the spell was cast upon to become happy and contented, though heavy-handedness with the spell may cause the person to break into an uncontrollable laughing fit. 
Scourgify! - Cleans dirt off anything 
Stupefy! - Stunning spell 
Tremo cruris! (Jelly-Legs Jinx) - The victim's legs wobble uncontrollably, in a jelly-like fashion. 

Fifth Year spells: 
(All First, Second, Third and Fourth Year spells plus -) 

Aqua Eructo! - This creates a large torrent of water, used mainly in putting out large fires, usually used by with one or more wizards 
Anapneo! - Clears obstructed airways 
Arresto Momentum! - Slows the speed of a moving object that is falling. 
Bombarda! - Spell that can blast open a door. 
Deletrius! - An erasure spell. It erases images and magical "after-effects". 
Engorgio! - Enlarges objects 
Ferula! - Bandages a wounded body part on whoever the wand is aimed at 
Inconditus confusus! (Confundus Charm) - The Confundus Charm is a confusion spell. 
Lacarnum Inflamari! - Ignites a flame in clothing. 
Langlock! - Glues victim's tongue to the roof of their mouth 
Lux lucis! (Hand-held Light) - A small, handheld flame. 
Planto maior! (Inflatus charm) - Causes someone to blow up like a balloon and fly away. 
Prior Incantato! - Reveals previous spell(s) conjured by a wand 
Rennervate! - Appears to rouse an unconscious person. 
Silencio! - The Silencing spell. Used to tune out a person's voice. Usually used to counteract the "Sonorus" spell. 
Sonorus! - Magnifies a person's voice 
Tentatio volatilis! (Bat-Bogey Hex) - Causes bogies to turn into bats and attack the victim. 
Ventus! - Shoots thin cord rope out of your wand. Once it's out you can control the rope 

Sixth Year spells: 
(All First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Year spells plus -) 

Deletrius! - Disintegrating spell 
Episkey! - Heals minor injuries 
Finite Incantatem! - Can stop mass commotion 
Incarcerous! - Ties someone or something up with ropes. 
Lumos Solem (or Solarem)! - Generates a brilliant blast of light, as bright as the sun, and may actually be sunlight. 
Muffliato! - Fills ears of people around the castor with unidentifiable buzzing, useful to keep people from overhearing things they shouldn't 
Mobilicorpus! - Creates invisible strings used to move things 
Parum oculus! (Conjunctivitis Curse) - A curse that affects the victim's eyesight and vision. 
Punctum alica!(Stinging Hex) - Produces a stinging sensation in the victim. 
Specialis Revelio! - Apparently causes an object to show its hidden secrets or magical properties. 
Tergeo! - Clears away dry blood 
Transtuli alius! (Transfiguration Spell) - Transforms non-living things into something else. 

Seventh Year spells: 
(All First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Year spells plus -) 

Abeo cultivate! (Disillusionment Charm) - Causes the target to become able to change colour to match their background, effectively hiding them without making them invisible. 
Discrimen res!(The Protean Charm) - Causes copies of an object to be remotely affected by changes made to the original. 
Ebullio caput capitis! (Bubblehead Charm) - Puts a large bubble of air around the head of the user. Used as a magical equivalent of a breathing set. 
Enervate! - Revives someone after being knocked out, or being the recipient of the Stunning Spell (Stupefy!) 
Evanesco! - The vanishing spell. Makes anything vanish 
Expecto Patronum! - A silvery wall that stands between the wand bearer and a dementor. Only a powerful wizard can conjure a Patronous strong enough to ward a group of dementors 
Levicorpus! - A non-verbal spell that causes a person to be lifted off their feet and dangled in the air 
Liberacorpus! - The counter spell for Levicorpus. Sets the person down from mid-air 
Obliviate! - Charm that eliminates a person's memory. Usually used on Muggles who discover the Wizarding World 
Portus! - Turns an object into a Portkey, a device which transports the toucher to a desired destination, with a blue glow. 
Serpensortia! - Makes a snake come out of the bearer's wand






The only spell/charm list that is a bit different and the exact opposite would be the list that applies to Durmstrang- which deals with the Dark Arts.


Hope this helps!

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#3 Guest_Alden Broadmoor_*

Guest_Alden Broadmoor_*
  • Guests

Posted 22 August 2014 - 02:24 AM

One of the Beauxbatons professors told me that the spells for France are the same as the spells at Hogwarts, so you should probably refer to the actual Hogwarts spells list here. Durmstang's list is also not the same as what Professor Donatello has posted, and as you can see in Professor Volkov's post:


*Spells are taken from Hogwarts Online and Beauxbâtons Online Schools and also a few new ones were added to serve Durmstrang Institute Online Purposes.


they are not exact opposites and most of them do not relate to the Dark Arts. If necessary, I can get one of the Directors of France to post here, as they would be the most knowledgeable about this.

