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#1016185 14Th Anniversary Address

Posted by Giselle DLisle on 24 July 2019 - 01:19 AM


My Friends,


This week marks the 14th year since the founding of Hogwarts Online on July 26, 2005. Before there were Governors deliberating, professors applying, students plotting, there was a simple group friends and together they created Armoise Academy - the foundation on which this storied and beloved site would be built. It took many years to become the leading Harry Potter RPG forum and a lot of hard work from people like Chauncey Clemenceau and Malimar Snute. Then came Ann Omagan, Luna Creevey, Ginny Tonks, and Bella Lombardi who, with Chauncey, set us on the path to greatness.


Also there, was Prof. Patricia Darvus who was interviewed and hired by Chauncey and Ann to teach magical arts. That professor, as it turns out was a 10 year old from the Midwest with a love of Harry Potter. He had just moved away from his home, his family, all of his friends. Somehow, Hogwarts Online felt like home. That 10 year old was me and "also there" is a fitting start to my story because my role on the site, for many years, was a simple member with an extraordinary ability to piss people off. Still, I was there.


I was there when Revan Yakuza, the son of the Dark Lord roamed the halls of Hogwarts and Zenos Dumbledore oversaw the Ministry of Magic. I was there when Katelynn Clemenceau was murdered and when time turned back for a do-over. I was there when Peeves became human and Elizabeth Peevison reigned as the Pirate Queen of Hufflepuff. I was there for the first, the second, and the third Durmstrang and Beauxbatons; when a plague infected Hogwarts and the Heads of House united to defend the school on the shore of the Black Lake; when Rici Devlin was whipping students in the Chamber; when Sorcha Logan drunkenly stumbled off the end of a pier; when Robert Travers swaggered down the corridors; when Felicity Amello roared onto the scene as Mama Lion. It didnt always make sense, but it was beautiful. And I was there.


I was also there when Starlight Night's blessed sweetness was taken from our site too soon; when the forums were hacked and almost destroyed; for every schism and split and exodus, every ban, every scandal, every loss. I was never important, but I was there and I made friendships and gained important life experiences to last a lifetime. They have brought me happiness and made me successful in life.


These experiences, good and bad, are what helped me grow up and they prepared me to eventually take over the site that had been my home (and the home of hundreds of others) for many years. I admit, it wasn't always perfect, we saw our share of vindictive leaders, poor decisions, disharmony, and hurt. I also admit that there were times I feel I may have been responsible for some of those things. People came and went, the activity rose and fell, we moved and got hacked again, but we always survived. When I took over as the owner of this site it was my hope that I would be able to give back to the place and the people who gave so much to me.


With the handling of the announcement of our decision to close Durmstrang, I feel I failed you, by not doing more before hand to take your input into account and adequately explain why the decision had to be made. I worked hard to correct that once I realized my error by taking member input into account and altering the closure plans. It is my sincere wish that moving forward, this mistake will not be made again.


I know that many of you are saddened by the return to a Hogwarts-based site and I understand your pain. However, the one thing that has always set our site apart is our ability to endure in times of hardship. We may disagree or dislike some of the decisions that are made, no matter how much say we have in them, but we always stand together as a community and that is how we have survived. So, I ask you all to stand with me now, to have patience as I strive to be the leader you deserve.


In 15 years, when we all meet again in some virtual reality version of Hogwarts, I want you all to be able to say "I was there" to a lonely 10 year old from the Midwest, looking for a place to call home.


With Eternal Love and Dedication,


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#383841 Anti-Bullying Psa (Ooc Concerns)

Posted by Prof. Sorcha Logan on 19 September 2012 - 09:25 PM

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It has come to the attention of the Governors of Hogwarts Online that personal bullying is occurring in high volume in the associated social venues of the site (i.e. the chatroom, facebook, and YIM). While HO's harassment policies are limited to actions that occur on the hswcw website and direct contact between two or more members, it is still essential that all members of the forum act in a respectable manner and remember the Golden Rule. For those who do not know the Golden Rule it is as follows:

Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you.

