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Posted 06 February 2019 - 04:13 PM





Below is the updated staff structure of ICW

Unless otherwise indicated, feel free to send the application code to Mugwump Joshua Girdenlockks & the corresponding agency's Secretary for any vacancies that are listed here.


Expectations for Department Heads

- Adding RP challenges to your departments list

- Setting up at least ONE Department related RP between bi-annual check-ins

Expectations for Officials

- Carrying out at least ONE ICW related RP between bi-annual check-ins.



Application Code:


New or Existing Character:

Position Applying for:


Why would you like this position?:

What IC experience does your character have for this position (At least 200 words, description):

Do you promise to stay active to the best of your ability?:






International Magical Exective Commission


                Supreme Mugwump: Giselle DLisle


                                Personal Security: Tae Min Song


                                Personal Assistant: Bae Seok



                Mugwump: Joshua Girdenlockks


                                Personal Security: (1 Vacancy)


                                Personal Assistant: Sammy Stonebreaker



International Magical Security Board


                Secretary: Ashlee Black


Branch of Magical Defense


                                                Head Auror: Rafael Jansen

                                                                Auror (0 Vacancies)

Beckett Colburn

Lirije Moretto

Lorenne Sequinn

Nathaniel Hyde

Reid Lych

Richard Johnson

Elena Spring

Ardith Jane Egerton

Eve Watson

Liam Kartak


                                                Head Inspector: Clarissa Wayland

                                                                Inspector (1 Vacancies)

Andrew Bishop

Dreher Eleazer

Javier Morand

Hope Elizabeth Lancaster


                   Branch of Magical Catastrophe Regulation


Head Obliviator: Shirley Hennings

                                                                Obliviator (4 Vacancies)

Araluen Marinna

Jemima Rockhunt

Conrad Chauveau

Santana Wayland


International Magical Court of Justice


                Chief Warlock: Kristal St. Adams

                                Wizengamot (3 Vacancies)

Maxon Laulainen

Moira Winsley

Sebastian Navarez

Levi Amherst

Christoffer Adamsen

Ferris MacSween



International Magical Commission for Development


                Secretary: Wm M Wolkenov

Joint Secretary: Blanche Cristal Hamilton


Branch of Magical Games


                                                International Director of Quidditch: Kate Marie Samja

Games Officials (6 Vacanies)

Bianca Haro

Sasha Romanov



                    Branch of Magical Transportation


                                                Transport Officials (6 Vacancies)

Armand Cavallier

Trifon Volkov


                    Branch of Mysteries


                                                Head Unspeakable: Xander Ryuu

                                                                Unspeakable (4 Vacancies)

Asher Logan

Jolene Benton

Claud Montgomery

Monique Kragen

Matteo Margo


                                                Head Cursebreaker: Eryka van der Zwan

                                                                Cursebreakers (2 Vacancies)

Benjamin Goldstein

Nikolai Romonov

Ryan Krum

Sammy Stonebreaker

Rose Krum


                      Branch of Wizards & Magical Creature Welfare


                                                Creature Officials (4 Vacancies)

Carl Vulchanov

Thea Munter

Steven Watch

Annabeth Kane



                                                Health Research Officials (5 Vacancies)

Nienor Riverwinds

Esme LeBlanc



                                                Family Service Officials (3 Vacancies)

Roger Bagshot

Dean Ballinger



International Wizarding Museum


                IWM Head: VACANT


                         Curators: (2 Vacancies)



                         Historians: (2 Vacancies)



                         Archaeologists: (1 Vacancy)

Sebastian Navarez


                         Museum Officials: (2 Vacancies)

Edited by Mugwump Joshua Girdenlockks, 04 June 2019 - 02:28 PM.

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