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#381 OFFLINE   Official Savannah Hennings

Official Savannah Hennings

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 05:03 AM

Savannah opened her eyes to the screams around her. She tried to sit up but her back will not cooperate and it made her hurt even more. Unable to move, her eyes tried to catch whatever she can see insight and figured they were in the stadium. Jayden somehow managed to disapparate them from the VIP section. At the back of her mind, she was sick with worry. They were not the only officials there. Her grandfather was there too who she eyed to come in late with a woman. The Minister, the Head Healer. "Jayden?" Savannah croaked out to him but the familiar sound of her mother brought life in her.

She stayed still as her mother performed some spells which helped her move. She sat up hugging her tight, glad that she was okay. Fear crept over her at the thought of Jace who was in the pitch which is also directly affected by the explosion. "Mom, Jace! Where is he? Dad? Everyone else?" The panic spread through her as her mother gave Jayden the charge to look for him. She was tasked with Cecilia after knowing that the rest of her family was safe and sound. There was worry on her mother's face and she had a feeling there was something she was not informing her. Savannah asked no questions and stood up after being healed by her mother and started scouting the space they were all in.

She heard a shout, the sound of a boy, and noticed Linden who was with her sister prior to the game. It was hard to spot him but she did under heaps of still bodies. Savannah could not find Cecilia but she cannot leave the boy simply for her search. "Linden, are you okay?" She called out, pushing away the bodies physically until she was able to pull out the boy from them. He was injured and bleeding. "Where is your father?" She asked him once more, looking around for Mr. Weasley who was not in sight. "We need a healer here!" Savannah called out louder this time, pointing her wand over her head to send out red sparks.
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#382 OFFLINE   Healer JC del Valle

Healer JC del Valle

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 05:52 AM

Rush had given Astrid a quick hug when she had noticed him, but before he could say anything to her, she had to go for the match. He had watched with interest as her biological family regarded her. He wasn't aware about the situation with her mother, but everyone could notice the similarity. It was uncanny. "GO ASTRID! GO BATS!" Rush had called after her. Lets say he replied to Jared, and then quickly got out of the group and towards Alex who had just reached the stands. The match was going on good, and in fact he could literally see Astrid out performing everyone else. It was so amazing. He and Alex were sat next to Sebastian and Lae; but they were pretty busy in their own to notice the other two who also seemed to be busy in their own conversations. 


The initial build up to the match was slow, as both teams seemed to be at par with each other, but then slowly, he could see how Astrid and the other chaser, Byrne, took lead, and Rush felt himself get on his feet as he clapped for his cousin. Watching any part of a quidditch match was exhilarating to say the least. Especially to someone like him, who had dreamt of a career in the leagues ever since he was young. Maybe he could ask Astrid to help him get a trial. But all of this, the fans, the photos, the press, the game, and winning it for your team - that was so intoxicating. Him and Alex would briefly discuss the game and the tactics in the midst of cheering, and it was just like old times. 


It seemed the Bats were significantly ahead, and now they just had to wait for the snitch to get caught - and this is when it happened. A loud explosion shook the earth, and the stadium. Rush felt his knees buckle, as the shock of the impact went through him like an arrow. His eyes searched the ground, and the sky for the red-haired cousin of his, but to no avail. He had no idea where she had gone, and now there was a fire raging near the vip room. And they were sitting very close to that. "Alex..Alex..go. I need to find Astrid." He spoke to his friend, barely waiting for his reply as he took his wand and rushed off towards the direction of the where they could find a way to the field. He couldn't let anything happen to her, even though he wasn't very adept at magic. What would he even answer to his father, that he left Astrid to fend for herself? "ASTRID?" He called out, hoping she would hear him. It was around that time, that the VIP room collapsed, and a large piece of debris fell directly on his head.


A searing pain went through his brain, and it felt like his vision went completely blank. "SH*T..HELP...I CAN'T SEE..." He called out, just as another stab of pain went through his head. He had no idea what was happening, but to him it felt like his body was shutting down. More debris fell onto him, and he ran in a random direction which he hoped was away from the debris - before collapsing on the ground. "Someone help...I can't see! I think..something...hit my..." Before he could complete his sentence, he had lost consciousness. 


Treating ORANGE #12: Rush Markowitz 


JC apparated back to the Stadium to help other victims of the explosion. He had the stretcher ready with him now knowing there might be other severe cases at the stands. A lot of healer and ministry officials were running around the stadium when he came back. Until now he can’t believe what happened here, this was supposed to be celebration of some kind, but it became a pile of disaster. He helped other people removed people under the debris and once securing they’re okay, JC went to check other areas and that was the time he saw someone lying on the ground. JC run toward the guy (Rush), he’s still young. JC quickly checked his pulse and was grateful to know it has regular pulse. He also leaned down and listened if the boy was breathing normally and there’s no blockage in his airway. He mentally noted that the boy has labored respiration which means he’s got increased heart rate. Just looking at the wound at the boy’s head and the swelling there, he already knew the issue here. But to be sure, JC pulled out his wand and assessed how severe was the case, Videre Internus!. As expected, there was swelling in his brain which resulted to head injury. He pulled out the essence of Murtlap from his pocket and poured few drops on the head wound to avoid any risk of infection. He also transferred him to the stretcher, Mobilicorpus! and arranged the porkey for the patient. That head injury needs to be checked as soon as possible.