(Basically, don't treat other people like crap because karma will hit you in the big one.)

Now, I'm not making this announcement because of karma. I am making the announcement because every so often, as new waves of members become active and things on the site grow and change, it has become a pattern that OOC bullying occurs more frequently during these times. I would like to iterate that you are not required to like anyone on this forum. However, you are encouraged to give respect to all members of the forum, no matter who they may be and no matter where you encounter them. If you are having a personal issue with a member that cannot be solved in a civil manner, seek help of a Hogwarts Online administrator if this problem is interfering with your ability to either A)remain active on HO or B)complete a job on HO. We advise that you do not advertise your woes and personal problems in a public venue, for this will only generate additional controversies, complaints, misunderstandings, and quarrels.

OOC Bullying and harassment is taken seriously at Hogwarts Online as we have a zero tolerance policy and if you feel you are truly being bullied, please feel comfortable in contacting any of the Governors. If you feel it is a Governor that is bullying you, and you are worried your opinion or situation will not be heard, I would like to personally advise you to still seek the aid of a Governor. We work as a team and are looking out for the best interests of everyone.

Posted Image

Thank you and best regards,

The Governors of Hogwarts Online

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#980359 New Year And A New Direction

Posted by Prof. Chauncey Clemenceau on 12 January 2019 - 03:23 PM



Members of the Hogwarts Online Community,


I write to you for the final time as it is time to say goodbye. As a new calendar year begins, so too a new age on HO.


Since the founding of HO on July 26, 2005 I have had a strong group of supporters that have helped to make this community what it has been and what it is today. I am grateful for those many friendships I have cultivated throughout the years. HO gave me my start, HO gave me a place to be and has been part of my life for more than half of it. For quite sometime, I have been absent from HO and that has always bothered me. For a site and community to truly thrive, it must have a strong, benevolent owner that can provide support and direction. That support and direction has been missing on HO for a number of years, even though it has had many dedicated and competent governors.


While January 12, 2019 marks my final day of ownership for HO, today marks a new beginning for HO. After today, HO will be owned by Giselle D'Lisle. The writer behind Giselle has been a longtime member of HO and a dear friend of mine. He has been a member of HO since 2005. The writer behind Giselle will be the new individual to give HO that support and direction that it needs. He is perfectly suited for this role because not only can he lead HO in a new direction, he can do so knowing well the roots of where we came from!


My advice for both the new owner and the governors board is to always remember that first and foremost this is a community centered around a love of the Harry Potter series. Community, being the most important part of it. 


With that said, I truly wish this community all of the best!


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#1038050 Governors Board Changes

Posted by Prof. Sorcha Logan on 17 January 2020 - 12:13 PM





It is with a sad heart that I must announce the resignations of both Official Liam Kartak and Prof. Annabelle Leigh from the board of Governors. 


These governors joined the governors board last spring, when the forum was recovering from a serious transition in site leadership. They worked tirelessly to take on the academics commission and transform it so that it was not only more manageable for future governors, but also for students in understanding expectations and requirements. They developed an entire summer class program single handed, our Camp Avalon, which we anticipate will continue into the summer 2020 term. After transitioning out of the academics commission, they undertook the RP commission, making sure everything was working in smooth order.


We are extremely grateful for all of the hours these writers put into the forum. They are resigning so that they can spend more time enjoying the art of RP, which was and is difficult for members who have administrative responsibilities. We absolutely respect their decision and support their interests. 


Moving forward from this transition, and the transition of Prof. Alaina Balthazar's recent resignation, the governors board is pleased to welcome Prof. Guinevere Meredith to the team. She has been a member of Hogwarts Online since the earliest years in 2006. She will be shadowing me in the academics commission with the potential of taking it on in the future, though there is a possibility that we co-direct the commission.


Please join me in thanking Prof. Annabelle Leigh and Official Liam Kartak for their work. It does not go unnoticed. Also join me in welcoming Prof. Guinevere Meredith into her new position.



