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How To Make Other Characters At Hogwarts Online

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Posted 24 June 2016 - 09:20 PM

How to Make Other Characters on HOS


This refers to all characters you create after your first one.


Please note that this is just a guide written for members' convenience and the rules on characters and character limits might change in the future.



1. You may only create a second character after you have been a member for at least three months.

2. All character limit rules apply to each individual writer. It is not per computer/IP or household.

3. Additional characters can be made once every three months within a region. This applies to all character types in any country.

4. Any characters that reach Official Alumni Status do not count towards your Character Limit.


At Hogwarts, Official Alumni Status is reached when you have 3 quills per term of attendance (minus your testing terms), 3 passed OWL exams, and 3 passed NEWT exams.


  • Characters fall into 3 categories.

    • Category One consists of any characters in the UK. You are limited to 5 characters of this type.

    • Category Two consists of any characters in France. You are limited to 5 characters of this type.

    • Category Three consists of any characters in Sweden. You are limited to 5 characters of this type.

    • Category Four consists of Official School Alumni. Official School Alumni must have graduated from school and passed their school examinations. (Characters who graduate but do not pass exams are not given full alumni status.) Alumni characters have no limit and they are exempt from Character Limit Rules. However, Alumni are not exempt from job application processes (such as professor applications); you still need to apply for a job and get hired even if you are an Alumnus.

  • If you joined prior to these rules' going into effect, you have been grandfathered in. Please note that these are the new rules as they are laid out in The Handbook; the character limit rules were changed effective August 2015. If you need clarification about how the character limit rules apply to you, contact Keifer or another governor. http://www.hswcw.com...k.php?article=3

How to Create Another Student

  • After you have been a member for at least three months, you may make another student.

  • Completely log out of the forum and delete your browser's cookies/cache.

  • Take the Sorting Quiz with a new email account.


How to Create an Adult (Non-Professor)

  • All adult characters must have a job before they can be created. Dark Wizards do not need to be employed. You may not create an adult until you have secured a job for that adult first.

  • Apply for a job or contact the head of a workplace from an existing account.

  • Once you get approval from the head of the workplace, take the Sorting Quiz with a new email account.

  • Ask a governor or the head of your character's workplace to re-sort you.


How to Create a Child

  • A child character on HOS is any character between the ages of 4 and 10, or any character who is not yet of age to attend school.

  • Only professors, official HO alumni, and adult characters who have been active for at least 1 year may have children in the Child member group.

  • In order to create a child, the writer of the child character must be active, and you must have already been a member of the site for at least 1 year.

  • To create a child, you must have a governor or Headmaster/Headmistress approve it. (Deputy Headmasters/Headmistresses may not approve them.) To have it listed on the Child Wall, please follow the rules listed in the topic your country's RP Central forum.


How to Create a Creature or Take Up a Canon

  • Follow the rules in the appropriate RP Central forum.


How to Make a Hogwarts Staff Member (Non-Teaching/Non-Professor)

  • Staff Members at Hogwarts are characters who work at the school but do not teach classes. For example, this could be people like Hospital Wing Healers, Animal Center Healers, Counselors, Librarians, Caretakers, etc.

  • To make a Staff Member, please first speak with the head of the area in which you want to work to see if there is a need for additional people. (For example, if you wanted to work in the Hogwarts Hospital Wing, you would need to ask Healer Emma Atalanta if she has room for more Healers.) Some areas of the school may be full or there may not be enough activity in an area to warrant the need for additional staff.

  • The character you create should be living in the UK if you intend to work at Hogwarts, but there can be exceptions.

  • Once you get approval from the head of a specific area that you can make a Staff Member, please take the Sorting Quiz with a new email.

  • PM Prof. Keifer Diderot or an admin at your school to be sorted properly.

How to Create a Professor

  • Special Note: Maintaining a professor account on HOS requires maturity, respect, and dedication, as well as a considerable time commitment to the site, so make sure you know what you’re taking on before you make the decision.

  • Creating a new professor character can only be done during the time between school terms when professor applications open. Professors cannot be created at any other time.

  • If you want to make a professor, apply for a class when professor applications open and mark on the application that you are creating a new character.

  • If your application to teach is not approved, you may not have a professor account. If you still want to make the character, you may make the character as an adult and try to apply again the following term (but that adult must have a job in the meantime).

  • New professors are referred to as Master, Madame, or Enseigneur. You will not get the professor title until you have completed the Professor Certification Training and taught for at least one term. You may continue teaching while being just Master/Madame/Enseigneur, but some jobs and advancements may not be available to you without the Professor title.

  • Professors on HOS have more duties than just teaching. Professors are also forum moderators. They have the ability to award/deduct points or issue detentions to students who break school or site rules. Also, they may be put in charge of special events or given duties within the House they choose to affiliate with.

Character Limit: Each writer is allowed only 1 professor (or teaching staff member) per school. New professors (those who have the title of Master, Madame, Enseigneur/Enseignant, or Lek.) count as your 1 professor-per-school character. Non-teaching staff characters (such as School Healers, Caretaker, Groundskeeper, etc.) are separate from Professor accounts. Any character who teaches a class is considered a professor or teaching staff member.

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