#383 OFFLINE   Cecilia Joseph

Cecilia Joseph

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 05:53 AM

"Sure." Cecilia rolled her eyes as she turned away from the two but not before giving them a forced smile. Had she been in a terrible mood, they'd hear more but she wasn't. The match started and there was no point seating because the anticipation was hella crazy and Ceci was jumping from her chair. First when her father scored, then when her cousin did. She jumped and cheered as Kestrels scored but the atmosphere turned stressed with Bats shooting one goal after another. Dammit, you Bats! Cecilia cursed all the bad words that she is thinking in her mind to their players thinking about setting them on fire. Don't blame her, she's here for her family and would even go to any means to help them. Would her fire even reach till there? She felt herself getting warmer when the blast took over the stadium. Cecilia was too shocked to react, stepping back from the stands as chaos ensued. Since they were the closest to the VIP lounge, the blast took her by surprise, knocking her feet from the ground. She went spiraling behind, two rows at the back completely out of breath as her back hit the surface hard. Her head hit the floor hard as something fell on the top of it. Cecilia cried out in pain, closing her eyes as the throbbing in her head became faster. More rocks rained on her as pain shooted in places they hit as she tried to go inside the seats for protection, her eyes closing on its own, slowly losing consciousness.

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#384 OFFLINE   Tallulah Brimstone

Tallulah Brimstone

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 06:04 AM

Seeing Imogen get her shoulder popped back into place and the crunch that it made gave Tally shivers and also made her heart ache that her daughter was in this amount of pain.
Tallulah looked at the Healer and frowned as Mimi mentioned her sides. Gently she pulled up the side of her daughters top and there was a so much bruising that it was a wonder that her tough little girl hadn't said anything. But with a dislocated shoulder it was no wonder. "Oh sweetheart," she stroked her daughters hair and kissed her head again and then her heart sank again at the mention of Esme, the poor girl was all on her own.

Looking back at Imogen. "You have to promise me to do as you're told. I'll be back I promise" Kissing her again and giving a pinky promise, she gingerly got up and looked at Alisa and shook her head. "I'm fine, really. Just make sure my daughter is alright," Although leaving her when she was injured, Tally knew that Mimi was in safe hands but that an eleven year old Muggle Born witch completely on her own and with no-one to help her? That was a different level altogether.
She took the less direct route, navigating over seats to the edge of the blast zone and past the injured and wounded and searching the area where the young girl was. Now this was a mother's worst nightmare, not knowing where a child was in a situation like this. If the most horrific thing had happened she would never be able to forgive herself.

Imogen had told her in the week between Camp Avalon ending and today all about the friends she made and people she met. She knew about what happened in the infamous Viking classes, Wipeout and various others and if she was a student again, Tally knew she would love it. But that was pushed from her mind and she had to focus on the present.
"ESME! ESME WARREN! she crawled over some seats, hearing them creak as she did so and wondered just how long this area had left. The hole was enormous and bits were still falling into it. "ESME?"
She got on her tiptoes and looked down just on the off chance and saw a body lifeless and there was blood on her head, staining her blonde hair. "Shi.... HELP! I NEED HELP OVER HERE! Tally tried to see if there was a way down to her but that proved easier said than done.

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#385 OFFLINE   Official Santana Wormald

Official Santana Wormald

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 06:06 AM

Things were settling down now that they have all made their introductions. Most notably, her 3rd child. Sadri really made an impression today and she won’t be able to live that down for a while. Now that the Sadri was back on her chair, she was immediately distracted by Charlie but not after he gave her Uncle Jared a glare. At least, the girl’s attention span was short. She was already bargaining with Charlotte for her candies. She honestly doesn’t know how to deal with Sadri sometimes. Natalie, her sweet baby angel Natalie, just had to react to what she said especially when Nate added to it. Santana giggled. "My dear, your father and I are not doing anything inappropriate." Only the adults will understand what she and Nate were talking about. The statement already flew over Sadri’s head as she talked to Charlie. They were only talking and Nate wasn’t even touching Santana inappropriately. Such good parents they are.


The game had started already shortly after Astrid and Alex left. She looked at her sister for a while before trying to focus on the game. Her eyes were trained on the redhead who was definitely killing it on the pitch, scoring the first goal for the bats. The match was definitely very fast and soon the scores was 100 to 40 in favor of the Bats. Santana was cheering with the rest of the family when it happened. Her motherly instincts kicked in and she shielded her kids with her own body. She was lucky that the explosion came from her side so she only has to extend her arms over her kids. She stayed frozen for a few seconds before the screaming started. She immediately looked at her kids, Sadri by her side and Charlie too. Her green eyes went to Natalie and Niccolo sitting beside each other and was instantly relieved that they were safe, if not shook up because of the incident. Nate was there and everyone else. Jared and Collen had left, probably to help out and Tana knew she had to stay and help out. The minister was up in that VIP section and now that it had fallen, they don’t know what will happen now. She looked around her and it was pandemonium. She looked at Natalie. She was old enough to take care of her siblings and Charlie if needed. "Darling, take care of you brother and sister. Uncle Marc will take you all home." She caressed Natalie’s cheek, willing her to understand the urgency of the situation. She looked at Marc and gave him a pleading look. "Take care of my kids, please." It pains her to be away from her kids at times like this. "Take them to the Lakehouse. Asahi will know what to do." She kissed her kids on the cheek murmuring that she will be okay. She looked at Nate and gave him a nod as if to say she’s ready to work.