The Governors 


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#1071419 Special Recognition

Posted by Giselle DLisle on 10 August 2020 - 05:49 PM


Greetings & Salutations,


This year for our 15th Anniversary, Prof. Aqua Rye compiled what I think is one of the greatest testaments to the diversity and creativity of our community: The Hogwarts Online Cookbook.Over our long and storied history, we have kept vivid records, dedicated forums, and annually commemorated our founding, but I personally thing this cookbook is the first great "monument" to the way our site brings people together.


As such, I personally felt that a special recognition was warranted, for all those who made submissions, but particularly to the person we have to think for serving as the editor of the book: Aqua. However, because she has already been awarded the Special Services to the School, I had to get creative.


Thus, I am pleased to present to Aqua the first ever Founder's Award.



Since the founding of Hogwarts Online, our beloved site has touched the lives of countless members. Occasionally, those members return the favor by doing something extraordinary to commemorate the impact our community has had on them. The Founder's Award was created so that, from time to time, when a member exhibits a deep expression of love, pride, or gratitude for our community, their contributions can be recognized.


Anyone who joined in 2005 may recommend the sitting Owner grant this honor to a member. The Owner may also give this award at their discretion or on advice of the Governors.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all who helped make an extraordinary 15th Anniversary Celebration possible.




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#986894 February Otm Features!

Posted by Giselle DLisle on 09 February 2019 - 02:42 PM



I am pleased to share with you all the results of February's selections for Featured of the Months!


Member of the Month: Prof. Jared Wayland



Character of the Month: Waverly Grey



Couple of the Month: Donovan Selwyn & Lorcan Delevingne



Role Play of the Month: Forest Party

Trystan Slughorn, Donovan Selwyn, Catie Nott, Ezra Hawthorne, Raquel Fudge, Fae Vanderbilt



Governor's Pick, Sunshiniest Member: Niko Kobayashi


The Governors chose to bestow this award on Niko for her perpetually positive

attitude and her willingness to help her fellow members, especially new members,

whenever she can.


Winners should feel free displaying the award in their signatures. Everyone, please join me in congratulating them all! 

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#1152462 Winter Ball At The Ice Palace

Posted by Aina Keller on 03 December 2021 - 06:20 AM

Gown | Aesthetic (Manip credit to Izzy's writer <3, gm granted by writers too.)




Perhaps it’s a huge relief that ever since the opening of the Christmas Village, her life had become a little more hectic again which is a good distraction. Only few hours before the ball, Aina is all but ready with the help of her reliable girlfriends (Sammie, Ari and Marbs). Her hair was curled into big, soft curls that shortened her hair. Bethy helped with the prep - their makeup, applying the right eyeshadow and soft black eyeliner. Then she added a delicate amount of mascara and some light blush since she looked so pale. She even did her nails, thanks to Bethany for teaching her the right combos and techniques. After that, she finally stepped into her gown. Speaking of gown, when her mom heard about the ball, she asked her about the details, it’s the only time she saw her perk up and smile again. Her mom insisted she should go with her friends and enjoy, pulled few strings, and voila, her gown is ready. It was more than she expected, it has touch of whimsical glamour in a fairy tale-inspired way, with the sparkling rhinestones and sequins shaped like flowers. Yep, she feels like a princess right now. Aina didn’t have the heart to disappoint her mom so here she is now. Her friends spent few hours discussing over their hair, makeup, and gown for the ball. Well, almost everyone. Ariadne and Sammie are both being a pain in the arse and not being helpful and where is Aina the entire time? She’s just watching as the other girls are talking, debating and helping each other. Deep down she’s exasperated at the two. Initially, she’s not in the mood to react, truth is, there was that urge to run away from the celebration itself. Experiencing or joining a special occasion is hard when you’re still grieving. On the surface, everything seemed great, and it was…she’s with her closest friends, right? She should be happy. But with these moments of pure joy and anticipation, also came immense sadness and grief. While preparing for the ball, she tried to keep her mind distracted and focused on other things. She wanted to celebrate the occasion with her friends, but she also wanted to be able to grieve properly. She refrained from talking too much and only commenting when they asked her opinion about their makeup or gowns and all those shiz. It also helped when she’s constantly hearing the complaints from Sammie and Ariadne, there were moments she’s already controlling her laughter and having urge to pull their hair from being stubborn. Though she didn’t comment when Ari insisted on wearing combat boots instead of the high heels she lent her, her expression showed what she’s really feeling. She’s every bit not in agreement with her taste but wisely shut her mouth. And Sammie? Geez don’t get her started with the gown she wanted her to try on, it took some begging before she even went to the dressing room. She was so close to just kick her but then again, she knew her friend won’t even allow her to do that.


