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Best Rp...ever!

rp HO fun

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#41 OFFLINE   Lucius Crouch

Lucius Crouch

    Hogwarts Canon

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Posted 14 June 2015 - 10:44 PM

My personal opinion (and no,I wont reveal who I am :P ) is that,one of the things you need to be a good RPer,is to have a story for your character. To know who they are and where you want them to go and be and off of that base how he or she acts,talks ,walks. Theres nothing worse than a character that you see has no aim, or no substance because I dont see how you could play that off. You have to have a story around your charrie and know what you want him or her to become,wheter its a dark wizard, death eater, next Rosalie lol and use who your character is and what you want him or her to be as reference points of how he or she behaves. Theres nothing I hate seeing more than characters who look amazing but theres no background story or works for their future and they are just standing in space :(


and to experiment.


Me personally as someone who has been on this board since like 07 this is my first time having a guy charrie and so sometimes I play him rough, because of what I want him to be, sometimes I play him off as soft,totally how my mood hits me to try and see what would the best angle for him be,and thats what I learned all these years too with my other charries,just experiment,try different things and sooner or latter youll tap into the exact way you want your charrie to be or sound.The big thing in RP is not really fearing trying different avenues.


I remember when I first joined with myfirst charrie I played her meek and nice for two years. And she wasnt going anywhere. I thought to myself ,well, the roleplays are nice, but something is missing,for two years she was just standing in place. So I decided to turn her to be evil.Funny thing was,once I turned her to be evil I found there are a million ways you can play evil,I experimented with many of them and finally found the nitch that I thought would be fitting for her. So its all about getting out of your comfort zone.


This charrie I now have is meant to be Corvus and Nates brother.And he is the bad seed. So,when you think about it, what was Corvus like? He was heroic,popular, all women loved him,he was on good terms with everyone...so whats the opposite of that? Someone sleazy, disrespectful towards women, agressive,very callous towards women. If I roleplay Lucius like a loveable player, then I would just be imitating Corvies and Nates writters who were and are awsome,and I wont accomplish anything because Im supposed tobe the bad seed God damnit lol.

#42 OFFLINE   Moun Stark

Moun Stark
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Posted 30 August 2016 - 09:50 AM

It's hard to choose just one...

I remember a hilarious hide-and-seek game in the library (with sketches sent by PM to explain where we were hiding)...
The DAWN attack on the prefects was pretty epic too, and the encounters with the Hagens (father and son) and their "nanny" that followed were delightfully tense (I recall a pie-eating auror that almost got crazy because of us xD )

More recently, I really enjoyed starting a quarrel under a governor's nose (no need to say it didn't end well for Moun xD )


But I agree with Lucius: the best RPs are those where you get out of your comfort zone... and once you start RPing a dark side, you just don't want to stop.

#43 OFFLINE   Roisin Doyle

Roisin Doyle

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Posted 06 May 2018 - 12:50 PM

So many, sooooo many great RPs. but one of my personal favorite RECENT rps is the double date Mariel & Kara went on with Democritus and Brian! HILARIOUS rp.

#44 OFFLINE   James Wood

James Wood
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Posted 07 July 2018 - 06:28 PM

Drunken RP's with Rosalie Atherton and Cassandra Krum. Best RPs ever. 

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