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#592476 Gringotts Wizarding Bank

Posted by Prof. Chauncey Clemenceau on 24 April 2014 - 09:28 AM



Greetings All!

It is with excitement that I announce the official opening of Gringotts Wizarding Bank! This banking system has been promised for the better part of 2 years. (Since we moved away from JCink). 


There are so many new features that are being added by this that the governors are still working through all of the settings and I assure you that we will be working out the details as time progress so please keep that in mind if things seem to be out of order.


Here is a list of some of the features:

  • Banking (Checking & Savings)
  • Credit Cards (Wizcard)
  • Loans
  • Lottery
  • Welfare
  • Shopping

Take some time to familiarize yourselves with the banking system. I've awarded all members 100 galleons to get started. Very shortly those of you on staff at any of the schools, ministries, or hospitals will be paid. 


I will spend some time today sorting through the new procedures that will need to be established to assure that people are paid. I will post details as they arise.


Special thanks to Prof. Alden Harrington for locating this module and asking for its installation!


Best Regards,


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#706072 What Keeps Ho Going? Spring 2015 Academics Address

Posted by Guest on 11 April 2015 - 02:05 AM



What Keeps HO Going?

Spring 2015 Academics Address



To the Members of the HO Community,


I wanted to take this time to say a few things that you need to hear.


Thank you for your patience this term as we waited for the office to get fixed for class enrollment. Class enrollment is now open for all schools! If you see any errors in the office, please report them to me and I will fix them as soon as I see them. There may be some mistakes. (I accidentally put in a class called "Prof. Gavril Lazarov," but let's be real, I would take that class.)


Students, you may now enroll in your courses. Go out there and have a kick-butt term!


Professors, please go into the office and edit your class (click the blue book with the pencil on it, the second to last button on the right) and edit in your class information, including years required, the description, the quill requirements, and especially the link to your classroom forum (when it's available; we will be working on the forum edits over the next few days). Also change the status of your class to Active, open for enrollment so that we know you're an active professor.


Now, I know we have been having a bit of a struggle with classes lately. This has always been a problem on HO. Students struggle to keep up with classes, and professors struggle with keeping their students actively posting in classes. So this term, I would like to ask professors at all schools to take it easy. Lower the stakes a little. Maybe consider having only 3 lessons instead of 4 (or as many as you can get to, but don't feel like you need 4). Try to keep your class as fun as possible. Be the teacher you always wish you had. Be considerate and understanding. Your students are the most important people in the room.


Students, if you are struggling with your classes, talk to your professors or a mentor that you trust, or come see me. Professors, if you are struggling with teaching your class, you have a wide variety of people you can go to: your Department Chair, the House Administration or Headmasters/Deputy Headmasters at your school, or me. 


It does not matter which school you're at, or whether you teach or not; if you want to come talk to me, please PM me. If you ever feel like you need support, remember what I've said before: I see you. I hear you. And your words matter to me.


I was talking to some of our members this evening and the topic came up of what keeps HO going. Do you want to know what really keeps HO going?


I'll tell you what keeps HO going:


You do.


Be kind to one another,

<3 Alden

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#383841 Anti-Bullying Psa (Ooc Concerns)

Posted by Prof. Sorcha Logan on 19 September 2012 - 09:25 PM

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It has come to the attention of the Governors of Hogwarts Online that personal bullying is occurring in high volume in the associated social venues of the site (i.e. the chatroom, facebook, and YIM). While HO's harassment policies are limited to actions that occur on the hswcw website and direct contact between two or more members, it is still essential that all members of the forum act in a respectable manner and remember the Golden Rule. For those who do not know the Golden Rule it is as follows:

Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you.

(Basically, don't treat other people like crap because karma will hit you in the big one.)

Now, I'm not making this announcement because of karma. I am making the announcement because every so often, as new waves of members become active and things on the site grow and change, it has become a pattern that OOC bullying occurs more frequently during these times. I would like to iterate that you are not required to like anyone on this forum. However, you are encouraged to give respect to all members of the forum, no matter who they may be and no matter where you encounter them. If you are having a personal issue with a member that cannot be solved in a civil manner, seek help of a Hogwarts Online administrator if this problem is interfering with your ability to either A)remain active on HO or B)complete a job on HO. We advise that you do not advertise your woes and personal problems in a public venue, for this will only generate additional controversies, complaints, misunderstandings, and quarrels.

OOC Bullying and harassment is taken seriously at Hogwarts Online as we have a zero tolerance policy and if you feel you are truly being bullied, please feel comfortable in contacting any of the Governors. If you feel it is a Governor that is bullying you, and you are worried your opinion or situation will not be heard, I would like to personally advise you to still seek the aid of a Governor. We work as a team and are looking out for the best interests of everyone.

Posted Image

Thank you and best regards,

The Governors of Hogwarts Online

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#891744 2017 Governor Awards

Posted by Prof. Sorcha Logan on 26 July 2017 - 04:45 PM



Attention all members of Hogwarts Online,

I am pleased to present you the 2017 selections for HO's Governor Awards! Please join me in congratulating the following recipients!