Finally, the time to go to the grand ball came, Aina can now breathe properly. That was one bloody argument discussion they got there while preparing. Thanks to Marley and Bethany’s expertise in dresses and makeup, they’ve finished on time. Geesus. Aina realized she would rather fight a dementor again than be in that situation again. Kidding side, she was happy to see them all dressed up, her friends are all beautiful. Call her smug for making Sammie wear a nice gown, she looks every bit a princess. Maybe her mom is right, this…will help her, in a way, and seeing the smile on her friends’ faces? It’s good enough for her. Cautiously, she stepped into view, Aina admired the way the place was decorated. “Oh…” she stopped by the balcony overlooking the ball area. “Look at this…It's like stepping into a movie scene.. Frozen movie, to be exact.” she commented, in awe as she rested both her arms on the concrete railing. It was breathtaking. She loves the ice-covered walls, the flowers, the smell, the music, everything about it screamed perfection to Aina. “Girls, please go ahead, I’d like to stay here for a while if you don’t mind? I’ll join you later.” She gave a small smile and rested her chin on her hand while watching the people and the decorations below. There are bunch of familiar students now, she waved at Aislinn and Ressa. Even Beckett and Ric, Bethany, Henry and Chantal, and Hyera are all present now too. Before her friends can even leave the area, she looked at Sammie, reaching her free hand out to her friend, "Can I have butterscotch again please?" and showed her puppy-dog eyes.

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#1150389 Fall 2021 Quidditch Cup Winners

Posted by Prof. Cassandra Smith on 12 November 2021 - 09:09 AM




From all the RP Challenges submitted as of 10th November 2021,

I am proud to announce the Quidditch Cup standings and winners!



Fall Term 2021 Quidditch Cup Champion is...





with 1,200 points



RAVENCLAW - 980 points

1st runner-up


HUFFLEPUFF - 575 points

2nd runner-up


GRYFFINDOR - 360 points

3rd runner-up




Most Valuable Players

(Banner credit to Deep in a Fantasy)





JK Hyun

Overall MVP






JK Hyun

with 510 points






Mathias Lundstrom

with 440 points





Aislinn Hayes

with 500 points






Darren Eaton

with 200 points




Highest Pointers per House

(Banner credit to Deep in a Fantasy)






​JK Hyun - Seeker

Mathias Lundstrom - Keeper






Aislinn Hayes - Chaser

Darren Eaton - Captain & Beater






Rose Truley - Chaser

Beckett Evans - Captain & Keeper






Sherlock Thorns - Chaser

Bennett Volvok - Captain & Keeper

Isla Song - Chaser



Congratulations to all the winners! 

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#1139070 Junior Wizengamot — Fall 2021

Posted by Prof. Aqua Rye on 04 September 2021 - 10:39 PM

The following are members of the Junior Wizengamot for the 2021 Fall Term



Head Students

Anastasiya Hennings

Bethany Bott



Gryffindor Prefects

Lilith Ivanov

Min-Joon Seung

Kyle Archer


Hufflepuff Prefects

Ariadne Gladstone

Beckett Evans

Alyssa Garstang

Ravenclaw Prefects

Angela Marlowe

Jasmine Weasley

Alaric Vaughn


Slytherin Prefects

Lars Svensson

Ryan Cha

Mathias Lundstrom

Head of the Junior Wizengamot
Professor Aqua Rye

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#1068057 Governor Awards 2020

Posted by Prof. Sorcha Logan on 27 July 2020 - 07:18 AM




As we ring in our 15th year at Hogwarts Online, it is time to announce the winners of the Governor Awards. These awards are given site-wide to individuals who the Governors collectively believe embody the characteristics defined by each and have been awarded for at least ten years at Hogwarts Online.