However, her gaze found Clary falling to the ground clutching at her stomach. "Clary!" She quickly ran towards her sister as she pulled herself back up and she was instantly angry. "What the hell do you think you are doing?" She said loudly. "You are not doing that, Clary. For god’s sake you’re pregnant!" Okay, so Santana did not mean to say that out loud and as loudly as she did. She didn’t regret it though. Her sister is as stubborn as her and she needs to take care of herself and her unborn child. "I’ll cover for you here. Please. Don’t fight me on this."

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#386 OFFLINE   Healer Chasity Cartier

Healer Chasity Cartier

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 06:15 AM

Chas knows her best friend too well. She is usually nondramatic but recently she has taken the contract of being a drama queen when she was concerned. They were having a talk later. For now, she let her enjoy with her family and turned to Carter who agreed to her way. It does, always. "He's her father." Chasity acknowledged his question. Not everyone knew that, making it a less of a surprise that Carter did not either. There were a lot of Joseph's to keep track and it's difficult for her too.

"I came with my brother who is supporting the Bats. We leave for France after the match." Her uncle had insisted that they stay in France instead of her new vacation spot, the Holyhead. Her vacations had become a lot like Harry Potter's, going to her best friend's house each summer with her parents gone, much to her uncle's disapproval. "Where are you staying?" The camp was over and the school was closed. Did he have family here?

They were watching the match with great interest. The two teams were tied at first. Bats took the lead and the cheers on the other side grew stronger when the explosion happened. It was instinct but her hand reached out to hold Carter's in fear. The ground beneath her vibrated loudly as she held on the boy for her dear life. Everything around them was a blur as bodies flung around pulled by an invisible rope. It took what seems like an eternity to understand what was happening but before she can react, the building is collapsing. Chasity's heart thumped in fear for her brother who was on the other side. Please let him be okay. Her heart prayed, her mind boggled in the presence of the doomsday. Chasity has lost her parents, she can no longer lose her brother. The girl turned to Carter, worry etched on every part of her face. "Carter, are you fine?" She searched him for bruises and scratches as her eyes moved towards the front where Cecilia was. Where she was no longer there.

Chasity turned as she panicked, her eyes viciously passing through every person who was passing her. She climbed on her half-broken chair to have a better look and caught sight of a figure moving under the chair. The movement of her body made her scream. "God, Cecilia! Carter, we have to help her." Chasity didn't think twice, jumped from one chair to another, tripped on the rocks as she lost her balance getting a few scratches until she reached her friend who had succumbed to unconsciousness. "Cecilia, wake up. Cecilia?" Chasity looked up searching for Carter or her family but they were nowhere in sight.
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#387 OFFLINE   Aaira Joseph

Aaira Joseph

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 06:16 AM

Aaira beamed at Linden giving him a high five and took the drink from him but not before looking at her mother for permission. She is a good kid alright. She likes taking permission before doing anything. "Thank you." Aaira smiled at Linden and turned to Uncle Fred who mentioned visiting their house. Once again, Aaira looked at her mother with big hopeful eyes and turned back to nodding at him. "I will like that." There was no point in further conversation as the match started and this little girl got caught up in the excitement. She jumped and clapped not knowing what was happening. All she knew was her father had scored (even if it was once) and that was amazing. "Did you see? Dad scored!" She nudged her sister as they clapped and jumped. But then something happened. The voice was so loud that her heart came out of her mouth. Aaira screamed out loudly turning to hide her face in her mother's lap who pulled her tightly to her. Aaira was a strong girl but she was still scared of noises and this was one hell of a noise. "Mom." She started crying in her lap as her mother picked her up and hid her face. They were all talking, Aaira was hiding her face but when she looked up what she saw was horrifying and etched in her memory. There were bodies of people, there was blood and everyone was panicked. Aaira's little brain cannot take it and she went silent staring at the bodies around her. Her head felt heavy and she felt traumatized in her own childlike way. What was this? Was this the devil that her mother told her in the bedtime stories? Then something happened and she felt the scenario in front of her disappear.


*exit Aaira*

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#388 OFFLINE   Anastasiya Hennings

