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Prof. Yves Drasche

All Lektors and Professors of Durmstrang and Little Durms have a PM waiting for you. Please respond! Thank you!
Locked Status Yesterday, 10:15 PM

Bloody Mary

Such Pretty new Faces in Sweden! :) Anyone of them want to take his Mary to the Prom? *giggles*
Yesterday, 09:15 PM

Prof. Anya Callaghan

@ Anne Seighton: Please clean out your PM inbox and message me :)
Yesterday, 03:40 PM

Courtney Young

Anyone wanna RP? writer will try to find muses since he literally has 0 muses at the moment
Jun 24 2017 08:54 PM

Marcus Dunbar

Anyone feel like RPing? :3
Jun 24 2017 01:54 PM
  • Courtney Young's Photo
    Courtney Young
    sure :3
    Jun 24 2017 08:53 PM
  • Ellina Harrowen's Photo
    Ellina Harrowen
    Yees me...shall we? :p
    Jun 24 2017 11:09 PM
  • Alex Queen's Photo
    Alex Queen
    Oh, me!
    Yesterday, 04:09 AM

Vladislav Dimitrov

All those sorted as Swedish Journalists, please check your PMs!
Jun 24 2017 11:58 AM

Chantelle Desrosiers

Come and join me for a special seance session at the Ateljé av de Mörka Runor. Everyone is welcome. Come contact your dearly departed: http://www.hswcw.com/forums/index.php?/topic/77514-seance-room/
Jun 24 2017 11:27 AM

Prof. Chauncey Clemenceau → Cal Turkel

Welcome to the forums, Cal Turkel! :)
Jun 24 2017 10:33 AM

Prof. Ryan Carter

Swedish Canons: Please go through the Canon Announcement: http://www.hswcw.com/forums/index.php?/topic/63458-canon-announcement/
Jun 24 2017 08:15 AM

Evelyn Hart

I need a good fight... ;) Any takers?
Jun 23 2017 11:02 PM

Lilia Tomorokoshi

Check out my new About Me page!
Jun 23 2017 07:41 AM

Liesel Mae

*from Trauma Center bed* Vote for me for Prom Queen! I'll be giving shoes away! And more Big Cutie Vassileva shirts! :3
Jun 22 2017 11:00 PM
  • Samuil Vassileva's Photo
    Samuil Vassileva
    Jun 23 2017 03:36 AM

Prof. Alexis Jordan

DA101 students, please check the class announcement thread.
Jun 22 2017 04:53 PM

Natalia Yaxley

This lady needs rps ;)
Jun 22 2017 02:43 PM

Prof. Liam Kartak

Slytherins, please visit the Bulletin Board in the Common Room for an important announcement and to vote for June's Slytherin of the Month!
Jun 22 2017 10:50 AM