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Character Mirror Rule Changes


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Posted 17 February 2013 - 11:37 PM

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After careful consideration and discussion, the Governors of HO have come to a decision regarding the rules of Celebrity claims for Alumni accounts. This is a rule change that will affect all areas of the forum so please read carefully.

We believe that it is pertinent to motivate students to achieve official alumni status at Hogwarts Online. All members (are encouraged to) begin as students at one of the three schools. As such, we strive for those students to gain quills to move up in years, complete mandated testing at each school, and pass required classes and meet criteria in order to become an official alumni of that school, and in essence, of the forum. At Hogwarts, for example, one must earn 21 quills, 3 OWLs, and 3 NEWTs in order to be given official alumni status. You may graduate with 21 quills, but you will not be given the extra benefits that an official alumni will.

One of the biggest benefits of being an official alumni is that your Celebrity Claim is indefinitely off limits for the country from which your character originates. After concerns have been brought to us, we discussed this policy and have decided to enact it as a global/international policy for all character mirrors... but with a few tweaks.

The following are the new rules for Official Alumni Character Claims at HO.
  • The character claim will be off limits indefinitely for the country from which that character graduated.
    (i.e. Flora Lych graduated in the UK, so Amanda Seyfried is indefinitely off limits in the UK)
  • The character claim will be off limits internationally so long as the alumni remains active. The character has a period of 6 months of inactivity before the celebrity claim is deemed "available" in neighboring communities.
    (i.e. Flora Lych may be inactive for up to 6 months before Amanda Seyfried will become available in Sweden or France)
  • Characters that currently share a celebrity with an alumni from a neighboring country will not be forced to give their claim up. However, should they become inactive (in correlation to their countries character mirror inactivity rules pertaining to membership length, etc) they will lose their claim, at which time it will be granted to the Alumni only.
    (i.e. Sophie Pierre uses Amanda Seyfried in Sweden. Being a member for less than 1 year, she may be inactive for up to 30 days before she is stripped of the claim and Amanda is granted solely to Flora Lych in Sweden.)
  • Should a student currently using an Alumni's Celebrity Claim also become an Official Alumni, the celebrity will be granted equal rights to both parties unless one cedes claim to the other.

If you have further questions or inquiries, feel free to ask via PM. We will be going through each of the character mirrors to compile a list of all official alumni to post on each mirror for reference- as well as the student characters who may be currently sharing.

Thank you very much!

The Governors
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