Please join me in congratulating this year's winners.




Description: This award goes to the member that has put forth studious effort in everything they do.

Recipient: Pippa Miller



Description: This award goes to the member who has consistently exhibited a positive attitude, enduring optimism and distinguishable kindness.

Recipient: Sherlock Thorns



Description: This award goes to the member who has devoted the most amount of time to improving the site for future and current members.

Recipients: Prof. Canry Hennings



Description: This award goes to the member who has shown the greatest initiative at problem solving.

Recipients:  Prof. Kenny Minho Jeong



Description: This award goes to the member who has exhibited the qualities of true leadership.

Recipient: Head Healer Jin Marrow



Hogwarts: Prof. Raquel Fudge



Hogwarts: Prof. Cleve Lawrence


and finally, occasionally the governors board comes together to recognize an individual who has given extraordinary service to the site and the community. The Order of Merlin to Hogwarts Online is a special distinction and this honor has only been bestowed a handful of times since then in the First, Second, and Third Degrees. Although it feels this recipient has been a member of the governor's board for much longer, Prof. Caleb Rothwell has contributed so much to the site in his time on our team. When the site was in dire need of help and leadership, Caleb was quick to accept that responsibility and reliable in his response to the various needs of our site as we fought to maintain stability in the change of site ownership and governor leadership. Since that day, Caleb has contributed to the site across multiple commissions, most recently of which was in the reformation and revitalization of our towns and public works.


The owner of the site, Giselle D'lisle, and I discussed this award in private and came to the conclusion that Prof. Caleb Rothwell has earned the honor of receiving The Order of Merlin, Third Class, for his dedication and leadership on Hogwarts Online.






Congratulations to everyone!









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#983291 Member Group Changes

Posted by Giselle DLisle on 24 January 2019 - 03:13 AM


Greetings & Salutations,


You may have noticed that there have been a few small changes to the site's member groups. This is part of a larger effort to optimize and clean up HO over the next few weeks.


These changes primarily affect adult groups. There will no longer be separate member groups for UK, Swedish, and French professions. Instead, there will be one group for each profession and a general group for citizens of each country. So, from now on adult members will be sorted like this:


Primary Group: Profession (Ex. Magizoologist)

Secondary Group: Country & Secondary Profession (Ex. Swedish CitizenDark Wizard)


We will also be phasing out the now-defunct Beauxbatons groups. All former Beauxbatons students will be placed in one group. If you wish to have a former Beauxbatons student transferred their account will still be easy to find.


Finally, I am doing a test run on badges next to names for positions as opposed to (P) and (G) etc. If people seem to like it and it doesn't cause issues with the code, we will adopt this system of denotation more widely.


Thank you!





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#1071431 Ho 15Th Anniversary Cookbook

Posted by Prof. Aqua Rye on 10 August 2020 - 06:15 PM

Hello everyone!


First off, the Junior Wizengamot would like to thank everyone who participated in the Hogwarts Online Anniversary event. This year's event was a huge success. Anyone who might have taken a peek at the Culture Exchange topic within the event might recall a mention of a cookbook. Well, I'm now very happy to present you all with:





(the table of contents is clickable)


This project is a compilation of recipes submitted by our members from all over the world, as a means of celebrating the diversity of our writers. Feel free to download the PDF for personal keeping, and we hope you enjoy flipping through the recipes—and maybe even trying some out!