Anastasiya Hennings

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 06:54 AM

Ana keeps forgetting that Joseph's are related to the Weasley's somehow. It made sense why Linden was supporting Kestrels too. "You won't be able to carry me." Anastasiya teased back at his offer but turned to face the match as it started. Both the teams started strongly but then somehow the Kestrels were losing. "OMG! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS!! WAKE UP KESTRELS!!" She was a bit aggressive, losing her calm but that's her team the others are beating. "BOOOOOO!" She called out towards the Bats as her brother scored this time. The game was so exciting, she was jumping even though Kestrels were way below the lead. There was a long time to go and she was sure Kestrels will win. For sure! They are the best team ever, okay? Anyway, in all her excitement she would never have thought what was happening. BOOOM! The VIP section of the stadium exploded, the fire reaching out to the pitch and the stands. Ana covered her ears as she screamed loudly, her heart beating faster. She was so scared! Not for herself but her family. Her sister was there where the explosion happened, her brother and uncle were on the field and they were trapped in the stadium. Slowly everything was coming into view and the first thing she saw was Linden hiding under the seats. Alyssa was holding onto her brother in fear and Ana stood there, her face panic-stricken as she searched for her parents while also keeping an eye out on Linden. "What are you doing Linden?!!!" She yelled over the top of the voice, hoping he would come in his senses and come out. Before he could do so, there were bodies all over them. People were pushing each other running for their lives and one after another they all toppled on the chairs. The building was deflating and all she could think about was death. They were going to die. "Mom! Dad!" She called out and saw Shaad in a distance. Ana tried pulling Linden out but she was dragged away by her mother who asked her to go home. "No! I am not going home. Mom, let me go!" She turned to Goldie who even spotted her brother so she didn’t have to point it out. Ana tried wiggling away but her mother had put her hand on the portkey and the last thing she saw was one of her closest friends disappearing under bodies of people, and Cecilia falling on the ground two rows away from them. Ana was curious at her mother! Her brother and sister were both there and Merlin forbid they were hurt or injured but no, all her mother cared about was sending them away. She was so scared, mentally praying her family was alright, ignoring the minor injury on her own self.

*exit Ana*
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#389 OFFLINE   Hunter Bennett

Hunter Bennett

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 07:01 AM

Hunter looked at Anastas when the guy asked him how’s life in the National team. “It was crazier compared when I’m still part of the Kites team. The travel is more demanding and dealing with the press is harder than before. But as far as the matches are concerned? The best. Hopefully, I’ll see you in one of the National Teams soon Levski. It would be nice to become your teammate again, or…” he smirked at him, “a rival, either way, I don’t mind.” Hunter knew the guy is good at being a Chaser and is a really known Quidditch player in their league. He saluted at Lykaon, “Aye, aye, you know we always do our best out there. Will I be seeing you and Levski in any of the National teams? You should.” As soon as Harper got his autograph from Longbottom, Shane looked at him, not minding Harper’s little interruption. Hunter nodded curtly and smiled. “Appreciate it. Thank you.” He gave a warning glance at his son again. “Settle down now okay? You already got your autographs.” The game has already started anyway, the boy nodded and focused on the game. Since Hunter is not betting for any of the team, he’s clapping whenever the two teams scored a goal. They’re both playing so well, it’s actually impressive. But of course, from the score itself, it’s obvious that the bats have the upper hand here.


He chuckled at Jenna when she mentioned the portkey’s function to him, “Thank you for the little trivia but yes you’re right, that’s how portkey works.” He was just teasing her, still finding it funny that she’s not utilizing the magical transportation. But when she mentioned Austin’s issue, it made sense to Hunter now. “That sucks for Austin. It’s okay Jenna, as long as you’re here now, I will not ask for more.” He kissed her hand slowly, caressing her knuckles with his lips. “You’re still staying at my house, right?” She promised! He’d been looking forward to spend more time with her since he asked for a week’s break from their coach and captain. Usually, it was hard to accomplish but he made it happen so he can spend time with her and Harper before the former return to France and latter start his school. He shook his head at her question about which team he’s supporting, “Nah, it’s my son who’s a fan of Bats. I’m just here to watch the match. I don’t have a preferred team.” She basically asked him the same question thrown at him by the Daily Prophet journalist and so Hunter just gave her the same answer. “I’d like to see who’s going to be the victor in this game.”


They were cheering and clapping when a massive explosion erupted at the VIP section and it knocked the crowd down including the players which left them disoriented for a while. Those two seconds seemed to last forever, and everything was moving in slowmo and it felt almost like a dream instead of being right in the middle of it. The very first second it happened, he was confused, and he thought it seemed oddly calm for just a moment. He even tried to turn his head to say something to Jenna but it felt like his head is taking forever to turn in the direction he wants it to go and the light kept getting whiter and brighter. And then in an instant, there was a snap and suddenly everything started to make sense and happening all at once and there’s confusion and chaos. Hunter watched in horror as the smoke started pouring and debris flying onto the ground and into the stands. Several big chunks fell into their direction, Hunter pulled out his wand and shouted, “Bombarda!” Some of them shattered into smaller pieces but there were still some which successfully rained on them. “Watch out!” He cried and pushed Harper to the ground as soon as possible. He also pulled Jenna with him once he secured his son on the ground. Hunter covered Harper with his body and had to endure the rocks falling on his back. “Protego!” he didn’t even notice the blood oozing from his head down to his face, but he could feel the pain on his back. Hunter moaned but ignored the pain and checked on Jenna instead. “Jenna, are you okay honey?”