Prof. Alaina Apking


The highest honor any member of Hogwarts Online can receive, the Order of Merlin, First Class is given annually to the member who has made the greatest impact on the site as a whole in the past year. There is only 1 other recipients of this award that are currently active members.


This award is presented to Prof. Apking, completely unknown to her, for her dedication and endless efforts to maintain a fun, safe, and active roleplay environment! The rest of the Governors and I are pleased to surprise her with this award!




This award is given to the member that has put forth a studious and scholarly effort in everything they do.


UK Recipient: Savannah Hennings

French Recipient: Ethan de Guise 

Swedish Recipient: Nikholas Harrington





This award is given to the member who consistently exhibits a positive attitude, enduring optimism and a congenial disposition in their interactions with others.


UK Recipient: Gemma Fae-Girrdennlockks

French Recipient: Prof. Juliette Archambault

Swedish Recipient: Prof. Galathea DIvoire





This award is given to the member that has devoted the most time to improving the site for all future and current members.


UK Recipient: Prof. Liam Kartak

French Recipient: Prof. Natasha Vasilyevna

Swedish Recipient: Chloe Ivanov





This award is given to the member who has shown the highest aptitude for solving problems quickly, effectively and creatively.


UK Recipient: Prof. Tamiko Niigata

French Recipient: Prof. Sofia Trifonov

Swedish Recipient: Prof. Annabelle Leigh





This award is given to the member who has displayed the qualities of a true leader.


UK Recipient: Harper Lych

French Recipient: Maximus Sainreal

Swedish Recipient: Prof. Alexis Jordan




Awarded by the headmaster to the student or professor that the headmaster feels is fit to earn this award.


Hogwarts Recipient: Moun Stark

Beauxbatons Recipient: Prof. Ashlee Black & Patrick Campbell

Durmstrang Recipient: Zhivko Grindelwald & Prof. Siegfried Alexandrescu





This award is given to the student or Professor that helps the school in some way.




Hogwarts Recipient: Prof. Britney Bryne-Kartak

Beauxbatons Recipient: Prof. Alexa La Roux

Durmstrang Recipient: Prof. Elena Balakov & Prof Yves Drasche

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#789447 Adoptions

Posted by Anya Callaghan on 29 January 2016 - 10:43 PM



Dear Members,


It has come to the attention of the site administrators that there have been an unusually high number of adoptions taking place.  We do not wish to make any rules on adoptions; many of us agree that adoption should be kept between writers because it is a very personal matter. However, it appears that people are engaging in adoptions a little haphazardly without thinking about the details.


Very few school-aged students would have two dead parents and no relatives to live with. Should you choose to have your character adopt, it is more feasible if they are a working adult (preferably in a family with two working adults, or with one stay at home parent).  It would make little sense for someone who just graduated from school to adopt someone, either. So essentially, we'd like to remind everyone to please keep this process realistic.  If adoptions continue to take place at this frequency, we may have to start an application process, but we'd prefer not to have to do that at all. 


Thank you.

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#882516 The End Of Our Posting Problems

Posted by Prof. Alaina Apking on 20 June 2017 - 03:58 PM



This announcement has been a long time coming, and I am so pleased to be able to finally relay this message to you all.


After hours of tinkering and finagling, C has finally been able to rid our site of the posting problems that have plagued us for the last few months. Our site-wide posting problems have come to an end.


You will notice that things don't look much different than they did before. Posts made after about 2:00 PM EST today loaded normally, without complications. Second, third, tenth, pages are loading; post counts are automatically updating; the last reply poster and time stamp are appearing as they normally should. Though you may need to "Nik Fix" to see the last post in your RP or classroom, once one post by anyone has been made, the topic will be seen normally, as it was prior to the problem.


Post counts did not modify automatically with posts that were made since April, as I imagined would happen. Any modifying PMs that are in Post Count Modifier's inbox will be attended to once this announcement has been posted, and the account will be deleted, as it will no longer be necessary to manually update counts.


Let's all send a big thank you to C for his work in fixing the site!

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#695508 Change In Pride Months At All Schools

Posted by Guest on 27 February 2015 - 09:27 AM



Dear Members,


One of the school administrators came to the governors with a new idea and asked for a change. They talked, and we listened! The vote was unanimous amongst the school admins in each country. Here's what's going to happen:


1. Pride Months at Hogwarts will now be open to students and staff of all schools! That means Hufflepuff Pride Month, beginning March 1st, will be the first international pride month we've had in a while!


2. Beauxbatons and Durmstrang will no longer be having pride months. Instead, all the member groups in each country will work together to plan and execute one international event to celebrate the whole country. So they will each be having one Countrywide Pride Month per year! That means Shopkeepers, Ministry Officials, and all other adults will be working with members of the school to put on an even bigger event.