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#1005888 Catfishing And Impersonation

Posted by Giselle DLisle on 19 May 2019 - 08:54 PM


Greetings & Salutations,


After a lengthy discussion today amongst the Governors, we have come a to decision about a very unfortunate issue that has often been faced on our site. From this day forward, the following rules will apply to all of HO and its associated platforms:

  • Catfishing members of Hogwarts Online is an act that is contrary to our values as a community. Catfishing is the act of luring someone into an emotional connection by means of a fictional online persona. This includes lying about your appearance, status, orientation, gender identity, etc with the intent of misleading another person for the purpose of forming a relationship.
  • Impersonating someone's real life persona on Hogwarts Online is an act that is contrary to our values as a community. Impersonation by this definition means using the name, photos, or other identifying information of a real person to assume a false identity when communicating with members of our site.
  • It is also contrary to our values as a community to feign serious illness, critical injury or death of a real life persona, real or imagined.
  • Aiding in any of the aforementioned acts is contrary to the our values as a community.

We are, first and foremost, a community of friends. Friendship requires trust. Trust requires honesty. Hogwarts Online does not require any person to disclose their personal details and anyone who wishes to keep their identity safe is welcome to assume an OOC pen name. However, the acts describes above will no longer be tolerated on this site. Far too much hurt and betrayal has come from thoughtless violations of trust.


From this moment forward, any member found to be in violation of these values will be asked to leave our community. If you have any questions about this, please contact me directly.


The Governors

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#994542 Important Changes To Ho

Posted by Giselle DLisle on 31 March 2019 - 10:42 PM


Ahoy Me Harties!


This be yer Pirate Queen speakin'! Following today's very extended downtime it gave the Governors and I some time to think about the future of our site. As it turns out, a Harry Potter RPG just isn't sustainable. We believe what YOU the members want is something filled with a bit more adventure. That is why we are transforming HO into Yo-HO, the world's first pirate-based online RPG.


You will be able to clash with the best pirates on the seven seas. The schools will shortly disappear from our site and be replaced with two warring pirate ships. Owls will be replaced with parrots or monkeys. You will all become thralls in our pirate armies, but you will all stand the chance to rise in the ranks to captain your own crew.


Please remember to have fun, and April Fools, everyone! ;)


Yarrrrrrrs in Faith,

Captain Giselle 'You Betta Werk' DLisle

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#1012086 Spring Term Governor Awards '19

Posted by Giselle DLisle on 28 June 2019 - 10:49 PM


Greetings & Salutations,


Another successful, albeit bumpy, term has come to a close at Hogwarts Online and it is once again time to announce the winners of the Governor Awards. These awards are given site-wide to individuals who the Governors collectively believe embody the characteristics defined by each and have been awarded for at least ten years at Hogwarts Online.


So, without further adieu, please join me in congratulating this year's winners.




Description: This award goes to the member that has put forth studious effort in everything they do.

Recipient: Sabine Frost



Description: This award goes to the member who has consistently exhibited a positive attitude, enduring optimism and distinguishable kindness.

Recipient: Prof. Heidi Haven



Description: This award goes to the member who has devoted the most amount of time to improving the site for future and current members.

Recipients: Prof. Annabelle Nylund & Official Liam Kartak



Description: This award goes to the member who has shown the greatest initiative at problem solving.

Recipients:  Ailsa MacPherson & Alden Song



Description: This award goes to the member who has exhibited the qualities of true leadership.

Recipient: Prof. Jared Wayland


...and finally, the following awards are chosen by the Heads of each respective school.



Hogwarts: Sean Bergmeister

Durmstrang: Magdalene Chervenkova



Hogwarts: Prof. Guinevere Meredith

Durmstrang: Prof. Leander Markowitz


Congratulations to everyone!









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#1005984 A Sensitive Subject

Posted by Giselle DLisle on 20 May 2019 - 10:25 AM


Greetings & Salutations,


As many of you likely know, a few years ago there was an incident on the site that involved the fabricated death of a member. This was a very unfortunate situation, but the Governors decided to take no disciplinary action against the person responsible. The other day this member decided to return and has offered her heartfelt apology to the Governors and the site.


