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Book Of Spells: New Spells List

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#1 OFFLINE   Prof. Celestina Smerch

Prof. Celestina Smerch
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Posted 13 April 2011 - 12:02 AM



Here you will find a list of spells (from the HP and HO universe combined together) broken down by year.


If you transfer to Hogwarts or participate in the Foreign Exchange to go to Hogwarts, you should follow this spell list.





1. If a spell is not on this list, and you weren’t taught it in a class, do not use that spell. If there are spells from the books, games, or Pottermore that you would like to see added, please contact Prof. Britney Bryne.


2. For the spells in your current year, you must be taught how to do those spells in classes. If the class hasn’t covered that spell yet, you may not use it.


3. Higher years can still do spells from lower years even if they were never taught those spells in classes.


4. You may only use a spell higher than your year if you are asked to use/learn it in a class or an RP Challenge, or if used during a dueling match; both situations must be under the supervision of a professor.


5. First-years are not allowed to use magic outside of classes except in the following cases: class demonstration or assignment, plot purposes, RP Challenges, or any case in which a professor has approved it prior to its use.





♠♠ - Spells from the HP movies and games

♣♣ - Canon spells of Hogwarts Online. Also denotes incantations created for ones not given in the series.

♦♦ - Spells that can only be used in class (for students) unless otherwise stated

♥♥ - Canon prank spells of Hogwarts Online that can last for a maximum of 20 minutes

* - These spells should only be performed if the appropriate class quill has been earned. If you are concerned about which quill you need, speak with the Head Professor of Charms.

Edited by Prof. Guinevere Meredith, 13 March 2021 - 10:54 AM.

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#2 OFFLINE   Prof. Keifer Diderot

Prof. Keifer Diderot

    Healing Hands, Nonverbal Magic

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Posted 24 June 2016 - 09:50 PM

First Year


Charms and Spells:


Aguamenti (The Water-Making Spell)

Pronunciation: ag-wuh-MEN-tee

Color: Icy blue

Effect: Conjures a fountain or jet of clear water from the caster's wand.


Alohomora (The Unlocking Charm)

Pronunciation: al-LOH-ha-MOR-ah

Color: Invisible, blue, or yellow

Effect: Unlocks most locked objects.

Notes: Some things can be locked more permanently, making this spell useless on them.

Counterspell: see Anti-Unlocking Spell


Capillis (The Hair-Thickening Charm) ♣♣

Pronunciation: cuh-PILL-iss

Effect: Thickens the targets' hair.


Coloris Alterno

Pronunciation: kah-LOOR-ees ahl-TURN-oh

Effect: Changes an object's color to a single permanent color.

Counter: Invorto


Embros Spinthirakia ♣♣

Pronunciation: EHM-bros spin-theer-AHK-yah

Effect: Produces harmless firework-like sparks from your wand. 

Notes: The fireworks do not shoot up into the air.



Pronunciation: ex-PELL-ee-ahr-muss

Color: Scarlet

Effect: Removes an object (often a wand) from the recipient's hand.


Frenonectio ♣♣

Pronunciation: freh-nih-NEK-tee-oh

Effect: Fastens someone's shoelaces together.


Hromalaxo ♣♣

Pronunciation: hro-muh-LOCK-so

Effect: Make something change color temporarily.


Hromamouallazei ♣♣

Pronunciation: hro-muh-moo-uh-LAHT-see

Effect: Make yourself change color temporarily. 



Pronunciation: fih-NESS-truh

Effect: Shatters glass


Finite (The General Counterspell)

Pronunciation: fih-NEE-tay

Color: Red

Effect: Stops any current spells.

Notes: Cannot be used to stop “Stupefy” (see Renervate).


Lautus ♣♣

Pronunciation: LAO-tiss

Effect: Used to clean a pet, not causing the pet discomfort or harm.


Lumos (The Wand-Lighting Charm)

Pronunciaton: LOO-mohs

Color: White

Effect: Causes a small beam of white light to shine from the end of your wand.

Counter: Nox


Incendio (The Fire-Making Spell)

Pronunciation: in-SEHN-dee-oh

Effect: Starts a fire.

Note: According to Pottermore, one can use Incendio to create pretty blue flames, which can even be kept in a jar.


Spongify (The Softening Charm)

Pronunciation: SPUN-jif-eye

Effect: Makes an object softer, giving it a spongy texture.


Nox (The Wand-Extinguishing Charm)

Pronunciation: nocks

Effect: Extinguishes the light caused by Lumos

Notes: Counter to Lumos.


Virga Epistula ♣♣

Pronunciation: VER-guh ee-PIST-yew-lah

Effect: Shoots ribbons out of a wand that form letters, numbers, and words.


Wingardium Leviosa (The Levitation Charm)

Pronunciation: win-GAHR-dee-um leh-vee-OH-sah

Effect: Makes an object fly with little control from the caster.



Jinxes and Curses:


Flipendo (The Knockback Jinx)

Pronunciation: flih-PEN-doh

Effect: Knocks people, objects, and creatures back


Petrificus Totalus (Full Body-Bind Curse or Body-Freezing Spell)

Pronunciation: peh-TRIH-fih-kuss toh-TAL-uss

Effect: Paralyzes the opponent.





Second Year


Charms and Spells:


Alterno (The Bed-Making Charm) ♣♣*

Pronunciation: al-TER-no

Effect: Makes a bed.


Aqua Eructo ♠♠

Pronunciation: AH-quah er-UK-toe

Color: Ice blue

Effect: Creates a jet of icy clear water, which the caster can control.


Aqua Feruentem (The Boiling Water Charm) ♣♣*

Pronunciation: AH-quah fer-oo-EN-tem

Effect: Heats water up to boiling point (100 C).


Amini Bourboulithres ♣♣

Pronunciation: ah-MEEN-ee boor-boo-LE-thres

Effect: Creates a screen of soap bubbles when making an escape.


Arania Exumai ♦♦

Pronunciation: ah-RAHN-ee-uh EGGS-oo-may

Color: Blue

Effect: Used to at least blast back Acromantulas or other large spiders.


Arescoripus ♣♣

Pronunciation: ah-reh-SCOR-ip-us

Effect: Dries up water.