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#390 OFFLINE   Zoey McLaggen

Zoey McLaggen

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 07:30 AM

Zoey turned her head to find Lucy when she heard her voice. However, she moved her head a little too quickly, her vision got blurry again, causing the journalist to let out a long, low groan. "L-Luce? Are you okay?" She asked a moment later, the worry about the wellbeing of her friend audible as she spoke, as well as a slight hint of panic, which she really wanted to suppress, but she was stuck, and she had no idea if there were any more parts of the stadium that could collapse and end up falling on top of her. "Get me out, please." She pleaded, a couple of tears started to form in her eyes, the pain in her leg getting too much for her to handle. She watched Lucy and Raquel attempt to help her, before they were joined by a healer, who turned his attention towards Zoey first. It gave her some piece of mind as well. If Zoey was the one that got helped first, it meant Luce was at least better off than she was. They were gonna be okay. As the healer got closer to her, Zoey blinked a couple of times, needing her time to focus her vision on the man. "Th-thank you." Zoey whimpered softly, groaning as she felt her headache getting worse. "My leg dammit." Zoey said, the time between his question and her answer clearly indicating there was some soft of head trauma going on. "L-Luce...." Zoey said when the healer announced he was going to take her away to the hospital. She didn't have much time to say goodbye to her friend though, before she realised she was on a stretcher and being taken to the hospital.

#391 OFFLINE   Official Levi Amherst

Official Levi Amherst


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Posted 16 August 2020 - 07:47 AM

It was in this carefree and childlike nature that Levi fell harder for Bianca. He knew he wanted to marry her as there was no other woman in the word who had managed to get him out of his shell and actually be more adventurous. Her zest for life was something to be admired and chuckled along as the two goofed around with the other. Jos had came and smiled at how warmly Bee received him- sort of reminding him of how he received Dan whenever he came back from a tour. Once he left, he let out a hearty laugh towards her comment and shook his head, "It's not like you have anything to hide. You're perfect." He teased, but in reality Levi thought she was truly perfection and honestly her embarrassing stories were probably downright adorable. The game progressed with laughter and lots of funny faces, with Levi jumping at the opportunity to let go of his serious persona completely. He even initiated the wave, throwing his hands up in the air and encouraged others to do it. It was the first time he had started one and pointed it out to Bee with a chuckle. How cool was that? In one of the many kisses that she stole from him, he looked at her with a beaming, pearly white smile and wrapped his arms around her, lifting her up momentarily and kissed her deeply. It was enough to get his imagination going and wanted some privacy as soon as they could both get it, "I love you more." And amongst all that happiness, one that Levi didn't think anyone could take away, it was swept right from under him. In the middle of him following along to Bee's dances, the crowd's whole mood changed. There was a gasp and then screams. Everything changed in a matter of seconds and before he could react and grab Bee, the pressure of the blasts had caused them to fall separate, yet still in the line of sight of one another. The structure had gone next and with that taken them inside the rubble, debris. His left leg had gotten trapped along the process and despite the crushing sound of his leg being shattered, never lost conscious, and the first word out of his mouth was, "BIANCA! It was a desperate cry for her as he tried to get up and find her and felt so helpless being trapped. In all the mayhem the falling debris had singed his right side and hissed loudly as his right side burned hot. His ears rung loudly in his head and grimaced as he couldn't hear anything and patted at his ears hard. "BEE!" It was after some of the smoke cleared that he was able to see her and continued to call out to her, but her head fell back and eyes closed. "NO,BEE! HELP!" Luckily a healer came quickly and took her but there he was left underneath a large slab of what was once some structure of the stadium and called out for his own aid. "HELP! MY LEG IS TRAPPED!" He screamed louder than intended because he couldn't even hear himself due to the temporary hearing loss. His eyes followed to where the VIP booth once stood and his heart dropped as he saw there was nothingness. 



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Harper pouted at his father but listened like a good boy. He looked at his journal full of signatures of the famous quidditch personalities he idolizes so much. The boy hugged the journal with stupid grin on his face. He would accept any scolding from his father any day in exchange for these autographs! When the game started, no one can stop him from cheering, shouting, booing and jumping because the boy is enjoying the match so much. Jenna asked him who’s his favorite Bats player, the boy has a ready answer and he’s about to exclaim it in excitement, but it was cut off by a loud KABOOM!!! Followed by a brief, bright flash of light. Harper stared in shock as one portion of the stadium fell and then people started screaming, running and falling down. His eyes narrowed when he saw a lot of falling rubbles came their way and the next thing he knew his father shouted a spell he’s not familiar with followed by him being shoved to the ground. The boy grunted in pain, hitting his head to the ground making him dizzy for a while. He closed his eyes tightly while holding onto his father’s arm. “Daddy!!” he cried, “I’m scared...” Lee leaned his face onto his dad’s chest while listening to the chaos around him. The boy was shaking to the bone in fear for his life, his dad’s and all the people around them. Hearing his dad’s voice, Lee eyes automatically opened. They both looked at Jenna to check if the lady is okay.

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 07:54 AM

Lucy could hardly think straight, but Raquel was doing the thinking for both of them. She took a deep breath and nodded when Raquel told her the plan. She looked back at Zoey, and before Raquel could walk away, Lucy caught her by the elbow. "If you see him, tell him I'm at St. Mungos. Im going with Zoey." Then before missing a beat, Lucy grabbed hers and Zoeys things and managed to follow along with the healer. She didnt have her wand, so she couldn't disapparate. Luckily she was able to hitch a ride with them.

