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International Changes

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Posted 18 July 2019 - 02:25 PM


Dear Members,


Hogwarts Online has seen a multitude of very positive changes over the last few months that were fueled by the input and suggestions of membership. We have worked very hard to address the state of mental health at HO, developed new policies to better explain site rules, and expanded the availability of role play opportunities for our membership. Today, we continue to look to the future of the site and how we can best change to address the shrinking genre of Harry Potter RPG sites.


After many long months of deliberation and after consulting with Prof. Jared Wayland, the Governors have decided to close Durmstrang and Sweden effective December 31, 2019. Durmstrang, their administrator team, and their community are a vital part of Hogwarts Online and we cherish the contributions that they have made to our site over the years. This was a difficult decision for us to make, but we all believe it is the right one to ensure that this 15 year old community continues to thrive for many years to come.


The following plan details the process and timeline for our work in returning the site to a Hogwarts-focused RPG. We have also opened a Q&A for all members to ask questions about how these changes will affect them.


The School:

  • Effective immediately, the Durmstrang sorting quiz will be closed.
  • All Durmstrang students may transfer to Hogwarts during the next regular school term. All students and professors will have the option to make transfers into comparable positions if possible. Students may sort into the house of their choosing.
  • Any current students who wish to stay, may do so, but the course load will be reduced, to be decided by the Academic Coordinator(s) and Headmaster of Durmstrang. These remaining students will be given the opportunity to earn the three quills required to move up at least one year per term.
  • Students 4th year or below can move up more than one year per term.
  • Durmstrang will close no later than December 31, 2019 or when every student has transferred to Hogwarts. Any remaining students must transfer after the closure of Durmstrang unless they have enough quills accumulated to graduate. They must complete their testing to achieve alumni status, but may advance the age of their characters accordingly.

The RP Directory

  • All walls and lists will be merged by the time Durmstrang closes. Country specific areas of the RP Central will be archived.
  • The Character Mirror will absorb the other country character mirrors as they stand. Duplicates will be given the option to change their face or continue sharing the face with someone else. If one duplicate becomes inactive they forfeit that playby to the active member per the usual rules.
  • All active canons will merge into the UK canon wall. Some unclaimed canons will be removed unless they are clearly a part of the HP universe.

International RP Areas

  • The ICW will revert to the Ministry of Magic, Joshua Girdenlockks will retain the position of Minister for Magic.
  • St. Mungos will revert to a regional hospital, Head Healer Jin Marrow will retain the position of Head Healer.
  • Azkaban will become the only prison, the Head Warden will be chosen from among the active Head Wardens of the prisons.
  • All active members are entitled to retain the same or comparable positions if possible.
  • Swedish towns will be compressed and moved into the international forum.
  • Active Sweden houses will remain. A couple inactive houses will be left open to claim
  • Active Swedish shops will remain open as RP areas, All inactive shops will close. Shopkeepers may also opt to open a new branch of their shop in the UK.


  • After making sure that it will not interfere with the office, we will begin deleting Sweden permission masks and groupings. Swedish adults will move to the default International Wizard mask, students will be moved to a Durmstrang Student mask if any remain after Durmstrang closes.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you may contact any of the Governors directly. Our community is what makes us strong and we hope that we will all continue to support the important role that Hogwarts Online has played in may people's lives since our founding.



The Governors

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#2 OFFLINE   Giselle DLisle

Giselle DLisle

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Posted 18 July 2019 - 09:39 PM

Dear Members,


I want to take a moment to address everyone's concerns about Durmstrang closing this December. I have seen and heard from many people with complaints, suggestions, and some of those who just wanted to send good vibes.


To everyone who has taken part in this spirited discussion, I thank you. Hogwarts Online does not exist in an echo chamber, nor do we operate like a dictatorship though we would be within our means to. HO has a storied history of members disagreeing with each other, but on the other side of that we are always stronger for it.


The decision to close Durmstrang was not rooted in a lack of support for Durmstrang. I need not remind people that it was I and Crystal who brought the other schools to the site. It was not rooted in a lack of support for Jared Wayland and all of the work they have done, on the contrary Lainey and Leander Markowitz and the other leaders of Durmstrang have done an outstanding job and we told them as much when we ran the plan past them earlier this week. Finally, the decision to close Durmstrang was not one made lightly. We opened and closed that discussion several times until we were able to put together a plan that worked.


There are people out there that want to see HO fail and their contributions to the discussion will not be constructive. However, our growing, changing community has always stood together through difficult times. I truly believe this decision was for the best, if I did not I would have exercised my authority as Chairman and Owner to veto it. I did not.


I ask for everyone's patience as we continue to work through this together.



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