Bullaureus ♣♣

Pronunciation: bull-AUR-ee-us

Effect: Pours non-bursting golden bubbles out of the wand.


Conseco (The Dicing Charm) ♣♣*

Pronunciation: con-SEE-koh

Effect: Dices vegetables and fruits.


Convertendo (The Bookshelf Rearranging Charm) ♣♣*

Pronunciation: con-ver-TEN-doe

Effect: Used to sort books, parchments, quills and the like alphabetically, according to type, etc.


Desino (The Stopping Charm) ♣♣*

Pronunciation: deh-SEE-noh

Effect: Used to stop completely any movement from charmed objects for cleaning or doing household chores.


Diffindo (The Severing Charm)

Pronunciation: dif-FIN-doe

Color: White

Effect: It is used to rip, divide, and separate objects into parts. It can cut human flesh if used inappropriately, and can therefore cause death.



Pronunciation: dis-SEN-di-um

Effect: Opens the hump of the one-eyed witch.


Ela Bourboulithres ♣♣

Pronunciation: ELL-uh boor-boo-LE-thres

Effect: Produce harmless soap bubbles from your wand.


Ejicio (The Garbage Disposal Charm) ♣♣*

Pronunciation: ej-IH-see-oh

Effect: Chops garbage up.


Escolo (The Shoe-Cleaning Charm) ♣♣*

Pronunciation: es-KO-lo

Effect: Polishes shoes.


Ferrum Veste (The Clothes-Ironing Charm) ♣♣*

Pronunciation: FAIR-uhm VES-tee

Effect: Irons clothes.


Finite Incantatem (General Counterspell)

Pronunciation: fih-NEE-tay in-kan-TAH-tum

Color: Red

Effect: Stops multiple spell effects.


Fluo (The Liquid-Pouring Charm) ♣♣*

Pronunciation: FLOO-oh

Effect: Makes liquid pour.


Fusilis (The Cushioning Charm) ♣♣

Pronunciation: FEW-sil-iss or few-SIL-iss

Effect: Cushions the seat of a broomstick, giving the rider more comfort.


Immobulus (The Freezing Charm)

Pronunciation: ihm-MO-bew-luss

Color: Blue

Effect: Freezes objects.



Pronunciation: im-PURR-vee-iss

Effect: Makes an object repel water.


Induviae (The Sorting/Folding Clothes Charm) ♣♣*

Pronunciation: in-DOO-vee-ay

Effect: Sorts and folds clothes.


Infirmo (The Vortex/Shake Charm) ♣♣*

Pronunciation: in-FEAR-moh

Effect: Used in cooking to shake/mix ingredients together.


Laboro (The Toilet-Cleaning Charm) ♣♣*

Pronunciation: lah-BOH-roh

Effect: Cleans toilets.


Lava Fenestras (The Window-Washing Charm)

Pronunciation: LA-va fen-ES-tras

Effect: Washes windows.


Lava Vestimenta (The Laundry Charm) ♣♣*

Pronunciation: LAH-vuh ves-tih-MEN-tuh

Effect: Launders/washes clothes.


Livignis ♣♣

Pronunciation: lih-VIG-niss or lih-VIN-yiss

Effect: Creates a bluebell flame which can be directed to a specific place. It can also be saved in jars and, unlike regular fire, it only heats from the top of the flames, making the jar possible to carry.



Pronunciation: loh-coh-MOH-tohr

Effect: Moves an object.


Locomotor Wibbly

Pronunciation: loh-coh-MOH-tohr WIB-blee

Color: Red

Effect: Causes the opponent's legs to collapse.


Lubricus (The Food-Cutting Charm) ♣♣*

Pronunciation: LOO-bree-cuss

Effect: Used to cut pieces of materials in a proportionate and precise manner.


Lumos Maxima

Pronunciation: LOO-mos MAK-sih-muh

Color: White

Effect: Produces a blinding flash of white light from the tip of the wand.


Mendus (The Dusting Charm) ♣♣*

Pronunciation: MEN-diss

Effect: Dusts objects.


Mensa (The Table-Setting Charm) ♣♣*

Pronunciation: MEN-suh

Effect: Sets a table.



Pronunciation: moh-bill-ee-AHR-bus

Effect: Allows the caster to move trees with the wand.



Pronunciation: moh-bill-ee-CORE-puss

Effect: Moves unconscious bodies.


Nakriono ♣♣

Pronunciation: nah-KREE-oh-no

Effect: Cool yourself down if you're in a hot place.


Nazesteno ♣♣

Pronunciation: nots-eh-STEH-no

Effect: Warm yourself up if you're in a cold place.


Pack ♠♠

Effect: Packs a trunk or any luggage; makes items assemble themselves into a trunk.

Wand movement: Tap your bag twice with your wand and then do one large counterclockwise circle above the items you want packed while saying the word "Pack".


Papyrus Reparo

Pronunciation: puh-PIE-russ reh-PAIR-oh

Effects: Mends torn pieces of paper


Pexeimona ♣♣

Pronunciation: peck-see-MOH-nah

Effect: Make musical instruments play themselves (no guarantee that it will be either pleasant or in tune).


Pollahroma ♣♣

Pronunciation: po-LAH hro-MAH

Effect: Make a group of things multicolored.



Pronunciation: pro-TAY-goh

Color: Bright, transparent blue

Effect: Creates a magical barrier that will deflect hexes thrown at the caster.


Protego Maxima

Pronunciation: pro-TAY-goh MAX-eema

Effect: A powerful shield charm


Protego Totalum

Pronunciation: pro-TAY-goh toh-TAH-lum

Effect: Protects an area for an extended period of time


Rennervate (The Reviving Spell)

Pronunciation: REHN-ner-vait

Effect: Awakens a victim.

Note: Counters Stupefy.


Reparo (The Mending Charm)

Pronunciation: rih-PAH-row

Effect: Undoes damage to an object.


Rictusempra (Tickling Charm)

Pronunciation: rik-tuh-SEM-pruh

Color: Silver

Effect: Tickles opponent.


Roto (The Food-Flipping Charm) ♣♣*

Pronunciation: ROH-toh

Effect: In cooking, this spell flips foods like pancakes or steak so that they can be cooked on the other side.