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 08:16 AM

The hospital was working overtime - with bringing patient in and out for aid. She had already done several trips and aided anyone that was an easy fix so they could leave. The structural integrity was still very questionable, so all of this had to be done as fast as possible. If they could avoid further casualties or those injured the better. The redhead walked among the rubble and came across a family it seemed and made it over to them to check if they were okay. Immediately she noticed that the father had sustained injuries to his head and approached them with a calm demeanor and smile, "I'm here to help." Her first sight was towards the boy and since she had such a soft spot for them, having her own son, her baby blues softened considerably as she noticed how shaken up he was. "Hey, it's okay. I just want to do a quick assessment - does anything hurt?" But by what she could see the boy was relatively unharmed, save for some minor scratches and his clothes being dirty. "Tergeo." She cleaned him and healed any minor cuts that may have been visible, then turned to the dad who worried her a bit because head injuries were nothing to shy from. "Took a bit of a hard hit there." It was then Colleen recognized him. Besides being well known in the Quidditch community, she recognized him from one of the parties she'd attended not too long ago. Their family seemed to run in the same circles and chuckled lightly, mostly to provide his son with comfort that his dad was okay and add levity to the awful situation they were all put in, "But I think you're probably used to those in your line of work, Mister Bennett." She said speaking to him as she cleaned the wound up and with another flick of her wand said, "Videre Internus." There didn't seem to be any internal damage which was a good thing and spoke as she observed, "No inflammation or fracturing. Do you feel woozy? Unbearable headache?" As she waited for him to answer, she sealed the wound by using Episkey and smiled at him. She turned her sights on the woman and asked her, "Are you feeling any pain, ma'am?" Though she, too, looked unharmed. What a relief.

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O shit, he'd thought repeatedly. That was basically the one thing in his mind, playing in a loop. One minute he was searching for a snitch the next he was watching a portion of their stadium be reduced to rubble. It was near the side where his wife is sitting and he quickly descended to panic mode. In Alex's peripheral, he saw some players dropping like a couple of flies off their brooms and quickly crashing onto the ground. There was nothing he can do, unfortunately. He wouldn't be able to save them even if he'd tried. They were his own teammates and it killed him watching that. He saw that healers quickly got on the scene and took care of it though, which is a small mercy. And neither of the victims were his step-daughter so that's another small mercy. Honestly Alex was feeling guilty because it made him a shitty captain, not going down and checking on them all. In his defence at least they were getting taken care of. But he was desperate to check on his wife right now and make sure that she was alright. They're supposed to get together and talk, fix whatever needed fixing and take care of whatever business needed taking care of. Like adults… and like parents. But Alex needed to make sure that she was okay first. He easily picked her out in the crowd of panicked spectators. For god's sake he's a Seeker! Excellent eyesight is practically a requirement. And it's his wife so he's got like a built-in radar especially for her so it wasn't hard. Only he wasn't quite expecting the conversation he's walking onto. Alex zoomed toward the stands on his broom and rushed to where she was.


"…for god's sake you're pregnant!" he'd heard a woman yelling at his wife. He almost tripped over something unseen when he'd heard that. For the second time now, he'd felt like someone slapped him right across the cheek. Waking him up to some warped reality. He can't help but stare dumbly at the redheads conversing, that word replacing the cussing in his mind, pregnant, pregnant, pregnant. Alex didn't doubt it was his since they'd both sworn against engaging in any extra-marital affairs whatsoever while they were linked in paper and they were still very much linked in paper which he made sure of. His rapid heartbeat was throbbing in his throat as he marched toward his wife with renewed purpose. The woman she's with, the other redhead, is still talking and pleading with her about covering for her. Alex didn't get it but he was desperate to talk to his wife and he didn't wanna wait anymore. "Clary," he called her name as he came over, pulling off his gloves and shoving them in his pocket and took her small hands in his carefully. They seem so fragile against his rough, larger palms. He urgently pulled her aside for some privacy. "You're pregnant?" his voice was a little strangled-sounding when he said this. His eyes ran over her wholly, checking her out. Uhm not in a lusty way (okay maybe a bit) but mostly in an assessing way. She was in one piece but there were cuts on her arms and some bruises and he's unable to resist it. Gently he ran his callused fingers over her smooth skin, muttering a healing spell while he was it. Then his eyes settled on her stomach with a mix of nerves and excitement. Earlier, when he came up and saw her, Alex was sure something was different about her. Except he can't figure out what it was. He was sure now it was because she's carrying their baby. He put a finger under her chin and tilted it up so he can meet her eyes. "You're really pregnant aren't you?" he almost sounds breathless. He wanted her to confirm it herself, he wanted to see the truth in her eyes when she did. And he really didn't give two shits who's watching and listening or that they were in public and that they shouldn't be acting this way. The people around them were panicking and likely didn't give a crap either anyway. He needed her to say it, that he's gonna be a dad. Even though they're currently stuck in a literal hellhole right now, he's gonna be the happiest man on earth.