We would like to thank the Tyr Administrators, Prof. Gavril Lazarov and Prof. Veronika Zalesky, and Bellelune Head of House Prof. Alana Auberjonois for their wonderful pride months.  We'd also like to thank the past House Administrations at Beauxbatons and Durmstrang who have put on some truly fantastic and incredible pride celebrations. Thanks to them, we've been to Neverland, 1920s Chicago, Wonderland, Camelot, the Circus, and even around the world in 80 days.





I hope that these changes will help bring us all together again. Let's all continue to work together to make HO a great place to be. 


Love is Louder,

<3 Alden and the School Admins

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#827484 Newest Governor!

Posted by Prof. Keifer Diderot on 26 August 2016 - 11:53 PM



Members of the HO Community,


The governors have decided to add an international voice to the governors' board. And that voice is none other than...


Prof. Deidré Greeff!


Deidré has been a member of the site for many years and has been instrumental in not only coordinating France, but also giving a voice to those members who primarily write in France and Sweden. As a recent recipient of a Golden Apple Award for Professionalism, Deidré has shown a tremendous amount of maturity as a leader on the site, as well as ample passion for France and compassion for the people she works with every day on HO.


As a governor, Professor Greeff will be the Director of International Relations and will help represent the membership of France and Sweden on the governors' board.


We are very excited to see where this will take us in the coming terms! Thank you, Deidré, and a big thank-you to all the Directors and Admins of France and Sweden who have dedicated so much time to looking after their countries. We see you, we hear you, and we're listening...with more ears this time around!


Congratulations, Deidré!

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#826453 Golden Apple Awards -- Recognizing Outstanding Teachers

Posted by Prof. Keifer Diderot on 20 August 2016 - 02:37 PM



The Golden Apple Awards

Recognizing Outstanding Teachers


For quite some time now, the Directors of France and Sweden and I have been trying to figure out more ways to bring greater prestige to the professoriate on HO and to find some way to reward them specifically for their contributions to the Academics commission and to their schools overall.


I decided to create The Golden Apple Awards to recognize writers across all 3 countries who have teacher characters to let them know that I see your outstanding efforts and appreciate your contributions to the Academics commission, as well as other projects under my supervision. It would be impossible for me to recognize everyone who are deserving of these awards, but the people below are just a few that stuck out to me this term. I hope to continue awarding these every term to come, and to recognize different writers each term for their teaching excellence and capacity for leadership.




The two recipients for the Golden Apple Award for Student Outreach are

Prof. Ryan Carter & Prof. Aqua Rye


Ryan is receiving this award for his outstanding dedication to serving all three schools and for having one of the most popular courses at Durmstrang this summer (Archery!). Aqua is receiving this award for her many contributions to the Eleventh Anniversary celebration, particularly for having such a creative and popular Underground Chamber Task (Merlin's Fury).






The recipient of the Golden Apple Award for Creativity is

Lek. Callum Dellinger


I think I'd be in remiss if I did not recognize what is probably the most hilarious course title I have ever seen: Netflix & Chill: A Look at the Modern Day Muggle Zombie. Thank you for making me laugh, which broke up the tedium of putting classes into the office.






The recipient of the Golden Apple Award for School Development is

Prof. Aurora Hathaway


There is no possible way we could let this person slide away without any recognition. During the past few terms, Aurora has shown such great initiative, knowing when to step up as well as when to step back. She came to me multiple times to offer to help with professor applications at both Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, and she continues to be a positive, active presence at all three schools. A week does not go by without her contributing more and more to the growth of Étoile House. Thank you for your contributions, Aurora.






The recipient of the Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Education is

Prof. Ashlee Black


Ashlee is a long-time member of HO, and the work she's done upon her return this summer continues to wow many. Not only did she maintain some of the most active and popular classes at all three schools, she has contributed a tremendous amount of assistance to Ravenclaw and Étoile House. She also has amazing plans for the Defense Against the Dark Arts department at Hogwarts, and I can't wait to see her continue on.






The two recipients of the Golden Apple Award for Leadership are

Prof. Natasha Vasilyevna & Prof. Veronika Zalesky


Although Natasha's efforts are already well known to the students and staff of Beauxbatons, I feel I'd be in remiss if I didn't give her special recognition myself for her leadership efforts at Beauxbatons. Both Deidré and I were in awe of her extensive and detailed statistical evaluation of Beauxbatons's summer classes, which Natasha later used to make recommendations for further improvements at her school. As for Veronika, what can I say? I continue to be amazed by her efforts, her capacity for her leadership, and her wise decisions even though she has only been in her DHM role for a short time. I particularly wanted to recognize her for taking care of Durmstrang and all of Sweden while Victoria was away. During that time, Veronika not only managed the students commission, but also facilitated professor applications and other projects for the staff and towns of Durmstrang and Sweden.