Serpensortia (Snake Summons Spell)

Pronunciation: ser-pehn-SOHR-tee-uh

Color: White

Effect: Produces a snake.


Stupefy (Stunning Spell)

Pronunciation: STOO-pih-fy

Color: Red

Effect: Knocks out opponent.


Tersus (The Dishwashing Charm) ♣♣*

Pronunciation: TURR-siss

Effect: Wahses dishes.


Umbrus (The Umbrella Charm)

Pronunciation: UM-bruss

Effect: Produces an umbrella from your wand


Vacuum Lautus (The Vacuuming Charm)

Pronunciation: vac-UUM LOW-u-tus

Wand movement: a forward and backward motion, as though using a vacuum cleaner

Effect: Turns your wand into a vacuum, getting rid of dust and debris from carpets



Pronunciation: VEN-tuss

Effect: Shoots a jet of strong spiraling wind


Verrimus (The Sweeping Charm) ♣♣*

Pronunciation: VAIR-ih-miss

Effect: Sweeps debris away.


Vipera Evanesca

Pronunciation: vee-PAIR-uh eh-vuh-NES-kuh

Effect: Counter-spell for the Snake-Summoning Charm


Vorto Vellum (The Curtain-Changing Charm) ♣♣*

Pronunciation: VOHR-toh VELL-uhm

Effect: Changes curtains according to color or type.



Jinxes, Hexes, and Curses:


Anteoculatia (The Color-Changing Charm)

Pronunciation: an-tee-oh-kyo-LAY-chee-ah

Effect: Causes the target to grow antlers


Aurifero ♥♥

Pronunciation: oar-IF-err-oh

Effect: Causes the ears of the victim to wiggle and twitch uncontrollably.


Cantare ♥♥

Pronunciation: kahn-TAHR-ay

Effect: Makes victim to start singing uncontrollably (in tune or not). Speech cannot be controlled.


Locomotor Mortis (Leg-Locker Curse)

Pronunciation: loh-coh-MOH-tohr MOHR-tiss

Color: Purple

Effect: Locks together the legs of the victim, making the victim unable to walk.


Makrenimalli ♥♥

Pronunciation: mah-KREN-ih-mah-lee

Effect: Make someone's hair suddenly grow.


Niaourizi ♥♥

Pronunciation: nyow-REET-see

Effect: Make someone "meow" like a cat every time they speak.


Revetai Bourboulithres ♥♥

Pronunciation: REH-veh-teh boor-boo-LEE-thress

Effect: Make someone belch harmless bubbles.


Tarantallegra (Dancing Feet Spell)

Pronunciation: tair-en-tuh-LEG-ruh

Color: Green

Effect: Forces the victim to start dancing uncontrollably.


Titillando (Tickling Hex)

Pronunciation: tih-tuh-LAWN-doh

Effect: Tickles the opponent, making it difficult for them to stop laughing and twitching.


Vomitus Earum (The Slug-Vomiting Jinx) ♥♥

Pronunciation: voh-MEE-tiss AIR-uhm

Effect: Causes the victim to belch up slugs.


Yellatrella ♥♥

Pronunciation: YELL-uh-TRELL-uh

Effect: Gives someone a major attack of the giggles.

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#3 OFFLINE   Prof. Keifer Diderot

Prof. Keifer Diderot

    Healing Hands, Nonverbal Magic

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Posted 24 June 2016 - 09:50 PM

Third Year


Charms and Spells:



Pronunciation: ack-EE-oh

Effect: Summons an object.

Notes: After saying accio, you must name the object you wish to summon.


Alarte Ascendare ♠♠

Pronunciation: A-lar-tay a-SEN-day-ray

Effect: Shoots an object or creature into the air.


Aneviftera ♣♣

Pronunciation: ah-neh-VEEF-tehr-uh

Effect: Makes an object fly, but with little wings of its own.


Aparecium (Revealing Charm)

Pronunciation: ah-pare-EE-see-um

Effect: Reveals invisible ink.


Aresto Momentum ♠♠

Pronunciation: ar-RES-toe mom-MEN-tum

Effect: Used to slow down an object or being that is moving.


Cistem Aperio ♠♠

Pronunciation: SIS-tem ah-PEAR-ee-oh

Color: White

Effect: Makes things open if they are already unlocked.


Embros Omihli ♣♣

Pronunciation: EHM-bros oh-ME-lee

Effect: Create a smokescreen from your wand to make a good escape.

Note: This is a defensive spell that creates a cloud of smoke to obscure your opponent’s vision. An alternative incantation for this spell is “Fumos,” which comes from the video games.


Engorgio (Engorgement Charm)

Pronunciation: en-GOR-gee-oh

Color: Icy blue

Effect: Enlarges and item, keeping its original dimensions.



Pronunciation: eh-PIS-kee

Effect: Heals minor physical injuries that have been inflicted on the target.


Evanesco (Vanishing Spell)

Pronunciation: ev-an-ES-co

Effect: Makes something disappear completely.



Pronunciation: fe-RUE-la

Effect: Creates bandages.


Felix Fortuno (The Cheering Charm) ♣♣

Pronunciation: FE-lix for-TUNE-oh

Effect: Causes the person whom the spell was cast upon to become happy and contented, though heavy-handedness with the spell may cause the person to break into an uncontrollable laughing fit.



Pronunciation: in-CAR-ser-us

Effect: Sends thick ropes out of thin air that wrap around whatever they hit.



Pronunciation: ih-LEDJ-ih-bullis

Effect: Makes writing impossible to read


Lanius ♣♣

Pronunciation: lan-EE-us

Effect: Creates an invisible cushioned area.


Lumos Solem ♠♠

Pronunciation: LOO-mos SO-lem

Color: Very bright white

Effect: Creates a very powerful ray of light.

Counterspell: see Knox



Pronunciation: muf-FLEA-ot-oh

Effect: Fills the targets ears with a distracting buzz so that conversations can be held without being overheard.



Pronunciation: or-KID-ee-us

Effect: Conjures a bunch of flowers.


Penna Grava ♣♣

Pronunciation: PEN-na GRA-va

Effect: Makes something lightweight.