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 09:04 AM

You'd think after years of being together that Émilie would know that Don always had something else up his sleeve. Hell, he'd make it happen even if he hadn't bought the tickets, so regardless Ém wouldn't have had to suffer standing in heels. The kiss was something he had longed for ever since they had left their home. He had wanted to get amorous, (of course- horrible timing), right before she started to getting ready. She'd given him a peek of what was to come later, but was quick to bat his advances away because she knew that time would slip away in their fun. So, naturally he was craving her - though truth be told Don was always craving his gorgeous fiancée, and she reciprocated the same feelings, which is why it was so hard from them to behave properly in public. At this point the game was on the back burner for him, since it was just a friendly match and wouldn't feel too bad if he lost, since it had been play money anyways. He was far too invested and interested in the way she moved and eyes of mischief she gifted him with as soon as he was pulled underneath the stairs. It was a great little nook and chuckled as she was quick to get just as handsy as he was. The shed they had come across was definitely going to come in use because Don wasn't going to be satisfied with just kisses and caresses when she was fueling him in a way that would definitely warrant more privacy. "This is new. A stadium." He chuckled in between their lips meeting as he referred to their many rendezvous in public places. And then they both pulled away to look up, eyes both on the stairs and quirked a brow in confusion, just like she had been. Without hesitating his wand was at the ready and held onto Émilie as they both pulled away from the stairs and started to feel the rumble of the stadium underneath their feet. With their quick thinking they were able to produce a protective charm, but Don hadn't been fast enough to throw himself on her as a means of an additional protective barrier. The falling debris and structure of the stadium forced them apart, but only momentarily and landed on the cold concrete and covered his head and pieces of rubble rained on them, but the barrier protected them. What he had done was cut his knee against one of the jagged edges on the floor that had raised from the explosion and only had gotten minor bruises and cuts on his face from landing funny. "Baby?" He called out as he blinked to get his vision cleared "Ém?", and moved his dominant hand to his person to find that he lost his wand. He cursed, but then felt a huge sense of relief as she answered him, "I'm alright, love." Miraculously with his other hand, he was holding on to her and let go just for a second so he could move the minor rocks and debris that lay in between them as quickly as possible. "Are you hurt?" He grunted as he moved towards her, eyes filled with concern but remained outwardly calm. He looked down at his knee with a grimace, but that was of little importance. It wasn't painful, just more of a nuisance and reached out to her and held her as close as possible given their position. He knew she was prone to anxiety attacks and was quick to try to calm her, "Just breathe, okay? We're going to be okay I promise you." He said to her with certainty. What was worrisome was the fact that the structure could further sink and heard the moans and groans of metal being bent and other pieces falling. "Listen I don't want to use my ability yet, as that can mess up with the protective charm, but if no one comes I'm going to use it to towards this one big piece hovering over you and you crawl out like hell, okay?" He just wanted her to know what the next plan was should they not get help in time. He held her hand and kissed the back of it before turning to shout out, "HELP! We're trapped! HELP!" He even reached out towards a piece of metal and banged on it to make more noise. 

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 09:19 AM

The Slytherin in Dax wanted to get the hell out of there with G as quickly as possible, but she was compassionate and worried about all of the people. It wasn't that Dax wasn't worried about anyone, but he didn't think they should stay there like sitting ducks. What if there was another attack? What if more of the stadium collapsed? He didn't want to risk losing G because of that. But that was when she pointed out Harley wasn't to be seen and he looked around frantically too. "Harley?" he called out, then heard his friends voice. He saw that Harley was in need of medical attention and called out for a healer. "Help over here!" he said, trying to garner the attention of a healer. Of course, G knew healing spells too. He seemed to be trapped, and then a woman (Ann-Louise) showed up to help. Dax pushed through and said, "Harley, it's okay, we're here. We're going to help you." He started shifting stuff to try to free him. His mind was still racing on getting them the hell out of there.

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 09:29 AM

Astrid was ecstatic with the direction the match was going. The Kestrels may have scored first, but the Bats had quickly taken the lead and she was proud that she contributed to that. She was in the zone and she was flying towards the Kestrel’s side, focused on stealing away that quaffle so they can make the difference between their scores even farther. She was focused on the quaffle just like the other chasers when it happened. She saw the explosion when it did and the inferno that followed. Astrid felt the heat differently as it resonated all around the pitch. She saw two of her teammates, Alaric and Tori falling from their broom but as fast as she was on her broom, she will never be fast enough to save them both. She looked at the collapsing stadium and before she knew it, she was flying towards the stands. Faces of the people dearest to her went through her mind. Sebastian, Clary, Rush, The Waylands… They are all out there. She could feel her heart beating hard in her chest and she immediately saw Rush in the melee. He was shouting like he was looking for someone. Realization dawned on her when she saw the word that his lips were forming. Astrid. He was looking for her. She flew towards him and saw the whole thing when the debris fell on his head. "RUSH!" Astrid called after him. Luckily, when she landed on the pitch, a healer approached Rush already and was giving him first aid. Astrid was left to watch with a worried and horrified expression. The healer portkeyed Rush out of the stadium and she can only assume that he was being brought to the hospital. There are still more people she needs to check on.