The recipient of the Golden Apple Award for Professionalism is

Prof. Deidré Greeff


I have to say that Deidré continues to amaze me with her wise and mature demeanor as she looks after France and Beauxbatons. She has taken a lot of time to submit many rational and reasoned proposals to the governors, which we have accepted time and time again -- a testament to Deidré's wisdom, professionalism, and maturity. I'm particularly proud of her for her positive attitude and her outstanding initiative to bring positive reforms to her school. Not only that, but she's always the first person to lend me her shoulder and keep me going; she always reminds me that no matter how many times I get knocked down, I refuse to be knocked out. She fights for what's right, for truth and justice, and for fairness and equality. She is a true leader and deserves a lot more than this little picture, but hopefully this will do for now. :)


And to all the teachers and staff members at all three schools, thank you for your service. Continue to put your best foot forward and do your best. You may just be one of the people who gets recognized in November. I'll be watching... ;)

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#662811 A Welcome To The Governors Board

Posted by Prof. Sorcha Logan on 07 November 2014 - 08:20 PM



In the wake of our openings on the Governor's board, it has been voted upon and decided that our latest addition will be none other than:


Prof. Alden Harrington!


Professor Harrington has been a returning member to Hogwarts Online for several years and has contributed in various areas of the site, though most notably to the Gryffindor House.


While Professor Harrington joins the Governor's board, he will continue acting head of Gryffindor house until the remainder of the fall term. It will be at that point that an announcement in Gryffindor house administration will be made.


Further, Professor Harrington will be taking on the responsibilities of Director of Role play!


Please join me in congratulating Professor Harrington as he is welcomed to the board of Governors!



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#870559 Personal Messages

Posted by Prof. Chauncey Clemenceau on 02 April 2017 - 07:05 AM

Good Morning All,


I am sorry to have to post this, at this time, the PM system has had to have an overhaul. For whatever the reason, the PM system became corrupted and we had to start over. The message titles may appear in your inboxes, but the messages & senders is no longer accessible (which is why it says "member deleted"). I am working to attempt to recover the corrupted messages, but it is likely they will not be able to return. This has been much of the cause of the sites driver errors.




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#845278 Important: Ho Ministries Of Magic Merger - Western European Ministry Of Magic

Posted by Supreme Mugwump Deidré Greeff-Montespan on 30 November 2016 - 03:14 AM



Dear Members of HO


The Governors of HO, the Directors of Countries and the Ministers of Magic (UK and Sweden) have had elaborate and intensive discussions on the way forward for the Ministries on the site.


We have carefully weighed many options against each other and have come to the following decision:


Both of the remaining Ministries, Sweden and the UK, will be merged into a single ministry of magic, which will from now on be known as the Western European Ministry of Magic and France will be given an opportunity to join as well.



  1. With the recent developments in Swedish Ministry of Magic, where there has been a regular change in Ministers, we feel that it is no longer feasible to have two separate Ministries.
  2. We feel that we want to give France the opportunity to get back into action in terms of having Ministry officials.
  3. It would be unfair to suspend another ministry, when it is clear that activity has waned in both of the remaining Ministries.

How will this work?

  1. The structure of the Western European Ministry of Magic will be based, in principle, on a merger of the two existing ministries
  2. To be fair and just, all ministerial positions will be re-advertised.
  3. Everyone who wants to join the ministry will be given an equal chance to obtain a job. No preferential treatment.
  4. This will give those who wish to move departments a way to do so.

What about the current Ministers?

  1. They will be known as Regional Representatives from inception.
  2. Zaira MacSween will retain her position, due to her steadfast leadership and activity.
  3. There will now be openings for the French and Swedish representatives.

When will this happen?

  1. We hope to have everything in place by 01 January 2017, if all goes according to plan.
  2. Hiring will start once our working committee has decided on the departmental structure.

Where will the new Ministry be based?

  1. We will create a separate forum for the Ministry, to ensure that there is no specific country affiliation.
  2. All countries are equal in this merger.

What happens to Raguel Fortresse de la Justice?

  1. This remains a separate entity from the Ministry and will serve as a training ground for Ministry staff, internships and many other aspects.

And the two prisons?

  1. The remain separate entities for the detainment and sentencing of prisoners.

What can I do if I am upset?

  1. Contact me. I will happily assist you in whatever way I can

​We hope that you will trust us enough to know that we did not take this decision lightly and

we carefully considered all options. Please support the concept and the plan.


Kindest Regards


Governors of HO

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#842832 Governor Resignation

Posted by Prof. Chauncey Clemenceau on 20 November 2016 - 09:10 PM



HO Members,


I am writing to inform you that Prof. Keifer Diderot has tendered his resignation effective immediately. The writer behind Prof. Keifer Diderot has been a long time member of HO and made a substantial contribution to HO for many years. We are grateful for his efforts and contributions to the site, particularly in the area of Academics. He will be missed. 


When more information is available about his commissions, an announcement will be posted.




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#892810 Rp Etiquette

Posted by Prof. Blake Balthazar on 31 July 2017 - 02:21 PM



It has recently come to the Governors attention that some members have been disregarding the rules of our PG13 site.


