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Commission List

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Posted 19 January 2019 - 02:11 AM


Hogwarts Online System Governors Commission List

Last Updated: December 10, 2019


Hogwarts Online System Board of Governors
Giselle DLisle, Chairperson
Prof. Sorcha Logan, Deputy Chairperson
Prof. Britney Bryne
Prof. Caleb Rothwell

Official Liam Kartak

Prof. Annabelle Nylund

Prof. Alaina Balthazar

Honorary Governors
Prof. Chauncey Clemenceau

Headmistress of Hogwarts School: Prof. Sorcha Logan
Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts: Prof. Britney Bryne

Headmaster of Durmstrang Institute: Prof. Jared Wayland
Deputy Head of Durmstrang Institute: TBD


Commission of Administration

Giselle DLisle

Division of Site Services:
Artist Association Moderator: Healer Elisabeth Matheson
Question & Answer Moderators: TBD

HOS Discord Manager: Healer Elisabeth Matheson

HOS Media Projects

Daily Prophet: TBD

Quibbler: TBD

Division of Site Management:
Coordinator of Social Media: Giselle DLisle
Coordinator of Site Advertising: TBD
Coordinator of Archives: TBD

Site Coder: TBD
Site Graphic Artist: Prof. Heidi Haven


Commission of Academics

Prof. Alaina Balthazar

Board of Professor Coordinators
Coordinator of Hogwarts Professors: Prof. Alaina Balthazar

Professor Applications Coordinator: Prof. Alaina Balthazar

Maintenance Coordinator: Prof. Alaina Balthazar

Quills & Grades Coordinator: Prof. Alaina Balthazar

Move Ups Coordinator: Prof. Alaina Balthazar


Coordinator of Durmstrang Professors: Prof. Alaina Balthazar and Prof. Jared Wayland

Professor Applications Coordinator: Prof. Jared Wayland

Maintenance Coordinator: Prof. Jared Wayland

Quills & Grades Coordinator: Prof. Jared Wayland

Move Ups Coordinator: Prof. Jared Wayland


Professor Training Syllabi Grader (All Schools): Prof. Alaina Balthazar

Division of Teaching and Learning
Department Chairs:

Advanced Studies: Prof. Britney Bryne

Alternative Quill Program: Prof. Alaina Balthazar

Ancient Runes: Prof. Aine MacArthur

Arithmancy & Divinations: Prof. Demykata Dunkan

Astronomy: Prof. Emerald Taverne

Care of Magical Creatures: Prof. Elizabeth Lapointebete

Charms: Prof. Guinevere Meredith

Creative and Cultural Arts: Prof. Alaina Balthazar

Dark Arts Theory: Prof. Canry Hennings

Defense Against the Dark Arts: Prof. Heidi Haven

Flying: Prof. Ying Fa-Li

Herbology: Prof. Maureen Samja

History of Magic: Prof. Cassie Blair

Muggle Studies: Prof. Kenny Minho Jeong

Potions: Prof. Mira OConner

Transfiguration: Prof. Aqua Rye

Coordinator of Durmstrang Professors: Prof. Jared Wayland

Head Professors:

Magical Herbs & Zoology Department: TBD

Advanced Studies Department: Prof. Caoimhe Prendergast

Independent Studies Department: TBD

Magical Skills Department: TBD

Divinatory Arts & Astronomy Department: Prof. Amhlaidh Haugen

Potions & Alchemy Department: TBD

Dark Arts Department: Prof. Seigfried Alexandrescu

Sigil & Magical Theory Department: Prof. Kaylynn Adair

Division of Academic Assessment
Coordinator of Hogwarts OWL Testing: Prof. Britney Bryne
Coordinator of Hogwarts NEWT Testing: Prof. Sorcha Logan
Coordinator of Durmstrang Academic Testing: Prof. Caoimhe Prendergast

Division of Academic Services
Coordinator of the Hogwarts Counseling Center: Ryder Logan
Coordinator of the Durmstrang Counseling Center: NA


Commission of Student Life

Prof. Sorcha Logan

Head of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry: Prof. Sorcha Logan & Prof. Britney Bryne-Kartak, Deputy

Heads of Houses:

Gryffindor: Prof. Aqua Rye, HOH / Prof. Emerald Taverne, DHOH
Hufflepuff: Prof. Alaina Balthazar, HOH / Prof. Elizabeth Lapointebete, DHOH
Ravenclaw: Prof. Britney Bryne, HOH / Prof. Heidi Haven, DHOH
Slytherin: Prof. Guinevere Meredith, HOH / Prof. Mira OConner, DHOH

