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Prof. Amhlaidh Haugen

Leander, get back to you asap. :)
Yesterday, 05:34 AM

Prof. Amhlaidh Haugen

*loves being a wallflower*
Aug 19 2019 03:09 AM

Prof. Amhlaidh Haugen

I wish I had a camper, I could tour through whole Europe *g*
Jul 15 2019 11:47 AM
  • Official Annabeth Kane's Photo
    Official Annabeth Kane
    that would be fun I am sure there are some muggle shops that do Camper vans

    Jul 17 2019 01:38 PM

Prof. Amhlaidh Haugen

Buggers, was a busy day....
Jun 18 2019 12:20 PM
  • Ellie Heart's Photo
    Ellie Heart
    Yet you made it and are still alive?
    Jun 20 2019 03:08 AM

Prof. Amhlaidh Haugen

Thanks for those who thought Prof. Haugen might be the next headmaster of Durmstrang. I am honoured, but my ambitions don't go that far for him. I am happy in the position Thor is. :)
Locked Status Aug 08 2018 02:36 PM
  • Prof. Annabelle Nylund's Photo
    Prof. Annabelle Nylund
    -eyes- Good :P
    Aug 08 2018 04:47 PM
  • Official Eryka van der Zwan's Photo
    Official Eryka van der Zwan
    ^^ what if the runes indicate a different path?

    Aug 09 2018 02:31 AM
  • Prof. Amhlaidh Haugen's Photo
    Prof. Amhlaidh Haugen
    I don't know really.
    Sep 21 2018 10:18 AM