Apparently because this isn't common-sense to these members who think it's appropriate to RP sexual or overly violent material on a PG13 website we are having to make this announcement THAT IT IS NOT OKAY.


Please refer to the below rules from the Official Hogwarts Online Handbook.

Section D: Content

Subsection (1) All of the content found on HOS must at all times reflect a PG-13 rating as provided by the Motion Picture Association of America. 

Subsection (2) The user agrees, through use of HOS, to not use HOS to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person\'s privacy, or otherwise violates any law. The user additionally agrees not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by user or by HOS or unless the user has been given explicit permission by the owner.


If we catch anyone breaking these rules in future, you can expect an immediate temporary ban

and removal of the inappropriate content. Your posts may even need to be monitored for a period.

Repeat offenders may even face a permanent ban.


This isn't about anyone being sensitive, this is about creating a safe and LEGAL forum for members who can be as young as 13 years old.

If you absolutely must RP these things do them OFF OF THE HOGWARTS ONLINE FORUM.


Thank you.

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#892686 2017 Anniversary Superlative Results

Posted by Prof. Alaina Apking on 31 July 2017 - 01:44 AM

Members of HO,

The forms have been submitted, the votes have been tallied, and now, I am pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 Anniversary Superlatives!


Congratulations to all who have won, and thank you to those who sent in their forms. All points and Galleons will be awarded in the coming days.