We do not expect everyone to accept this apology, but the Governors have accepted it and have invited her to return to our community with no repercussions. We want to stress that bullying of any kind will not be tolerated toward this person. Part of being a community is understanding each others shortcomings and not holding grudges for past mistakes. We are all going to move past this together and our site will be stronger for it.


She has also asked us to share the following apology with the members.



First off I’d like to say that I’m extremely sorry for all the stress and pain I’ve caused the community. I can’t understate just how guilty I feel, and have felt for so long. All I’ve been thinking is about how much I wish that I could turn back time and change everything, but obviously that’s not possible—so I’m just hoping that my words will show that, at the least, I haven’t taken any of this lightly either. 

I’m so sorry for the deception, in the creation of multiple fake people and especially in the faking of breast cancer and of death. I should never have used either of those issues as a tool to gain popularity or love of any kind and I feel sick to my stomach thinking about my actions. I’ve spent a long time trying to figure out why I did that, and I’m still not totally sure. The best explanation I can offer is that at that time, I was very young and very insecure—and very uneducated too (which doesn’t justify any of it; I would like to make explicit that this explanation is only that—not in any way an attempt to excuse my actions). Some of my insecurities were of the typical pre-teen/teen girl variety. Some were magnified because I’m an Indian immigrant in the United States and at that time, during very formative years, I felt intensely like I did not belong anywhere. I was neither Indian or American, which brought me to search for any kind of community that would accept me—and then to cling to that community and use it to get the affection and love and attention that I, at the time, believed I wasn’t getting elsewhere. 

It was extremely immature and manipulative of me, and I regret that so much. I used others’ pictures because I didn’t feel beautiful or worthy (and my lack of self esteem was propagated by the colorism in American society, which made it really hard for me, as a darker-skinned person, to believe that I was beautiful or worthy in any way). During that time, I extended the fantasy of roleplay as a way for me to invent a better version of myself—the version that I always secretly wished I could be.

I never intended for it all to spiral so much and there were many moments where I wanted to say the truth so badly. But I was too terrified—which is also why I ran away the moment that everything came to light. I regret my cowardice and my long silence. This is also why I returned to the site and created new characters secretly, as another cowardly attempt to enter the community again. I said very few things about my personal identity as a writer, but a lie by omission is still a lie and for that I’m really sorry. I realize that those actions only further deepen distrust of me, which I understand completely.

All of this still does not justify or excuse my actions in the slightest. I don’t expect forgiveness or understanding of any kind, and if the community determines that I should be banned I will fully respect that. In your place I would absolutely do the same. I want to say that I really did consider everyone in this community to be my friends (although I understand if you don’t feel that way yourself anymore) and I’m so so sorry about hurting all of you.

Thank you for allowing me to explain, and again, I’m really sorry that this apology comes so long overdue.



Thank you all for reading.


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#999775 Conflict Resolution On Ho

Posted by Giselle DLisle on 15 April 2019 - 05:11 PM


Greetings & Salutations,


The Governors and I would like to send out this quick PSA about conflict resolution on HO. Part of our job as your administrators is to help maintain a peaceful and safe environment for all members to have fun and express themselves. This includes the crucial role of conflict resolution.


All of our Governors have some degree of training in conflict resolution and dispute mediation. I am a trained communication professional with years of experience in the field, three of us are teachers, and the rest of us have extensive experience in the business world. In short, we all have years of experience working with others and maintaining safe, healthy environments for our colleagues. We want to do the same for you!


Most of our members are perfectly capable at resolving small disputes between friends, but sometimes it is better so seek the help of a third party to prevent a situation from devolving into something more serious. It is important to know your limits and to know that it is okay to ask us for help!



