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Hogwarts Online is a virtual remake of Hogwarts School that is found in the Harry Potter series from JK Rowling. The purpose of this site is to create a safe and fun environment where people of all ages can be part of Hogwarts from the beloved series. All users are free to browse the site and ask as many questions as they want. The goal is for the readers of these lovely books to have fun and keep the story alive.

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The Admissions Office is the centralized location for you to begin the process of becoming a member of Hogwarts Online Magical Community. The registration process for HO is a four step process (all explained when you click on ‘Admissions Office’). You must complete all four steps in order to be a member of this site. For all questions, contact Prof. Chauncey Clemenceau, the Founder of Hogwarts Online.

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