Periculum (Red Sparks) ♠♠

Pronunciation: per-IH-cu-lum

Effect: Causes a red flare to shoot in the air from the users wand.


Pigmen Vibro ♣♣

Pronunciation: PIG-men VI-bro

Effect: Makes paint flash different colors.


Point Me

Pronunciation: point me

Effect: Wand acts like a compass.


Quietus (Quietening Charm)

Pronunciation: qui-ET-us

Effect: Counter spell for Sonorus.

Counterspell: see Sonorus


Reducio (Shrinking Charm)

Pronunciation: reh-DUE-see-oh

Color: Purple

Effect: Returns items to original size.

Counterspell: see Engorgio



Pronunciation: ree-VUHR-tay

Effect: Returns objects to their original positions


Retrorsum ♣♣

Pronunciation: ret-ROR-sum

Effect: Causes an object or spell to backfire to the opponent.



Pronunciation: ri-DIK-uh-lus

Effect: Use this spell and laugh to defeat a boggart

Notes: When saying this incantation, imagine your fear doing something funny. Your boggart will then do the act.


Scourgify (Scouring Charm)

Pronunciation: scor-GI-fi

Effect: Cleans things.


Silencio (Silencing Charm)

Pronunciation: sil-EN-see-oh

Effect: Magically silences the target of the spell.



Pronunciation: skuhrj

Color: White

Effect: Destroys ectoplasm which is the remains of ghosts.


Sonorus (Amplifying Charm)

Pronunciation: so-NOR-us

Effect: Amplifies voice.

Counterspell: see Quietus


Vera Verto ♦♦

Pronunciation: VER-uh VER-toe

Effect: Turns animals into water goblets.


Viriculum ♣♣

Pronunciation: vir-IK-yew-lum

Effect: Shoots up green sparks.



Jinxes, Hexes, and Curses:


Allium Auris ♣♣

Pronunciation: al-LEE-um OR-iss

Effect: Results in leeks growing out of the target's ears.


Colloshoo (Stickfast Hex)

Pronunciation: col-LO-shoo

Effect: Sticks the opponents shoes to the floor.



Pronunciation: con-FUN-doe

Effect: Causes your opponent to become confused.



Pronunciation: den-SWA-gee-oh

Effect: Enlarges Teeth.


Diginsurgo ♣♣

Pronunciation: di-GIN-sur-go

Effect: Causes the target's toenails to grow alarmingly fast.


Everte Statum ♠♠

Pronunciation: ev-AIR-te STAT-um

Color: Orange

Effect: Throws an opponent backwards.


Fernismata ♥♥

Pronunciation: fer-NEEZ-mah-tah

Effect: Give someone the sneezes.


Flipendo (Knockback Jinx)

Pronunciation: fli-PEN-doe

Color: Blue

Effect: Knocks an object backwards.



Pronunciation: LANG-lock

Effect: Glues the target's tongue to the roof of his or her mouth.


Mimble Wimble (Tongue-Tying Curse)

Pronunciation: MIM-bull WIM-bull

Effect: Ties your opponents tongue into a knot.


Mucus Ad Nauseam (Curse of the Bogies)

Pronunciation: MEW-cus ad NAU-zee-um

Color: Green

Effect: Gives your opponent and extremely runny nose.


Navromai ♥♥

Pronunciation: NAH-vroh-meh

Effect: Make someone temporarily stink.


Nez Oppugno ♣♣

Pronunciation: nay op-PUG-no

Effect: Causes "bogies" to turn into bats and attack the victim.


Pagopatoma ♥♥

Pronunciation: pa-go-PAT-oh-ma

Effect: Makes the soles of the victims shoes slippery like ice.


Pedes Syrtim ♣♣

Pronunciation: PEH-dess SER-tim

Effect: Creates a quick sand trap on your opponent’s feet.


Pseeliastikei ♥♥

Pronunciation: psee-lee-AH-stee-keh

Effect: Give someone fleas.


Vellusero ♣♣

Pronunciation: vel-LOO-ser-oh

Effect: Causes a person to grow fur.





Fourth Year


Charms and Spells:


Abdores ♣♣

Pronunciation: ab-DOOR-es

Effect: Used to conceal something.

Notes: Similar to a Disillusionment Charm, but not used on people



Pronunciation: uh-BER-toe

Effect: Used to open doors


Ascendio ♠♠

Pronunciation: uh-SEN-dee-oh

Effect: Lifts the caster high into the air.


Bombarda ♠♠

Pronunciation: bum-BAR-da

Effect: Causes a small explosion.


Bulla Rex ♣♣

Pronunciation: BULL-uh rex

Effect: Puts a large bubble of air around the head of the user so they can breath as though using a breathing apparatus.



Pronunciation: SIR-come-roh-tuh

Effects: Rotates objects


Colloportus (Locking Spell)

Pronunciation: co-lo-POR-tus

Effect: Seals a door, making an odd squelching noise.


Depulso (Banishing Charm)

Pronunciation: deh-PUL-so

Color: White

Effect: Causes the targeted object to be thrown away from the caster, but it requires good aim.


Efulgeonivosus ♣♣

Pronunciation: e-full-GEE-on-iv-OH-sus

Effect: Makes an enchanted warm and dry snow fall in an area.



Pronunciation: uh-REK-toh

Effect: Straightens out the target object and sets it up (think of tents, umbrellas, fallen furniture, decorations etc.).


Expecto Patronum (Patronus Charm)

Pronunciation: ex-PEK-toe pa-TROH-num

Color: Silver

Effect: Creates a Patronus.



Pronunciation: FLA-grate

Effect: Creates a burning, fiery line in the air which can be "drawn" with the wand into specific shapes.

Notes: The shape lingers for some time.


Flammelus ♣♣

Pronunciation: flam-mel-US

Effect: Causes wand to emit hot air.

Counterspell: see Finite


Immorima ♣♣

Pronunciation: im-mor-IH-ma

Effect: Makes an object unbreakable.



Pronunciation: im-per-TUR-bah-bul

Effect: Creates a magical barrier on a target object, such as a door, to prevent eavesdropping. The target object is said to have been Imperturbed.