Student Superlatives


Funniest Student

United Kingdom: Waverly Grey

France: Letari Zaayman

Sweden; Joon Rung Park


Best Dressed

United Kingdom: Justice Biondello

France: Kaya Munoz

Sweden: Katerina Joseph


Most Charming

United Kingdom: Kele Brooke

France: Patrick Campbell

Sweden:  Simon Nystrom


Ruler of Detention

United Kingdom: Jadyn Blackwood

France: Camille Langlois

Sweden: Alexidra Filiam


Biggest Flirt

United Kingdom: Reid Lych

France: Xavier Millefeuille

Sweden: Caleb van Valkenburg


Most House Spirit

United Kingdom: Savannah Hennings

France: Patrick Campbell

Sweden: Nikholas Harrington


Most Heroic

United Kingdom: Kameron Corven

France: Arnaud Montespan

Sweden: Gretchen Malgaard


Scariest Student

United Kingdom: Alec Vaughn

France: Democritus Ravensdale

Sweden: Ionna Grindelwald


Best Prankster

United Kingdom: Jax Rutledge

France: Letari Zaayman

Sweden: Yaroslav Alhberg


Most Active

United Kingdom: Waverly Grey

France: Camille Langlois

Sweden: Nikholas Harrington


Weirdest Student Couple

United Kingdom: Reid Lych & Justice Biondello

France: Kaya Munoz & Arnaud Montespan

Sweden: Zhivko Grindelwald & Nikholas Harrington


Funniest Student Couple

United Kingdom: Jax Rutledge & Jadyn Blackwood

France: Kaya Munoz & Arnaud Montespan

Sweden: Arsen Levkin & Alexidra Filiam


Most Envied Student Couple

United Kingdom: Kristal St. Adams & Analise Riccardi

France: Kaya Munoz & Arnaud Montespan

Sweden: Arsen Levkin & Alexidra Filiam


Cutest Student Couple

United Kingdom: Kristal St. Adams & Analise Riccardi

France: Kaya Munoz & Arnaud Montespan

Sweden: Arsen Levkin & Alexidra Filiam


Most Likely to Believe in Nargles

United Kingdom: Poppy Leiwker

France: Jean Pouvbon

Sweden: Ionna Grindelwald


Most Likely to Forget His/Her Common Room Password

United Kingdom: Poppy Leiwker

France: Letari Zaayman

Sweden: Clover Osullivan


Most Likely to Become Headmaster/Headmistress

United Kingdom: Savannah Hennings

France: Jean Pouvbon

Sweden: Nikholas Harrington


Most Likely to Become a Professor

United Kingdom: Jonah Merrythought

France: Tacitus Boyd

Sweden: Elijah Divitrov


Future Pro-Quidditch Player

United Kingdom: Savannah Hennings

France: Maya Ivanov

Sweden: Liam Nordskov


Most Likely to Become a Dark Wizard

United Kingdom: Jason Hennings Jr

France: Democritus Ravensdale

Sweden: Ionna Grindelwald


Most Likely to Go to Prison

United Kingdom: Jadyn Blackwood

France: Democritus Ravensdale

Sweden: Ionna Grindelwald


Most Likely to End Up in the Hospital

United Kingdom: Waverly Grey

France: Patrick Campbell

Sweden: Arsen Levkin


Hottest Playby

United Kingdom: Maxon Laulainen

France: Patrick Campbell

Sweden: Zlatko Dragonov


Adult Superlatives


Best Professor

United Kingdom: Prof. Liam Kartak

France: Prof. Natasha Vasilyevna

Sweden: Prof. Jenson Nylund


Most Likely to Become the Next Headmaster/Headmistress

United Kingdom: Prof. Alaina Apking

France: Prof. Natasha Vasilyevna

Sweden: Prof. Annabelle Leigh


Most Likely to Become the Next Governor

United Kingdom: Prof. Liam Kartak

France: Prof. Natasha Vasilyevna

Sweden: Prof. Elena Balakov


Toughest Professor

United Kingdom: Prof. Liam Kartak

France: Prof. Deidre Greeff-Montespan

Sweden: Prof. Galathea Dlvoire


Most Handsome/Beautiful Professor

United Kingdom: Prof. Britney Bryne-Kartak

France: Prof. Paisley Babinski

Sweden: Prof. Annabelle Leigh


Most Likely to Be A Student's Secret Crush

United Kingdom: Prof. Blake Balthazar

France: Prof. Paisley Babinski

Sweden: Prof. Jenson Nylund


Most Likely to Forget Where Their Classroom Is

United Kingdom: Prof. Ryland Mrotek

France: Prof. Alexa La Roux

Sweden: Prof. Amhlaidh Haugen


Nuttiest Professor

United Kingdom: Prof. Ryland Mrotek

France: Prof. Alexa La Roux

Sweden: Prof. Galathea Dlvoire


Most Likely to Fall Asleep While Teaching

United Kingdom: Prof. Blake Balthazar

France: Prof. Natasha Vasilyena

Sweden: Prof. Annabelle Leigh


Most Likely to Know Students' Names

United Kingdom: Prof. Alaina Apking

France: Prof. Juliette Archambault

Sweden: Prof. Alexis Jordan


Most Likely to Talk to Everyone

United Kingdom: Isobel Rhodesse

France: Prof. Zaylie Jennings

Sweden: Prof. Galathea Dlvoire


Most Likely to Become Famous

United Kingdom: Ronald Hyde

France: Prof. Zaylie Jennings

Sweden: Bailey Kay Sparks


Most Likely to Misplace Their Wand

United Kingdom: Ronald Hyde

France: Ines Elodie Malcrit

Sweden: Bailey Kay Sparks


Most Likely to Go Before the Wizengamot

United Kingdom: Evelyn Hart

France: Vincent Elias

Sweden: Official Carl Vulchanov


Most Likely to Make History

United Kingdom: Izzy Beckett

France: Stainslas Hapka

Sweden: Amanda Benson


Most Likely to Go to Prison

United Kingdom: Cordelia Ryan

France: Vincent Elias

Sweden: Official Carl Vulchanov


Most Likely to Trip on Their Robes

United Kingdom: Flynn Vaughn

France: Prof. Deidre Greeff-Montespan

Sweden: Official Linus Swanstrom



United Kingdom: Evelyn Hart

France: Vincent Elias

Sweden: Official Carl Vulchanov



United Kingdom: Prof. Ryland Mrotek

France: Kai Joseph

Sweden: Kremena Zograf



United Kingdom: Prof. Chauncey Clemenceau

France: Prof. Deidre Greeff-Montespan

Sweden: Regional Representative Maximus Sainreal


Weirdest Adult Couple

United Kingdom: Candice Montgomery & Nathaniel Hyde

France: Prof. Zaylie Jennings & Flynn Vaughn

Sweden: Prof. Annabelle Leigh & Prof. Jenson Nylund


Funniest Adult Couple

United Kingdom: Mira OConner & Ronald Hyde

France: Juniper Perrin & Francisque-Paul Marat

Sweden: Prof. Annabelle Leigh & Prof. Jenson Nylund


Most Envied Adult Couple

United Kingdom: Prof. Alaina Apking & Prof. Blake Balthazar

France: Danka & Dilya Ravensdale

Sweden: Vladislav Dimitrov & Anna Zograf


Cutest Adult Couple

United Kingdom: Prof. Alaina Apking & Prof. Blake Balthazar

France: Danka & Dilya Ravensdale

Sweden: Barnabas Oljenki & Iliana Zdravko


Hottest Playby

United Kingdom: Willow Zsoldos

France: Prof. Ashlee Black

Sweden: Ilija Zdravko


Governor Superlatives


Hottest Playby

Prof. Britney Bryne-Kartak


Funniest Governor

Prof. Blake Balthazar


Most Elusive Governor

Prof. Chauncey Clemenceau


Most Likely to Be On at 2 AM

Prof. Alaina Apking


Most Likely to Eat all the Donuts at the Governor Meeting

Prof. Blake Balthazar


Toughest Governor

Prof. Sorcha Logan


Friendliest Governor

Prof. Deidre Greeff-Montespan


Favorite Former Governor

Prof. Anya Callaghan


OOC Superlatives


Most Likely to Stay on HO For the Next 10 Years

Prof. Sorcha Logan


Best Roleplayer

Isobel Rhodesse


Best Graphics Maker

Renske Hillebrandt


Best to Come to for Advice

Prof. Alaina Apking


Most Likely to Draw a Crowd when Posting

Prof. Chauncey Clemenceau


Most Likely to Forget Their Passwords

Connor Lexington


Most Likely to Only Post in Classes

Candy Serling


Most Likely to Accept all Friend Requests on Facebook

Prof. Chauncey Clemenceau


Any surprises? Did you get something you didn't expect, or did you think you should have had one that someone else had? What do you think?