The Governors

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#981548 Mirror Rule Changes

Posted by Giselle DLisle on 16 January 2019 - 02:35 PM


Greetings & Salutations,


The Governors have heard many suggestions about how the site can be improved over the last couple of weeks. This included updates to the Mirror rules. As our Mirrors become ever more full with face claims, it follows logically that this also imposes some restrictions on new characters being made in the image their writer has seen them in. To alleviate this issue, the following changes are being made to the alumni reserve rules:


1. Following graduation, HOS Alumni who wish to reserve their face in all 3 countries must contact the Mirror.

2. If the Official HOS Alum character remains active, their face is reserved in all 3 countries.

3. Alumni faces can never be claimed in the country where the character graduated, provided they remain active.

-In order to be considered active, an alumnus must have logged in at last once in the last 6 months.

4. If an Alumni goes inactive, anyone may request the inactive character's face.

5. If an inactive Alumni returns, they have the right to reclaim their face by PMing the Mirror, but they must share the face if it has already been claimed by an active member before their return.

6. Alumni must be re-sorted as an adult BEFORE you send in your face.  Graduating 7th years who send it in early will not be added, and will have to send it in or bump the PM once they are in an adult masking.


We want to continue to honor the great achievement of graduating from Hogwarts while being mindful of new members to the site. Alumni members must now log in at least once in 6 months to continue reserving their face. However, if they fall inactive and someone else claims their face they may return and reclaim it with the caveat that the face is then shared with the active member.


In addition, we understand that sometimes the face you initially chose no longer suits your character. Previously, you could only change your face once at graduation or when the account changes hands. However, the rules will now be changed to allow everyone to change their face ONCE outside of these requirements for very good reason and at the discretion of the Mirror.


We hope you will enjoy these new freedoms and continue to make our site the gold standard in Harry Potter RPG.


Yours always,


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#1138529 Camp Avalon 2021 Cabin Winner!

Posted by Prof. Guinevere Meredith on 01 September 2021 - 04:39 PM



​After tallying up the points and being a very close race towards the end the Camp Avalon Cabin trophy  has found a new home! A big round of applause to HINKYPUNK house! 


Thank you for all that participated throughout the Summer Term and made Camp Avalon a memorable and fun experience. 





























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#1066725 Camp Avalon Appreciation

Posted by Prof. Sorcha Logan on 21 July 2020 - 02:12 PM





As we ring in our 15th year at Hogwarts Online, it is important to give credit where credit is due. This summer we initiated the second annual Camp Avalon in place of our formerly traditional summer term spent at Hogwarts. While the class content has remained similar (more relaxed and elective courses than typical academic courses), so much else about the camp experience is new and a welcomed, refreshing addition to our site.


If you are new to Hogwarts Online, or were not present during the 2019 summer term, you may not know that we have former governors Prof. Annabelle Nylund and Official Liam Kartak to thank for the creation of Camp Avalon. These two brilliant writers envisioned a reform for the way summer term was held on our site. They spent months upon months planning, organizing, and creating this camp and it excites me to see that it has continued to be successful well into the second year.


I would like to formally apologize to both Annabelle and Liam because in the frenzy of all that is going on in our world right now, Guinevere and I struggled to reopen the camp efficiently in our allotted timeline. We initially searched the forum for the original Camp Avalon topics and subforums, but were unable to find them. As a result, new forums and topics were created to the best of our memory. In some cases, topics may have been recreated with a lack of credit given and for that, we are apologizing and fixing that mistake. We would like to make it clear to everyone that the development of Camp Avalon is due exclusively to Annabelle and Liam. Of course we also thank our camp counselors (professors) and cabin leaders (prefects/JW) for their contributions as well.


I was able to recover the original topics and subforums today through another thorough search, this time in our admin control panel archives, where I discovered the entire log of our archives had been disabled from viewing. Guinevere and I are working now to recover those topics and subforums, so you should soon be able to access all of the fabulous content that was available last summer! Camp images are also being repaired, so thank you for your patience there.


Thank you all for taking the time to enjoy Camp Avalon and if you have any praise and feedback to supply, make sure to give a nod of recognition to the creators, Prof. Annabelle Nylund and Official Liam Kartak.


Let's continue celebrating our 15th year and the rest of our summer term!

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