Lacarnum Inflamarae ♠♠

Pronunciation: lar-CAR-num in-FLA-mar-aye

Color: Orange

Effect: Sends a large ball of fire from the wand.


Specialis Revelio

Pronunciation: spe-SHUL-iss re-VEL-ee-oh

Effect: Used to identify the ingredients of the target potion or the enchantments on a target object. An enchantment will be set off and a potion with emit steam in the shape of ingredients.



Pronunciation: tur-GEE-oh

Effect: Cleans up the target object or person.



Pronunciation: wad-di-WAH-see

Effect: Unsticks an object (such as gum or glue).



Jinxes, Hexes, and Curses:


Allium Lacrimis ♥♥

Pronunciation: al-LEE-um la-CRIM-iss

Effect: Causes target to have "onion tears" uncontrollably.



Pronunciation: con-JUNC-tiv-IH-tis

Effect: Damages opponents eyesight.


Digilentus ♣♣

Pronunciation: di-gil-EN-tus

Effect: Makes the target's fingers like jelly, so that they cannot grasp anything properly.


Expulso (Exploding Curse)

Pronunciation: ex-PUL-so

Color: Blue

Effect: Blows up the target; can throw people into walls.


Fabula ♣♣

Pronunciation: fa-BU-la

Effect: Causes the victim to babble nonsense.


Friguttio ♥♥

Pronunciation: fri-GOO-shi-oh

Effect: Makes the person stutter.


Impedimenta (The Impediment Hex)

Pronunciation: im-PED-ih-MEN-ta

Color: Turquoise

Effect: Capable of tripping, freezing, binding, knocking back and generally impeding the target's progress towards the caster.



Pronunciation: leh-vee-COR-pus

Color: Green

Effect: Dangles the target person upside-down by the ankle in mid-air.

Counterspell: see Liberacorpus



Pronunciation: lie-BEAR-uh-COR-pus

Effect: Counter to Levicorpus.


Pepper Breath

Effect: This charm gives the target person fiery hot breath.


Pelentus ♣♣

Pronunciation: pel-EN-tus

Effect: Causes the target's legs to wobble uncontrollably.


Reducto (Reductor Curse)

Pronunciation: re-DUC-toe

Color: Blue

Effect: Blasts solid objects aside.


Relashio (Revulsion Jinx)

Pronunciation: re-LASH-ee-oh

Color: Purple

Effect: Releases a jet of fiery sparks which will burn if they hit a target. Underwater, this spell fires a jet of boiling water.


Ructomagna ♥♥

Pronunciation: ruk-tow-MAG-nuh

Effect: Makes the victim burp loudly.


Stinging Hex

Color: White

Effect: A fairly low-powered hex that causes a stinging pain in the victim.


Volucris ♣♣

Pronunciation: vol-OO-cris


Effect: Sprouts feelers on the victim's head, removes the victim's powers of speech, and forces the victim to scuttle along the ground.

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Posted 24 June 2016 - 09:51 PM

Fifth Year


Charms and Spells:


Appare Vestigium

Pronunciation: ah-PAR-aye ves-TEE-jee-um

Effect: Reveals traces of magic, such as footprints


Avifors ♠♠

Pronunciation: AV-ih-forz

Color: Electric blue

Effect: Turns inanimate objects into birds.


Arowhora ♣♣

Pronunciation: ah-row-HOR-uh

Effect: Shoots arrows out of wand.



Pronunciation: AH-viss

Color: Blue

Effect: Launches birds from your wand.


Brackium Emendo ♠♠

Pronunciation: BRAH-kee-um eh-MEN-doe

Effect: Repairs broken arm bone.


Carpe Retractum ♠♠

Pronunciation: CAR-pay re-TRAK-tum

Color: Orange

Effect: Produces a magical rope attached to the caster's wand that pulls objects towards the caster.


Cave Inimicum

Pronunciation: KAH-vay in-IH-mih-cum

Effect: Defensive spell used to keep enemies away.


Dissilu (The Disillusionment Charm) ♣♣

Pronunciation: dis-SEE-loo

Effect: Causes the target to become able to change color to match their background like a chameleon, effectively hiding them without making them invisible.


Diminuendo ♠♠

Pronunciation: di-MIN-yew-EN-doe

Color: White

Effect: Forces objects to shrink.


Flurrifikus ♣♣

Pronunciation: fler-IF-ih-kiss

Effect: Shoots balls of ice from the caster's wand.



Pronunciation: gem-IN-ee-oh

Effect: Duplicates the target object, but the duplicate doesn't have the same properties as the original.



Pronunciation: GLISS-see-oh

Effect: Converts the target object into a smooth slide.


Igalis (The Permanent Sticking Charm) ♣♣

Pronunciation: ig-AL-iss

Effect: Spell that magically fastens one thing to another.

Notes: It is extremely difficult to remove anything fastened with a Permanent Sticking Charm.



Pronunciation: NEH-bue-luss

Effect: Creates fog



Pronunciation: ob-SCUR-oh

Effect: Blocks someone's vision as though their eyelids were closed.


Sapnas ♣♣

Pronunciation: SAP-nas

Effect: Gives the spell caster a highly-realistic 30-minute daydream.


Somnium Revelare ♣♣

Pronunciation: SAWM-nee-um reh-veh-LAHR-ay

Effect: Used to remember forgotten dreams.

Note: Useful in dream divinations.



Pronunciation: SUR-jee-toh

Effect: Counter-charm that can be used to remove strong enchantments


Tamsus Trasa ♣♣

Pronunciation: TAM-sus TRA-sa

Effect: Removes traces or tracks left by someone.



Jinxes, Hexes, and Curses:


Confringo (Blasting Curse)

Pronunciation: con-FRIN-go

Color: Orange, fire-like

Effect: Causes the target to explode beyond repair.


Cordonium Alevian ♣♣ ♦♦

Pronunciation: cor-DOH-nee-um al-EE-vee-an

Effect: Temporarily changes a person into an oversized canary.


Demulceo ♥♥

Pronunciation: de-MUL-see-oh

Effect: Presumably causes the target object to transfix any observer. 