Coordinator of Hogwarts Games & Contests: Prof. Heidi Haven
Coordinator of Hogwarts Clubs: Prof. Matt Weinberger
Hogwarts Master of Ceremonies: Prof. Sorcha Logan
Coordinator of the Hogwarts Junior Wizengamot: Prof. Aqua Rye
Coordinator of Hogwarts Quidditch: Prof. Heidi Haven
Hogwarts Hospital Wing Head Healer: Head Healer Emma Atalanta
Hogwarts Animal Center Director: Prof. Elizabeth Lapointebete

Head of Durmstrang Institute: Prof. Jared Wayland

Heads of Houses:

Niflheim: Prof. Leander Markowitz, HOH
Vanaheim: Prof. Amhlaidh Haugen, HOH
Ydalir: Prof. Nina Azarova, HOH

Coordinator of Durmstrang Student Activities: TBD
Coordinator of Durmstrang Games & Contests: TBD
Coordinator of Durmstrang Clubs: TBD
Durmstrang Master of Ceremonies: TBD
Coordinator of the Durmstrang Junior Wizengamot (Valkyries): Prof. Siegfried Alexandrescu
Coordinator of Durmstrang Quidditch: TBD
Durmstrang Hospital Wing Head Healer: TBD

Hogwarts Librarian: Prof. Heidi Haven

Durmstrang Librarian: Sophie Dalloway


Commission of Public Works

Prof. Caleb Rothwell

Division of Governance
Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards: Giselle DLisle

Minister for Magic: Joshua Girdenlockks


Chief Warden of Azkaban Prison: Leontiy Gregorovitch

Head Healer of St. Mungo’s Hospital: Jin Marrow

Head of the UK Magical Reserve: Poussey Lebenstock


Head of the UK National Observatory: Ines Elodie Malecrit

Chairman of the Town Councils of the United Kingdom: TBD

Mayor of Hogsmeade: TBD
Mayor of London/Diagon Alley: Mayor Neil Eastman
Mayor of Ottery St. Catchpole: TBD
Mayor of Godric’s Hollow: TBD
Mayor of Holyhead: TBD

Mayor of Tinworth: TBD

Coordinator of Housing: Lany MacSween

Director of Magical Minds Preschool: Ekaterina Volvov

Division of Commerce

Coordinator of Shops: Prof. Caleb Rothwell

Head Banker of Gringotts: Gulnok the Goblin


Commission of Role Play

Prof. Annabelle Nylund and Official Liam Kartak

HOS Character Mirror Library Overseer: Prof. Annabelle Nylund and Official Liam Kartak

United Kingdom Character Mirror

Coordinator of UK Mirror: Mirror Mirror

Supervising Overseer: Prof. Annabelle Nylund and Official Liam Kartak

Sweden Character Mirror

Coordinator of Swedish Mirror: Bloody Mary

Supervising Overseer: Prof. Annabelle Nylund and Official Liam Kartak

Director of United Kingdom Roleplay: Official Liam Kartak and Prof. Annabelle Nylund

Coordinator of Canon Characters: Official Liam Kartak and Prof. Annabelle Nylund
Coordinator of Non-Player Characters (NPCs): Zaira MacSween
Coordinator of Supporting Characters: 
Official Liam Kartak and Prof. Annabelle Nylund
Coordinator of Plots: Prof. Annabelle Nylund and Official Liam Kartak
Coordinator of Approved Walls: Prof. Annabelle Nylund and Official Liam Kartak


Director of Swedish Role Play: TBD

Coordinator of Canon Characters: The Grim
Coordinator of Non-Player Characters (NPCs): The Grim
Coordinator of Supporting Characters: TBD
Coordinator of Plots: TBD

Director of French Role Play: Prof. Annabelle Nylund and Official Liam Kartak

Coordinator of Canon Characters:  Official Liam Kartak and Prof. Annabelle Nylund
Coordinator of Non-Player Characters (NPCs): Official Liam Kartak and Prof. Annabelle Nylund
Coordinator of Supporting Characters:  Prof. Annabelle Nylund and Official Liam Kartak
Coordinator of Plots: Prof. Annabelle Nylund and Official Liam Kartak


Commission of Admissions

Prof. Britney Bryne

Division of New Admissions
Coordinator of Hogwarts Admissions: Prof. Elizabeth Lapointebete

New Kid Tours Director: TBD

New Kids @ Hogwarts Program Director: TBD

Coordinator of Durmstrang Admissions: Prof. Siegfried Alexandrescu

Edited by Prof. Caleb Rothwell, 10 December 2019 - 03:50 PM.

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