#4 OFFLINE   Brayden Harrington

Brayden Harrington


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Posted 22 August 2014 - 03:17 AM

The Spell List for France is located here under the topic "Getting Started in France"



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#5 OFFLINE   Regional Representative Riley Benoit

Regional Representative Riley Benoit

    Former French & Swedish Regional Rep; Former Headmaster of Beauxbatons Academy

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Posted 22 August 2014 - 03:22 AM

Thanks Brayden I was literally about to post that xD


Alden is also correct!

As you can see in Brayden's link that the spells are pretty similar if not the same as the Hogwarts spell list!


Musica I hope this was helpful to you! If you have any other questions feel free to PM Brayden or I and we are more than happy to help you! :D

#6 OFFLINE   Eryka van der Zwan

Eryka van der Zwan

    Ravenclaw Alumna

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Posted 23 August 2014 - 12:49 AM

? If a student:

attends another school and transfers (education/knowledge)

Foreign Exchange Program (education/knowledge)

attended Salem Witches Institute's International Summer Camp (learned the spell at Camp)

is past that year (via General Education Assumption Law)

an adult (via General Education Assumption Law)


?Can they then use the spells that are on another spell list, if they are year appropriate?



The Bubble Head Charm had a different incantation while in Salem. Noted difference on Professor Donatello's list.

The Serpent Spell while the incantation is the same, it is a different year on Professor Dontello's list.


[[OOC::                                                    Growth and Developement            

This is a very exciting question for me, I had spoke about it years ago with Professor Rhodes who was Department Chair of Charms at the time.  When HO started the series had not completed the movie series. There was no Pottermore.  As a fan of JKRowlings work, it is amazing the amount of information included in the games, and Pottermore.  There are more incantations, wand movement, spell effects and potions explained in these wonderful parts of JKRowling's vision for Harry Potter and the Wizarding World.  These things explain the history of spells, the how to do it, what to say, what should happen.


As time progresses, the Wizarding World is receiving more depth, explanation and history from the writer and creator, JKRowling. 

Will HOgwarts also expand it's knowledge base?  The creation of spells and incantations to full fill the needs of the witches and wizards was made possible, will we continue to grow with the ever expanding wisdom of the Wizarding World?


I, myself, cannot help but sometimes stall when writing because I have to make sure I have the right wand gesture,

and do not want to be accused of using a 'non incantation/wand movement' here at Hogwarts. 

Will we start to include these wonderful incantations, gestures, historic explanations? ]]

#7 Guest_Alden Broadmoor_*

Guest_Alden Broadmoor_*
  • Guests

Posted 23 August 2014 - 12:19 PM

Yes, while you are a student at another school, you should use that school's spells list. Professor Donatello's list has not been approved by the governors and is not a list that any school at HO currently uses.


Absolutely. As we continue to learn more about the wizarding world, HO will update and expand with it. Professor Apking and I are currently working on updating, revising, and expanding Hogwarts's current (and approved) spells list.


As far as wand movements and non-incantations are concerned, there's not much that you or anyone can do if that information is not readily available. What I can tell you, though, is that most adults are capable of at least a basic level of wordless magic. Although the films are not entirely canon, we often see adults performing small feats of magic without words, such as when Professor Umbridge uses only her wand and not her voice to pass out the "new, Ministry-approved" textbooks during Order of the Phoenix. Or in Prisoner of Azkaban when Snape taps the projector with his wand and it starts working.


This is what I've seen most people do in the past 4 years that seems to be the general, approved practice on HO: When there is no incantation available, people generally just write something like "And then he performed the Cheering Charm." As for wand movements, we don't have a lot of information available on that from the books. Mostly what we know of for sure is just "the swish and flick." Other than that, we know of very few (if any) wand movements. On HO, wand movements have been created by Charms professors -- for example, a lot of the spells for Household Charms were made up in order to teach the class properly. In most RPs I've seen on HO, wand movements are generally overlooked because it makes everything too complicated. It's good to know them and use them when they are available, but when we start talking about the subtle technicalities of wand movement, RP in general becomes a little less fun and too serious. In Charms classes at Hogwarts, wand movement is not generally covered outside of the Basic Charms and Household Charms classes. I have a few general wand movements in Memory Charms, but I'm not strict about them. 


I've done a lot of research on Charms and spells since I became DC of Charms, and what I can tell you is that wand movement for most spells that we know are specifically charms is not that important. That's what separates Charms and Transfiguration as disciplines. In interviews, JKR has said that Transfiguration spells are extremely scientific (because you are literally altering something at the molecular level), so wand movement for a Transfiguration spell is extremely important. In Charms, what makes the cast a success or a failure is the intent, or the feeling with which you cast the spell. What I teach in Charms, and what I have now coded into the Charms curricula, is that wand movement is a factor but it's not the determining factor for whether or not the spell is successful. What's important is the feeling behind it, because Charms is about feeling and intent; they don't have to be done exactly right in order to be done successfully.