She hopped back on to her broom and went searching for Sebastian and Laeticia. Rush was supposed to seat beside them with his bestfriend and she didn’t see them with her cousin. "Sebastian! Laeticia!" She called their name out as she swooshed low on the still standing part of the stadium. From a short distance, she saw something glowing. It looked like a protection spell and she was instantly relieved to see that it was Sebastian and he could hear him calling for help. She immediately flew towards him, glad that he was okay but the relief in her eyes went away when she saw Laeticia in her seat, bleeding. "Oh meu deus," she muttered. She looked around but there was no healer in sight. Sebastian’s worried expression told her everything she needed to know. "I’ll find help." She quickly mounted her broom again and went to the area where the Waylands were earlier. They were farther from the explosion and she was glad that everyone was mostly okay. Uncle Jared was nowhere to be seen but she saw Colleen assisting someone not too far. She flew towards her and landed heavily on her feet. "Colleen, we need help. There’s a pregnant woman back there. It’s Sebastian’s cousin." Astrid felt like she was out of breath as she speaks. She was so worried about Laeticia and the baby. "She’s bleeding badly." She has no idea how else to describe it. Laeticia was bleeding on her chair and that puts her and her baby’s life in danger. "Take my broom if you must. I need to check on Mom."


Astrid ran towards the other Waylands. She saw Uncle Nate and Uncle Marc rallying the kids with the help of Natalie and Aunt Santana was there with her mother Clary and Alex. Astrid was confused at the scene she walked into, especially she saw the way that the captain was holding her mother. She took a few tentative steps towards the pair and she heard something over the noise. Pregnant? Why is Alex asking Clary if she was really pregnant? And how is her mother pregnant when she’s not seeing anyone? "What’s going on here?" She asked, not sure if she wants to know the answer to that. The pieces in her head are starting to fall into place and she looked between Clary and Alex, wanting answers but fearing them too. "Mom? Why is Alex asking if you are really pregnant?" Why does he even care? Deep inside, Astrid knew the answer but she wanted it to come from her mother. She is done with secrets in her life.

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 09:49 AM

Laeticia was simply watching the game, clapping whenever it was expected but generally, she stayed put on her seat. The baby didn’t need more excitement now and she was perfectly fine staying silent in her corner. All she did was keep her primo in check because as every goal was missed and made, she could see that Astrid was becoming more and more aggressive on the pitch and Sebastian might not like that and make him worry. She didn’t want to be another one of his worries and that is exactly why she didn’t want to come here. But he insisted so here we are. After a few more moments of the game, it was interrupted by a loud bang and Laeticia was startled beyond belief. She flinched in her seat and she could feel the vibration if the stadium through her body as the explosion took over a part of the stadium. Screams started filling the air and she was stuck in place. She was so startled that her heart started racing as well as the baby’s. A sharp pain came from her lower abdomen and she could feel the baby stretching inside of her, She looked at her belly and she could see her baby’s feet stretching out the skin of her tummy like it was trying to get out and it pained her so much she screamed out in pain. Sebastian was immediately on her side. She started sweating and the pain was getting unbearable. She clutched her tummy and she felt something wet around her dress. What she saw on her hand almost made her faint. Blood. Lots and lots of blood. ­“Sebastian! My baby!” She started to cry helplessly as her cousin tried to protect them both but the pain in her tummy was getting unbearable.  She grabbed at Sebastian’s shirt as her vision blurred. She felt weak, and the pain was slowly taking her away. ­My baby…salve meu bebê Those were her last words before she lost consciousness.

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 10:03 AM

CLAIMING CODE RED  #3 Laeticia Cabral


Everything seemed to be fine with the family she was attending to and cleaned off the woman as well from any soot or minor cuts. She was about to ask if anything else was needed from her when Astrid whisked by her and landed off of her broom out of breath and clearly worried. "Astrid... okay slow down." But the fellow red head kept rambling off, though felt relief that she was okay, since she knew the others family members were fine and had spotted Jared as she left the Triage units and saw he was one of the attending healers to take care of the Minister herself. "Alright. I will get to her straight away." She grabbed the broom handle and turned to the other three- this pregnant woman was a code red and waved them off, "There are tents popped up everywhere with portkey access to St. Mungo's. Should you need to go, head over there immediately. If not please leave carefully, it's dangerous to stay." With no time to spare, she hopped on, feeling a little awkward on the broom but it was like riding a bike and regained her balance just as quickly and zoomed off towards the direction Astrid had pointed out. 


Now this was Colleen's speciality and immediately fell into her element. Trauma and those types of injuries she could fix but this was specifically something for a maternity healer to take care of and took a deep breath as she gazed at the woman slumped helplessly over her seat. She was accompanied be Sebastian, who she quickly calmed down and talked to him as she assessed her, "Astrid sent me here. She is going to be okay. I promise I'm going to take care of her, just keep holding her hand." It was deeply concerning to see the state of her, but there was a pulse she was still breathing. Colleen used her wand immediately to further check her injuries and with Videre Internus saw the baby struggling. Due to all the trauma and anxiety the mother had gone through the baby had stretched in such a way that he had wrapped his neck around the umbilical around the neck. If they didn't act immediately not only would the baby's chances of survival lessen considerably but with Lae as well as it seemed she had already gone into shock. "We need to take her immediately to surgery." With another flick of her wand a stretcher appeared and Lae was carefully placed on it and secured. She'd immediately Accio a portkey and looked at Sebastian one last time, "You can wait to hear word in the waiting room. I will personally keep you posted." And with that Colleen and Lae were gone.


[exit Colleen and Lae]

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