Furnunculus (Pimple Jinx)

Pronunciation: fur-NUN-kew-lus

Color: Jet black

Effect: Causes victim to erupt in pimples.


Inflatus (Inflation Jinx)

Pronunciation: in-FLAY-tus

Color: Blue

Effect: Inflates animate or inanimate objects.

Note: If done too powerfully, the object can explode.


Pedesero ♥♥

Pronunciation: pe-DES-er-oh

Effect: Trips the target.


Ventus (Ventus Jinx) ♠♠

Pronunciation: VEN-tus

Color: White

Effect: Strong blast of wind is shot from the end of the wand.

Note: Used to push objects out of the way.


Vomere ♥♥

Pronunciation: VO-mair-ay

Effect: Makes the victim feel the sudden urge to puke their last meal intake.






Sixth Year


Charms and Spells:



Pronunciation: uh-nap-KNEE-oh

Effect: Spell that clears the target's airway, if blocked.


Audite Leviosa (The Responsive Hover Charm) ♣♣

Pronunciation: ah-DEE-tay leh-vee-OH-suh

Effect: Causes an object to hover on command.

Note: Typically cast on broomsticks so that they will rise when you say “up!”. A modified version of the Levitation Charm.



Pronunciation: ah-ven-SHE-gwim

Effect: Turns an object, such as a feather, into a tracking device


Capacious Extremis (The Extension Charm)

Pronunciation: ca-PAY-shus ex-TREEM-us

Effect: Expands the inside of an object without affecting the outside, enhancing the capacity and making the contents lighter


Consumuto (The Protean Charm) ♣♣

Pronunciation: con-su-MEW-toe

Effect: links several objects together so that if the original is changed, they will all change.

Notes: Complex spell



Pronunciation: deh-FOE-dee-oh

Effect: Digs through or hollows out the target.



Pronunciation: deh-PRE-mo

Effect: Blasts a hole through the target object.



Pronunciation: de-SEND-do

Color: Blue

Effect: Causes something to descend or lower itself (i.e. light fixtures, ceiling fans).


Diverto Dicente (The Gripping Charm) ♣♣

Pronunciation: dee-VAIR-toh dee-CHEN-tay

Effect: Causes an object to become easier to grip or responsive to your grip.

Note: Typically cast on Quaffles so that they are easier to grip but can also be casted on broomstick handles so that they respond to your grip.


Duro (Hardening Charm)

Pronunciation: DUR-oh

Effect: Turns the target object to stone.


Herbivicus ♠♠

Pronunciation: herb-ih-VIH-cus

Color: Green

Effect: Makes flowers and plants bloom in an instant.

Notes: Unline Orchiedous, the flowers do not sprout from the wand; they are already growing.


Ignisuro ♣♣

Pronunciation: ig-NIH-sur-oh

Effect: Causes fire to become harmless to those caught in it, creating only a gentle, tickling sensation instead of burns.


Immodiscendo ♦♦♣♣

Pronunciation: im-MOE-dih-send-doe

Effect: Prevents someone from Apparating/Disapparating.


Fianto Duri

Pronunciation: fee-AN-toe DOO-ree

Effect: A defensive charm that strengthens shield spells


Necto Seorsum ♣♣

Pronunciation: KNECK-toe say-OR-sum

Effect: Binds someone’s hands and feet. They can still move, their hands and feet are just “tied.”


Piertotum Locomotor ♠♠

Pronunciation: py-air-TOH-tum LOH-koh-MOH-tor

Effect: Used to animate statues and suits of armour to do the caster's bidding.


Quantum ♣♣

Pronunciation: KWON-tum

Effect: Causes the target container to refill itself with whatever was in it.


Repello Inimicum

Pronunciation: reh-PEL-oh in-IHM-ih-kum

Color: Bluish white

Effect: Spell that keeps something away from the caster or from a target object that the spell is cast upon.


Repello Muggletum (Muggle-Repelling Charm)

Pronunciation: reh-PEL-oh MUG-gul-tum

Color: Transparent, like heat waves

Effect: Keeps Muggles away from the target place or object.


Salvio Hexia ♠♠

Pronunciation: sal-VEE-oh HEX-ee-uh

Color: A transparent wave of energy

Effect: Deflects minor hexes aimed at an object.



Jinxes, Hexes, and Curses:



Pronunciation: ob-SCOW-zee


Effect: Seals someone's mouth shut as though it was never there.


Desero ♣♣

Pronunciation: deh-SER-oh

Effect: Causes brooms to vibrate violently in the air and try to buck their rider off.


Gastrodoleo ♥♥

Pronunciation: gas-TRO-doe-lee-oh

Effect: Makes the victim feel the pang of a sudden urge to have a bowel movement.


Methisi ♥♥

Pronunciation: meh-THEE-see

Effect: Makes the victim become completely dizzy, and instantly fall asleep like a drunk person.


Oppugno ♠♠

Pronunciation: op-PUG-no

Effect: Causes animals or beings of lesser intelligence to attack the target.


Revuls ♦♦ ♣♣

Pronunciation: REH-vuls

Effect: Forces the target to back off from the caster, letting go of him or her if the target is holding on to the caster.

Color: Purple light


Silenda Sustin ♦♦♣♣

Pronunciation: sih-LEN-da SUS-tin

Effect: Binds the target's tongue to keep him or her from talking about a specific subject.




Seventh Year


Charms and Spells:



Caterwaul (Caterwauling Charm) ♣♣

Pronunciation: cat-er-WOL

Effect: When an unauthorized person enters the target area while the effect is running, a caterwauling noise will be set off.


Colloportus Maximus (Anti-Alohomora Spell)

Pronunciation: col-LO-por-tus MAX-i-mus

Effect: Prevents a door to be opened by the unlocking charm.



Pronunciation: deh-LEE-tree-us

Effect: Counter-charm to the Reverse Spell, vanishes the image of the last spell cast



Pronunciation: fi-DEL-ee-us

Effect: Hides a secret within someone.

Notes: Only the Secret Keeper can share the secret in order to reveal it to others.


Furvotact ♦♦♣♣

Pronunciation: fur-VOH-tact

Effect: Causes the target object to burn anyone who touches it.