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#828917 Language Policy On Ho

Posted by Supreme Mugwump Deidré Greeff-Montespan on 31 August 2016 - 05:22 AM



Dear Members of HO


We have all written a character where we have felt the need to use cuss words as an expression of that characters personality and emotions. However, HO is a PG-13 site and certain words are simply not appropriate for our forum.


We have noticed increasing incidences where writers attempt to circumvent the language filters on the forum by 

using special characters such as: %^$^&. These are not acceptable as it ill-disguises the word that is intended.


We would like to request that members make every attempt to use other, more creative expressions to get the meaning across.

For example:

"Merlin's beard!"


"Merlin's pants!"



Create your own, non-offensive words. Be creative.


In addition to this request, members are to take note of the new language policy that is now in effect on HO.


Language Policy:


For the first two incidences where words are ill-disguised by circumventing the language filters,

a warning will be issued in the form of a PM from the Governors.

In the third occurance, a 7-day suspension will come into effect.


We ask for your cooperation in this regard. Let's keep HO family-friendly.


Kind regards


The Governors




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#679754 Newest Governor

Posted by Prof. Sorcha Logan on 06 January 2015 - 07:07 PM



In the wake of all of the activity on Hogwarts Online, the Governor's board came together and agreed that we were in need of another helping hand. It did not take long for us to come to terms on just who we should welcome to our ranks. It brings me great pleasure to announce that our latest addition to the board of Governor's is:


Prof. Alaina Apking


Please welcome me in congratulating Alaina on this accomplishment. She has earned her place on our board of Governor's by serving Hogwarts Online in many avenues across her different characters. Starting as a student and growing, becoming prefect in the Hufflepuff house and eventually, as a professor, deputy head of house, Alaina followed that accomplishment with her promotion to Head of Hufflepuff house just a few short weeks ago. Alaina also serves as the Deputy Headmistress at Hogwarts and, as such, master of ceremonies. These are just a few among several of Alaina's devoted roles here at Hogwarts Online and we know she will shine on the Governor's board too.

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#881898 Appointment Of A New Governor

Posted by Prof. Alaina Apking on 15 June 2017 - 04:14 PM



As you all are aware, we have had to fill a spot on our governor's board. After careful consideration, the governors are excited to welcome Prof. Britney Bryne-Kartak to the board!

Britney has a long-standing history of leadership on HO. From March 2013 to December 2013, she served as Hufflepuff Head of House. She has held the roles of Department Chair of Herbology, twice, and department chair of Defense Against the Dark Arts, a role she currently holds. Most recently, Britney returned as the Ravenclaw Head of House in October 2016, where she had led the house with grace, and where she will also remain in the position. Always willing to help out, and with such great ideas, we feel as though she will be a wonderful addition to our core leadership team.

Please join me in congratulating Britney on her big promotion.

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#844999 Alumni Face Claim Rule Change And Reminder

Posted by Anya Callaghan on 28 November 2016 - 11:46 PM



Hello everyone!


The Mirror Coordinator teams in all 3 countries have discussed the issue of alumni members logging in only to keep their account from going over the 60 days necessary for someone to claim the face in another country, and not posting reasonably often. You earn the right to your face in your country upon graduating and you are responsible for keeping that face active after graduation if you want your face to be reserved in all 3 countries (unless someone else already has it and is also active). We agree that the face hoarding is unfair if the character is not active with posting, and have come to an agreement about what defines "inactive" in the alumni mirror rules. 


Beginning on December 14th, 2016 (15 days grace period from now), the following rule change will be put in play for alumni faces. These next fifteen days will be a chance for alumni characters to make sure that they have all the necessary components as outlined below. 


Rules of the Alumni Mirror: (changes in red)

1. Official HOS Alumni faces are permanently reserved in the country from which they graduated.

2. If the Official HOS Alum character remains active, their face is reserved in all 3 countries.

3. Should the Official HOS Alum character ever go inactive (in other words, they have not logged into their account for 60 days or more) - in other words, they have posted fewer than 3 RP posts (must be at least 5 lines to be considered substantial enough) within the last 90 days - their face is still permanently reserved in their home country. However, it can be claimed in the other two countries.

4. If an Alum from another country goes inactive, you can ask Mirror/Governor permission to use it in your country.

5. If you are an Official HOS Alumni, PM the Mirror Coordinator for your country to get your face added to this wall.

6. Alumni must be re-sorted as an adult BEFORE you send in your face.  Graduating 7th years who send it in early will not be added, and will have to send it in or bump the PM once they are in an adult masking.


