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Marigold Weasley

RP with me, puh-lease
Apr 07 2021 06:24 AM

Marigold Weasley

who wants to rp at HOlidays?!
Dec 02 2019 09:38 PM
  • Healer Adeline Zolnerowich's Photo
    Healer Adeline Zolnerowich
    Dec 02 2019 10:02 PM
  • Sabine Frost's Photo
    Sabine Frost
    We should definitely do this :)
    Dec 03 2019 03:54 PM

Marigold Weasley

let's play :D
Oct 08 2019 09:28 PM
  • Petey Davis's Photo
    Petey Davis
    What game are we playing? -thoughtful emoji-
    Oct 24 2019 09:18 PM

Marigold Weasley

play with me!
Aug 03 2019 06:11 PM
  • Chasity Cartier's Photo
    Chasity Cartier
    I’ll play!
    Aug 04 2019 10:46 AM

Marigold Weasley

Marigold could use a best friend- someone who plans on being a first year for a few terms! :)
Mar 01 2019 01:51 PM
  • Claire Flamel's Photo
    Claire Flamel
    Jan 21 2019 02:25 PM
  • Waverly Grey's Photo
    Waverly Grey
    Jan 21 2019 02:44 PM
  • Mire Moretto's Photo
    Mire Moretto
    Me ^.^
    Jan 21 2019 08:16 PM