Glacius (Freezing Spell) ♠♠

Pronunciation: glay-CEE-us

Color: Blue

Effect: Freezes things to solid ice.


Homenum Revelio

Pronunciation: hom-en-UM re-VEL-ee-oh

Effect: Reveals human presence in the target area.


Homorphus ♦♦

Pronunciation: ho-MOR-fus

Effect: Causes an Animagus or transfigured object to reassume its normal shape.


Meteolojinx Recanto

Pronunciation: me-tee-oh-low-JINX re-CAN-to

Effect: Halts a spell that is causing rain.

Notes: Can also be used to reverse other atmosphere-changing charms


Portus ♦♦

Pronunciation: POR-tus

Color: Blue

Effect: Turns the target object into a Portkey.

Notes: Requires Ministry approval


Prior Incantato

Pronunciation: PRY-or in-CAN-tah-toe

Effect: Reveals a wand’s last spell cast.


Protego Horribilis ♠♠

Pronunciation: pro-TEY-go hor-IH-bill-iss

Effect: A powerful shield charm.

Notes: Particularly effective against dark magic


Totale ♣♣

Pronunciation: toh-TAHLL

Effect: Used to destroy or wreck something large, such as a room.

Note: The effects can be reversed with Finite.



Jinxes, Hexes, and Curses:


Emigro Vidinis ♦♦♣♣

Pronunciation: eh-ME-gro vih-DIH-niss

Effect: Causes the target’s entrails (intestines) to expel from their body.


Fiendfyre ♦♦

Pronunciation: FEEND-fire

Effect: Cursed fire, made up of flames of abnormal size and heat that can crumble fairly substantial objects to soot at a mere touch. Left burning long enough, the fire will take the shapes of gigantic fiery beasts (including serpents, chimaeras, dragons, and birds of prey) which will pursue any target humans.


Grava Nebule ♣♣

Pronunciation: GRA-va NE-bule

Effect: Charm which creates an innocent-looking mist which hovers above the ground. A person stepping into this mist immediately finds that up and down have reversed and they are hanging from the ground over the endless sky.


Ignis Draco ♣♣

Pronunciation: IG-niss DRAY-koh

Effect: Creates fire with the same potency as a dragon. Can also be used to signal other dragons to come.


Inclino Volucris ♣♣

Pronunciation: in-CLEE-no voh-LOO-cris

Effect: Curse that causes a person to sprout feelers and inhibits their ability to talk.


Intratundo ♦♦♣♣

Pronunciation: in-trah-TON-doe

Effect: The curse appears to cause massive internal injury, but it does not show any external symptoms.

Wand Movement: It is cast with a slashing motion.

Color: Zigzagging purple flames


Jelly-Brain Jinx ♠♠♦♦

Effect: Affects the victim's mental processes. They become slower and confused.


Sectumsempra ♦♦

Pronunciation: sec-TUM-sem-pra

Color: White

Effect: Cuts the target with deep gashes.

Counterspell: see Vulnera Sanentur


Snitch Jinx


Effect: A delayed-action jinx which writes the word "sneak" across someone's face in pimples if they break an agreement they sign.

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Special Case Spells

These can only be used by Adult Wizards or by those who are only deemed capable or allowed to use them.


Challiance ♣♣

Pronunciation: chal-ih-ANCE

Effect: Used by professors on quills to stop the student from cheating in any way.


Ducklifors ♠♠

Pronunciation: DUCK-lih-forz

Color: Yellow

Effect: Transfigures target creature into a duck.

Counterspell: See "Homorphus."


Draconifors ♠♠

Pronunciation: dra-CON-ih-forz

Color: Fiery red

Effect: Turns statues of dragons into real dragons.

Counterspell: See "Finite."


Harmonia Nectare Passus

Pronunciation: har-MOH-nee-uh NECK-teh-ray PASS-us

Effect: Repairs a Vanishing Cabinet


Insomniárium ♣♣

Pronunciation: in-som-knee-ARE-ee-um

Effect: Puts the victim into a deep sleep where the victim doesn't breathe but stays alive.



Pronunciation: leh-JILL-ih-mens

Color: Psychedelic transparent wave

Effect: Used to penetrate another's thoughts.

Counterspell: see Protego



Pronunciation: mors-LOO-pus

Effect: Magically "tattoos" the Guffey Clan symbol onto a person or object.

Notes: Approved by Prof. Clemenceau and can only be cast by a Guffey.



Pronunciation: morz-MOR-druh

Color: Green

Effect: Conjures the Dark Mark.

Notes: Can only be used by Death Eaters


Partis Temporus ♠♠

Pronunciation: PAR-tis tem-POUR-us

Effect: Creates a temporary gap through protective magical barriers.

Notes: The exception to this is of ancient and impenetrable barriers, such as that within Hogwarts or those created by the Ministry, Head of School, etc.


Tonsilitis Ungula ♣♣

Pronunciation: ton-sul-EYE-tiss UN-goo-la

Effect: Cuts away a dragon's claws.


Virga Sanare ♣♣

Pronunciation: VER-guh suh-NAR-ay

Effect: Heals small breaks in wands.


Vulnera Sanentur ♠♠

Pronunciation: VUL-nair-uh sah-NEN-ter

Effect: Causes wounds and gashes to heal up and any blood to return to the victim.



Memory Charms

Please don’t feel as though you need to follow this information exactly. These spells (with the exceptions of Obliviate and Recorlevis) were created for the purposes of teaching the Memory Charms class offered by the Hogwarts Charms Department and to enhance the overall roleplaying experience. Ask Prof. Alden Harrington if you'd like more information.


Deleo Memoria ♣♣

Pronunciation: duh-LEE-oh meh-MOAR-ee-uh

Effect: Completely deletes a memory so that it can never be recovered.

Note: A very clear idea of which memory you wish to delete is necessary to cast this spell. Since it can be dangerous, some organizations require both the caster and the victim to sign a consent form (if the victim agrees to it for Mental Healing purposes).


Emendo Memoria ♣♣

Pronunciation: ih-MEHN-doe meh-MOAR-ee-uh

Effect: Unlocks a victim's memories so that they can be rewritten or modified.