So to clarify, instead of it being 60 days from when the Alumni last logs in, it would be 90 days from when they have made at least 3 roleplay posts (OOC posts wouldn't count for this, this includes callboards), and the posts must be at least 5 lines long. That's about the size of this paragraph. This extends the time the alumni character has to be able to post, but still makes it possible for others to be able to use it if they aren't "really" active with their character and just log in to hoard the face. The face will always be claimed in the country where the character graduated, so this rule change only applies to the other two countries, as before. 


If, on or after December 14th, an alumni character does not have these 3 RP posts within the last 90 days, their face can be claimed in the other two countries. Until then, the old rule of 60 days since last login for alumni still applies. 



On another note, we would like to remind graduating/graduated students that once your character finishes their schooling, it is your responsibility to PM the Mirror Coordinator for your country and have them add you to the alumni wall. We do not keep track of who graduates, so you need to tell us to put you on the wall. You have to be sorted as an adult before you do this. 


As always, if you have any questions about this, please PM me or your local Mirror Coordinator - we made this decision together. 

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#752679 Fall Term Updates

Posted by Guest on 30 August 2015 - 09:05 PM



My beautiful snowflakes,

I hope you’ve had a wonderful summer and that you’re settling back in well. This is an announcement to tell you about some major updates. This is part of my personal effort to keep you as informed as possible.


Global Updates

The Handbook

After over a year’s worth of work, the Site Handbook is finally updated and finished. Please read through the handbook again as some changes have been made. If you are confused about any of the rule changes, feel free to ask a governor.

One thing that changed was the rules for signatures. Please note this change:

  • You may have only two banners showing in your signature: your main character banner, and a pride or ability banner/button. Any other graphics you want in your signature should be linked.
  • You may have up to four (4) lines of text.
  • You may only have one (1) gif (animated image) in your sig.
  • Professors may have one row of class buttons.
  • Your entire signature should not exceed 600 width x 400 height.

I know that the Character Limit Rules have also been confusing, so I have written a simplified version so that they’re easier to understand (these also have undergone some changes, particularly for Sweden):

There are two parts to the Character Limit Rules:

1. Character Maximum: You may have up to 5 characters within a single region.
2. Creation Wait Time: You must wait at least 3 months before making another character within a single region.


These rules are now universal and apply to all regions (including Sweden).

Yes, in case you didn’t catch that, Sweden now has a character limit.

If you joined before July 2014, the only thing that’s different for you now is that you can have a max of 10 within a region. You can still follow the 3-month wait time in between each character.

For writers who joined Sweden/Durmstrang prior to July 2015: You are being grandfathered in to the old rules of a max of 10 within Sweden. There’s a limit for you now even if you joined prior to July 2015. If you had more than 10 in Sweden, simply do not make any more.

As always, Official Alumni do not count towards your maximum.

There is now a new reward for teachers at all schools. If you turn in your quills on time at the end of term, you may have 1 quill per class you teach awarded to the student of your choice. Once you’ve turned in your quills, contact the Coordinator of Academics at your school to be awarded the quill(s), and make sure to give us the name of the student. (Me for Hogwarts, Riley for Beaux, Victoria for Durm.)

The Plot
1. A “teaser” opening scene took place at the end-of-term Masquerade Ball celebration at Hogwarts. You can read about it here: http://www.hswcw.com...lawns/?p=750895

Do you believe it? Maybe you don’t. Maybe it’s fake. The choice is yours whether or not you believe what Madelyn and Henry are saying that they saw.


2. This is official now: You can get quills for any plot-related posts you make during this Fall Term. Keep track of the plot-related posts you make. At the end of the term, you will link to them in a topic for us to check through. If you make 10 posts, you will receive 1 quill. You can get up to 2 quills this term for plot-related posts. They can be anything plot-related.


3. Later this week, I will be making a forum in RP Central just for the plot. You’ll be able to sign up for parts in there and track plot-related RPs.


4. Keep an eye on Hogwarts Express… This is a very special Hogwarts Express Weekend. Hold on tight…

Local Update - Hogwarts Teachers

I just want to take a moment to welcome our new instructors at Hogwarts:

Master Kenny Samuel Winter

Madame Elizabeth Reston

Master Matt Weinberger

Healer Alba Lautrec

Madame Kate Marie Samja

Master Neville Longbottom

Prof. Felix Pendragon

Prof. Liam Nicholson

Prof. William Kane



And a warm welcome to all those returning after some time away:

Prof. Felicity Amello (Momma Lioness)

Prof. Reece Gibson


I’d also like to take this time to thank Prof. Stella Giordano for serving as Chair of the Advanced Studies Department. She has chosen to give the department Prof. Madelyn Fox, a new Hogwarts Alumna.

And, a big congratulations to the new Astronomy Department Chair at Hogwarts: Prof. Lorinda Whitsunday!

Have a fantastic term, and as I’ve said many times before:


I see you, I hear you, and your words matter to me,

Alden <3

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