For reference, here is a snippet of the Basic Charms curriculum:


I.     Waffling's Quartet* for Casting Charms and Other Spells
To cast a Charm or spell properly, you must have:

1. the incantation
2. the proper pronunciation of the incantation
3. the proper wand movement
4. the intent.

  • An incantation is a word or series of words that triggers a magical force. The incantation must be pronounced correctly, otherwise your spell may be unsuccessful and you might get undesired results.
  • Wand movement refers to the way in which one moves one's wand while reciting the incantation. Most of the time, simply pointing with dignity at the target will work; there is also the ever-popular "Swish and Flick" movement.
  • Intent is the driving force behind Charmwork. It is, literally, the feeling -- mental, emotional, psychological -- with which you cast the spell. It comes from within the spirit, within the soul. At the Basic level (in our class), simply knowing the feeling behind the spell and anticipating the desired outcome is sufficient. At more advanced levels, such as when performing Memory Charms, the nature of the spell's intent must be stronger and connect the hearts of the caster and the target. 

--- Other spells may require one to perform the Charm or spell with a certain degree of heaviness or lightness in the arm, wrist, and elbow. In other words, some spells require force and a heavy hand. Other spells, such as the Cheering Charm (Felix Fortuno), must be cast lightly, as heavyhandedness with the Cheering Charm may cause excessive side-effects.

* These four tenets of spellcasting are often referred to as Waffling's Quartet, as they were first posited by the magical theoretician Adalbert Waffling.


There is a bit part there about "heavyhandedness," but that would not be related to wand movement because being heavy in your elbow has nothing to do with how you would move the wand. Wand movement is generally in the wrist and forearm, so heavyhandedness would relate more to feeling and intent.


II.    Charms vs. Transfiguration
By definition, a Charms spell is a spell that aims to change the target's behavior. Charms make things and people act "out of the ordinary," or in a way that is otherwise unexpected for that thing or person to act. For example, turning your friend's eyebrows blue is an example of Charms because most humans' eyebrows are not usually blue. A Charms spell adds properties to an object, creature, or person.

Transfiguration takes place at the molecular level, and it involves a chemical transformation to literally change one object into another. Transfiguration does not normally affect the target's behavior. A Transfiguration spell changes what an object is.

Another important way in which Charms spells differ from Transfiguration spells is due to Intent. Intent is crucial in Charms, as Charms are performative, emotional, theatrical -- they are only successful when the caster's heart is committed to the spell. Due to the fact that Charms is more of a performance, there is more room for error: a spell can still be successful even if you don't perform it 100% correctly. On the other hand, Transfiguration is unemotional; it is purely scientific and much more exact. Transfiguration always has to be done perfectly right in order to actually do it.


I hope this helps and doesn't make anyone more confused. If you have questions, please ask; I've done many hours of research on this.

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#8 OFFLINE   Eryka van der Zwan

Eryka van der Zwan

    Ravenclaw Alumna

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Posted 30 August 2014 - 06:36 PM

I hoped that no one would be confused over the spell lists and limitations set by student year or school.   I am thrilled over the wonderful news, that HOgwarts, Charms Department is looking into this.  Thank You so much.  I noted that we had a few new spells in our classes and my appetite was increased by it.  Cheers.   As Pottermore expanded and explained quite a bit about our Wizarding World, like most magical people, I continue to be drawn in.  ;]    Another great resource on this topic is the Wonderbooks.  I had a fun discussion my second year with Professor Rhodes about it.  Adults who want games to expand their magical world away from everything?  Of course.  =]   


JK Rowling worked on these original documents, as to their background history, discoverer/inventor, incantation and wand movement. Some of the spells have a pre effect, which makes the experience richer to write about.  Having made known and unknown wand gestures, movements, flourishes, incantations and spoken the words or phrases, it would be nice to have a bit more 'to write about'.  JK Rowling on her site once stated, that the limitations of the editors and film companies shortened what she had put some time into.  That one day she would perhaps commit it to writing, I had hoped for another one of her extra editions for my library.  Instead she has made Pottermore and continued to expand the magical realm by working on the Wonderbooks.  The Harry Potter games also have incantations and wand movements, that are quite similar through the series.  I found it interesting that a small set was on all media variations and that each one had a few additional spells.  While these are not 'written' cannon they do fill a need?  I was working on four wizarding projects while I studied for my N.E.W.T.s , then the Nargles disrupted HOgwarts.  I have continued collecting data on my huge HP mind map of sorts.  Reading, researching, gaming and writing to sources regarding potions and spells.  It is on my Christmas wish list that JKR would publish her notes, as there are a few side notes on these subjects.   I wondered if the writer got to fulfill some of her own mother wish list, as creative necessity.  Right up there with, new book, new movie, and a mpHPg, with bigger team challenges.  X]


I cannot help but be pleased as pumpkin punch knowing that HOgwarts is going to continue to expand and develop our own Wizarding Community.

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