Fulcio Repeto ♣♣

Pronunciation: FOOL-chee-oh rih-PEH-toe

Effect: Strengthens a victim's long-term memory.

Note: Can sometimes act as a Countercharm to Obliviate; see the notes on Obliviate. This is primarily used in Mental Healing.


Obliviate (Forgetfulness Charm)

Pronunciation: ob-LIV-ee-ate

Color: Green

Effect: Erases memories.

Notes: Can only be used by Obliviators, Aurors, or (in some cases) Healers. If performed improperly, it can cause severe memory loss or brain damage. Some Committees on Experimental Charms in countries around the world believe that this spell doesn't completely erase memories; it simply prevents victims from accessing those memories. However, if the victim has a strong emotional hold over memories that have been Obliviated, it is possible to regain some of those memories. In other cases, Fulcio Repeto can act as a Countercharm to Obliviate. The conversation among Charms Researchers about whether or not this Charm can truly erase memories completely is called “The Debate on Obliviate.”


Recorlevis ♣♣

Pronunciation: reh-COR-leh-viss

Effect: Implants a false memory in the mind of the target.

Note: A very clear idea of the false memory you wish to implant is necessary to cast this spell. An alternative incantation for this spell is “Reproba Memoria” (rih-PRO-buh meh-MOAR-ee-uh).


Restituo Muneris ♣♣

Pronunciation: ruh-STICH-oo-oh moo-NAIR-iss

Effect: Restores the motor functions to any area of damaged brain tissue.


Sino Repeto ♣♣

Pronunciation: SEE-noh rih-PEH-toe

Effect: Strengthens the victim's short-term memory.

Note: Since this spell only strengthens short-term memory, the effects will usually wear off within 7-10 days. People with good memories might be able to benefit from this spell for up to one month. This is usually cast on people with memory loss due to aging.


Verto Memoria Affectus ♣♣

Pronunciation: VEHR-toe meh-MOAR-ee-uh uh-FECK-tiss

Effect: Allows the caster to rewrite a victim's memory to any extent.

Note: A very clear idea of the memory you wish to rewrite and an idea of where it fits in the victim’s past are necessary to cast the spell. This spell changes what the victim actually remembers, so the effects are usually more permanent than when using Verto Memoria Sententia.


Verto Memoria Sententia ♣♣

Pronunciation: VEHR-toe meh-MOAR-ee-uh sen-TEN-chuh

Effect: Alters the way a victim feels about a certain memory.

Note: This only allows the victim to change his or her mind more easily about what has happened in the past. Therefore, the effects of the spell can wear off easily.


Vigoratus Tela ♣♣

Pronunciation: vih-goh-RAH-toos TELL-uh

Effect: Allows the caster to reconstruct a victim's brain tissue if it has been damaged.

Note: Point to where you want the tissue regenerated and use your wand like a paintbrush.




Facts about Magic

Principal Exceptions to Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration:

1. Food cannot be conjured out of nothing. It can be transformed or increased, though.

2. Money cannot be duplicated or conjured from scratch.

3. Physical curse damage cannot be repaired.

4. Resurrections of the dead cannot be performed successfully.

5. Pure love cannot be created by using magic.


Priori Incantatum: When two wands with brother cores are forced to duel, it causes one of the wands to regurgitate the last spells it performed in reverse order.





Unforgivable Curses

As the magical world knows, the Unforgivable Curses were declared by the Ministry of Magic as illegal to use against a human being. They consist of the Cruciatus Curse, Imperius Curse and the Killing curse.


Crucio (Cruciatus Curse)

Pronunciation: CROO-see-oh

Color: Red, or sometimes no color at all

Effect: Causes the target to experience excruciating physical pain. Overuse of this curse can cause irreversible damage to the brain.


Imperio (Imperius Curse)

Pronunciation: im-PEER-ee-oh

Effect: Gives the caster control over another person, taking away the victim's free will. The caster's voice is heard in the target's head, telling them what to do.


Avada Kedavra (Killing Curse)

Pronunciation: uh-VAH--duh ke-DAV-ra

Color: Green

Effect: Immediately kills the victim with no signs of physical effect.




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Posted 24 June 2016 - 09:52 PM


We thank Prof. Adreia Kragen for posting the New Spells List. We also credit Prof. Sorcha Logan, Prof. Adreia Kragen, and Ms. Tia Masen for creating the Household Charms and Spells.


Prof. Alden Harrington created the incantations for the spells related to memory. These spells were originally approved by Prof. Sorcha Logan in 2011. He also provided pronunciation for some of the Greek spells and created the incantations for the Responsive Hover Charm and the Gripping Charm.


Prof. Alaina Balthazar created Lava Fenestras and Vacuum Lautus.


Prof. Amédéé Lautrec created these spells: Ignis Draco, Pedes Syrtim, Virga Sanare, Totale, Somnium Revelare, Lautus.


Prof. Athina Epanistasi created the HO Canon Prank Spells.


Initial arrangements and editing credit to Prof. Elizabeth Peevison (Schuyler) and Prof. Adreia Kragen. Other additions are thanks to Prof. Alaina Balthazar.


** Link to the Old Spells List (Staff Room Archives)




Additions made to the Spells List on December 23, 2014 @ 6PM US EST:


1. Color of the spell, pronunciation, and counterspell (if available) were added. Pronunciations may not be exact; they are just there to help you.


2. Some spells might have been moved to the Jinxes/Hexes/Curses section since that's where they belong, and vice versa. One example is "Reducto," which was listed as a spell; thus, it was moved to Curses because it is called "the Reductor Curse." No spells were deleted.


3. "Spongify" was added to 1st year spells. This spell is listed in "Grade 1" on Pottermore.


4. Only two spells had a year change.

-- "Periculum" (conjures red sparks) was moved from 4th year to 3rd year to match up with "Viriculum" (conjures green sparks).

-- "Recorlevis" was moved from 6th year to Special Case spells because it is a Memory Charm. An alternative incantation for it was also added.


5. "Titillando," the Tickling Hex, was added to 2nd year to match up with "Rictusempra."


6. The Memory Charms created by Prof. Alden Harrington were added to the list for ease of access.


7. Some spells used in DADA curriculum were added; see the credits above.

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